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  2. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    I've had the same thing on 3 of my doors on my 62 Eco Boost over the past eighteen months or so. It got so bad that the rubber strips were almost dragging on the road or sticking out at right angles to the door! Ford (Keith Motors - Ringwood, Christchurch, Verwood who sold me the car) just weren't interested and said emphatically that it wasn't their responsibility and that it would cost £100 per door to replace the rubbers. They would charge £40 per door to try to reglue them - but they couldn't guarantee success! (NB- Keith Motors will take your money very happily but then you're on your own!) I tried a couple of adhesives which didn't work, but found that by far the best is 'Evo Stick Multi Purpose Impact Instant Contact Adhesive'. A couple of quid from Screwfix, and my god it's powerful stuff! Tip - get a small paint brush as the spreader supplied is worse than useless on a narrow strip. Just quickly clean off the old rubbers and door with spirits, (you don't need to totally removed the old adhesive), paint the strip lightly with adhesive on both surfaces, leave for ten minutes (which feels so wrong, but trust me it works!) and then push together. But make sure you get it right first time as it sticks like ****! So far no problems and its been through 31 degrees in Spain and -2 in the UK, rain and shine. Shame on Ford for ignoring this very common problem. (ps my son's 60 Fiesta is also having the same problem.)
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  4. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    Thanks going to look at it this morning
  5. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    No , I have to give two clicks on the fob boot button , it won't open with the boot release
  6. Ford Focus 02 Reg, Lighter Fuse Question

    I would be checking the door sensor switch as it faulty or the wire to the switch is touch the cars body work. Try disconnecting the door switch
  7. His address should be on the documents? Easy and quicker to look up the phone book for his area and see if he’s listed.
  8. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Why do they give you a quote like i had first then take a hell of a lot off it,sure they look into it before they send quotes out in the post or email way over and some poor chap just thinks ''oh its gone up a lot ok ill pay'' when you can save a lot by having a moan at them Also the pass airbag switch don't even come into it as its not on most insurances list of mads as 3 places told me this.
  9. Any guess on what these wires are?

    You saying that has just made me realise I have fuses installed for heated seats but it doesn't have them, wonder if they can be retrofitted easily...
  10. Weird Situation

    AFAIK, I didn’t sign any papers dictating that my wages can be cut/withheld in the event of something happening, so there’s that I can use against them, but I will try to resolve the matter internally first. I will also request a copy of everything I signed upon employment. It’s a small company. Two owners who are brothers (let’s call them Bill and Ben), the manager, a couple of office workers and around ten drivers. The manager is pretty much the ‘spokesman’ of Bill who works in the office with him. Anything related to incidents or employees, he tends to not want to get involved and leaves it up to the manager to decide. I assume he also has influence on Bill to make decisions he might not agree on since he’s quite forward and can be manipulating at times. Bill is the one who deals with drivers’ pay and despite the manager’s assumed manipulation, he’s ultimately the one who pressed enter on the keyboard dictating my pay, minus £50. I’d hate to be in the bad books of the company if I do go down the legal route, but I rely heavily on that income and can’t withstand reduced pay like this. If I did keep working for them and had another knock, they could fairly dismiss me depending on the situation. I’m not a glutton for accidents and this is my first fault accident in years… first time at this particular company. I am, however, in a situation where drivers of my caliber, just like my colleagues, are in short supply. Many companies pay more than where I am now but I stick here because of the work environment and friendly close family business atmosphere. It would be no more than water off a duck’s back to me if they decide to lay me off one way or another, but they’re short on drivers too so may not be so keen. Only time will tell. I have also heard from veteran employees here that since the manager started, he made various cuts, especially to driver benefits and more, causing some of them to leave. Again, thanks for the info and the link. I will see what my pay is on Friday and contact the office if the same discrepancies are there.
  11. Ford Focus 02 Reg, Lighter Fuse Question

    So I replaced F47 like previously stated and now my door sensor for an open door is on. I replaced it with a 20A like what was in there and the lighter works now but that light is on. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  12. Hi im looking for the previous owner of my car his name is mathew day and it was a stealth grey st3 diesel, if anyone knows him please get back to me :) Just want to know any mods ect he did

