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  2. Please help electrical fault

    Getting inside the wiring looms can be a real pain. I think I would try to locate the ground end of the demister inside the tailgate, then run a new cable (2.5 mm sq min) to any handy earth point on the body. I think it can be pushed trough the grommets on the tailgate and ty-rapped to the existing bundle. Short circuits to body are not a problem, the worst that can happen is the new wire will chafe through & break, but then you will be only back to where you are now.
  3. Dashlight staying on all night

    That is the most common cause of the IC dash light staying on. Many modern radios connect to the car CAN BUS. Activity on this bus keeps the IC active, and probably more important for battery drain, it may keep the ECU active. Faulty stereos (or their wiring) frequently keep the bus active when they are supposed to be powered down. They have a permanent connection to the car battery, and just use the aux line from the ignition switch as a signal to turn on or off. So internal faults can easily keep parts of the circuits in them active, or feed spurious signals onto the CAN bus.
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  5. HELP NEEDED tdci 1.8

    I suggest trying either a better garage, or get a good fault code reader system like Forscan, and use Google & sites like this one to learn what the codes may mean. The garage seems to be changing random bits at your expense at the moment. Changing the EGR on a 1.8TDCI is a massive job, probably about £800 at a garage. If it was less than that, then they just changed the EGR actuator to a cheap non-OEM one (I do not think there is a proper Ford replacement actuator). For an (excessively!?) detailed lot of info about the 1.8 EGR valve see: Being able to read the error codes as they happen is very much more useful than taking it to a garage some time later, and hoping they can guess what the problem was. If warning lights are coming on, there will be potentially useful codes stored. Without those codes, there are loads of possibilities. The 1.8TDCI certainly is sensitive to air leaks into the fuel system, or clogged fuel filters, like Clive suggests, though these most likely happen on starting, or maybe on heavy acceleration. But that is one of many possibilities.
  6. squeaky front springs

    My mk4 fiesta is doing the same , squeaking on cold mornings and only on certain road surfaces. But, i do know that the wishbones need replacing in the new year, so i've put it down to that. I know its not springs as they were replaced a while back.
  7. Dump Valves On Tdci's

    hi the bov will work on any turbo engine as all turbo's need the lag taken away, it's a question of right dump valve in the right place the same goes for boost valve.
  8. Battery light still on?

    Have you had the car checked for parasitic power drains? (dashcam, black box, glovebox or boot light staying on etc..?)
  9. Im having s-s issues and heated front screen randomly working as well so im going to change the battery . I have a 2015 Ecoboost Hatch 1.5 and would like to ask if there is anything to be weary of when changing the battery or is it just a straight forward swap . Using Tayna website it says this will be suitable and the dimensions and post positions are correct ... its about 9mm taller but looking at the car it should fit. https://www.tayna.co.uk/110-Enduroline-Car-Battery-P8478.html Will there be any issues with the radio/nav or any of the cars systems ? Thanks
  10. Mk7 tdci titanium esp question.

    What model trim is it ? Titanium , zetec ?? Mine is Titanium tdci 2011 61 plate. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  11. New car New bulbs

    Nice choice! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Mk3 1.6 ti vct issues

    Based on mileage is why the spark plugs were not changed i have only just covered 10k from when i bought it. The plugs were in good condition when checked. The lack of power seems to be over 3k rpm when cold, once i turn the engine off and restart its fine for a while and can sometimes go back into a reduced power with this throaty (induction) type noise when accelerating If it was sparks wouldnt this be throughout the rev range? My car is a very early mk3 registerrd april 2011 and from reading other comments from other forums its similar to the ti vct issues
  13. Front clunking noise

    I'd get it looked at asap, I had a ball joint fail on me on my mark 5 Cortina and I got off lightly. The front left collapsed and left me stranded. Such a failure can cause body damage, but like I said, I got off lightly as the wing etc wasn't harmed.
  14. Focus mk1

    I have the same issue - did you manage to sort it
  15. Whistle Whistle!

    It's the 1.6 Duratec (so called) MK2.5. Cheers for any help much appreciated.
  16. Evenin`all Firstly, I`m thinking of buying an 09 plate 2ltr TDCI Titanium x 82k FSH etc, to replace my Focus 1.8 TDCI, i`ve checked the MOT history online and there are 2 advisories, both for near/offside suspension arm rubber bushes deteriorated but no excessive movement, now is this a big/expensive job and could it be a common fault as my focus seems to have it as well (last MOT was also noted) Thanks for looking. Rob
  17. Fiesta mobile phone data

    Cheers Micro I'm oñ the case
  18. hi everyone, 2009 fusion ju 1.4 i'm getting a clunk / twanging sound when turning the steering wheel while reversing with a slight lock on the steering. both front springs are in one piece, both link bars drop links appear good, ball joints also no play.have had car jacked up and there appears to be no lift in the strut mounts.can anyone give me any ideas ? would be very much appreciated. cheers
  19. New Battery - improvements!

    How do you know? have you measured your standing battery voltage (before starting in the morning), followed by measuring the voltage when the engine is running? My lights barely dim when Start/Stop restarts the engine. There's no effect when the electric screen is on either...
  20. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    If it was me I'd be asking them to hold off registering it until the new plate came out.
  21. Thanks for the feedback! i agree 60FPS is designed for fast moving stuff it can just be easy to edit with sometimes like with slow motion and effects, but i will try get it sorted for next time!
  22. DRL's on Mk 3 Focus

    These look very similar to the ones I had on the Skoda and seem to fit the bill. Has anyone any experience of these ?? https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/philips-daylight-9-drl-kit?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp5r4wdT_1wIVhBbTCh2kdwcqEAQYASABEgJqRPD_BwE Only £65 on Amazon, too :) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Automotive-Lighting-12831WLEDX1-Daytime/dp/B00JUQVUAO
  23. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    Using the Vehicle Smart app, I've shown him the comparison between his car's MOT history and the Focus. Both 2005, Corsa failed 8 times and 5 with advisory's. Focus 1 fail(indicators not orange enough) and 2 years advisory, both before I had it and both for tyres near limit. I have omitted to tell him I take our cars to my mechanic mate who used to do MOTs about a month before they're due to get anything sorted beforehand
  24. RS to ST Airbox lid conversion

    I dont have the tools or ability to change mine :-( Plus my ill health. I would pay somebody to make one for me !!! Jamie
  25. Things I Do Like

    Finally snowed in London
  26. Winter Tyres Test In Snow

  27. Which tyres?

    I can now report that they are very good in snow too.
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