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  2. Hi. I'm having a problem with the PCM. When I try to read firmware to bin, I'm getting the error shown on the image. Anyone know how to solve this? I'm using version 2.17c. Thanks all in advance.
  3. I found installing an LED strip on the lip of the boot, wired in and piggy backing off of the existing boot light has worked a treat for me. Much better than two bulbs IMHO. This is what mine now looks like with 1 LED strip :) As you can see in the top right, the default boot light is nothing compared to the LED's.
  4. Really interesting reading all the posts on this thread...and am also very thankful for the advice and shared experiences. I think ultimately the answer to my original question appears to be that they are all as good as each other, depending on how and where they are used. Based on the suggestions and previous posts I've decided on the following... I've ordered a HID H1 Conversion Set, because I have projector style dipped beam headlamp units and they certainly appear to be the best option, and although not strictly legal I will be checking my headlamp alignment with my local mechanic so foresee no issues with this... Osram Nightbreaker H7 Unlimited for the high beam, as this is housed within a reflector type headlamp unit, so HID not an option here and this has to be a vast improvement of the very poor standard bulbs... Also went for Osram Diadem Chrome PY21W (x4) for front and rear indicators, along with the matching WY5W (x2) for repeaters within the wing mirrors completing the de-tango look... And picked up a varied selection of LED's to swap for the standard bulbs within the interior and number plate lights... Have yet to pluck up the courage to "split" the headlamp units and blacken the interior...maybe one day though!
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  6. Hi mate, unfortunately i have not owned a preFL Focus so count not tell you exactly. The best way would be just go to you dealer and ask for the part number so you can sear for it on ebay or somewhere else :) if i will find some info about this will definitely message you a PM.
  7. Hi everybody . . . I am not sure I am posting this in the right place but here goes I am looking at changing my much loved Mk2 Focus 1.8 petrol Zetec for a Mk3 2.0tdci auto, maybe a 2012/13 model. I want something reasonably powerful and also an automatic so this is my choice. I was wondering if there are any owners here who can tell me anything I should look out for and what they think of their 2.0tdci auto. Thanks in advance.
  8. A nice little update :) got myself a cobb accessport, removed the Collins cp300 tune back to stock and installed the cobb stage 3 98ron tune produces 2psi more boost and feels stronger higher up the rev range than the cp tune have to run 99ron fuel all the time tho, but the beauty with this is that I can change the tune to anything I want that's installed on the cobb in about 2mins :) it does have a stratified crackle tune but not going to use it as have heard many horror stories about them so it's just a safe tune for now, decat should be fitted this week with new spark plugs again 😂 This time they are J gapped which is proved to burn a lot more and reduce coke and suit build up Finally got my new steering wheel, fitted the cruise control switch and wiring loom cannot wait to get this on now! edit: also if anyone wants instructions on how to cut the wheel to add the switches and wires see this guide that i used and also the part numbers are on there for the bits needed :)
  9. I can quite do the programming side so thats not a problem, so your saying if I have a complete c-max/kuga steering wheel it will fit? any issues with the clock or plugs? what about the air bags single stage 2 stage? just there are a lot more c-max steering wheel available
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  12. Peter/Wilco, Thanks for your help. I have found the first Focus 1.6 GTDI diagram and it shows a loom schematic which is correct except for the ECU connector whihc is nothing like the one in the photo above. All the cable colours are also different and they all go to different pin numbers on this different ECU connector. As a result its been hard to work out what some of the connectors are for, and you are right, I won't need them all, but I need some. I also need to change where the ECU is located relative to the engine, so some of the wires need to be extended. I have a second loom to savage the correct wire from. If I could trace from the ECU end, knowing what signals are on them It would be far easier. I am using an SCS GDI4 ECU which is aftermarket. Wilco - Do you know anywhere where I can find any more info on the engine design revisions - all of the ones we have seen look the same and the parts we have interchange. My engine is December 2012 Manufacture and was rescued from a Ford warehouse for years where at one time it had been destined for environmental destruction tests. It is brand new. As I said I actually have 2 looms and they are identical. Both came from crate engines so I don't know exactly what model they are for, and the part number DU5T-12C508 does not resolve to a single engine/vehicle type. Includes EB and Transit diesel! The second loom is May 2012 manufacture. So I'm still stuck. The diagram I am looking for (and if anyone has a moment to look at their car and let me know what model/year it is if its the same as this) has the following wiring colours on Coil Pack 1 (nearest cam pulleys) - purple, black with purple tracer, white with purple tracer. Stoney, - the dates on the looms are above,
