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  2. Check it's not got turned off in the settings.
  3. My missus still has the Woolly and Woof cuddly toys on a shelf. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930F
  4. Hi I have recently noticed that the factory fitted light within my cup holder has stopped working does anyone know of this or a solution to fix ? Thanks in advance
  5. I recently had some led number plate bulbs for my 2009 fiesta, however they are now flickering and haven't even made it a month, looking on eBay I cannot find any decent ones which would actually last, any ideas on where to get any from?
  6. to be honest they look rubbish going off youtube vids of fords mist washers certainly not worth the faff of resealing them or trying to get them seated at a certain angle.........
  7. You do not have to thank me :) here is a video how to do it:
  8. You'd also need to soundproof the hell out of your doors with amped speakers in, else you'll just get vibrations :)
  9. Today
  10. been a bit slow doing this. Fuses for both sides of windscreen are OK. If I have the engine running and quickclear windscreen switched on and remove the fuses and put them back in slowly I get a nice flash on the left fuse terminals but only a very small flash on right fuse terminals. So the fact that there is a small flash shows there is continuity but not a huge current draw. I took the trim off right hand windscreen pillar. on the top terminal (negative earth) I took bolt out, cleaned up, filed paint of pillar to ensure good connection. bottom connector looks fine. bottom terminal has just over 14 volts reading (bear in mind engine running so higher than 12.6v). removed bottom terminal -circuit tester shows there is continuity from top to bottom terminal. if I connect bottom live terminal and then touch the top negative earth terminal on pillar I only get a small spark (like on the fuse) so there is current draw but very little - at the sort of ampage these windwcreens use there should be a large spark (like on the left hand fuse). Has anyone had any experience of this? So what I do not know is a) where the terminals are permanently fixed to the ribbons is there a poor connection there causing partial connection? b) where the ribbons fix to screen (where you can not see) could there be a bad connection there causing partial connection? c) is there a poor connection somewhere between the relay and power wires connectors leading up to the screen? has anyone had the same problem and solved it by finding exactly where their problem is ? I suppose I should have run a big wire from battery positive terminal to the bottom connector on the screen, but at the time I did not have any suitable wire with me (it is a friend's car I was looking at for them)
  11. If you could link me to where you read that ld be interested to see it myself. the speakers are one thing but you will also need a separate amplifier or amplifiers to enhance the audio levels from the headunit beyond the standard 50Wx 4 output. fitting 500w speakers sounds like a plan but you also need an amplifier to get 500w out of the speakers; if not then you won't get more than 50watts out of them. you won't have any issues with the altinator and those figures; unless the altinator is at the end of its lifespan in which case you would just replace it. a capacitor would help regulate draw from the battery but perhaps not required neither; depending on the class of amplifier or amplifiers purchased Class D wouldn't require a capacitor where Class A, B would and that's because there less efficent not better than a class D tthen there are two types of amplifiers; mono and stereo stereo also known as "full range" amplifier boosts all signals from the headunit sending them to the speaker, you cant send full range audio to a sub as it will potentially separate from the cone because it doesnt have a tweeter to process anything over 50hz a mono amplifier is designed for bass only. only a mono amplifier can take in full range audio but it only passes on anything 50hz or below to the sub. The only option for fitting a single amplifier to do sub and full range speakers is by fitting a five channel amp which can in some cases cost 100gbp more than purchasing two separate units.
  12. Your car is under warranty, and therefore when it goes to a Ford service centre should be serviced to the specifications required to ensure the warranty remains i.e genuine ford parts, otherwise what's the point of it, and whats the point of a Ford branded service centre if they are going to use cheap parts?