    My MK2 1.8 TDCi saloon Ghia still going strong at 142K miles, pictures are from last year. Still on the original: Clutch DMF Turbo Injectors High pressure pump Items replaced/upgrades: Refurbished the rear calipers (including guide pins/seals) and painted gloss black (planning to do the fronts in 2018) Blanked the EGR valve New glow plugs Refurbished alternator New battery Vented Brembo discs on the front Bosch discs on the rear EBC Yellowstuff pads all round Pagid flexi brake hoses on the rear Replaced both front wings with genuine Ford ones as they were well rotted at the bottom Replaced the leaking heater matrix Replaced the crappy little 90 degree pipe that always cracks on this engine (the one near the EGR) Silver (non OEM) front grill Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB (award winning Pioneer DAB stereo) External microphone and DAB antenna (cables concealed) Replaced the dodgy rear speakers with JVC units Replaced all interior lights with cool white LED bulbs Replaced number plate bulbs with cool white LED bulbs Replaced reverse lights with genuine Cree LED bulbs (Cree bulbs kick *****) Blue hologram effect gel badges, including the steering wheel (exterior badges aren't pictured) Vinyl wrapped (with black 3M vinyl) the full centre console, handbrake surround, gear shift surround, lower trims (passenger & drivers side), the 4 satin silver trims on the steering wheel and the rear cubby hole thing that pulls out for rear passengers Replaced the 3 console knobs with the illuminated ones that most of us on here have used Replaced the gear knob with a nice one silver one off a MK4 Mondeo Replaced the gear shift gaiter with a nice new leather one which included a chrome finish surround Fitted 3 cool white SMD pads in the boot so it's like "Blackpool Illuminations" when I get looking in the boot at night Replaced the ugly Ghia alloys with the nice "Y-Spoke" ones of a MK4 Mondeo Fitted front and rear Heko wind deflectors All of the above is over the last 5-6 years and a lot of it was my choice rather than necessary,, it really hasn't cost me much in the time I've owed it. She still drives spot on and when a job needs doing to keep her running nicely I make sure it's done, hoping to get a few more years out of her yet before she goes to the scrapheap. (Also got a Terraclean done 3 years ago which made a massive difference, especially when cold).
  14. Weird Situation

    Short answer. In the link I gave you, read the first paragraph and the 3 bullet points. AFAIK none of the criteria are met, therefore it is illegal to withhold some of your wages. I would advise you to contact ACAS and discuss it with them. What you choose to do after that is up to you and you alone. You and I both know he can't fire you for this incident but could quite easily make you redundant due to 'a downturn in business' and hire a new driver the week after. Would he do this? I don't know. If you did carry on working for him and, God forbid, something else happened, would he start taking even more money off you? Speak to ACAS 😉
  15. Weak Windscreen Washers

    This one?-
  16. Ford side decal

    Had a look on there but I obviously didn' look hard enough found them now
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ford side decal

    Have a look here- http://www.dmb.uk.com/cat/32/stripe-kits
  19. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I’ll just check the wife’s then and carry on in ignorant bliss when it comes to mine [emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Focus Bulb Lists

    It's not needed for the MOT but annoying none the less.
  21. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    But LOOK AT IT! and as noted below NOT so reliable now Renault have got their hands on it.
  22. Photobucket changed their policy a few month ago, so most of the pictures people have linked to over the years no longer work (not just within this forum).
  23. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    So when you press the boot release on the boot itself it doesn't respond?
  24. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Your 1.5 ecoboost has different pipework that isn't part of the turbo . And good luck looking for the coolant pipes on the turbo. Turbo is buried round the back of engine low down
  25. Anyone know a website or anything were to get these from ?
  26. Weird Situation

    Thanks for the serious replies with a tad of humour and the web link. I’ve calmed down and laid my options on the table now. Right, the homeowner did say that he’d be lying if he gave me any price because he’s not a bricklayer himself. The whole lot (including a lot more wall off photo) cost him £25,000 as it’s a special type of brick, has a tile lip under the top layer of bricks and all the mortar between the bricks have been meticulously rounded off into an outward concave. He also said the bricklayer has done good deals for him in the past so it would most likely be less than £3,000. Maybe £1,500 or so. The Manager brought me into the office and said the insurance excess won’t cover the cost of the wall so I will have to pay for it. I asked about the company insurance and he said if they do that, their premiums would rise! I wish I had the cheek to say “that’s the cost of business”, but I wasn’t in a state of mind to backchat as he could sack me there and then. He also said “If you stay here… we’ll have to do something about your wages. Take a bit out each week to cover the cost” and when I asked him what he meant about me staying with the company because I wasn’t planning to leave, he simply said “I was talking about sacking you. That would be up to me, not you”. Now, the wall isn’t the issue. The owner was okay about it to a certain extent. He was just concerned about it looking disgusting and wanting it rectified ASAP. Which is understandable. We even just chatted about each other’s lifestyles, cars, large vehicles etc until the NYR truck came to recover the lorry. We shook hands when we parted so there are no hard feeling there. My main concern is that I’m on holiday at the moment until the end of the month. My pay has been reduced this week by £50 as well without my written or verbal consent which I believe is illegal. I wouldn’t be in this situation if I hadn’t have been instructed to continue either, but I can’t really say that in defence as I backed into the guy’s wall myself. Some employees have even said that’s bad practice coming from the manager… others have had worse knocks causing a couple of grands worth of damage to other vehicles and the company vehicles and not been threatened with dismissal. I’m on full pay over my holiday, so if I see next Friday that my pay had yet again been deducted, I’ll call them when I return to the UK next Monday (I’ll still have a few days of holiday after I return) and ask what’s going on because I can’t survive long term on reduced pay. I have rent and bills to pay for a start. If they’re not playing ball, should I get legal with the company? I did have to fill out an insurance form so I assumed they were going to go through with that option, but pay was deducted nevertheless without my consent. And if I decide to hand my notice in because of the behaviour of the manager and they don’t give me my last week-in-hand pay, that’s illegal too, withholding wages? I haven’t signed anything upon employment about this so I’m pretty sure I have many legs to stand on. Are there any tactics they’d try to pull I should be aware of? Thanks again.
  27. Egr Blanking

    Hi there, He can I get access to your eye blanking guide? I'm being told I don't have permission right now. It would be great to learn from your experience. Thanks
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