  13. I had a Peugeot 207 that failed the MOT because the examiner could not see above
  14. I have & they look ok but they're so small it's difficult to tell. Gonna get some today & change them anyway 🤞🏻. Thanks for your reply
  15. Hi does anyone know what might be a problem with my Ford Transit 2012 t280 mk7-mk8 euro5. About a month ago I was coming back from Bristol fully loaded and I noticed it start to kangarooing when you keep your foot steady and misfiring at certain rpm.(1200-1600 ). Since then I've been to at least 5 garages and everybody keeps saying different. Firs garage advised me to block off EGR and reprogram ECU for it,did it but nothing changed. Then I've been told this is my DPF, then I remove that and reprogram ECU still the same. But soon as I remove DPF I noticed while it's kangarooing and misfiring it produce a little bit of blue smoke. So the last garage advised me to change 4 injectors which I did and their problems still there. Can anyone help me with this problem. thanks. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. After all of the effort I've put into this mend (replaced glowplugs, new oil filter, new genuine ford bonnet lock, top up eolys, new oil/oil filter etc.), I've decided to take the dpf off and jetwash its inside. Removing the dpf was straightforward using this german youtube clip below. The only hard bits were undoing the two rusted bolts holding the back of the dpf to the flexi exhaust and actually sliding out the unbolted dpf. I thought the jetwash would have blown out loads of black carbon, but there was only an occasional small clump the size of a smartie sweet. The total would have probably filled 2 egg cups by the end. The bulk of what came out was this red rusty looking water. It seemed to just keep coming until finally it turned clear. I googled more youtube clips of professional dpf cleaning by water and theirs were the same. Its all bolted in now, with a new genuine ford metal exhaust gasket between the dpf and flexi exhaust (only £5). I also had to get two new replacement bolts to tighten it up. All I've got to do now is put them in today and I'll start it up and post what happens.
  17. Anybody able to tag the people above?
  18. You can use Super if you want but you don't need to; the engine is designed for a minimum of 95 RON. If you did put Super in it you'll probably find it runs slightly better, gives a bit more torque lower down and you'll see a slight increase in MPG. I have the Mk3 with the same engine as yours and I run it on Tesco Momentum 99 and I find it makes the car run better and my MPG improves from 39mpg to 42mpg; but it's purely up to you, the engine doesn't need it like others.
  19. EDIT: This part is wrong... 'The 'bungs' are removed by using a small electricians screwdriver to lever out a different coloured 'clip' thats in-built into the 'bungs' side before you pull it off.' It should be.... 'The 'bungs' are removed by pressing/holding in the different coloured section on its side as you pull off.'
  20. Welcome to the forum! Plenty of knowledgeable folk around on here so there should be plenty of help if you need it! Post some pictures of your van and your progress - we'd love to see! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  21. I recent cleaned the throttle body on the MK2.5 1.8 petrol that I bought the wife as the car was hanging onto revs. The throttle body was BLACK inside but a can of carb cleaner and few washing up scrubbers saw to that. I'm not sure how easy it is to remove on the old 1.6 engine but I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable people will be along shortly to walk you through it!
  22. Aww rats! I thought that was going for a while! Nice one Sean!
  23. That's the one Ian!
  24. Cheers buddy stay tuned it seems power wise in going all out as a opportunity has came up Bro love❤💙
  25. Also the car engines that you have read about have blown because of poor mapping my mate @GingerFlame can tell you all about who to avoid and they are a few different mappers out there some promise the world and deliver a couple bhp with poor fueling etc in return yer cars piston one loses compression . . . . Personally I'm with revo went from bluefin (wish I never did it) as its power is so low down it blew my synchro plus I had many issues with it exact same issues as @M4RC but they claim "oh we never had this before" when I know a few that had same issue as mines.
  26. Still preferring the "old" shape from the outside. Don't like the bulbous look of the headlights from certain angles. Interior though is one vast improvement. The very dated interior of the mk7.5 was a gripe for me, mk8 is looking up-to-date. Have only seen the basic trim level, I should imagine that top spec. versions will be even better to look at. Just like the old model, I'm sure that USA / Europe will be getting more spec. / options as before, nevertheless, UK is getting heated steering wheel (available on mk7.5 in certain parts) and the impressive panoramic roof. I'd like to upgrade, but it would probably have to be Vignale trim only.
  27. plastic screw clips made to look like screws, cheap to buy and replace if you damage them so don`t be afraid to use a little force on `em if you need replace any look at ebay item number eBay item number: 112381475490
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