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    Just had a look, it’s clean but looks like a clip is broke, might have kicked it or something and it is damp in that area, any idea what this hose is called so I could buy a replacement or could I just fix it with a bit of silicone?
  3. I had to carry a bike in the back of my Fiestam MK7 To stop the "Boot Open" alarm, I mechanically moved the lock mechanism to the closed position I thought that when I used the key fob to release the door locks this would also release the lock mechanism However, it is permanently stuck in the closed position, so now I am unable to close the boot On reflection a stupid move Any idea how I can release this lock now back to its open position
  4. fiesta rear axle swap

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  6. fiesta rear axle swap

    Lol. Could also check ebay, or even EuroCarParts for a fiesta ST hub. I see quite a few people wanting this change.
  7. Tailgate malfunction

    That code was probably logged when you had the problem. Most codes will clear themselves after so many ignition cycles if the fault has gone away. i.e. the tailgate is now fixed!
  8. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hello bannko could you send me the info to activate the satnav on my kuga sync 2 please. Thanks Adam
  9. Just lift the carpet back a bit, the other end unclips from the body.
  10. Tailgate malfunction

    Update from yesterday:- Bad news - engine wouldn't start due to flat battery. Good news - tailgate now opens and closes correctly. Called out the AA to get the car started, which he did promptly, and then he interrogated the system to find one fault code recorded of open circuit on the tailgate motor, so its still going in to the Ford dealers for analysis and corrective action next week.
  11. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    That's one of the most informative answers I've ever had on here to one of my questions! Fascinating stuff. I change my oil between 6k and 10k and have just had the sump replaced (don't ask, DIY disaster Oil change!). The service record before me is pretty good too. Considering I'm at 152,000 and on the original turbo, somethings been done right anyway....long may it continue.
  12. Coolant - Steam from under the bonnet

    Turns out its the Thermostat housing x
  13. Same here I just had to reboot a few times. Nothing else.
  14. I decided to change my front wiper blades on my 07 Fiesta. I got a pair of Bosch wipers, bit of a task to remove and fit the new ones on, it has a clip mechanism. Which side is the driver's side "spoiler" meant to be? I think its below the blade as shown: Also I can't get the passenger side blade off and I didn't want to break it, might need to just switch the wiper and not the actual blade? I'll need to change it soon as the new one will be more worn in when I fit the passenger one.

    How do I get to the other end?? It seemed to go downwards.
  16. Focus 1.6 2007/08 Auto HELP TO BUY

    Does the 'Style' have a quickclear windscreen, I would have thought not unless it was specified by the original buyer as a paid for extra, but I might be wrong. Some people love quickclear windscreens and something people are not bothered. But it would take a lot to persuade me to have one without a quickclear windscreen.
  17. hello,ive got a problem with the a/c on my mondeo titanium x sport. after reading through this fine forum i found that the purple wire from the pcm was indeed broken so that was repaired but still no a/c (sorry meant to say i had it regassed first and the a/c wouldnt work). So the next item we found was that the rad fan was also u/s so that has been replaced but here is where things get a bit strange! If my mechanic plugs his diagnotic machine in and does a reset the a/c works for a minute and then stops again!!so i am wondering whether i have to book it in to my dealers for a proper ford diagnostic test or if one of you fine people could could point me in the right direction? Now my second issue is that there is a fault with my headlamp control unit so that was replaced but i still have the warning message on my dash!again does this need a ford diagnostic reset?or is there another way?i am loathed to pay fords going rate but at the minute i dont really see an alternative.
  18. Air con and fan dial to windscreen

    yes, does it on my 2015 Fiesta also, very annoying. If I wanted the aircon on I would prefer to press the aircon button myself instead of the car assuming I wanted the aircon on. On my 2007 fiesta it worked as you would expect, ie. aircon only came on if I pressed the aircon button. Actually does anyone know if it is possible to alter the behaviour with Forscan etc so aircon will only come on if I press the button?
  19. Did you check the other end also
  20. Hi I got a 57 plate mk4 mondeo can someone exsplain to me what the difference is in the headlights that go in these an what would be the better lights to have An would I have to make any modifications to fit them thanks
  21. Swap Xenon + Halogen Headlights to Bi-Xenon

    The other option for that halogen bulb on the MK3 is cornering lights, certainly on the Titanium X.
  22. Has Ford lost it's sparkle and joy??

    Got to say i do also like the Golf,had a go in the new 16 plate polo and very nippy and feels a solid car,ok it was top spec but a dam nice car.
  23. Air con and fan dial to windscreen

    cheers for clearing that one up
  24. All it took was some rebooting - I never plugged in a computer or anything. best of luck!
  25. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    It’s certainly noticeably quicker than my Astra 1.6 SRI that I replaced with my ecoboost focus. And cheaper on fuel and tax.
  26. Swap Xenon + Halogen Headlights to Bi-Xenon

    Always wondered why there was a halogen bulb for main beam next to the xenon projector, I've learnt something there!
  27. Focus 1.6 2007/08 Auto HELP TO BUY

    2008 is the crossover to the facelift model so if you're after better looks that might be the one to choose, but they do cost a bit more. Titanium is much better specced than the Style so if you want spec go for the Titanium. It should also hold a bit more value when you sell. If you don't want spec, the Style should be cheaper. It's age that's starting to cause more issues than mileage now, depending on where they've been kept and driven etc so I wouldn't choose one just based on mileage. Worn suspension bushes and rusty sills are the main things to look out for with the mk2 Focus. I don't know of any particular issues with the 1.6 petrol or auto gearbox but I don't have any personal experience of those.
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