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  2. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Just got this link in an email from Auto Express http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue
  3. Speed sensor location

    Thanks mate have you got a pic off the location?? I'm a total amateur
  4. Clunk clunk clunk

    oh of course, just because something passes an MOT doesn't mean its legit or road worthy! :)
  5. Dash Cam Installation

    Installed today it's a no go on the trim as the lense won't swivel round far enough. So have installed it under the trim on the windscreen.
  6. Fiesta titanium

    I get about 275-300 miles on a full tank and I'm averaging around 31-32 mpg. Mine also has the gear change on the dash but it doesn't light up, someone with dealer software should be able to switch it on if you really wanted.
  7. Focus ST Line X 140

    QC? What's that. Like no one noticing one seat obvious the wrong type/shape , cloth trim colour and missing head rest ,adjustment handles etc. That gets past all the QC before a dealer takes possession. And years ago factory QC failed to spot valve stem oil seals on cylinder head not being fitted resulting in very smokey cars coming out the plant and on to transporters then delivered to dealers.
  8. Battery Poles Reversed --> Car Dead

    Thanks for the inputs. I will try that.
  9. Speed sensor location

    Are you sure it's on the gearbox? Most modern cars just use the ABS system to determine speed but I'm not 100% sure on the Ka.
  10. Auto lights always ON, Auto wipers single speed only

    Yes it's one part, though technically two sensors inside. Very easy to change yourself, the plastic cowling under the mirror just slides off and then the sensor is clipped onto the screen, plus an electrical plug to remove. You should replace the gel pad when replacing the sensor so it gives a perfect seal between the sensor and the glass, if there's an air gap there, it wont work properly. There are plenty of used ones on ebay, this one shows the clear gel pad on the front to show what I mean. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3S7T17D547AA-Ford-Mondeo-Fiesta-Focus-Transit-Windscreen-Rain-Light-SENSOR-GX1/263439152957?epid=550303131&hash=item3d5632773d:g:bkkAAOSw9KhaCb5z
  11. AWD is Off

    Is intelligent 4WD similar to smart motorways?
  12. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    You are correct regarding the camera and sensors. We've not had it happen here but when your dealership places the order for the car, Sensors and Camera are listed as 2 separate options. It actually says when ordering, on the dealer system, that the camera does not contain sensors, yet on the price list it says that the camera contains sensors. Your dealer has to tick both options to get the camera and sensors. Easy mistake to make but rectified with the aftermarket ones, they just don't show in the screen.
  13. Today
  14. Is this compression surge?

    No mate, my car is mapped with bluefin from superchips. Iv seen aet motorsport video too with this valve and their remap and doesnt sound good. Thanks for reply !
  15. Is this compression surge?

    The way you're going with those parts it sounds like you're dealing with AETmotorsport and possibly considering a map with them? If you are, don't. Killed my ecoboost within a week The noise is normal, it's what happens with that (unneccesary) valve fitted.
  16. Forum Content Unavailable

    This problem is noted and a fix is in hand. The frontend software is glitchy but is being changed very soon. If you still have problems at any time just let us know. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  17. Journey Distance to Go (SatNav / Information Display)

    If you have sync2 or sync3 you just tap on the icon showing the estimated arrival time to toggle to remaining distance. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  18. If its the SYNC 1, then just push the up and down buttons while navigating, and it goes from simple 3D nav, 3d Nav, Distance and time info, 2D nav and simple 2D nav As for zoom its one of the bottom long buttons on the left on my Sony unit to get it in zoom mode. then down to select manual and left right to zoom in out Hope that helps
  19. Snow, ice and snow socks

