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  2. Mk7 Fezza Zetec S

    I’d be very keen to learn how to install DAB and NAV into my 2010 titanium
  3. Where is your dash cam located.

    It depends on what camera you have and where the lens is.
  4. Will the top silver plastic bit come away from the main body ? It looks like it's only clipped in, mines scratched so want to wrap it to make it look nicer, cheers Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Mk6 zetec s upgrades

    Many thanks, Will order today or tomorrow. Thanks again! :)
  6. Shifts into reverse without pulling the ring

    Could be the spring between the collar and gearknob has become squashed. Unscrew the knob and take a look at the spring. It's quite weedy so may be allowing the collar to ride up on changing gear thus allowing the reverse lockout to jump. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. The Sport Ka is a 1.6 16 valve and that is classed as a Ka car. Re the belt. It's called the Auxiliary Belt and the tensioner is a spring, operated by a bolt which when turned releases the belt and allows reacememt plus the water pump can then be replaced too. I got the belt and water pump from Eurocarparts both about £35 for top end generic version.
  8. Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    I have just done a reset on the audio unit with forscan and a master reset of the sync module from the front display. I then added my phone and tested the system with spotify. I have only just started the testing but looks like this may have solved the problem. The phone used must always have BT turned on and be inside the car when you start up and so far always comes on with spotify If the car is switched on with NO phone or BT off and Spotify not found you will then need to search for the app again but I do not see this a problem as I always have my phone. I do not know if the audio unit required a reset and expect the sync master reset was the main reason. I reset both as I have added many extras like snnc 1.1 and navigation and camera so I also done a reset on the body control module. I will update you to let you know how it goes but looks good so far.
  9. The schematic you draw is correct. The link of the schematic you posted is not correct. This schematic is based on the older BVC (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol) system. Below some schematic drawings I have of the SYNC 1 system:
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  11. fiesta rear axle swap

    eBay is your best bet. You will also need an ST handbrake cable and the brake hoses that go between the caliper and brake line on the body as these are different. I've done this modification myself, if you need any info feel free to get in touch.
  12. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Are they doing away with the manual then ?
  13. Help on Auto dimming mirror Mk 2.5 ?

    if the search on this forum did ANYTHING this thread wouldn't exist.... and google only works if you sear for auto lights (queue... lots of people proving different)
  14. Mk6 Fiesta Rattle in Neutral - New Clutch!

    Could you try just putting some weight on the pedal, rather than fully depressing it? If it's the gearbox it'll make the noise until the clutch is fully disengaged. If it's the thrust bearing, as you suggest, it should stop as soon as the bearing touches the clutch but without disengaging the clutch....if that makes sense! I would also agree the gearbox should need a top up after the driveshaft has been out, but they are right in that there isn't a drain plug for the box.
  15. My Focus Mk3 Champions Edition

    Excellent post JW. I'm sure that'll help a number of owners.
  16. focus 2010 estate,,,rear tracking,,,???

    Yes, the rear toe angle is adjustable on the Focus, and a lot of modern cars. I'd be surprised if he could tell it was out without checking it though, unless you've got some pretty major uneven tyre wear at the back? Mine was checked recently, and is still within tolerance after 10 years. If you've had any rear suspension components changed or currently worn it could be out of tolerance.
  17. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    It appears connected to the hinge correctly and as far as I tell there's no damage or warping to the flap. It just looks like the rear bottom corner doesn't go far enough in and sits about 0.5cm proud. Given it appears to be plastic I'm not sure it could be bent in.
  18. Fiesta XR2, 1600 Engine Price Range?

    Now that is some very good prices there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. That does looks good , do you have any links as i would like to do mine on the focus but yellow stitching to go along with my new theme project when i start this. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  20. discs Size

    cheers just going off euro parts when I stick me reg in lol
  21. Registration date

