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  2. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    Another degas hose!! 😨😨😨 If the info is correct on my recent thread, Ford changed the hose design in 2013. Therefore they knew there was a problem in 2013. My question is simple.....why has it taken over 4 years to send that recall letter? From what I have read, your original hose lasted well!
  3. 2 torx screws and give drum a tap. Off it comes
  4. I havent had much of a chance to do any mechanics to this new car but i would like to check the brake pads and shoes. Pads is easy. But are the rear shoes still a pain in the bum to check? In my previous Ford it wasnt a case of just removing the Hub cover you actually had to unscrew a centre nut that could only be removed 3 times before it needed replaced or to remove the entire assembly from behind the halfshaft to avoid doing this - either way it was a pain in the bum - Is this still the case or have Ford learned from past mistakes?
  5. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    My father in law had a mk5 whilst his car was being fixed. He thought it was great! His driving style is more a relaxed, chilled back style though. 😂😂
  6. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    At the end of the day if someone wants to take the car they will whatever you do they could just lift it onto a wagon and drive off but I’ve done as much as I can so hopefully they’ll leave me alone and go for someone else selfish I know but... www.tomholroydphotography.co.uk Sent from my iPhone
  7. If there was a top answer it would have to be Ian's - you have further impressed my opinion that they are all sheisters! I have only ever bought via the trade mags and ebay in the past or built my own cars but this time it was ma auld dear who wanted a reliable car. The Lotus just wasnt cutting it lol - Every time she drove into the local shops the looks she got 70+ year old lady getting out of a Lotus E with the reggie XXX WAG LOL Have you ever tried getting in and out of an old LOTUS? - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious for sure. Electrical nightmare and no mistake even worse than TVR....Maybe...
  8. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    As @iantt said Ford should pay up, if they say otherwise then dig your heels in. Don't forget to post and let us know how you get on.
  9. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    So 12 volts at rest is as good as dead then! I got 9 years out of the original Motorcraft battery on my MK2 1.8 TDCi, if the Op's car is still on it's original battery then it's done fantastically well to last that long.
  10. Noisy heated seats

    Are the heated seats good though? Mines very early 17 but I’ve never heard a noise so maybe I haven’t got fans- the heated ness isn’t particularly good though
  11. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    Scotty and Eric are top auto mechanics on Youtube - honest and no b****t Ed China is pretty good too - shame Mike shafted him! Just goes to prove what they say about used car salesmen - quite sad actually! Mightcarmods are Aussies so you gotta gie them some leeway for not being entirely fashionable or mentally stable! >;o)
  12. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    Scotty does make good videos. I love some of his comebacks to some of the negative comments. Mighty car mods are good however I think they might overdo some of their videos like the electric space wizard in their dent removal video. Lol my dad saw that video and thought what is this.
  13. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    My old dad used to say "LIKE A TAXI WITH THE DOORS OPEN" >;O)
  14. Focus ST - GPS How to found it ?

    anyone has any other idea ?
  15. Ford focus tdci 1.6 2005

    Modern diesels definitely don't like the fuel filter not being changed on time, plenty of reports on here of drivers having engine issues that were fixed with a fuel filter changed. Regarding the point the Op made about cleaning the tank out, modern fuel tanks are plastic so there really shouldn't be any significant "crap" in the tank I wouldn't have though.
  16. Hi Guy's. I've got a 2007 transit connect and having a strange battery drain problem. When the weather is mild (warm) and left overnight it starts perfect, however when the outside temperature is cold, it drains the battery. I've done a battery drain test in the day and all seems to be OK, however I can't stay up all night to keep testing the battery.. I would appreciate any help or advice. Ash
  17. Security Glass

    Guys we can always swap I dont have them but want so much :)))
  18. Ford focus tdci 1.6 2005

    you really need your own fault code reader to plug into the OBD socket. easily available for less then £20. Could be fuel filter. how many miles since last fuel filter change?
  19. Remap thoughts

