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  2. In my humble opinion. The 1.0 engine is small to push too far with engine mods. You can upgrade the look. Don't push the engine too much. You dont have cc for development. That's my opinion always.
  3. So my roof started to have issues. A little spots here and there of corrosion. I have asked a local paint shop and they told me this is a common issue of focus and opel astra due to the manufacturer send the cars to exterior shops for painting. I am for sure going for a roof paint at probably autumn. That's the best time for paint jobs as they told me. I was wondering how many of you came across same problems. I am waiting for some st badges and gonna probably upload pics. Tinted windows fitting today!
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  5. I like that after a wee bit of kitchen effort I now have a freezer full of goodly sized slices of Lasagna (14).
  6. It looks like they tap onto the USB supply. Looked at the Focus one and the wiring seems to show this.
  7. Run the cables under the dash and up behind the A pillars, just pull the rubber seal out until clear of the pillar and you'll have enough space to run the cables without removing the pillar covers. Continue the run up over the windscreen behind the headlining and to behind the courtesy light. You can use scotchlocks to attach the wires if wanted but a better option is to cut the wires and use a chocblock or solder/crimp.
  8. Glad you're happy with the car, there's a white one appeared in the village where I live, and I must say it looks lovely in white, that was my second choice of colour if I couldn't find a red one, when I bought mine.
  9. Beware with the bluetooth adapters and doing anything that takes a little while, especially with Elmconfig. If the connection drops, and it's doing something (like programming a module), then bad things will happen.
  10. I had a bit of a laugh at Ghana's description, while having sympathy for the broken machine. But what I did not like is that the following morning, I got the message: "Our washing machine is making a funny noise" I tried to dismiss it as wild imagination, the machine has worked without fault for at least 3 years now. But I soon found it was real, and the water was only coming in in a feeble dribble. Not what I wanted, with a big load of work to do that week. This was Monday. On Wed I found time to drag it out, clean up the mess round the back, and eventually proved the cold solenoid valve was failing to open properly. I could get a new one for £20, but the door seal really needs replacing, and some rust cleaning up. SWMBO really wanted a new machine. And I could not locate a door seal for a Hoover AS110 machine anywhere. So I looked at new machines, and was not impressed. Lots of fancy gizmos that will probably go wrong just as the warranty expires, and no hot fill. I gave up in disgust. Then I vaguely remembered stripping bits out of the previous machine, a very old Hoover. In the bottom of a box in the garage, among the spiders and woodlice, there were the valves from it! And one of them looked like it was compatible. So on Friday I fitted the very old valve (I suspect the date code on it is 1983!), and it worked a treat. So, for once some of the junk I keep came in handy.. But I suspect I am just delaying the inevitable. Unless I can locate a door seal, or clean up the existing one without damaging it. But at least it is not a mad panic now. I have some time to look around. Going more than 5 days without a washing machine would have been a domestic disaster off the scale! My life would not have been worth living.
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  12. Unfortunately they are hidden. One set, around the A22, even seems to be physically hidden behind a sign and a bush at the side of the road! I believe some are even grey. And I agree with the point about not speeding. However, I am left to question the motivation of a 'deterrent' if nobody can see it. The whole issue then starts becoming more one of extracting money because you won't be deterred from speeding at a site if you believe there to be no cameras!
  13. Just wondering, what are you using to check wether the fuse is live or not? If it's one of the little crappy screwdrivers with a light in the end of it and a wire with a clip to Earth it then you can't trust them. When I was testing fuses they all appeared live when I used it. I bought a larger one from an Autosave car shop and that showed the truly dead fuses with ignition off. I then double checked with a multimeter I had subsequently bought. The 12v socket turns off after 60-90mins so you may as well have used the auxiliary plug on the end of the wire and plugged it in there. I hard wired mine into the same fuse as it was easy enough to use but I have changed the 'on/off' time to sync with the ignition. Works like a charm now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Do you have any pics @Edgy ? I would be interested to see the light output on these. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. how did you get on with the pollen filter change then all went well i hope wilko have just started there new deal for the next 4 wks so it`s time to stock-up on the air-com cleaner £2 a can
  16. For anyone who wanted to see the LED H7s
  17. Evening all. The names Nigel. Just got my first Ford this evening. I'm in Leeds and looking forward to my new adventure in the beast 😂😂.
  18. Mk2's will have no problem with the carbon transponder chips as that's what used as standard. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. What I mean is after I fit the centre console (as in the part I started this thread for) what else must I fit to allow everything to fit securely?
  20. It will be fitted into the black connector as per this picture- Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  21. TBH it depends on whether you are happy to leave it on auto or prefer a manual kill switch option. I first had mine hardwired but found that because I often enter areas where dashcams must be switched off, hunting for the tiny power button was a bumache. Mine is now run from a switched 12v plug to which I soldered a 12v socket. The socket and power plug for my cam are hidden up under the dash so all you see is about 15cm of cable and the illuminated adaptor in the front socket. Easy to flick on or off as needed and gives a visible indication as to the power state if checked. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  22. I had one for sale a bit back, got rid of it for £190 ish -brand new.. also got a brand new secondary pipe for the 1.0 and an alloy crossover pipe if your interested mate? I've now got an ST-3 so no need for these parts.. I bought them brand new from auto specialists and put them on my 1.0 for like a day or two, before taking them off because of the ST i was getting. (Your gunna need a secondary intake hose for a better/more noticeable intake noise) Cookey.
  23. I think you also have to have the forward alert distance indicator turned off too. Auto relock doesn't work on mine either...
  24. try and check the connector at the bottom and see if it has become loose a little, if all else fails maybe give something like this a try, only ever used this stuff once many years ago and it did the job
  25. Sorry, but have to agree with the dealer here; my Focus has new Premium blades and has been cleaned with glass cleaner, and they still judder towards the end of the wiper sweep. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  26. Thanks so much for the replies, especially from MJNewton with the part number. Any ideas how much it would cost to do it at a garage roughly? The part is just under £14. Is it a quick job? Fuming with the driver who did it! Thanks.
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