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  2. Newbie from Scotland

    Hi newbie here from Wishaw Lanarkshire Got myself a Focus 09 1.6 style 32k on clock in Blue. Upload a pic soon keep forgetting to take one. I move over from Vectra-C had a 1.8 petrol enjoyed being part of their forum. Enjoyed learning from their forum picked up many tips n fixes n guides. Ford Forum looks good so hopefully more of the same here. so ill look to fit some reverse sensors maybe tints on the rear, new alloys and maybe another set of hids. Cheers Richie
  3. I think it may be best to get LEDs. Reason being the previous owner put blue halogen bulbs for the sidelights in my car and I realised this when I was changing them. They gave out a yellow light. These are the ones I have in mine. Have no idea where there from as they were ones my dad bought to put in his car before he sold it.
  4. lights coming on then going off and on again

    Take it out again and see if you still get the same fault. The wrong type of headlight can cause all sorts of problems. My granddad fitted a new rear light and every-time he broke, the brake lights stayed on until he turned his lights off.
  5. Does Colour Matter?

    Being an Evertonian I cannot own a red car.
  6. Non starter

    I assume it's not just a dead battery? Or at least a battery that hasn't got enough voltage for the starter motor. Time to get ye' old multi-meter out.
  7. ive just put a new head light bulb in when i was testing that it works ok i noticed that when i turned the lights on they came on then went off and came back on again. ive noticed the dash does this also.is it something that can be changed in settings with a cable or is tthat how it normally works ?
  8. Ford fiesta mpg

    I get around 40mpg on the 1.25, mpg figures are usually quite a bit above what you actually get.
  9. Tool boxes

    Yeah I've heard the Halfords ones are supposed to be ok for the money, but like you've done, they're just not big enough really. Never enough room for tools!
  10. I know sorry [emoji24] only just realised what happened! So I went to buy a whole set of them so main beam and sidelights but the sidelights were sold out so I ended up having to get the Halfords equivalent. So they should be the same thing (xenon, blue look) just not the Osram brand Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  11. Glovebox socket

    Definitely for glovebox cooler. Tbh, cars with it fitted are rare. If it was connected up you'd have a rotating vent cover over the hole. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Things I Don't Like

    My thing I don't like is this. I've realised my biggest fear. And that is, being obsolete. I'm on holiday for a week 1. Because I haven't had a week off in over 2 years and 2, I have things to do, have I done anything I wanted to do? No, all I have thought about it going back to work. I could of done what I wanted to do today but I haven't, it's my fault. So I've been alone all day with my feelings, both of my kids are now in bed and my wife is sat on her tablet, which has got me thinking about robots etc and I feel the reason I've been missing work is due to my fear of being obsolete. I'm miserable as sin at the moment
  13. Oil catch can For Sale if anyone's interested
  14. 2009 focus gear level spring

    Thanks for your reply Jonathan. So the spring is fine it's just a plastic clip of some sort that holds it on the little roller. I've had a look on a few Ford parts websites but can't find one. I suspect they want you to buy a whole new assembly for £300. I might try a couple of cable ties over the spring to see if that holds it in place. If not then I'll pop to a garage to see if the part can be bought or try some reckers.
  15. Today
  16. Ah okay are the osram bulbs for the main lights? Was talking about your front sidelights.
  17. I remember watching BBC news on one of the previous black Fridays and they showed a crowd of people waiting outside a supermarket. Some who had their sleeping bags with them. When they opened the doors to the shop everyone rushed in, some people getting pushed down to the floor and people trampling over them like a stampede. Just looking at these people make me think how idiotic they are. Branchino you can also ask autobeam aswell about wiring them in. I just asked them about this kit and the suitable size and they told me the suitable size for my car and sent a video on how they look. Customers service is very good.
  18. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 (100PS) Timing Belt

