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  2. Hope you get a suitable unit. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry to bump the topic if no one is interested, but would be interested to know what standard tyres people have on their Edge Sport. Thanks.
  4. Hi folks, Well, we just had an enormous downpour where I am and my poor car... there's a split in the back window, which I was worried about, but there's only a tiny puddle on the 'parcel shelf' area, so it's fine. The driver's door, however... while sitting in it, it was a torrent coming through where the window doesn't meet the seal. I've heard wind noise since I got it but couldn't locate it as it doesn't cause a draft, but now I've found the problem area with the water. I've had the seal off and put it all back on, it is as 'on' as it can be, so it seems to be one of three issues, as far as I can tell: Either the door is misaligned, the window is misaligned or the seal has been flattened, allowing for the gap. I have no other door issues, however, I have noticed that the seal running along the bottom of this window keeps pulling up slightly when the window is wound up. Could these two issues be a sign of a misaligned window? If it's not the door or window, it must be the seal, as the roof seems absolutely fine, so I'm not even considering that as a potential problem. So, if it is the seal, how would I go about finding a remedy for my situation, please? Thanks.
  5. New photo of the rear lenses tinted, and also the much loved fried egg bulbs have been replaced, Q5 cree led reverse, and new side, dipped and full beam all to give a much brighter and further night vision - a little whiter but non of this super white and you can't see. Looking to get a set of aftermarket headlights next year and HID them or I'll visit SJ Conversion for a full upgrade :) anyway photos
  6. i have same engine on a 51 plate around town average 35. £20 i can get 120miles and thats mix of town and motorway my milage 144 thousand
  7. Hay Please would some one with there Photoshop skills do a shop for me? I would like fifteen52 tarmac wheels in white and the car lowered, I am looking to do this soon and have a picture in my head but just want to make sure, I think it'll look amazing on air. Thank you in advice Drew Untitled by Andrew Picken, on Flickr
  8. Well today it's done and I have new valve cover. No leaking yet but just 100 km driven. Next week we are more wise I drive about 500km/week. Dealer said that they noti ced that it was broken. That O ring swelling next to water pump is more common and more expensive to repair... for the new valve cover new cover, gasket and few bolts are needed. Here is a picture for the cover spare part number if some one needs it (CM5G6K271CL). My old had CM5G6K271CJ.
  9. Thanks for the speedy responses. It will typically shuffle after 1-2 seconds but occasionally I can get it to function as it should by removing the lead and re-inserting. However, I may get at best 4-5 songs and then the shuffling issue will sporadically commence once more? I should point out that when I say AUX, it is actually the USB port (my bad - slightly misleading title). If it was an issue with the iPhone I would have imagined that it would function correctly with other devices. However, the same issue is occurring on 3 separate devices? Thanks Ryan
  10. This would be better suited in the Focus section and you would get more responses there.
  11. Lets hope the new ones are built slightly better, and the drivers thereof have a bit more between their ears...
  12. Today
  13. I'll be looking to do both when I can afford it. Thanks!
  14. Nice motor mate, My Grandad gave me an F plate one of these in silver, Back in 2003, 3 door aswell. Unfortunately I had to scrap it after a while due to rust and back then they werent as desirabe as they are now, Plus I was young and skint. What you have done is what Id wanted to do to mine back then. Looks great, Brilliant thread. Keep us posted
  15. Induction kit. Just watch the open ones though, they make loud chav noises but usually suck in hot engine air and reduce performance. Particularly on the 1.0 with its front mounted turbo.
  16. Hi, anyone know how to disable the front parking sensors on a 2010 Fiesta? I have front and rear sensors but the front ones have packed up, and I'd like to just disable them so I can still use the rear ones rather than the whole system beeping at me 'cos of the problem with the fronts. Thanks in advance for any help, Rob
  17. Yeah I did manage to do it. Getting the window crank clip back on was a real pain though...
  18. Bannko, please pm me with info about satnav fit! thanks :)
  19. Think I'll give it a miss then and just upgrade the standard bulbs. Thanks for the replies
  20. Hi sorry if this has been covered before but I have not been able to find the answer through searching is it possible to fit a sony dab radio to my fiesta with the standard non dab radio I know the dab part will not work just wanted to know if it is possible to wire in as I have had no luck finding a non dab version for sale. Thanks
  21. Looks good mate. Love the all black
  22. Not done that many miles yet as I've not been too well but I can tell you that these are the quietest tyres I've ever had.
  23. Dear All, I'm trying to find out what my Sierra 2.9i 4x4 (circa 1980's) is worth. It'll need a fair bit of working doing to pass an MOT to be honest! It's sat in my garage for at least 5 years. It was my grans (typical, 'one old lady owner from new!) which I inherited. My old man had a tune up garage so had various mods done; all the way through exhaust, ECU re-mapped, racing cam shaft, full suspension kit (springs, shock, bushes), wheels, etc. I'm not a boy racer but did give it some leather, who wouldn't! The mileage is relatively low, roughly 60,000 off the top of my head and the engine is sound. I'm told a standard 2.9i is becoming a collectable so the mods might work against me but any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  24. Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at 1.6 petrol engine. Apart from the belt, is there anything else I should watch out for?
  25. Perfect, thanks for the link.
  26. Dear All, I've got a Sierra 2.9i 4x4 which has sat in my garage for about 8 years. I'm asking around to see what it might be worth. It'll need a fair bit of work to pass an MOT but a pretty tidy motor. It was my grans back in the day (your classic one old lady owner from new!) which I inherited. My old man had a garage so various mods were done; all the way through exhaust, racing cam shaft, ECU remapped, Suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. I'm not a boy racer but did give it some to be honest! The mileage is relatively low (60,000 off the top of my head) and the engine is sound. anyone have an idea of how much its worth?? I'm told standard versions are pretty rare but might have shot myself in the foot with the mods. Any advice or to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  27. I know what you mean - mine actually collapsed inside the filler and had to be replaced (warranty) the old one was like yours hard to get it to fill , new one is better but still not as "easy" as the old versions with a key.
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