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  2. Ok all set up on this TP-LINK and on 2G and get around 50 to 65 on the speed which is good in this room and have full signal bars but its slow on my ipad and iphone,worse on ipad and never drops the signal just says no connection but still the same speed. Weird.
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  4. I have replaced my stop and indicator bulbs on my rear lights to led and as the tail lights are already led (st/rs) there is no problem as you can see on one of the photos above
  5. You can program keys to central locking but immobiliser part is way more involved. You can do it yourself using software called Forscan but better using a proper Auto Locksmith. Cheaper than Ford dealership plus they come to you. The Ford quote is for supplying the key but add about £100 for cutting and coding, an hours labour and obligatory diagnostic they always insist is essential. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Bannko so what if you got the wiring loom and sd reader is it just a case of unplug one and plug the other? Who reprograms that then? Or is it a no go?
  7. Exactly that. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. I'll see what I can dig out of the Haynes manual when I get up this afternoon have you got another picture showing the wider area so I can look it up easier
  9. I know why people do it, but most of the time it is done badly. Before now i've recalled seeing a car with no lights on, turn out to be a car with lights on, but rear lights, indicators and reflectors all obscured by their ridiculously tinted lights. That's not something I want to come across on a country bend at night. I have seen the fly eye stuff too mentioned before, but never seen it in action - I guess it would transmit more light than actually painting or tinting. Make sure your lights are visible (indicators and brake lights in the day) and reflectors are not obscured to be legal.
  10. The bottom one is a CCTV camera IIRC, and the top is just a person monitoring sensor (for crossings).
  11. 70PG is quite thin, would probably be giving you quite a throat hit, especially at 80W, with that. Did you mean 70/30 VG/PG? Flavours are not good just as a singular thing - you normlaly need to mix a few to get a good liquid - have you tried the one shot flavour mixes?
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  13. Be careful with 272723261819 ... I bought one of these and I don't believe it is an authentic Ford SD Card ... I may be wrong but see attached pics comparing the card received with my old F4 SD Card and reach your own decision. Binder1.pdf
  14. Thankyou Dagger. Glad to be a member. This is such a helpful forum too.
  15. The braided pipe looks like a fuel pipe. But it looks different to my 1.8, I am not familiar with the Mk1 1.8 layout. Maybe if you zoomed out a bit so we could see the location, and where the pipe goes, it would help. Also I can not see the actual break. If it is in a fuel pipe, then it would almost have to be the return to the tank, as otherwise either fuel would leak out, or air would get in and stop the engine. The other braided pipe on my car is the brake vacuum hose. A bad leak here would cause very poor braking, with hard brake pedal.
  16. There is too much work involved as you really need the USB hub with SD-card reader + GPS antenna + you have to reprogram the whole SYNC 2 so it will work specifically to your vehicle. I think there is a thread about this problem in Ford Kuga forum try to look for it or start your own new thread to discuss the problem or work :) If i will find something i will also try to post you there some info.
  17. Yes, language pack 5 is recommended to UK.
  18. Had similar problem on my mk4 fiesta. I bought it knowing that both front springs were broken. i bought a pair off ebay for £30 plus postage and fitted myself. It is an awkward job to do, but if you are up for the challenge, a lot cheaper than getting a garage to do it.
  19. Well thats saved me asking, needed to find out where to find colour code for my mk4 fiesta. Now i know i can have a look tomorrow. Have a feeling its going to be the same blue.
  20. Usually there are a couple of simple pressure switches in the A/C system. They stop the compressor if the pressure is too low, or on the high pressure side, also if if it too high. Sometimes pressure transducers are used (sending a continuous signal to the ECU), but most Fords just use pressure switches. They can fail, and stop the compressor. There are also a fuse, maybe a relay, and the magnetic clutch on the compressor. Also quite a bit of wiring and connectors. So first check the simple things like fuses, then it will be down to following the circuit through, and looking for power, or lack of it at various points. Cost could be anything really. If it is a pressure switch or relay, these are quite cheap. Pressure switches can often be changed without de-pressurising the system, as a valve may be installed, but it varies on car model. Wiring loom problems can be more expensive, and harder to find. A compressor clutch fault would probably be expensive.
  21. Like Ian & James say, if it is upstream, then I think it looks ok. The fuel/air mix in a petrol car is continuously varied between a little rich, and a little lean. This enables the cat to reduce the NOx (that means removing oxygen) when rich, and to oxidise CO & unburnt fuel (by adding oxygen), when lean. The design of the cat combined with this swing means it can do both jobs at the same time. The downstream sensor should have a more stable signal, showing the cat has done its job.
  22. When I got my Fiesta 2008-2012, 1.25L Duratec DOHC EFI(80PS), Vision from an auction it didn't come with any remote keys, so I naturally assumed that it didn't have remote locking. However, the keys I received are quite clearly spares or replacement ones. After checking my vehicle summary on FordEtis, it says that my car is "With Door Entry Remote Control Unit" - I think it's fair to assume that this means my car can have remote keys. When I phoned my local Ford dealer they gave my a quote of around £200 to get new remote keys. I think that's maybe a bit too much to pay for small luxury. Reading the manual for my car makes it seem like a piece of cake to programme a new key - I just buy the key I want, get it cut, and then program it myself- Is it that easy?? Will it not work because the two keys I have don't have remote features? Will programming it like this cause any problems for the immobiliser? Thanks for any help.
  23. Hi Peter, Yes, definitely down to battery strength, which was good enough but not via jump leads, even with a booster/starter pack connected as well, which did surprise me. I had a similar reading on Forscan until I went to crank, which is when an error message came up, so may well have been due to connection via jump leads, will have another go when I've finished re-taping the looms and putting the bits back. The Focus is a cracking car, I had the original shape one with 10,000 miles on it, a 2001 model and was really impressed with it, great handling and I found it really enjoyable to drive. My sister had it off me in 2009 and it's still going strong now, 130,000 miles later, It has never let either of us down, probably last year for it as corrosion is starting to take hold underneath and the welding required would be in an inaccessible area if needed for next MOT. I also think the latest shape one is a really attractive car as well. Thanks again for your advice and assistance.
  24. The fuel gauge & sender system is probably best termed cheap and nasty. 90 to 100 miles is just what I get on 1/4 tank used. I am now just below 1/2 full, and have driven about 250 miles. Part of it may be the sender & pump unit itself, it takes up space at the top of the tank, reducing the fuel capacity in the top half of the tank. But why the software can not compensate for the non-linearity, I do not know. I guess the designers either could not be bothered, or ran out of time. Everything is done (or half done, usually), in a tearing hurry these days.
  25. It's part of the bracket that holds the bumper on, it's riveted to the car, it might be cracked or one of the fixings come loose, they are about £15 from ford
  27. Hi I only got one remote with the car and yea the battery is brand new as I only bought them yesterday and 100% in the right way
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