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all done

all done


    How easy was this? I've got the tint and heat gun and stuff. Planning on doing mine at the weekend. Think I'm just doing the rear lights though

    i would only do the rear lights, i removed my fronts as they didn't look right on a blue car and the light beam failed my mot, its easy to do but take the lights out and indoors to do them makes it so much easier, apply plenty of heat to the tint, but not to close as it will burn, it doesn't go hard for a couple of hours so you can move it and pull it about when its warm, make sure you clean the lights very well before hand, and use a micro fibre cloth after, after you have applied then tint then trim the excess off as you don't want to cut it too short and jobs about done m8, easy as and looks really good!! i love mine! hope that helps, also i done my side indicators in the wing mirror looks the dogs!!!