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  2. Hi, I'm replacing my AM5T bluetooth module with a D1BT module from a fiesta, and I think I'll need to reprogram the APIM, does anybody know where I can find the configuration for a SYNC 1.1 2014 Focus?
  3. Yesterday
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    This is very interesting. May do this on the new pipes to stop any chance of it happening again.
  5. 1.0 Ecoboost Disbale Stop Start

    Does anyone know if zero degree outside temps will stop the stop/start working? Or maybe the freezing temps has just drained the battery?
  6. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi all. Just got 2015 kuga and would love a sat nav . Read some posts on here but need a step by step guide of how to do it. Can anyone offer any help or advice. Many thanks In advance Steve
  7. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    Yeah it's 1.6 tdci on both. I think the primer was ok (Draper) , more my method being the problem I suspect! Will just cranking eventually draw enough diesel through? I'll try a bit of priming and some cranking again, and at least I can fall back on the tow start. Did that a year ago on the other one and it has been ok since but will keep it as a last resort. With a bit of practice i might even get good at it and avoid the embarrassment of neighbours watching me bump start two cars in 12 months I'm suppposed to be 'servicing'; They'll think I'm crap at mechanics.......
  8. Modified Car Valuation?

    Hi, If you need any help with insurance that offers the option of a fixed agreed value then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  9. Auto locking doors

    I like the auto locking doors for the feeling of added security. Whilst I’ve never had some on try to open one of the doors when I’ve been stopped in traffic, it does make you feel a bit safer having your iPhone on the centre console. We have two young children and I like the fact that with autolocking enabled no-one can open the doors from the outside. I used the elm327 cable and Forscan to enable it on my Mk4.5 Mondeo and my wife’s Mk2.5 Focus. It was worth the £15 alone (for the cable) just to enable auto locking. My previous Mondeo (Mk3.5) could have autolocking enabled by locking / unlocking the doors using a predefined sequence. When I upgraded to the Mk4.5 I really missed the autolocking feature, hence my decision to buy the elm327 cable.
  10. MPG

    Are well you see, a tuning box helps. Previously on here I was called a 'boy racer', would be nice, but its a very long time since i was a boy. Anyway, as well as an increase in power, with that extra bit you can drive in a spirited manner but the engine doesn't have to work so hard for any given speed. So you get a better driving experience without having to push it, hence the slight increase in fuel economy. Too many beers to do the maths right now but an extra 5mpg or so will soon cover the cost of the box. All perfectly legal, just tell the insurance Co.
  11. MPG...

    Could the cold weather affect fuel consumption? Do have to say that 1.5 diesel isn't bad for its claimed mpg
  12. Sync 3 climate temperature indications

    Ford.............. IDS - Integrated Diagnostic System
  13. Smoking problem

    Hi I’ve got problem with smoking from my car it Normally happens when it warms up or when I put the air con on in the morning to give me hot air . And it’s a bad gas smell in the car at times and gasing people out behind me.. or when it’s in a high gear. Doing low speeds. It’s been into fords lots of times. They are very Quick to charge me money to fit parts that don’t fix the problem. So far I’ve pad nearly £3000 .. and I’ve not got nothing back ..... it’s had oil change it’s had new egr value.. it’s had 4 new Injectors...I’ve taken it for two terraclean. But the problem still there even day ....I’m Tired of paying for guesstimation’s .. the last thing ford told me was they think .yes THINK !!!! it might be Carbon buildup .. I don’t know what to do with it. Or who can Possibly fix it. it seems like too me people just want to take my money . I’ve had Enough of paying for guesstimation’s
  14. A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Very nice mate. wish I could get one :)
  15. DIY tool for learning new TPMS

    Thanks very much. It’s going to be Monday before I get these wheels on so I’ll reply as soon as I can after that.
  16. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    1.5 mk3,5 is easier still. switch ign on and wait 30 secs . pump on 1.5
  17. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    2.0 is easier. alberts is the 1.6 i think.
  18. Sudden Drop in MPG

    me? i know nothing. lol
  19. Sudden Drop in MPG

    smart charge is a pain in the... IMO! I have a basic understanding of it and basic diagnostic on it. Last time i was tasked with a fault that ford couldn't find I was short of an oscilloscope to go any further. Suspect it was probably a broken wire somewhere but I certainly couldn't find it. Iantt would certainly be more knowledgeable.
  20. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    what engine was this on? I changed the fuel filter on a mk3, 2.0 diesel not so long ago, I didn't even disconnect the fuel lines I just unscrewed the lid and lifted it up enough to get at the filter. It fired back up straight away without complaint.
  21. New St Line Fiesta

    yep, and there are many reasons why i didnt opt for the st this time. ithe mk8 st does look better, but i just love the 1litre
  22. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    dont buy a laser primer, useless. buy a large syringe and suck the fuel through.
  23. Newbie so if in wrong post I apologise beforehand. OK I decided to upgrade my bulbs to led ones for the footwell, interior front and rear and also the boot. I managed to get the front interior light out but forgot to write down what cables went where, however trial and error and I got it working.. however the nice orange ambient lights are now as dark as 2am on a winters morning. Any help greatly appreciated Lee
  24. MPG

    when the factory test drives are at 47ish mpg, I thought my figures would be a lot closer to that.I cant see me getting anywhere near that at the moment. Still early in the miles for me so hopefully it will improve. Great to see some of you getting close to that or better.
  25. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    The pump is lubricated by the diesel flowing through it, a tow will obviously spin the pump up quickly without any lubrication so not ideal. Hand priming is the way to go really. Just make sure you get a decent primer this time.
  26. Just changed fuel filter on MK3 (went good)

    Sorry to bump this thread but I've just bought a mk3, and its service is due. Was planning to change fuel filter as although has full history, doesn't say what was changed when. I was going to skip any priming as that failed last time on my Mk 2.5, and just get a tow start. Any downside to this?
  27. Clunking then fan comes on

    Hi just fitted new alt as was getting light flicker and got told the alt needed replacing as a part had gone on it Now getting strange revs ,going up from idle to about 1500 rpm then a clunk then the fan comes on temp is ok not rising at all just seems a bit strange and after a some help thanks lofty
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