    Thanks - I thought it was strange that they were claiming it would speed delivery. The dealer is a local one - rather not name! I guess I have to be tough with them. Should I insist that they only register it the week of collection? I must say it has dampened my enthusiasm a bit and feeling a bit like calling the whole thing off.
  22. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    Pretty sure you meant fuel filter there...120k oil filter would be interesting! That's surprising though, the Focus ones seem to clog fairly regularly, I know its a different shape to the Fiesta but I wonder if it has better filtration inside as well, seems odd to need extra protection for the same fuel pump and injectors though. My air filters always look dirty after just a few months, but I do a lot of rural driving so there's a lot of dry mud and pollen etc floating around, particularly at harvest time. I went to change the filter on a mates car once, not sure how many miles were on it but he wasn't a fan of servicing...the engine had sucked a hole right through the middle of it! I must admit, I haven't used a suction pump on a DV6 so maybe there is something at the bottom of the tube to stop it. I did it on the ST150 after rounding the seized sump bolt without too much difficulty. Brake discs suffer from low mileage, they really need to be used regularly to keep them well, you obviously cover a decent yearly mileage and owning it from (nearly) new obviously helps. The ones on my Focus were wrecked when I bought it at just 46k, a good inch plus of rust on the insides and deep grooves both sides, however the ones I replaced them with still look new at 20k, even the pads haven't worn much. I wouldn't expect the exhaust to rot so quickly on a regularly used car though! I guess it was either poor quality control or just cost cutting to keep the price of the Fiesta low. I bought mine with just a service book but no actual paperwork at 46k/6 years old. It seems in that time it had just had one full set of tyres (using DOT code) and one battery under warranty at 2 years old. And then just serviced yearly, with the mileage ranging from 2000 to 12,000 each year (1 businessman and 2 retired owners). I've actually kept a spreadsheet record of all the money I've spent on the car, including parts, modifications, tax, insurance, fuel etc. Average miles per gallon over 3 years is 57.5mpg which works out at 9.3 pence per mile if you were wondering lol. The parts I've had to change so far are: Reverse light switch 46k DPF, oil & filter 48k 2x tyres & wheel alignment 49k Oil & filter, oil filter housing (cracked), air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter 52k Other 2x tyres & wheel alignment (wasn't right first time) 52k Front discs & pads 53k Glow plugs 57k DPF again, oil & filter 58k Full set of wiper blades 59k New windscreen 60k Brake bulb 61k Oil, oil filter, air filter 63k Top engine mount 64k Oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter 68k Pair front lower arms 72k Full wheel alignment 72k Cambelt, waterpump, aux belt etc 73k MAF sensor 73k Aux belt tensioner 73k Pair tyres fitted 74k Pair tyres (soon to be fitted) 74k That's not good value for 3 years/30k, even before the depreciation on top!
  23. Joined yesterday

    Hi Welcome
  24. Swap to DAB 6CD unit

    I retrofitted the Sony 6-CD DAB radio combined with the Sound & Connect system (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol with USB, Bluetooth Audio and Ipod support) to my previous Focus MK2. The Premium Sony 6-CD DAB radio is a really nice radio. This the best sounding OEM Ford radio that was available in the Focus MK2.5. The sound quality is excellent (In combination with the Premium Sony speakers even a bit better). However the Sony radio's have 2 known problems. The 1st problem is that Sony Radio's have the same (Philips) amplifier IC as the 6000CD. This type of amplifier IC is known to cause problems relatively often. No speaker output on 1 or more speaker channels or an internal short circuit which causes 12 Volt battery power to ruin the speakers are just 2 examples. The 2nd problem is the 6-CD changer mechanism. This mechanism is known to be a weak parts that often causes problems. The mechanism is very compact, pretty complex and contains some small plastic parts. These plastic parts are known to break wich causes the mechanism to jam completely. CD-changer problems can be prevented by only loading 5 CD's and leaving the top CD empty. In the past I repaired a lot of these Sony radio's by replacing the amplifier IC or by replacing the broken plastic parts of the 6-CD changer mechanism with custom made fiberglass parts. Because of the 6-CD changer mechanism problems the single CD version is more reliable in my opinion. If combined with the Sound & Connect system my experience is that the CD player functionality will barely be used. Most people who have the Sound & Connect system use the USB functionality instead.
  25. Have done the test that I have found to do and get DTC codes I can’t find what they mean DTC 01 is 90BD23 and DTC 02 is C41668 also I have tried contact spray
  26. Yesterday
  27. Ryt guys I put a thread up few months ago about my mondeo 1.8 , great runner no knocks or bangs or SMOKE till I took it for an M.O.T , put new cat on , still smoke, so could only be piston rings or valve seals, too big a job for me 😂 so I got myself an engine, the codes are chba chbb ..... please someone tell me there ain't much of a difference between engine codes? Any help or information would be gratefully appreciated 👌
  28. Retrofitting heated seats with oem buttons

    its possible though the wiring plugs on the heated seat kit wont fit the pins on the rear of original ford switches.
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