    Having been in France this week, with massive snowfalls, Ice etc. I have seen about zero socks. Several spider devices, lots of chains and majority with just winter tyres. Forget the socks, you can get a set of giant studded cable ties for a £10er, that work exceptionally well and are reusable. But you cant beat chains or proper winter tyres. You can buy chains for £30 if you hunt around (especially abroad) and they last many years unless you don't take em off once off the snow (Oh and they work on mud as well)
  20. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I've been checking this forum for a few weeks as I ordered my ST-Line X back in November and was told there is a delay. The poor guy at Ford keeps giving me my fortnightly updates - The most recent being, "there is still no build date". If there isn't one then he's going to speak to his 'Progress Team' to see what's going on. To be fair they have been honest throughout - Even when I put my deposit down they said i'm looking at an April/May delivery. I'll guess I'll just have to be patient and wait. One thing I did read on a forum somewhere (not here), and I can't find it for the life of me - Some ST-Line's and X's that have been ordered with the Rear View Camera (inc. Rear parking Distance Sensors) - They seems to have not included the rear parking distance sensors when their car was finally delivered - They've had to have the Ford's 'Official' aftermarket sensors fitted. When I originally built the car on the site, I added the Rear View Camera, and the Rear Parking Sensors would not be selectable because it was included with the Rear Camera at £250. After I saw the post on the forum, I went back this week and reconfigured my car - You can now select both the Camera and the Sensors option, which slightly concerns me a little - suppose time will tell. Fingers crossed some forward thinking Exec at Ford comes up with an idea to solve the leather issue and the start to roll out the tract quicker.
  21. Clunk clunk clunk

    Only happens once per drive cycle unless you actually do slip the wheels (easier to do trying to turn hard and accelerate hard). Noises themselves I believe won't cause an MOT fail, only if there is excessive movement or failure of the joint/boot (allowing ingress of stuff). If you watch this video (and watch him take it apart and analyse) you'll see that even with an intact boot, there can still be a failed/faulty CV joint. Eric's got a good load of videos.
  22. Tom1994 ST

    Latest in my automotive photography journey for my portfolio T18 Photography
  23. Afternoon all, It's been a while since I last posted on here... I'm in the market for a MK3 Focus estate diesel. I currently have a 1.5 ST-Line as a rental and like it so much, I'm looking to buy one. I have decided on the Titanium as I would prefer the electric rear windows, cruise, softer suspension setup etc. I'm impressed by the 1.5 diesel engine. My wife has a 1.6 Diesel C-Max which is a bit quirky at low speeds... (seems to hold the revs, causing it to jerk about a bit) which really annoys me. However, before I got the estate, I tried the 2.0 163BHP Diesel hatch, which I was really impressed with... Which then brings me onto the question or manual or auto box. I have never owned an auto, and quite like the idea of not having to keep my foot on the clutch when creeping around in motorway traffic. Has anyone got one of these and does it hamper the performance. I'm not planning to tow anything, choosing the 2.0 would be purely for the occasional enjoyment of the acceleration more than anything else. My budget is about 10k - I'm not a fan of loosing lots of cash by leasing or buying new on PCP. Would prefer to PCP or loan finance a used car and save some of the initial depreciation. Any suggestions on the best model to go for from current owners of the above specs? Many thanks in advance, Mark
  24. Cam belt

    Bought all the tools from Amazon of all places - Laser timing tool set 4347 (Pins and bar - you only need one timing pin), Sprocket wrench 2869 (I used some layers of duct tape on the outside of mine in lieu of the rubber sleeves mentioned in the Ford procedure), and Laser 4275 flywheel locking tool (recommended by Stef, and also used in the latest Ford procedure for this engine, the M14 bolt takes a lot of heft to get it tight!)
  25. Hi everyone! im a little confused with the sound of my 1.0 ecoboost fiesta. Its mounted with an ITG air intake, and turbosmart dual port valve. The sound at full gas its a nice phhsss, but free revving it or at low-medium gas it makes this weird sound that im not sure if its compression surge. Little worried actually. Ive been adjusting the valve too but not much difference, it seems to be the same, maybe now it phhsss more easily lol. Can anyone help me out ? thanks!
  26. Clunk clunk clunk

    https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=1.219117456.865417927.1477904396 type in the reg of your car, then select MOT history. I find out the results of my MOT before they even call me, its also really useful for checking the history of a car before buying it
  27. Clunk clunk clunk

    Ok, that does sound more like a CV joint issue. Regarding the control arm, you'll thank your self if you replace the whole arm, that will also cover the ball joint so it makes sense to do the lot. Mind there are two versions of the ball joint, a 19mm and a 21. You can tell the difference by a small coloured clip just below the ball joint, I think blue is 21 but I can't be sure , if you look at a new control arm picture you will see the coloured ring I'm talking about. You can find out MOT history. I'll post a link to you when I get home, but service history, no chance, unless perhaps the garage they did the MOST at kept records of services as well, in which case you could ask but I wouldn't hold my breath. At 120k timing belt would be top of my to-do list. If that goes then .... Well, game over with a car that old (mines the same age, different engine, changed my belt about 80k)
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