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  2. Focus Mk2.5

    Nothing wrong with an Octavia, Skoda's are just VWs for tight people. Or for old can tell that by the way they fit the heater dials at the top of the dash instead of the radio, knowing which of those will be more used...
  3. Lower miles on engine than on the car

    Pretty sure that's not true unless it's changed recently? You just have to tell any potential buyer about it. I used to just swap the clocks with the engine and keep a note of the date and mileage it was changed in the service history or service book if there was one.
  4. Why thank you! Hey - cheeky haha! Yeah I was thinking the same thing, well, since I found out they were reflectors and not fog lights [emoji23] Surely wrapping them defeats their purpose... And yes, well spotted! I'm actually pretty sure that my blue Fiesta got its lovely scrape along the rear wing from a car that pulled out from round the corner and didn't straighten up in time, meaning they brushed my car along the way. Whether or not it makes a difference, I don't yet know, but I have made a point of not being the first car along the road. I either park in between 2 cars or leave about a car and a half space before mine to allow dense drivers enough room to clear the corner! Paint correction would be a few hundred pounds [emoji20] I've always wanted a really glossy, reflective black though! And then was considering matte black ST stripes down the middle. I have looked at both of those options also but trying to decide whether they would look naff or not... So many lights coming on when getting into the car. I'm still undecided. Haha, I think that was a compliment so thank you! So frustrated being blinded by drivers that have the whole front of their car illuminated! Can't see for a further 10 or so meters down the road while my eyes readjust! [emoji12] It's semi auto so like a paddle shift sort of gear knob to go up and down a gear as required! Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  5. FORD Focus overheating

    Iv been told to remove the temp sensor but i want to sort it ideally! it’s full to the brim tom, how would get rid of the air in it?
  6. FORD Focus overheating

    If the coolant disappears from the bottle without leaking, there's not enough in there. You've got an air lock somewhere, basically a massive bubble which stops the coolant circulating properly. There will be a 2 speed fan on your car, but you won't hear the low speed over the engine.
  7. FORD Focus overheating

    removing the thermostat might help as it would take a lot longer to warm up in the first place. but not ideal as longer warm up means worse emissions/fuel economy and harder to demist your windscreen (but I assume you have quickclear windscreen) and longer to get the inside of the car nice and warm- with winter coming
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  9. FORD Focus overheating

    I would expect the fan to come on earlier than that. I think sometimes they come on at a slower speed first of all prior to full speed/noise so you might not neccessarily hear it when on lower speed (I do not know what sort of year car makers started installed multi speed fans) I do not know where the temp sensor that controls the fan going on and off is. Years ago I had a car where the fan was coming on too late - when the temp is already far too high - so I installed a switch on the dashboard so I could switch the fan on myself when I thought it needed. I did not bypass the sensor on the engine, I installed the switch as an extra means of switching it on in addition to the automatic one
  10. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    To be honest a lot of the knowledge you gain from doing stuff yourself carries over to other cars including other manufacturers e.g. brake systems etc. If you do change your car regularly then if you try to keep to the same manufacturer you'll get the maximum cross over of knowledge e.g. a Fiesta and Focus might have the same baking system or the same engine etc.
  11. childish little bell

    i know @Philf1 i think thats whats it going to come down too, but sort of news, the police are going to be doing more now after they followed me again and my dad come with me to the cop shop and threatened to go round and "sort them out". they called him and didn't know a who he was and when she went to speak to him he denied all knowledge (funny that), so im going to give a statement and then hes going to be interviewed after, so shes got all the details. so he can be done for two crimes now, criminal damage and now harassment, this is good cus the drivers is a new driver and already has 6 points haha so im hoping the police, scare them both enough not to cause any more trouble.
  12. Titanium X Sport 240 Stalling

    If the fuel pressure sensor isn't too expensive I'd definitely be tempted to change it 1st. Worst case is it doesn't fix the issue but at least you have a brand new sensor which will probably outlast the car. It's got to better than potentially paying £££ replacing pumps to find out is was just a sensor issue.
  13. Photo Location Game