    My issue with a generic map is why didn't Ford have the extra power available from the factory? Well I guess it's because it strains the engine beyond what it's designed for, and isn't reliable enough. A tuned map should be made for your car. All Ford do at the factory is stick a generic map on, so having it tuned to your engine (they all perform slightly differently) means you get the best possible power without compromising too much of the reliability. In an idea world you'd have an aftermarket ECU and a full rolling road tune. Obviously nobody on a stock fiesta would do that. It literally costs over £1000 for an ECU, and I'd say double it to include having it tuned (I've only quickly looked into it).
  20. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    lol I was being facetious hence the smiley. I personally dont care if someone wears a baseball cap its the results that are important! Someone said Scotty kilmer looks like a Paedo! There are loads of vids that prove that Induction filters are a waste of time so what is your point? I built my own Dax Tojeiro and Dutton Phaeton S3 from scratch but would never stick one of those boy racer f@nny addons onto either!
  21. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    I had a MK5 2.0 TDCi on demo for a week and also it's a lovely, quiet, relaxing motorway cruiser it's now just another "big land barge" and has lost the "magic" of the MK4. I guess it depends what you want from a large car in that class, I'd trade a bit of weight/refinement etc for a bit more of the MK4 handing magic. Titanium X Sport with the 2.2 TDCi engine was like a cruise missile that could corner like I couldn't believe, even at high speed.
  22. D13HPD ST-2

    Yh I’m super happy now they are 100% working and road legal :) sort of haha, there is 250 different modes for them to flash swirl strobe etc so many colours to play with haha i for them done by SJ Convertions he does all sorts but mainly fords
  23. Im driving around the world/Social media advice needed

    Would Car magazines or My Ford Magazine be interested in my travels? Do people here on the forums have any official affiliation with Ford? Anyways, my roadtrip can be broken into 2 parts, Part 1: which was predominantly exploring Europe: (August 2016-May 2017) Retrning to the UK to obtain Central Asian VISAs Yellow line = Primary roadtrip in the Fiesta; to be read > leaving England towards Scandinavia, of particular note my entry into Kosovia via Serbia from the north, all roads due to the war have been deliberately destroyed bar a single road used for goods vechials. Needless to say my suspension had a good work out. I was in Kosovo for their annual Day of Independence [from Serbia] celebrations in Febuary 2017. Orange = Divertary roadtrips in the Fiesta; of note: to the northern Russian city of Murmansk situated over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in October 2016 Personal best of -22, car was fine! I was cold. Red = A single flight to Bulgaria and back into Saint Petersburg - Sep 2016 And Part 2 my current road trip (Sep 2017-Current) Yellow line = Primary roadtrip in the Fiesta; leaving England straight for Saint Petersburg, Russia - Of note: My entry in Annexed Crimea (FCO advises against all travel to this region for British nationals) was via mainland Russia and thus not though a border controlled by Ukrainian forces - as the UK.. and well most of the world dont consider Crimea part of the Russian Federation - According to UK law Ive committed an international crime and face arrest. Im very proud of this amusing feat. Wthout hessitation I can say I had an amazing time in Crimea, I will have fond memories of this place for a long time. Christmas 2017 I entered Chechnya and Dagestan, both of these regions the FCO point blank advises all British nationls not to travel under any circumstance, this was the 3rd region Ive explored that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises point blank against all travel for British nationals... and this was the third region Ive had a positive experience. My interactions with people though these two caucus regions have been nothing but warm and welcoming, very humbling. Once again people asking for car selfies, one driver aged about 60 was so amazed by my presence here, he filmed me for a good few miles! From personal experience and through talking to locals, Ive realised tourists here are incredably well received, and respected. Attached, Picture of welcome to Grozny monument, the capital city of the Chechen Republic Red line = My planned main route - I write this currently in Astrakhan near the western Kazakhstan border. With a rough plan to be at Baikal for April 2017 Orange = Planned detour route from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Baikonur, Kazakhstan - Arrival date in Baikonur 10th March, for the purpose of watching live manned Soyuz launch Expedition 55/56 to the ISS.
  24. Dash cam advice!

    How the hell do you reverse into the same car twice in less than 3 minutes?!?!? Someone REALLY wants a good SLAP! The 2nd one sounds like a heavier impact I really don't see how the driver wouldn't have known they had hit another car, so I assume they just drove off!...and we all know what 4 letter word starting with "C" describes people like that
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  26. Nice one, thanks for posting back to confirm the solution as it may help someone else in the future!
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