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  2. Just curious but I am looking into getting a cone filter to replace my standard set up. Not looking for any more performance from it but there have been claims that they allow the engine to breathe better? Has anyone any advice on pros and cons to help my decision? I also read somewhere that they could mess up a MAF sensor? Thanks
  3. Can I have a link to the update please?
  4. It's a lot different and I guess the graphics may be a bit like Marmite in that you either like it or don't lol. That said Sync 3 is much cleaner and faster to use making it much more practical when driving. More like using a modern tablet or smartphone particularly when using apps link with Spotify or other apps. Entering navigation info is much more intuitive similar to using google maps and being able to chooses between Ford or other ios or android app options is a nice touch.. I thought Sync II was OK but more demanding and less practical to use due to small touch icons, slow/cumbersome input process and slow touch sensitivity/response could be frustrating especially when driving.
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  7. That is NICE
  8. Hi welcome My wife wanted me to get a KA BUT I'm not a girl so obviously I didn't lol
  9. get a refund and walk away
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  11. Wouldn't removing the CAT fail a MOT ??
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  14. Hi Thought something was wrong coming back from work this morning Pulled over and the right hand side front bulb has blown So my question is: How easy is it to replace the bulb and the best type to get, may as well replace both with uprated ones Thanks
  15. Thank you very much
  16. I wonder if anyone can help? I'm looking for a silver dash blank, it's not one of the big square one but the little ones that sit on each end. As you can see from the image The person who owned the car before has made a bit of a horrible job of fitting a USB port, so I want to blank that one off and fit one of those Ines available on eBay, all I can seem to find out there are black/grey or I have to buy the complete unit from a breakers. Anybody up graded to heated seats? As I know that's where the switches go.
  17. My focus does this if I drive at 30mph on a flat road no hills ect in 4th gear my foots just resting on throttle n it shows up 99.9mpg. Just shame all the roads weren't flat n smooth would be great.
  18. Focus is looking great, You may like this guide now you have the skirts fitted: Guide Fitting Mud Flaps to ST, RS & ZetecS FocusClick Here
  19. Thanks for the reply Luke, sounds like it should be a possibility then, just need to try and get confirmation from someone that can do the coding.
  20. I have just done the same thing, and got the same reply, how do we get updates from the Australian Ford Site ?
  21. Also look at when it was posted... I do have a hard copy for sale if you want?
  22. You can do the auto door lock with Elmconfig - I did mine. As for the auto washers and lights I'm sure you could do this but you may need some parts (and enable it using either elmconfig or IDS), I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to confirm.
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  24. Ok fella's Had the MOT tonight and failed on the following: Defects: Ma 804 : Suspension Ball Joint - Worn Excessively – Offside Front Ma 815 : Wishbone - Mounting/Bushe/s Defective – Nearside front,Offside font, Rearmost a little bit gutted she failed on those but on the up side its nothing major. Just didn't have time to give car a full look over this year Plus its my first M.O.T fail in 5 years of owner ship so not bad So I have decided just to stick two new suspension arms in and that should do the job and also last a good while (although the roads out our way aren't good to any car). The reason for this is I think they come with all the front and rear bushes as well as the balljoints so makes the job a lot handier, So as I need them pretty quickly I will have to check what my local Motor factors has in the morning. I have been reading up that there are 2 sizes for the focus in terms of the ball joint collar width an 18mm and a 21mm is this true and is there any quick and easy way to find out which mine is or is it a matter of taking the ball joint out of one side and measuring it? Thanks --------------EDIT-------------- just an edit here, upon looking on europarts it seems that the 18mm is the focus without the xeons headlamps and the 21mm type is the focus with xeon headlamps. Now can anyone confirm this? also I think mine just has the normal standard halogen lamps but any information how how to tell ect is welcomed.
  25. I can't see very well what is happening, those graph lines are a bit hard to identify on my screen. But I can see the MAP (2nd from top?) dropping off as rpm (top line?) rises. But why is hard to see. It could be blockage in the intake (throttle valve, air filter), leaks (split hose), or be the turbo actuator, or turbo. Turbo seems less likely as this evidently works mostly, and it is a very simple mechanical unit. Actuator has a position feedback sensor & a control valve (I assume it is the vacuum actuator, not the electric actuator). So scope for odd failures there. The MAP sensor does show a few odd wiggles for no apparent reason, maybe the MAP or its wiring is at fault. Sorry, I can't help much more than that, but I will watch this thread for any more info or ideas!
  26. "Drive the deal" has massive discounts on them at the moment.. think it was £15k something. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  27. Well, this situation has got much more serious. After arguing with them today as they took it on a test drive and couldn't find a fault with it. They had delight in telling me they had 4 technicians look at it and the senior. I drove the car for 2 miles in busy traffic that took half an hour crawling along. The car was juddering in first most the way which was concerning. I noticed that my range had gone to 160 miles when before it was 56 miles. Decided to call at my parents on the way. When I go back out to the car it wouldn't start, engine was just turning over. Tried ten mins later but in mean time speaking with AA and car people who were no use. AA come out it started for him which was strange. He asked what work had been done today by car people I told him, I also pointed out the increased range and fuel. Immediately he got a fuel funnel out and was sniffing the fuel tank with it, YES PETROL. The idiots have put petrol in my diesel on a car that is new to me. We don't know how long they have driven it whether before or after their test drive up the motorway. AA have now said not to drive it, car people salesmen when I rang up to tell them said "try get it running and drive it down and don't trust everything the AA says" absolute idiots. I'm now stranded in Wakefield when I live in Leeds and unable to get to work tomorrow for my site visits. I use my car for work. After reading the following link debating if should tell them I don't want the car. A lot now needs sorting.
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