    You'd do well to bend all 16 valves, there's only a few left open when the belt snaps. The bigger issue is snapping the head off the valve, which then bounces around the cylinder mashing the head up... End of the day, a snapped belt will wreck the engine anyway so don't worry about it too much imo. If the worst happened, how much is a used 1.6 petrol engine these days? Probably less than Fords labour cost to change the belt... I've not done a belt on this engine so can't comment on the crank key issue, but can comment on angle torque... I bought two different torque angle gauges for headbolts, both were useless... I've just marked the bolt head and done it by eye ever since without an issue.
  19. Glovebox socket

    It's a vent for the cooled glovebox i think. Mines on the side rather than back on the facelift model though.
  20. S-MAX 2.2 DPF removal

    Hi New and first time forum users so please excuse the etiquette..:) My wife bought a Ford Direct car from Ford main dealer in 2012 with only 9,000 miles on it. The car has now done 61,000 miles approx. It is the 2,2 Diesel S-MAX Titanium X model. About 6 months ago we had some codes come up (cant remember what they were now) and was told that the DPF filter was 100% clogged and had the option given to have it replaced or removed for half the cost. Naturally we thought we made the right decision to have it removed and also the ECU re-mapped. Since then we have had clouds of black smoke upon acceleration so had it serviced to see if this would resolve the issue. More recently the car is pulling back when held at steady throttle, when you put your foot down, smoke comes out but seems to resolve the pulling back momentarily. We had some Forte stuff put into the car last week but this hasn't really made much of a difference. My local garage told me the problem is that by removing the DPF, we have caused an imbalance in the pressure and that we need to get a EGR valve delete kit which in essence is a blanking plate. I'm not sure if this model can be blanked off or indeed this is the right way to go. Would very much appreciate some advice on this issue. Many thanks Joe
  21. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    Good idea - I'll try that tonight. I'll also try with hillstart turned off as I'm used to doing a hillstart "properly" anyway and never use it
  22. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I haven't used the car much this week so it's just up to 275 miles from this tank now, currently at 51mpg. Still another week and a half to go I reckon, and when I calculate it, I won't be surprised if it's 52mpg again like the last one. Will probably try BP again then just in case it is the fuel. I still don't think it's cold enough to be causing such a reduction yet. There was an odd noise from the belt end this evening though, inching along in traffic on a cold engine it started making what sounded like a high pressure air leak but only as I put it under load moving on the clutch...was more of a squeak than a chuff but could be an injector leak. Don't think it's a boost leak. Whatever it was stopped after about 10 minutes so I'll just hope it was nothing for now.
  23. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    Thanks guys , hopefully this benefits another member with there fault finding at some point.!
  24. Car Conundrums!

    Weeks at this rate Nope - good guesses though... I can't think of any more cryptic clues... But you certainly know about it when this thing doesn't work...not all the time, but during a regular routine (how regular depends on your habits)
  25. Glovebox socket

    Does anyone one know what this socket thingy is inside glovebox of my 2006 focus LX?😊
  26. Floor mats

    Have you checked Weathertech matts? I like the look, they protect even behind the gas pedal and are nice to clean.
  27. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Hello fellow Fiesta car fans I have an update from my Ford dealer re delivery dates f All-New Fiesta – Stop Build Production Update The purpose of this letter is to advise you that the Stop Build affecting Partial Leather and Full Leather trim on ST-Line X, Titanium X and Vignale has been lifted. Production Ramp Up Plan There will be a staged ramp up plan to build out current orders. Orders will be scheduled on a sold and ageing basis only, with individual order prioritisation not possible. Scheduling will focus around customer sold orders dating back to June contracts, which will be scheduled first across December. Based on our current sold order bank and build capacity we anticipate the following build months:  June / July contracted orders to be built out across December / January production  August contracted orders to be built February  September contracted orders to be built March  October and November contracted orders to be in April Please note that these calculations are an estimate based on the current leather supply position. Any further deterioration in leather availability will push these timings back, conversely, increased build capacity will see an improvement to the above. We will continue to keep the Supply Chain Bulletin updated within our latest calculations. We will be closely monitoring contract patterns going forward to ensure that genuine orders get priority. Should you have urgent orders with recent contracts we strongly recommend you liaise with your customers regarding build times, with a view to amending into another specification where possible.
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