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  2. Automatic advice

    Yes that's exactly right. Also useful if you're towing and, depending on your driving style and how much it "kicks down", for accelerating when overtaking.
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  4. DataLink Fuse

    So I removed the DataLink fuse and I was still able to use my Modified USB OBD adapter with Forscan. Is the USB adapter maybe providing power to the port?
  5. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    A lot of cars are containerised and shipped out to Africa or eastern Europe.
  6. GPS for Android Head Unit

    You obviously have an aerial base with a gps receiver so shouldn't have any problems reusing it. You may possibly need an adaptor to connect the existing gps wiring to your head unit but they are readily available (if needed). Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. Mk6 Fiesta Rattle in Neutral - New Clutch!

    Thanks all, RE your comments: The noise only seems to stop when the clutch begins to disengage (point when the pedal feels heaviest), if I apply slight pressure the noise is still there. This makes me think it's gearbox related as faulty release bearing would normally stop rattling with slight pressure applied? Haven't had any other symptoms such as squeal when pressing the clutch etc. Going to check the gearbox oil level and hoping this is the cause of the rattle if it's low? Also sometimes have difficulty engaging 5th unless I let the revs drop right down and give it another try. Feel's like it's 'blocked'. As i'm only getting these issues after a decent drive i'm hoping it is just the oil that needs topping up and causing all of these issues. Had none of these issues before the clutch change, and only appears when the box is warm, a drive around town doesn't seem enough to cause the rattle so assuming it is temperature related and therefore oil related? If oil level is fine i'll be taking it back in to the garage as the rattle when hot wasn't there before I took it in.
  8. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    So your wobble is wheels mine is Not Wheels. Any one have ford focus mk2 drive shaft issues?
  9. Lol, Oh that explains it! I knew there had to be some rational explanation that I wasn’t picking up, ‘Dime Bar!!!’ 😜 Thank you Damian and Pebble for clearing it up.
  10. Hi all, have enjoyed an Mk2 V6 Galaxy for a few years. picking up a very nice and totally standard Smax 2.5t this week to replace it. Will the the Galaxy dearly, a great sound and solid car, but think I'll warm to the Smax once I let it breathe and be more vocal, just so quiet. A bit of noise makes the family commute that much more fun (the kids agreed!) ill be digging around as I'm sure most of my questions re exhausts and induction have been asked and answered. nice to find a busy forum like this.
  11. Word Game

    Boat ride
  12. Another Word Game

  13. 1.0 ecoboost cooling pump question

    Thanks mate you're a star much appreciated doesn't look like I've got one Thanks Steve
  14. mondeo zete s alloys on focus

    I had a set of these on loan whilst getting my alloys refurbished on my Mk2 Focus. My car is lowered on Eibachs.
  15. SYNC Bluetooth keeps disconnecting my phone

    Yep. try removing and re-adding your device, if not, switch the radio off and un plug and reinsert the fuse for SYNC, this fixes most issues I’ve ever had
  16. Fiesta Titanium 2009 not blowing hot air

    Thank you for the replies. I went over a bump yesterday and it started working all of a sudden. Flap closed fine and started heating again. But again today didn't work. So the flap opens and closes but doesn't work all the time so might be as stated above. Thanks for the replies, will post again here if I find a fix.
  17. Hi Ford fans Few words about my Ford Focus. I bought it last year in September. Car crossed about 165650 km. Features: front electric windows, cruse control, rain sensor, daytime running lights, fog lamps, front windscreen heater and other standards features. This is my project car and daily drive. Engine is 1.6 TDCi 90PS. I changed fuel injectors, front shocks, alloy wheels, body kit from Australian's market, front wings, all rust has been remove... A few photos of my Focus in attachment At the beginning During the changes Change of bumpers New wheels Current Next year I'll plane to put a new side skirts, Eibach springs, spacers, new tires and many interior changes.
  18. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    I just posted the other day on another thread about this. Had my Zetec S with keyless start stolen a few years ago. I am driving a Metal now and have had the OBD port moved. Mine was broken up for parts. It does not look like Ford have done anything to solve this problem.
  19. Hi All, So after much research and saving I finally purchased an android head unit for my Fiesta. I will have it by the end of the week and plan to install it during the weekend. The pic below below is what I have currently. I understand all the connections but my question relates to the GPS. The unit comes with a GPS module but I was wondering that since the Fiesta has GPS for emergency assist can I simply use that instead of affixing a new module to the windscreen? As I have never examined behind the current head unit I am unsure if the GPS is wired into that? Forscan does find the GPS module and is able to display coordinates. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
  20. just checked ebay , 3 for £25. thats more like a sensible price
  21. Another Word Game

  22. Word Game

    Canal Boat
  23. That's alright Ian, you just gotta wait for the 35% off sale they do every other minute. Then snap them up lol
  24. Short shifter for 2006 1.4tdci?

    Thank you much appreciated :)
  25. Yes lol I forgot oil filter. My dad does most of the work so I don't get a proper recaclection of what's done. Had the glow plugs done when I bought the car as it would smoke white smoke for a few seconds and not idle smoothly until it's driven. Unfortunately this didn't sort the problems so now have a suspicion it's a leaking injector. I wouldn't recommend doing the glow plugs or at least do them once for the time you own the car. It took my dad 3 - 4 to take out all glow plugs. There located on the back of the 1.6 duratorq engine plus you have that risk of them breaking.
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