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  2. Breakers yard and cut a pair off. That's what I did, alternatively find some breaking a Fiesta on eBay and send them a message. There are a few different combo's of headlight fitted to the face lift e.g. with DRL and without make sure you are getting the correct plug for your light.
  3. I know DAB is new stereo, aerial and wiring. Then you have to activate it on Forscan. For bluetooth I think it would be easier and cheaper to get a Parrot.
  4. Thank you
  5. @Trevor trevor should be able to clarify if your pack has been sent out.
  6. Fiesta 1.4 Titanium 5 Door Auto , 2012
  7. Still haven't received my stuff like halfords cards and what ever else comes with it its been a while now ? Starting to wonder if it's ever coming
  8. 2.0 tdci is the dct450 powershift, not many problems with this box. the dct 250 is the problematic one fitted to the 1,6 petrol
  9. Sorted 👍🏼👍🏼 A fuse was missing! 🙄
  10. what car? engine and year?
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  12. If you keep your car near your house and lock it up where do you keep your keys? We keep are Edge by the side of the house behind locked gates and use to put the keys in a cupboard in the kitchen about 4/5 feet away from the car, the problem was that you could still open the locked car by just touching the door handle. A new key storage location has now been found out of range of the car! All we've got to do now is remember where the keys now live!!
  13. fair point lol
  14. Sure, if you want a chavmobile. Re5pect yo 🤘🤙✌😂😂😂 you'll be joining Ali-G soon!
  15. help

    Hi all I'm Aaron I have brought a mk6 Ford Fiesta st150 and I'm looking to change my break set-up. I've been told I can use ford mondeo st220 discs and calipers is this correct and does it have to be the same year as my car please help many thanks
  16. Transmission malfunction . This appears to be a problem that Ford are washing their hands of . Does anyone have any information regarding this please as having looked on the internet there have been many issues . My car has approx 30k miles on the clock and advice from dealer was sell the car or buy new gear box !
  17. Hi all I'm trying to find a headlight plug for the mk7.5 fiesta, as I'm in the process of facelifting my mk7 can't find any on eBay or anywhere online any help??
  18. Thanks, I heard about problems with Powershift but I was not sure if it applied to all models?, so I am assuming the Focus 2.0tdci is affected?
  19. So I ignored everyone's suggestions in one of my other posts [emoji23] and went to pick up some ST 150s this weekend! Liking the look of them so far as I've always preferred wheels with more spokes. They are 17" but don't think they look too big propped up next to the car. Hopefully it won't dramatically increase the ride height once they're actually on! They will need some tidying up but after inspection I could see that it's just the black respray that has been curbed - there's very little damage to the alloys themselves. New centre caps will also be needed! I look forward to my next free weekend where I hope to be coating them in PlastiDip! Watch this space! P.S. I did buy 4 but I'd already sent my dad out to the garage with one (keeping them in storage until I'm ready to refurb) Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  20. OUTCOME: When I started it up, the cog/i warning light had returned, and it was in limp mode. I drove it to see if the DPF needed drying out, but it was really sluggish in every gear. Using forscan, I reset the fault codes, and the warning light was gone. So was the limp mode. It drove better than it ever has before. The acceleration was incredible. I took it for a half an hour drive up the motorway at 80mph in fourth gear at 4000rpm. when home, I used forescan again. It still had code P2459 (maximum number of regens reached). I wanted to do a static regen to see if I could get rid of it now that the dpf was clean, but it failed again half way through. Realising that the code was obviously stating I had reached the maximum allowed, I reset it. However, this option says that you must not perform a static regen afterwards. I checked the codes and now there are NONE!!!!!! The car drives like a dream. Hopefully it will do an active regen whilst driving like it should do. I'd like to thank peter for all of his help and hope that this post will help others in the future :)
  21. This looks so tidy! Liking all the little additions you've made to the body - ties the car up really nicely. Do I spot the Cookie Monster somewhere there as well? [emoji102][emoji57] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  22. Lol I wanted it to look original but led strips are a good idea.
  23. tour date
  24. Water in the plug recesses can be a big problem on some Fords. It has appeared a few times on this site, usually due to leaks in the windscreen washing hoses or nozzles, just above the plugs. It can cause severe problems from stalling, to snapped off plugs due to rusting into the head. But the fix is simple once the cause is known.
  25. Does anyone know if this is possible and if So, can you point me in the right direction. I have a 62 plate ford fiesta EDGE (peasant model, I know, but first car) One thing that annoys me about it is no Bluetooth. I have aux which the cables always break. It would just be nice to have Bluetooth or DAB or even both. So is it possible upgrade my car to have Bluetooth? If so what do I need?
  26. I am 99.9% sure that the cut out problem would be the IC. No fault would ever intentionally cut the engine, it would only limit power at the most. The IC carries so many vital signals that it could possibly cause total engine failure while running, though even that is rare. It usually causes a failure to start (immobilised). All those U codes you had are a classic symtom of IC failure. P2002 could be just due to a failure to do a DPF regen. If you have had error codes present for some time, they will often prevent regens from happening. Forscan can tell you how many miles ago the last regen was. The next suspect would be the hoses to the DPF DP sensor, or the sensor itself. U2023 is an odd one. It is being raised in the ABS, I think it means the ABS cannot communicate with another module, maybe the IC or PCM, If there are no other symptoms, just log it and clear it at intervals, until some other clue comes up. There may be a bit of a dodgy connection somewhere, nothing was working earlier, now most of it is ok, whoich could be the battery disconnect (reset), or disturbing connectors. Links to the schematics are a bit further up in this thread. I think you need the Mk2/2a one, the Mk3 did not come out until about 2011, though the dates for the C-Max design updates are a bit out of sync with the Focus. Pages 25-26 show the wiring for the HS CAN bus. There are connector faceviews from page 112 on. Your resistance readings now sound just right. It is worth rechecking these at times, especially when disturbing any wiring or connectors, in case there is some dodgy contact there. Well spotted with the pin 18 typo , it was late at night & I did not check it properly. (Excuses, excuses )
  27. Specials tour
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