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  2. I am looking on getting a focus mk3.5 st-2 2.0 tdci,time for a change. I have seen a nice one for £14,989, 30k miles, 2015. Any good advice, pros and cons, thought any advice via forum would be more accurate. also quite tempted by the petrol as well. I do around 35 mile a day on motor way, currently use around £25 a week in diesel. One thing sways me to diesel in the mpg with 185bhp.
  3. I think so, too. it ain't so that you use the extra power constantly....
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have an issue with my 2004 Focus. I started my car a few hours ago and around 30 seconds into driving I noticed the whole dashboard had died however radio was working fine, the car then stalled. It seems to be an immobiliser issue as the red immobiliser light flashes rapidly when trying to start and then reads Code 11 which I believe is a problem with the transponder?? Nothing on the dashboard lights up when trying start and the car does not make any sound. I have had this issue a few times before where the car would not start when turning the key, one of these times I repeatedly tried starting and after around 10 attempts the car started fine. Another time it wouldn't start then a push start started it fine. I have tried push starting it with no luck I assume being due to the fuel being cut off by the immobiliser. Does anyone know what the problem might be and how it can be fixed? Thanks in advance!
  5. The pads with the three protruding metal clips clip into the piston.
  6. How much realistically do you think you could bag a 17 plate ST-2 for with just the style pack in Black or Spirit Blue ? I think he list price is around £19.5k but Ford give generous discounts
  7. we got 100's of them where i work. lol
  8. Some better photo's I'm not keen on the alloys, would much rather have the standard alloy's in black, or even ST alloys, just going to do little things for the time being.
  9. I'm sure you could push them for a great deal on the current Fiesta
  10. currently own 100bhp ecoboost looking at 125 zetec s. would i notice any perfomance differnce?
  11. actually the whole kit in one here including the plastic surround for single DIN and removal tools however, I did get one of these cheap fascia adaptors for my late series Escort years ago, which is same size as mk1 focus and whilst it did fit and do the job, it was a bit flimsy and cheap and nasty quality, but if buying on line you just can't tell the quality until you have it
  12. still plenty of the current fiestas awating a new owner .
  13. That's looks well clean for a 51 plate.👍😀
  14. Thanks. The smoke started about 1.5 hours into the drive to North Yorks but when I do local trips it don't get the smoke. I haven't done a long trip in a while though.
  15. Thanks guys. I charged the battery over night last night and it stated up sweetly first time. Image from the maula (its too dark to get a photo this evening. I'm looking for a part number or a link to the part if possible. I am on a budget so best quality at lowest price. Thanks all :)
  16. Are you sure it's a power steering leak that caused your leak mate? No point in going around replacing problems if it's not the root cause of your problem. P.S: Your profile says you have a 2009 model (facelift - Mk2.5) car, but the part you linked to is for the non-facelift (Mk2) model. Isn't the one below for your car correct? For reference, the parts that were replaced on mine were: (1) F1747039 (for automatic models only) (2) F4747355 (the union nut) EDIT: Also, I'd recommend ordering any parts from your local dealer's parts department if you want to save a bit of money - mine were cheaper than on the site you linked.
  17. Hello Thought I would pop up my new (ish) car, It is the newest car I have ever owned and cost me most of my savings, but I love it, I have come from a Vauxhall world, this was my last car and even though the Vectra was a really good car, the focus it just a better fit and finish, so hear is the start of my story, first pictures of the beast, Only had the car a week and there was water in the spare wheel well, after a lot of trips to ford with no luck, I came across WES's thread and I did the fix and so far it has work, it's dry, just wet insulation in the boot I need to dry out and then fingers crossed its sorted. All put back together but only time will tell.
  18. Today
  19. I'll will be revealed in around 48hrs ladies and gents
  20. In a nut shell yes
  21. That sounds pretty much like my girlfriend when I purchased my mk 2.5 a fortnight ago, I'm having to go for subtle mods to begin with such as changing all the interior bulbs, I'm gonna see if I can get away with a 35mm drop though 😉
  22. wd40 is good at getting things moving again that are stuck but as said above, it is not a long term solution. It is not a grease, it evaporates and only leaves a very small greasy residue. After you get things loosened off and moving you need to oil or grease them to stop the problem returning. It might not return quickly, it might take many months but if you do the job properly the problem should not return for years. Only using wd40 is a bit of a temporary bodge in my view.
  23. I'll be able to swap my current st line on privilege in September, aslong as I like it in person I'll be placing an order on one I reckon
  24. i think it will still be 4 cyl, with 1.5 but not with the intergrated intercooler in the inlet manifold. a separate intercooler.
  25. Thanks mate
  26. time for you to get a new set of headlights then matey eBay item number:222180392985
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