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  2. Fitting Daytime lights

    Great news DRLs are fitted, wired & working! So so pleased they're on 😁 Just ordered smoked rear LED lenses and looking at : headlamp/bulb upgrade Front & rear cameras Front sensors Carbon fibre wrap parts of dash/interior Have been advised against the 8in. Android update for the centre console so will see if anything else is out there.
  3. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Shiit no way, thanks for the reply ronnie. Cant believe it, I presume you would have to keep replacing parts one after the other until the problem goes. Somebody mentioned hub assembly, would that not make sense to you? what are legs? Im not sure what the dealer I bought it off is going to do now, if he cant find the issue does he refund me? its been 4 months since i bought it
  4. Adams story game

    caused by the rust
  5. ST springs on a 1.0 Ecoboost

    As said above, the lighter engine (and gearbox) will mean it sits higher at the front.
  6. Adams story game

    its offensive zebra pattern. Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  7. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    when remaping dont just look at the price, look at reviews and do the research on them all over google, going off a few facebook reviews is not enough, search forums like this one, revo are good and will most likely be my supplier, or a local company which have had very good reviews. on a few facebook local forums im on.
  8. ST springs on a 1.0 Ecoboost

    in was told it wouldn't do much and could make it higher, someone may correct me, as the ST is a 1.6L it is heavyer than the 1.0L so may not compress the springs as much. best bet is to just go with eibach or H&R springs
  9. The Number Game...

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. My Frozen White Zetec S MK7.5 build thread

    make sure you see how much your insurance will be for doing mods, iv had to pay extra for my exhaust and you being a new driver it may be more than what you think. i cant say how much mine went up by as it was put on with the quote but to put new lower suspension it will be £175 per year just to give you an idea. (im 20 btw)
  11. Hi, I hope someone is able to help me. I have just bought a 2006 (06) Focus 1.8 TDCi Sport and when I bought it, all seemed fine. However, when the car has sat for a day or two, and I first start it, I get the red engine warning light come on and the car runs a little roughly. Each time this has happened, within two minutes, the warning light has gone out and the car has run fine and presented no more problems, no matter how far my journey is. I realise it is a bit like going to the doctors and saying, "I have a cough, what could it be?" but I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
  12. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    my focus estate 1.6 tdci 2006 does exactly the same 60 mph to 70 mph changed the front legs front wishbones all 4 new tyres all wheels balanced 4 wheel tracking also had the camber checked i am a 56 year old mechanic and even i cannot find anything to say its this or that it is getting on my ***** now
  13. Turbo Whine

    I doubt if there is any monitoring on individual plugs for these cars. It would need the glowpugs to each be individually supplied from an electronic module that measures the current. As far as I know, there is just a relay that powers up all 4. Have you checked the glowplug fuse? And a DVM on the fuse terminals while turning on the ignition (cold) would check the relay. I think the next thing I would check would be the MAF. Sometimes simply disconnecting it improves the situation. No MAF is better than a bad one. It will make the EML come on, so you would want to have a code reader handy to check the code, and reset it after re-connecting. Then maybe a compression test. If compression is a bit low, a cylinder will not fire properly. And as the oil gets spread around, and the aluminium piston expands & combustion chamber heats up, it fires ok.
  14. Adams story game

    and got crushed for
  15. Adams story game

    Fell from a passing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  16. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Thanks for the reply. It was doing it before the belt change aswell mate. Seems to be a bit sluggish aswell compared to when I first got it
  17. Things I Don't Like

    OOHHH yes,you helped me so much and stuff but i have to change the wires to fit the cheap camera,tried it rough and get a rolling picture so i know its the camera gone,got to snip 3 wires.../reverse live/ignition live/earth/ from original loom to convert to 2 phono plugs from a little black ford connector,bit scared as once done its from the main loom no going back. And then the fun starts......this stupid picture input....yes the word is .........Fakra.........i can think of a better word to call it,i have the Fakra to phono plug.
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  19. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Could be a ton of things, but if it started with the cam belt change would suggest the timing is out. If its overfilling badly then the temperature won't be as high as the extra fuel acts as a coolant, that could be timing, MAF, or temp sender or something similar Need to ge the OBD port read to see if there is any clues in the codes stored
  20. FORD Focus overheating

    Update: Iv sat with the car for a hour while I let it do it’s thing heaters on, fans open, temp gauge half way and the bubbles looked like they had stopped, coolent at max took it for a drive up the road 2 minutes and it’s overheated... fans going mental currently roadside waiting for it to cool down looked under bonnet and coolent has stayed the same place it was when I left now I’m just completely clueless
  21. The Number Game...

  22. FORD Focus overheating

    In my book that sounds like the system is purging air i.e. bleeding the air out.
  23. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Cheers alexp999 👍
  24. Will these wheels fit on my mk5 does anyone know?
  25. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Yeah, fuse 85 or 86. :)
  26. Hi folks anyone help with which fuse I can piggy back on a 15 plate Focus ST? Want to have my dash cam power on/off with ignition if possible, and tidy up stray cabling :) cheers
  27. FORD Focus overheating

    There’s bubbles coming from that hose?
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