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  2. If you pm@victory , I'm sure he will explain all as he has just done his.
  3. Hi I clip mine here in the picture this mount is under the battery box which I took out there is a plate over the top of this but you should be able to fit it between the two plates good luck
  4. Has anyone changed their standard (hopeless) daytime running lights for LED. Mine are Osram H15 15/55w but not sure what led equivalent to go for as some might affect the bulb failure system ?
  5. I have a ford galaxy and i have issue with brakes , the brakes when start the engine are solid , but when you rev the engine hard the brakes go soft , could this be the servo / master cylinder or the vacuum pump on the engine ??
  6. iv got black pained alloys and kerbed them about a 2-3 inch scrape, i first just to used a sharpie lol, but i then just got some gloss sprat paint, masked the alloy off with news paper except the scraped area, made sure i news paper ed the body work, Tyre and anything i didn't want black and looks fine from a few feet away but the scrap can still be seen and felt up close, its just black not silver,
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  8. I noticed whilst reversing up to a garage that the high level brake lamp on my Edge is not the size that it appears to be when looking at it from behind. Perhaps I have faulty LEDs in mine. Can anyone confirm if theirs is the same. The brake lamp appears to be about 52cm wide but only the central 26cm lights up.
  9. 2005 Focus 1.6 Ghia petrol. Is there any way bar the obvious, of telling which size fr ball joints fit my motor? Apparently, they come in two sizes, 18mm and 21mm and I'd like to know which are on mine without having to strip it down to find out. Is there a "how to change the fr suspension arms" anywhere? Ta.
  10. No. These are relatively low compression engines and compared to other diesels and compared to some others the engine/ambient temperature need to be relatively cool before they activate. Quite clever.
  11. Hi, It's been 3 years now since i own my focus. It's been running very good and all but 2 months ago i noticed that the performance of my car wasn't how it used to be. I first noticed it in Germany at the autobahn, normally my car can reach 200 kph (124 mph) but this time my car couldn't reach the top speed but it was limited to 160 kph (99 mph). When the highway goes uphill, my car is having trouble keeping up with the current speed, the speed drastically reduces and the gas pedal is just unresponsive until the highway goes down or straigthens. Here is an example: I drive 120 kph (74 mph) suddenly the highway goes uphill and my car is slowing down to 80 kph (49 mph). no response from the gas pedal. Here is another example: Past Saturday i drove on the stelvio pass (Italy), extremely tight turns, i knew this would be a hell with this car, because of the loss of power. So i went there since i was close by, believe it or not, my car couldn't handle those constant hills, i only drove my car on the first gear, when i shift gears to 2, it stays on the same speed when i shifted, the speed even slowly reduces. There was no other way but to let my car scream on the first gear. I recently let my fuel filter change but surprisingly there was no change, since i don't know really anything about cars, i don't know where the problem might be. I also noticed that, when i enter the highway and speed up, i get an error message on the dashboard, but it quickly disappears. I think it says "engine failure" but whenever i notice that error message popping up it just disappears, it was three words, don't know the third one. I also tried to connect an mini obd2 car diagnostic scanner but my dashboard went crazy, it was just turning on and off on the middle of the road, so i just plugged it back out. There is also this black smoke thing that kinda bugged me out. I don't know how to explain this, but i will try my best. It get worse when i start the engine. When i drive off and speed up, the car just instantly reduces speed (i guess it's called stalling), pedal goes unresponsive, and there is this huge black smoke blow out of my exhaust, all of this is happening in 1.5 seconds. This keeps happening 3 or 5 times when i start the engine. It then stops. After driving a while, i stopped seeing black smoke, from my rear view mirror, there might be a little bit of black smoke shifting up and down, speeding up and so on. At night, when a car drives behind my i can clearly see the smoke. Recently my sister got into an accident and my front bumper and back bumper + the headlights and tailights were damaged, this cost me 1500 euro, replacing the damages part and some respraying. I might wait a while before i do a full check on my car on the official ford service. For now i will change the part one by one, if the problem might persist on that particular part. Might not be long tho, before i make a appointment, because i really want my car back on full performance. I hope you guys understand the problem i'm having, my english isn't that good, you guys might have noticed that ;) Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like. If you wanted to PM me some contact details I'd be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back. Regards, Dan.
  13. fair enough my concern is the fact i have only done 66 miles since last filling up and have used qtr tank lol ignoring the car and using a calculator that giving me about 22mpg :(
  14. Im needing to replace the sump gasket on my mk3...thats would know if it was a broken ring...dont think it would sound too good...ive not heard of this line before...i know ST mk3 petrols are driven hard, and sump gaskets are replaced and no more misting..they have two cats..if they are okay and breathers too then... I have the one cat on my 3.0 v6..that is fine..also had ALL vacums and hard to get at breather replaced 1500 miles back..little bit of mist been like that since before..and miniscule so not too worried, but will get done at fords when time allows... Try another garage fella.... Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  15. Glad to have been of help 😜. Did you upgrade the bushes to poly or just use the OEM ones?
  16. Need to make sure it wouldn't fly out in a rollover of you haven't already, as this is when you're most likely to need to cut your seat belt
  17. I purchased a preprepared one with a buzzer from eBay but haven't installed it yet as it requires drilling into the plastic coolant tank. Not sure if that's a good idea.
  18. Did you fit the new clutch etc..yourself or a garage...what gearbox oil have you used...i believe the fluid ford use in the mk4+ mk5 gearbox is meant to be better than the oil used in the mk3.... Mine gets a bit stiff..but only on very cold winter mornings..hasnt had a gearbox oil change yet.. I preffered the gearbox on my old mk2 v6..5 speed with single mass..never got the wrong shift..but 6 speed on my ghia x.. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  19. well further reason am looking is my steering wheel needs replacing anyway! so i thought why not look into adding CC if its possible lol i'll order a wheel i have the ELM device and can do the GEM check once its installed holding down the rear heater button and so on.
  20. I'm just hoping the speaker problem is head unit related and nothing else on top.
  21. Wirral car meet...2nd sunday every month at the 4 bridges buisness park..everyone welcome..if you have a motor you like and live on the peninsula or and bacon baps available... Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  22. Thought id been away longer...felt strange...i think i posted in Nov 16 as my last before my mishap..seemed so much longer.. thanks for your patience folks..i will be replying to posts..and hopefully not getting booed off.. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  23. For those who dont know, I traded in my 64 plate fiesta in last Friday for a new ST-3. Now obviously I was expecting to see it on trustfords site and AutoTrader. But it feels weird to see it on there haha! Looks strange seeing what was my car last week for sale... This is my first time experiencing this, just hope my car goes to someone who will look after it the way i did! Anyone else recently experienced this? Or anyone know the whereabouts of their previous cars? Cookey.
  24. So I replaced the injector, put it all back to together and started her up. She struggled, then started, but only lasted 5 seconds before dying. On investigation, now none of my injectors are getting diesel. Any one know what could be causing this issue? I've opened the fuel nut on the injector when starting, but this doesn't work. I'm reluctant to send to a garage unless I really have to, even with my limited mechanical skills. Please can someone help?!?
  25. Yeah taken it to my mechanic he seems to think it was normal as well ... horrible reverse gear noise really to be honest but if thats what it is. It is what it is!!
  26. I've just noticed the service link at the top of this page. I'll have a look at that in the meantime. Chris.
  27. well passed my test yesterday so just got onto fordpartsuk and ordered some, thanks for advice everyone
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