  13. Pidu posted the image 5 years ago so obviously the link is dead. Tbh I have tried Sugru which is like blu-tac that sets into a solid rubber compound. A dob at the bottom of the slit in the nozzle will push the water stream higher. Sent from my SM-G930F
  14. The cables required are available from Dave at autostar shop on eBay they also supply 12V sockets, The rear roof monitor I have fitted provides two blue ambient light strips for shadow light with three levels of illumination while driving aswell as a main courtesy light and it's rear entertainment with games perhaps somthing you would also consider Guide to Fitting additional 12v Socket in Boot of Focus Click Here Guide to Fitting Footwell Lighting In Your Ford Click Here Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Click Here
  15. Not sure it will work mate as it needs to be recognised by the car for the steering settings I think?
  16. Does anyone know if Ford dictate what brand oil is used by its main dealers and official service centres offering the "Ford Blue Service" ? First service due on my 16 Focus 1.5 TDCi and was curious if it's just the cheapest the dealer can buy that claims to meet a spec (if so which spec ??) or if it's a particular brand such as Castrol. Also what spec oil should be used for the 1.5 TDCI ? I looked here which appears to suggest two options with one (Formula F) being WSS-M2C913-C and the other WSS-M2C319-D. Does it make a difference ?
  17. I saw on another site regarding K&Ns, if you re-oil it, it's best to do it and then leave it over night. Only need to spray enough on to coat it so it has a slight tint of red.
  18. Cheers for the responses. I've got an cheapo bluetooth elm327 kicking about that I got off eBay a while back. I got it cause my old mitsubishi was throwing error codes cause of a dodgy tps sensor. Ill try reading it with that and see what codes if any come up. I will probably invest in an actual cable obd reader and forscan as I've heard with a few makes of car a cheapo ones don't read all the codes. I do have a soldering iron handy too so I'll have a look at the guide. I'll post up the codes if the cheapo obd reader finds any.
  19. Anyone?
  20. Battery fed up with heating both windows.
  21. 3 more have gone up in smoke sins I last posted, at this speed there won't be any Kugas left by the end of 2017, I think the owners of these cars are hoping they catch fire, because at the speed that they are depreciating it will be better to claim the money back from the insurance company On a lighter note meet the new Ford sales team
  22. HI , this is my first post so I can finally be of help !!!! I have dealt with this exact fault and yes , it is 99.99% the EPAS Steering Rack. They are indeed £12-1400 from the dealer. Orrrrr a good used one can be sourced from many places for much less and a local garage can fit for 3-4 hours labour (maybe a bit more but took me 1/2 day and I'm no professional). So maybe save yourself some moneys there. I got mine from a ford specialist breakers with 3 months warranty on the part and it was from a car with only 15k miles on it, self fitted on the drive, tracking and geometry at local dealer and all sorted for £500 (and 1/2 a day of my time and skin from a few knuckles). Good luck getting it sorted and make sure you get all your geometry and tracking done before it comes back to you. Sorry I cant be the bearer of good news!! P.s Do any of you Ford Techs know whether I needed / Should have got the PCM/EPAS re coded/programmed at all? I have power steering but its nothing on my van which is incredibly smooth and responsive. I am showing no codes but SteveGSXR6 may not be so lucky if a SH unit requires programming??
  23. My Fiesta I had for the last 3 years was also built in Germany and never put a foot wrong, I just hope whoever has it now is taking care of it. Enjoy it :) A German built ST200 should be something to enjoy even more.
  24. All i will say is please be very vary of cheap spring compressors, If you have ever had a spring slip or fire off you'll know how dangerous a situation it is. I use a hydraulic compressor now but I change quite a few springs in a year so I can justify it. By rear bushes do you mean subframe bushes? I think personally its preference as they could be done at a later date as and when required but I do appreciate it would probably be worthwhile doing them on a 13 year old car.
  25. Thanks for the speedy reply. 1) Do you have any preference for the type of these or will something like this off ebay do the job? 2) I had both the drop links off when i did the rear bushes, wish i'd done them then but forgot until i was under the car and couldn't get anywhere to buy them... Do you think anti-roll bar bushes are worth doing? Thanks for the rest of the info!
  26. Vw got heated front window in '12 maybe earlier on their passat. Now also available on golf anx maybe on jetta
  27. I also have the Thinkware F750 hardwired for over a year with no problems. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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