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  2. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    Hi, Thanks for the info N.K.D, However which pin am i exactly looking for in the bcm is it the one below?, I have followed the data wire from a titanium x with a camera and this seems to where it goes but im just wondering its definitely the correct pin. Cheers,
  3. New Owner

    Thinking of doing things to this anyone know anywhere to get parts to exterior mod I been looking but don’t know what will fit and what not especially since would have to get parts sprayed if it’s more than a splitter, anyone suggest what to search or where to look thanks
  4. D13HPD ST-2

    You forged yet? I'm looking at forging before I even map mine for more piece of mind How much you looking at to fit the diff?
  5. Mk 6 fiesta inner door handle

    Pm’d you a link
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  7. Just to say Hello

    Hi Just saying Hi.
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    The data sheet does state a permissible intermittent temperature range of -20°C to 150°C but only a maximum of 80°C continuous. At a running temperature of ~90°C that's pushing things and arguably not worth the risk in my opinion. The high temperature versions states that it has been 'Developed to resist cracking and flaking' and so that is presumably what the consequences might well be for the normal stuff when pushed beyond its limits over the long term.
  9. Core plugs

    If you can get access to the core plugs you should be able to do it yourself buying the core plugs from Ford. I’d expect a garage to charge at least an hours labour depending how many they needed to replace. I did one once on my sisters car and it wasn’t that hard, just dug the old coreplug out with a screwdriver, dried & cleaned the hole, smeared a little red hermatite around the coreplug then tapped it into the hole.
  10. Arm Rest

    Hi, bought a mark 6, 2007 fiesta yesterday. It is a 1.4 tdci Ghia, 5 door. I bought it as a cheap to run car for work but am already missing not having an arm rest ( have one in my other car and have had in my last 4 cars ) I have researched and know it is possible to buy an arm rest but can only find black ones. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy one in cream leather? The black will look awful with the cream leather interior. Any links would be fantastic. Thanks, Lisa
  11. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Oh that’s a shame, thought with having the ST line badge they would support the higher performance engines.
  12. Fiesta Zetec-S

    Well i changed the idle control valve and my fiesta is still the same, . So does anybody have any other ideas as to what causes it to over rev as you roll to a stop??
  13. Hi my 99 mk4 fiesta has started to high rev as you brake at junctions, in traffic ect..... Could this be a fault with the servo , or is there something else i am missing? Have changed idle control valve, had a new coil pack and leads, and i am going to service her this week. It is the Zetec-S 1.25 engine. Any ideas would be greatly recieved. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  14. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    its a bomber engine in my opinion... if looked after. I'm slightly concerned that every company i contracted about referbing my turbo didn't even bother to reply so i expect that's a new turbo before that decides to end its life as well. 90% of my miles are motorway but shes definitely not as tight as she used to be, a lot more knocks and rattles then when i got her, after this DMF and clutch is changed i plan to get a new turbo and run her in to the ground as well. with the age and number of miles she is worth little more than scrap anyway, if i had the space i might even break her
  15. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    Hi there Had a Zetec S with keyless start stolen a few years ago. When I got paid out I replaced it with the Metal special addition. I made sure that this car did not have keyless start and paid about £100 to have the OBD port protected. I went to ProtectAVan Solutions Ltd who are in Grays Essex. They put the OBD port into a lockable box and moved it up into the dashboard. You do not need access to it when you have a service unless you have a fault. It was mentioned on the BBC Watchdog program at the time about BMW's and keyless Fiesta's being easy targets for thieves steeling cars using this method of attaching some sort of gizmo to the OBD port. My car was taken outside my house during the night, somehow they picked the lock and just drove it away.
  16. Well i went to the Ford Power Live event today. I can honestly say that it would have been ideal if you have ST's or mustangs, there were a few older cars , but it seemed more designed towards the newer blinged cars. I did take some pics so you could see what was about.
  17. Core plugs

    Yes it does smell of anti freeze
  18. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    Don't say that! i just hit 120k Only just run in then Dee ........ I'm aiming for 200k. It's either that or the car will die of hard work first as I intend to run it in to the ground! Would love to know if anyone has achieved that in a DV6 on here.......
  19. Zetec s mk6.5

  20. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    Yes mate, if you have the link?
  21. The World's best Fiesta...........?

    never saw that post last month. just had a read, quite interesting the history of the car.
  22. Mk6 zetec s upgrades

    Here's a link to the bulbs I bought just to make sure. LED indicators (don't require resistors) LED reverse lights LED rear brake / sidelight unit Again I want to say I wasn't too happy with the brake and sidelight LEDs but they might be better on the Mk7 as the tail lights are not see through like with my mk6.5.
  23. Where is your dash cam located.

    On both my Mondeo and the wife Fiesta both the dash cams are mounted behind the mirror on the passenger side and the wire behind the roof and pillar trim to the fuse box and piggybacked onto an ignition live fuse.
  24. **Update** After months of looking I have found it. Thanks anyways
  25. Where is your dash cam located.

    I also have the a119, located centre of the windscreen behind the mirror so as not to affect my vision in anyway. Work a treat for me. If u want any pics pm me your email and I can send u some direct from my phone as I'm on holiday at the mo without my laptop
  26. The World's best Fiesta...........?

    I hope these diesel and old cars restrictions in London don't scrap these nice ol cars
  27. induction

    One thing about K&N filters from what I've heard is that the oil which you need to apply onto them could get in the engine. I've forgotten if this effects the engine or any sensors. My dad used to use K&N filters but stopped when he heard about this. I would love to put a induction kit on my 1.6 TDCI to get that tsss sound but wouldn't want to get involved with insurance until I've racked up more NCB and I reach 21 / 25 so insurance goes down and I'm not in the 'more at risk' age
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