Thorpe Park

Up to 51% off
Experience a non-stop adrenaline rush in 2014 at the nation's Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK, with some of Europe's most extreme rides, including a backwards twist to the UK's first winged rollercoaster, THE SWARM. Ticket prices are subject to change, please check with booking office. Now go have fun!

One Day Tickets

Gate Price Club Price Saving
Adult (12 +) £49.99 £24.00 £25.99 / 51%
Child (1 metre - 11) £44.99 £24.00 £20.99 / 46%
Infant (Under 1 metre) Free Free N/A

Two Day Tickets

Gate Price Club Price Saving
Adult (12 +) £56.00 £30.00 £26.00 / 46%
Child (1 metre - 11) £51.00 £30.00 £21.00 / 41%
Infant (Under 1 metre) Free Free N/A

To book your discounted tickets call the number above. Please note you may share this with friends or family. However, you may be required to make the booking using the above number only. The coupon code above is also subject to change regularly so please give the code near the time of booking. THIS CODE IS NOT TO BE SHARED ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE. When you book tickets through this page you are guaranteed to get in to the attraction once you have paid for your ticket booking. Some other Merlin offers (such as cereal packet offers) do NOT guarantee a booking in to the park.
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