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  2. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    It's worth a look, I've replaced 2 that were split but can't remember the symptoms or codes that showed up.
  3. DPF replacement, argh!

    Although it will bolt on ok, the PCM is programmed for the old type and it's not just a tick box to change. You'll still be chucking eolys additive into the fuel which won't do the cDPF any good. The old type needs a much hotter temp to regen and be done more frequently, the PCM will continue to do that which could damage the newer type. There may be other reasons that I've forgotten. I looked into 'upgrading' to the newer type about 3 years ago but was told it wasn't possible. The thread should still be on here somewhere.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    We had our 13-plate Ecoboost Fiesta serviced and this week. Annual service which has been done by the same Ford main dealer since we bought it, although we did not buy it from them. This one is a family-owned business with just two branches, so "small enough to care" and we've had no problems. The car has just over 22,000 miles on the clock. After coming across this thread thought I'd better check ours. The pipes themselves look clean with no signs of rust or leaks. However the housing they go into seems to be a rusty colour, but evenly spread like the one in the OP's picture, almost like it was made that way. I'll drop an email to them about it over the weekend with a link to this thread and see what they come back with.
  5. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    perfect thanks, im off on tuesday so ill give it a go and report back.
  6. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    I would have thought so. But just remove the suspect one and visually check unless you have a vacuum pump and guage. Then you can check it in situ.
  7. Halfords Discount Cards

    I've used both together many times
  8. Halfords Discount Cards

    Not often I post a topic, but here goes... I keep getting the pop-up about the Halfords 15% card that you get through the forum. I already have a trade card through work but was wondering if the two would stack? I was looking at the industrial tool boxes. £400 on trade, but would be nice to get it for £340 with the forum discount. Doubt it would work though, most likely biggest dicount wins. Has anybody had any experience with this?
  9. The additional second washer fluid reservoir is only present on vehicles with factory fitted HID lights / headlight washers. Vehicles with halogen headlights only have the main washer fluid reservoir.
  10. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    Thanks, Ian ill give that a go as well. Do you know if the 110hp and 125hp recirc valves are interchangeable? Paul
  11. Radio not turning off?

    Has this always happened since you owned the car? Or is it something that has developed recently? Or just didn't notice it before?
  12. Ford Focus Mk3 Rear Bumper Reflector Leds

    I have a pair of these in my Focus for over 2 years now. i bought them on Ebay. The ones I have are good quality and are a perfect fit. The lenses are identical to the original reflectors. These reflectors have a low intensity function for sidelights (as shown on the picture above) and a high intensity function for brake lights. I do not use the brake light function because were I live additional brake lights are not allowed.
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  14. DPF replacement, argh!

    Is there a particular reason they're not interchangeable if you dont mind me asking? And yup, that's exactly what I ended up doing with the fan :D
  15. Hi Everyone, I’ve posted several topics for advice on the Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125, but I have a question for you all. If you were looking for your next Focus and you had you sights on getting the 1.0 EcoBoost 125 and were checking out car dealership websites to see what’s available for this engine configuration but whilst browsing you stumbled opon a 1.5 EcoBoost 150, would you stick to getting the 1.0 or would you go for the 1.5? What would you do and why would you do it! Liam.
  16. Windscreen wiper problems

    I previously used rain- x a while back (3 months ) and have cleaned the car windows multiple times. I would have thought that would do it? Ill try the white vinegar, thanks. @ThaiFiesta
  17. Windscreen wiper problems

    Have you used any Rain Off type liquid treatment on your screen? This can causing juddering on some brands. If not, clean both the windscreen and wiper blades with white vinegar and see how they work.
  18. Fiesta EMLconfig throttle map

    No, it's not possible to do that. There aren't just two throttle maps, it doesn't really work that way. The throttle is mapped to NOT rev high with the clutch down so you don't wreck the clutch/gearbox or shoot forward when engaging it. It may also be mapped to not allow too many revs while coasting in neutral. The petrol Fiesta ST150s don't like coasting in neutral and bounce the revs around. If it's still slow to pick up under normal driving (ie not coasting or trying to rev in neutral) then I would suggest there is another fault there.
  19. Radio not turning off?

    Afternoon all Strange one, if I shut n lock the car it seems the radio doesn't completely power down, approximately every 10 seconds you can hear the CD player spin briefly and I think I can hear the speakers turn on/hiss Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas? 2014 Fiesta Titanium with stock Sony headunit
  20. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Thanks but its not that one, I'm after the leaky one pictured above, between the two bottles. I think it's the one just cut off the bottom of that pic, 17B610A?
  21. Weak Windscreen Washers

  22. DPF replacement, argh!

    Top tip for the fan cowling, cut part of the tab off the top corner that gets stuck with a Dremel or similar. The cowling rattles anyway but you'll never get it back in otherwise! As for the DPF, sounds like the wrong one. Extra holes are in the coated DPF (mid 09 onwards) which is much better than the old style one but not interchangeable.
  23. Hi all. Has anyone seen the rear bumper reflector leds replacements. I see a focus today with them looked pretty good. I have had a look online and can only find a few from China. Has anyone seen these for sale in the uk and has any fitted them there self? Thanks Aaron
  24. Windscreen wiper problems

    Hi all, MK7.5 Fiesta, and I'm having some serious trouble with my wipers. I've replaced them twice since March, both times with Bosch Aerotwin top spec ones. They work fine for a while, then they start juddering really badly, I've put a video on here (hopefully it's worked) and its in slow motion to show just how bad the wipers are. Is there something I can tighten, twist or adjust to fix this? Thanks
  25. Hi all I'm new to this forum, just bought a Fiesta Econetic 1.6 Lovely car but there's a strange ticking noise coming from the engine when cold. Its a rhythmic tick tick tick tick sound, about 3 or 4 per second, and goes away when cold. Any ideas?
  26. DPF replacement, argh!

    After spending most of the morning wrestling with the removal of the damn cooling fan, I've gotten my DPF out to replace it with a refurbed part. So far so good, until I notice a slight variation in the models :( The DPF that came out is moden 8M51-SH270-AA, the one I have been sent is 9M51-5H270-DA They appear identical with the exception of 2 extra ports in the top of the one I've been sent presumably for some sort of sensors. Have I been sent the wrong part? Can I fit the new one and block the holes with appropriate size bolts?
  27. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Finis code 1116776 £2.63 approx. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-screenwash-pump-seal-filter-1-116-776/112640414012?epid=1909754848&hash=item1a39e4513c:g:Ry8AAOSwTdpZbx-A Same filter is used in- S-Max - 2006 - Mondeo - 2000 - 2007 Kuga - 2008 - Focus (inc CC Model) - 2004 - C-Max - 2003 - 2011
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