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Announcement: How To Use Our Forum - Video Guides

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Welcome to our Forum Guides section. Each video here shows you step-by-step how to use our forum’s many features, so you can start talking on the club as soon as possible!

Please note that this video uses a demo forum that may look slightly different from the actual forum, although all functionalities are the same.

What the videos will cover
* How to Post a Topic on the Forum
* How to Update your Profile
* How to Send messages to Other Club Members
* How To Upload Photos To A Forum Topic
* What To Do If You Forget Your Password

How To Post a Topic on the Forum
In this guide we will show you how to post a topic (your question) on the forum.

How To Update Your Profile
To help other members know more about what you drive or what town your from then it's a good idea to update your profile. Also we strongly recommend uploading a picture of you or your car to your profile.

How To Send Messages To Other Club Members
This guide will help you find out the 2 main ways of messaging another member on the club.

How To Upload Photos To A Forum Topic
If you want to show a photo of your car or a problem part or even a picture of your dog and would like to find out how, then follow this guide to see how to upload.

What To Do If You Forget Your Password
If you cannot log in and you have miplaced your password then follow the following video. Please note that if you are already trying to reset your password and are not receiving our emails then please check your spam box.