    Is that a Shell Gas Station?
  14. Hello from Bathgate

    Hello Gemma That's a lovely Fiesta you have.
  15. How to stop water gathering in top strut mount

    1¼"/32mm rubber blanking grommets work just as well as those sold as "strut seals" for a third of the price if you shop around.
  16. Things I Don't Like

    When you head is going round trying to do a Reverse camera from Genuine to cheap one.........I hate you stupid Fakra connector (and the small black power one) And this stupid little black power connector thing which i will have to cut and start again.........Dam and another Dam,what is it even called.
  17. FORD Focus overheating

    The fan only comes on when the temp is in the red, I have no idea About the fan I just know about it when it comes on because it’s very loud and it stays on for 5/10 minute after I turn the car off! When I got my water pump changed they changed the thermostat with another one and it was the same problem so they just put mine back on so he said it couldn’t be that. thanks
  18. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    So is that saying i have updates to be done on stuff.
  19. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    That only works if you have a paid licence and an authorised interface afaik. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  20. Tyres?? Which ones.

    Yes you are spot on,just having a look around seeing what a lot on here have and reviews on them. For my use a set of Budget would do fine when needed as i don't think i have been on the motorway for 10 year or more. Do like the CP 5 or 6 saying that and the reviews on them both.
  21. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    This is what i get
  22. Yellow headlight tint

    There is no fault, you can code it using Forscan. It's the setting for the US Fusion. It actually makes the indication more visible. I plan to change it back to standard though, I only modified the block to see it if it would activate a sequential type flash. I wasn't sure if the brake lights on the Mk5 Mondeo flash under heavy braking, I know the hazard warning lights flsah Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Yellow headlight tint

    Flashing brake lights are an MoT fail. Do they do this on purpose or do you have a fault? If it's a fault then probably an earthing error in the tail light cluster. If on purpose did you fit a module to cause it? I know some cars come with flashing brake lights from factory but only activate under heavy braking (a la emergency stop). I believe some BMW models do this but as this is EU type approved it supercedes any UK laws. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  24. Yellow headlight tint

    If an MOT tester was in a rubbish mood when checking the car then it could get a fail, same goes for a road traffic bobby, they could give you a hard time. I've been told, so can't claim this to be [emoji817]% true that your headlights must remain the same colour as they left the factory. So white to stay white and red to stay red. My brake light flashes with my indicator, so if I'm indicating right my right brake light also flashes. The left brake light and high level brake light remain steady and vice versa, not sure of the legalities. Clive, what is the law on this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  26. I have had my car for a few months now and have started to notice that my car stumbles when I put my foot down on the accelerator and there is no instant power but after a second or two, the car starts accelerating. Any ideas as to what this could be?
  27. Newbie seeking serious help!

    Hi Guys, Brand new to the forum so please be patient with me if I am being dumb here! I've got a Focus Titanium X Mk3.5 with Sync 2 system, which I really love, but the only thing letting it down is the audio quality! Can anyone tell me how easy it would be to fit new speakers and add a sub to the vehicle? At the minute I am just trying to find out if it can be done by myself, or if it's something I need to take to a professional. I have a budget of £500 but I really want to get some decent kit for my money, if I have to pay for someone to fit it I don't mind but I don't want to be left with no money to buy my kit! Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Daniel
  28. Things I Don't Like

    I really did not like coming home yesterday afternoon after a taxing shift, only to find the TV wasn't working. Had power but no picture and the sound was being carried through the optical cable from the tv to the sound bar, that was working. A quick Google told me it was the 'back light' and a further search told me that it was nearly £1K to fix as the TV (4 yrs old) was now a discontinued model. I only had 60minutes to read up on what was available and pick one up for Argos so it was a mad rush but I got one and my friends put it on the wall for me (thats actually more of a like that bit) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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