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  2. There way too many variables to compare tbh, post code and job make a huge difference, best thing you can do is put your details into a comparison site. Can't even go by insurance group numbers, the insurers use their own! I've just had a weird quote where changing to a newer, safer, unmodified car with less power and in a lower insurance group has raised my premium... Vehicle colour can affect the quote but it isn't as simple as all white cars being cheaper.
  3. Yes it's one of them, won't say which for security reasons, I want to know which dealer uses it, I can't imagine there are many Ford dealers in that area.
  4. Nah I wasn't. Unscrewed the brake fluid cap to check the level and immediately dropped it straight down onto the undertray... So just had to lift one corner and get a stick through the wheel arch to retrieve it lol.
  5. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    Thanks for the info alexp999 its booked in for its first service at the beginning of March I may get it done then. That's interesting dansallis, I didn't know about the LF signal. Do you know just how the whole system works. I have a radio that can receive 433.92 and I took it out to the car and listened to what was going on. If you push the lock / unlock buttons on the fob there's a burst of data for about half a second, but if you use the PKE it's just a few milliseconds of data. I'm intrigued as whats going on. (I know, I need to get out more).
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  7. Hello

    Hello! New member, wouldn't call myself a car fanatic but I can appreciate a good model. I do love my fiesta, hoping i'll be able to get some advice on couple of issues with it. Time to scout the forum for help and advice.
  8. Hello

    Hi Welcome
  9. best spark plugs

    Can anyone tell me which are the best/correct spark plugs for my fiesta, looked on euparts but there's a few different listed for my reg when i've looked on europarts. Theres 3 different Bosch ranging from 3.50 to 15.50 theres also an NGK and a denso. 1.25 mk6 fiesta zetec (climate - don’t think that makes any difference) thanks
  10. The regional identifiers for north London Stanmore are showing as LK,LL,LM,LN,LO,LP,LR,LS,LT guessing it will be one of them. https://www.newreg.co.uk/dvla-number-plate-identifiers/
  11. Insuring A Focus Titanium 1.5 EcoBoost 150bhp.

    I've just insured mine focus 2011 1.6 petrol tit x..i'm 52 9yrs no claims.£290 from the RAC that's with 2 extra drivers on the policy at full comp.
  12. Hi All, Would anybody know that either owns or doesn’t own a Focus Titanium 1.5 EcoBoost 150bhp, what I can expect to pay for insurance on this particular Focus? I’m 47 and have 8 years NCB. Also, it might sound a daft question but, are white coloured cars cheaper on insurance? Thank you, Liam.
  13. Haha, oh deary me Ford. I guess they are doing it on an 'opt in' system because of the rarity of the 2.3 EcoBoost Focus RS compared to the 1.0 EcoBoost (which they are still refusing to fix cars under warranty).
  14. Thank you for your advice. It seems that the work would be costly to do. I’m not a fan of DIY tinting of the windows, too much stress trying to keep the bubbles and wrinkles out when applying. And that’s not just my face either 😂😂😂 It would certainly make more sense to wait until the ideal Focus Titanium came along which had all that I wanted on a Focus! Liam.
  15. Jeez, I do hope you weren't under it matey! In terms of jacking points OP, I usually put the trolley as close to the arrow on the sill as possible whilst leaving just about enough room for an axle stand to go next to it. After a couple of lifts, you soon work out how much space you need to leave.
  16. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    Yep, you are absolutely correct! I was getting mixed up with the key transmission signal and the vehicle transmission signal. It is the vehicle signal that transmits LF to detect when the key is in proximity, which then activates the key. (I believe). If you can find how/where the vehicle transmitter is, then I guess you could remove it and the PKE system would be ceased. But you'd be playing with fire (as well as your warranty lol!).
  17. https://www.facebook.com/Drive_Further-1498699446914070/ Now following your facebook. I have always said to friends, you just get up and go, i never understand why more people don't do these kind of road trips. I decided one evening to just book myself to Mongolia, then i was in after that. It was as simple as that. Planning and vehicle prep was great fun too. Dan, was there any reason why Mongolia is not on your list? I would have said this was the best country in all of our travels. Lovely people. If you get an opportunity to get a visa for it then this will be well worth your time.
  18. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I've posted a thread in the relevant place but posting a link here for idle gossip - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Seems another Ford engine has cooling problems now... A recall that is not really a recall has been issued. Given the rarity of the 2.3 RS/Mustang engine, I suspect Ford are taking it on the chin. As the 1.0 EcoBoost is in almost anything with a blue oval, I suspect that the fighting with many customers with this engine will continue.
  19. Fiesta titanium

    I had a Fiesta Titanium 2009 1.4 before I got my current model. It did a regular 330 miles per fill up in town.
  20. I couldn't see that this had been posted elsewhere but it was topical given the time bomb of the 1.0 EcoBoost and its cooling system - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Hope this is of use to some people.
  21. Hello

    Hi everyone I’m happy to be here part of the community of Ford. I have Ford Fiesta mk6 1.4 tdci climatic zetec this is my second Ford. my first Ford was Ford Fiesta 2002 1.25 zetec and was the best first car
  22. Axle stands should ideally be placed under the arrowed jacking points on the sill where it is strengthened for exactly that purpose. Obviously it's difficult with the jack there as well though so I tend to look for a solid part of the subframe that won't slip, usually where it is bolted to the chassis. On the subject of jacks though...I've been using an old car jack to save lifting the trolley jack recently (I don't go under without stands though)...but then this happened yesterday lol...they aren't as strong as you'd think!
  23. Dan.. you are a man after my own heart mate. I have driven to Mongolia twice, and recently looped Europe via North cape to italy via Stelvio pass. 6500 miles in 2 weeks. I have plans in a few years to do around the world too. I would like to follow you if you don't mind and also do a club article about your adventures if thats ok?? BTW, i did mongolia in 2009 due to a post on this club about someone doing mongolia in a Fiesta, that got the juices cooking and now I can't wait for my next adventure. Keep driving mate!!!
  24. Fiesta titanium

    I have just read an old topic started on here a few years ago and someone said it was on 2010 and newer so the technicians could be right. As for turning it on/off to be honest i don't know if i did as its been ages ago.
  25. Thanks for the advice guys. Wheel off this morning in the pouring rain ! ! Cannot find obvious signs of leak around seal, but the whole thing stinks so am happy it is a seal leaking somewhere. Anyway, off now to pick up the caliper & pads and hopefully rain will stop soon......
  26. I have no grasp of these languages whats so ever. My Russian is very poor but enough to vaguely get by explaining who I am [a British tourist] where I've been, and where I'm going. My experience so far of Kazakhstan is that many have an English vocabulary better than most Europeans, the oil industry has made these regions tri-lingual and very multi-national. English really is a universal language, something we perhaps take for granted, many around these regions I am able to converse through a combination of broken English and broken Russian. Most fuel stations are like in the UK and pretty obvious, but with an emphasis to LPG than Petrol, so in instances I have had to divert to find a fuel pump which I need.
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