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  2. Dashboard Lighting

    I still have the problem with my Focus C-Max 2007. Odometer is ligthning all the time. Tried to take out the fuse #46, and the dash light went off. But an anoying buzzing sound occured from the dashboard. Didn't like it, so I mounted the fuse again, and the sound disappeared, but the light was back. Both things drains battery anyway. I bought a brand new original battery today, cause I heard it could be the problem - but nothing changed. I still have this annoying light in the middle of the dashboard, that drains my battery. Anyone who have solved this problem propperly? Christian, Denmark
  3. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    The type of people who'll say to jack up a car and say in the end you didnt need a jack
  4. Security Glass

    OK thanks biff55 guess I'm stuck with it then.
  5. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    ford should pay up
  6. Dash Cam Installation

    I forgot to mention my car is a fiesta zetec 1.0 eco 2016.
  7. tootles

    too lazy to do a build thread,just some before and after pics.
  8. Dash Cam Installation

    I have just fitted a mirror mounted dashcam. HOWEVER the integral gps is now not working. Display of GPS lined out. Indeed some interference with the dashcam so close to the windscreen stuck on gps receiver. But today i have resolved this by removing the black plastic cover behind the rear view mirror and putting some metal mesh inside to screen the gps receiver. I used a Simple aluminium fine mesh cut up to fit within the plastic cover. The mesh used was the type for car body repair. £2 from Halfords and it works. I hade tried covering the plastic gps cover in cooking foil and put some chokes on the power cable, but screening the inside oh the gps receiver did the job.
  9. Hi guys, This is my first post so please go easy. In June 2017 I had a problem with losing coolant through a leaking hose in my ford focus zetec 2012. I had my M.O.T in June soon after the problem arised so I made the engineer aware and he fitted a new hose. In September of 2017 I received a recall letter from Ford regarding the degas hose the same hose I had replaced in June. The car was running amazingly and everything was working fine so I assumed the service centre had fixed the problem hose. Last Sunday night I was driving and suddenly I heard a spitting sound as if a pipe was leaking, within second's the cars warning lights appeared and the car lost power. The car and I was taken home by my breakdown service. I phoned ford the following day and booked into the service centre for Wednesday this week. I managed to tow the car to the dealer along with the recall letter and my mot certificate to prove that I had recently had the pipe fitted. I have just been contacted saying a new engine is needed which could cost over £4000 but the decision has gone to an investigation to see whether the cost lies with myself or with ford. What chance have I got that ford will cover the costs being part of the recall?
  10. tootles

    Apologies for the slow reply Micky,only just seen this. The blue footwell lights were from autobeam. https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-st-2013-2017/products/led-footwell-interior-upgrade?variant=25817587720 You can also get them from ceuk https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/collections/ford-fiesta-mk7-st/products/britevue-501-footwell-bulbs-blue Hope this helps.
  11. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    Who? I was about the size of that piece of dust on your screen when the cranberries were around.
  12. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    Eric and Scotty dont wear baseball caps!
  13. Dash Cam Installation

    I don't even know why I didn't say that. Anything that has been hardwired into both our cars has crimped forks/rings on them rather than wrapping them around.
  14. Dash Cam Installation

    Best bet is to put a ring crimp on the end of the wire not wrap it around the screw. even with the diagram it will be trial and error as to what is and isn't live with the ignition off. there are different size fuseholders so they probably supply the most common which is the standard size
  15. Black box insurance opinions?

    I had one. They kept sending me messages saying somethings wrong with it even once the policy finished. Just goes to show how they still track you. I wish I "accidentally" blew the inline fuse for it, I'd get a month black box free (it took 2 weeks for them to notice it wasn't working, another week of letters every other day so I'd guess another week before they came out and fixed it). After taking mine to bits I found out the threats of them knowing you've tampered with it is utter rubbish. The only reason they knew was because the battery inside died so you could easily swap it over/ hook it up to a 12v supply elsewhere and they couldn't tell. From my basic electrical knowledge, I couldn't find any sort of sensor that would detect movement (like a ps4 controller does) so I assume mine went on GPS only.
  16. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    Theres a place called NB styling which has an induction for the 1.6 tdci for the mk6 fiesta. Don't know if it's worth it though ad the others say. There's a company called hdi tuning which specialises on the hdi engines. Basically Peugeot Citroën PSA group designed these diesel engines. The 1.4 and 1.6 TDCI engines are the engines made by them. This company does a stage one remap which ups the power to 115hp and 270nm for just £150. You send your Ecu to them and they do their work. You can tell they know their stuff plus they only specialise on the hdi engines. I really am considering getting this since I saw this. I have the same car and engine as you.
  17. Security Glass

    its the glass itself thats tinted with ford privacy windows
  18. Help...... misfire ?

    You could also do a ‘relative compression test’. It doesn’t give exact figure like doing it with a gauge but measuring the current draw and using a signal from the injectors you can see on a graph if there are differences between cylinders where the starter motor is turning them through each cycle. you would need to find someone with the kit to do so as it’s not something the average guy would have the kit for.
  19. Today
  20. Black box insurance opinions?

    On the black box insurance I used to use they measured speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. They'd give a discount depending on how well you drive. On my previous car I had a black box. It was a 1 litre so accelerating wasn't hard that I ever got messages about improving my acceleration..... Till I changed the clutch 🤣. I've found that if your in places with cars about you'll won't really worry about the box. If you're in areas that are quiet occasionally you might get some knobs driving a little over the speed limit and come up behind you. Braking I found annoying. If I had to brake hard because of a hazard I would get a 'needs improvement' message thus my discount would go less. Now with my fiesta I can drive without worry. Only thing I'd say I would not do if I had a black box in this car is accelerate hard.
  21. Help...... misfire ?

    sounds like a plan. do you have to test the compression through the glow plugs holes ? as surely cant use the injector holes because of the fuel pipes ?
  22. I love car sales arguments. A mate of mine bought a car from a local dealership. Long story short it needed a new engine after 3 weeks. Went to take it back and the dealer didn't want to know. He made sure that dealership never sold another car that weekend till he got his money. After he put a few customers off buying, full refund recieved.
  23. Help...... misfire ?

    Personally I would go back to basics and check the engine compression before going any further.
  24. D13HPD ST-2

    They look awesome, they will look the dogs when it’s darker. There is a kind of blue/purple colour at about 54/55 seconds, that’s the colour i particularly like. Are you pleased with them? Who did them for you? I’m sure I have seen some very very similar lights on a video and the guy said it was a set he had done for a customer. The guy whose video it is has very strong links with Ford. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Help...... misfire ?

    I know diesels 'technically' don't misfire but that's what it feels like with juddering when accelerating so thought that was the best way of describing it ! Injectors have been correctly coded and all angle setting etc reading well within tolerances As stated in original post, NO fault codes whatsoever so surely not an electrical fault ? suspected the injector due to all the smoke, saw them on the test bench and all over fuelling significantly. No smoke now with new injectors.
  26. GAP insurance -what is it?

    Don’t get GAP insurance from the dealership until you have looked around for cheaper quotes. There are companies out there that specialise in it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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