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  2. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Sorry and rear camera !!
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Colour red 140 ps with rear sensors and panoramic roof plus red pack part leather interior. It is a 5 door to accommodate grandkids
  4. Dash cam advice!

    Hi Dan Can you give a "Ball Park" figure for the level of discount people could expect? Thanks.
  5. Help: tyre pressure 4 trip

    On winter tyres with studs i would use little higher or even full load pressures. Specially if you start on higher temp enviroment. If it feels like rear is sliding and traction control has to work alot, then you can always stop at gas station and lower the pressures(once tyres have cooled down)
  6. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    what colour/extras did you go for?
  7. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    I'm having the same issue myself on an mk3 Fcus Titanium X 2.0 TDCi. I had a guy read fault codes on a computer this morning but none came up so going to have to take it to a garage tomorrow to get a full check done. What requirements need to be met for the car to regen if it is the DPF? I have tried ragging it down the motorway to no avail. Hoping that it could just be a faulty sensor or something simple like the fuel filter and nothing major/expensive. Thanks
  8. hi guy and girls i have had a lot of fords in my time mk 2 escort/mk 2 fiesta/capri/x3 focus,s/mk 4 fiesta/mk 5 fiesta/sierra/mk 2 mondeo so i do like my fords lol at the mo i drive a mk 4 mondeo 2007 ghia (140) and the wife(the boss) has the focus.will be looking to do some mods on the mondeo so hope i get some good ideas here
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  10. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    Will be soon selling my Tit X steering wheel with cruise control buttons :) so if maybe somebody will be interested PM me.
  11. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Search this site for powershift problems. As far as I am aware early powershift boxes were prone to judder and required clutches to be changed. This problem was caused by a faulty oil seal and was rectified by ford. I have had a powershift from new in march 2015 and have not had any problems, after one or two jerky changes when new it now changes gear very smoothly, almost imperceptible at times, and is a joy to drive. However if a newer model is outside your price range look for an older 1.4 with the torque converter type gearbox.
  12. Hi there ! Well its general driving, potholes (plenty!), road bumps, the usual stuff on a daily commute on Britain's well maintained roads...There seems no particular way of making it worse or better. They checked top mounts and even replaced the drop links as a matter of course almost. That's what makes this an odd one, they put car on MOT ramp and joggled, pushed and generally did all they could and came up with nothing. They're good guys too, not a back street bodge shop. Shocks have been mentioned but I've never heard a set of shocks make this noise ! lol ..
  13. Clunky front end....Ooh Err !!

    When does the clunk happen, turning from lock to lock? Could be top mounts, over rough roads rattling all the time .could be drop links, the odd bang over a hump? Could be subframe, a bit more detail could help.
  14. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @yozz3r Forscan is of course involved in the activation process so good for you that you have already some experience with it ;) SD-cards slot is present always also for the nonNAV as NAV version. You have to only focus on the top right corner and what is written there. If the sat nav is not there then you have there text saying : "Information system" Like on this picture: If the navi is there you see "Naviagtion" (SD-Card is inserted) or "Insert nav. SD card" (SD-card is not inserted) ;)
  15. Dash Cam Installation

    On a side note thinking about getting a 128gb micro SD card since I will be going 2ch setup on Sunday. Generally I’ve read manufacturers recommend using their own branded cards, but is this necessary or could I get my own like a Sandisk 128gb class 10 micro card? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. Dash cam advice!

    Hi, Just to let you know that a number of our insurance schemes do offer a discount for the fitment of a HD dash cam. Regards, Dan.
  17. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi all, New member, currently own a Focus CMAX 2004 and am going to buy a Kuga. Concerning that Ford do not sell this as a reasonably priced aftermarket offer form a dealer or such... So, I am sort of tech-savvy and have some experience with ELM. Was wondering if anyone has tried this with an OBDLink MX and Forscan yet? I'm also wondering how i identify the 8" unit as having the sat nav capability (although locked). I have seen the pic a few pages back and just wanted to understand what to press if i'm in the car as a prospective buyer. I am right in thinking it is the Information button on the top right and the presence of an SD car slot? I would very much like the instructions please @Bannko. It will be a few months until I have bought the car, but will keep you guys updated. Regards Y.
  18. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Ordered my st line x with lots of extras on August 2nd 2017 - now showing built and shipped so hoping to see it in a couple of weeks !!
  19. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Thanks for your help everyone. A bit concerned about the first reply re problems. Does anyone have any experience to back this up?
  20. sale on

    Never heard of them before, but their prices seem to be double what it should be. It's like a new ECP, brembo discs £40, you can usually get 30% every weekend so £28. However they quite often have 40% off (£25) and occasionally 50%. Suppose if you're after cheapo stuff that you can't get on ECP then it's ok.
  21. Ford Fiesta 2013 coolant was leaking

    Can you definitely see coolant dripping from the reservoir? From what you've said you seem to assume it's the res that's leaking and not another fitting. You have to really make sure you keep an eye on this. If you have a 1.0L ecoboost, overheating is very common and has resulted in a few head gasket failures etc. Hopefully your coolant loss is minimal and coming from a radiator hose or something, however if you can't find any leaks then perhaps it's the head gasket.
  22. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Any plans to go visit Litchfield in the future? I’ve read good things about their RS packs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. D13HPD ST-2

    Looks great mate, it’s really coming together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. The cars got a quite hefty clunk or knock from front end. Its just had a new clutch so whilst in the garage I asked them to fix the noise. They can't find it ! They've tried all the bushes, linkages, etc, everything seems to be order but yet I still have this heavy clunky noise. My gut feeling is that its not directly connected suspension, could be wrong ! So what else could it be ??
  25. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    Hi, Did You Get Your 2.0 TDCI Titanium X Fixed In The End ???? If So What Was The Problem As I have The Same Issue !
  26. Hi everyone im new to the Ford group. I was wondering if you guys /woman could shed a bit of light on the this issue I'm having I brought 62 plate diesel focus less then a month ago from the main dealer and I'm now getting a vibration though my cluch pedal is this normal. The car has done 47000 .Should I get it checked or leave it . cheers
  27. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    0 - 60 times are irrelevent in terms of real world practical driving Whereas how your car delivers power between 30 - 50 mph in 4th gear and 50 - 70 mph in 5th gear to facilitate safer overtaking is much more important...... :-)
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