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  2. Dashcam earth point?

    I believe it's sandwiched between the front of the bolt and the bracket (so only contact between the back of the bolt head).
  3. Cam belt

    Local Ford garage told me they don't routinely replace them, and they also said they very rarely have any water pump failures on the 1.6 Sigma engine. I didn't replace mine.
  4. I imagine part of the design spec for any electronic module on a car (certainly modern) would that any input/output will survive a direct short to power/ground with no permanent damage. I am not going to test my theory on this however
  5. Hi all i have a problem with my car one day wont start i send to diesel mechanic he said i clean injectors and car start and he suggested me to clean fuel tank and change fuel filter but now the car show me a messega on board ...Engine System Foult .. and its not starting fast like before and sometimes in first start of the day the car start but after 4-5 seconds cut off ...no noises i can hear like before no any noise comming from engine .....when car start and no message on board run good i cant understand what happening...
  6. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    The question you have to ask yourself is will you be sitting in the 1.8 and wishing you had spent the extra £400? If the answer is yes then you know what you have to do. You said it yourself, this is possibly a once in a life time thing so do it the way you want and without compromise. Providing you can afford it, and that’s none of my business. On the other hand Alex is spot on, you will rarely ever get to use the extra power that the 2.0 can offer. You aren’t likely to go over or even reach 149mph unless you go on a track day or the autobahn. I know what I would do, I’d get the best I could comfortably afford and smile every time I drove it. You know what they say ‘if you don’t turn round and look at your car every time you walk away then you have bought the wrong car’ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. ! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

    Pics are missing now!
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.6tdci remap, Advice please !

    Putting any mapping on that increases bhp can cause problems. I’ve had mine done from 95 to approx 120, but had the mapping altered to fade in, so it doesn’t just all come alive at once so not to put too much stress on the components. It is the same to drive as it was before at low revs/speed but if you need more uuuumph and put your foot down a bit it sure moves along. Mpg is better, as I found it didn’t feel like it at motorway speeds and mpg fell a little. I’ve got about 7 mpg extra driving back home after mapping and was liking the extra power and playing, so may get more when just driving it normally, but that’s down to individual driving habits. Hope this may help a little but I’m sure you will like the extra power.
  9. Hamilton Accie - I ken yer drift strange name! Hamish Patel hmmmm I'm actually trying to get a job in their IT dept - Ive applied every time the job becomes vacant - 3 months no joke! They must have a serious issue with their IT department as the staff turnover for the job is terrible, Why you would ask am i applying - cos im curious to see how long id last. I had ahem a slight altercation with my last manaher and got fired summarily shall we say - like you I dont take fools gladly! Canny see a Hamish on their staff list Staff members Sales ManagerKevin Jeffrey / Dougie Kelly Motability SpecialistAlistair Robertson / Sarah Hind Business Sales SpecialistIian Bain
  10. Yesterday
  11. I would tell you the rest of the Hamish story but it won’t be on the forum as I’ll be branded a racist although it was a bit mutual respect between us.. put it this way he certainly doesn’t wear a kilt or have ginger hair! Quite the opposite lol.
  12. Hmm thats good to know The burd (i hope that is not offensive to the #metoo crowd lol) is looking at getting rid of her Yaris and getting the new Toyota IQ 3 years old. She mentioned today she was going to Arnold Clark and i shuddered with fear immediately but i shall let her know ta! Hence why I am posting asking which salesrooms are ok as ive always bought off the trade mags or ebay. Seat Ibiza lol dont feel too embarrassed I used to have a Toyota Tercel - it lasted 3 weeks before it blew up! I then hired a brand new car cant remember the make but on the first day i hit a BMW at 40mph and put it through a garden wall and wrote the hire car off and there ended my job contract lol They dont call me Dis-gaz-ter for nowt!
  13. Cam belt

    I’ve done a number of these now where the ‘customer’ didn’t want to spend the extra on replacing the pump. Never been an issue yet anyway. on the other hand if I’m quoting for a pump i will only supply a genuine ford one with gasket and bolts. If really pushed I’ll use a gates belt/pump kit but I have not used one on a ford so far.
  14. I’m glad to hear you ain’t driving yours with a spring like that! Lol
  15. You're right stef, I'll keep an eye on the fluid level when I've sorted the spring. I borrowed my mate's MK6 Fiesta today because I didn't fancy riding the bike in the snow The steering felt much lighter than mine ever has, so the power steering issue may be resurrected in the future. Best regards, H..
  16. Sadly it seems the way now, chuck them out and any issues will come back to be fixed! Most of them don’t really care once you’ve bought a car. we have actually had an outstanding service from Hamish in Arnold Clark in Armadale. I gave him a few items needing done to the car I wanted to buy such as missing bit trim, front discs and pads and timing belt. I told him I wanted them doing to get a sale and also paperwork to go with it as proof. Went in a week later to collect the car and the first thing he done was put the paperwork out in front of me and handed over the keys, ‘go have a look over it yourself’. Sure enough, everything had been done. We had an issue shortly after buying it where it felt like the back end was loosing grip. Had a look round and found a leaking shock. Wasn’t like that when I inspected it the first time. Phoned Hamish back, couldn’t have been nicer about getting it back in to get the shocks changed. had that car 5 years now, never missed a beat. 2007 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Petrol if your wondering lol.
  17. Good on yer - Yer mum is the most important person in yer life never forget it! Hmmm Nice to see you are still here after all these years Steff! I have to admit it does seem like once they have sold you a car they cant be bothered with after sales service or dealing with any issues - quite sad really as they seem to have no idea of return business these days - My girlfriend bought a Yaris from a place in Ayr and they seem to have been rock solid the car has lasted 5 years without a single problem and it was second hand - I Shouldha gone to specsavers i reckon! >;O)
  18. Rear seats

    My n/s/r seat wasn’t releasing, my local dealer has rectified it, working ok now !!!
  19. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    i don't know if modern cars have an oil pressure relief valve in them with spring. I had a Triumph TR7 that had low oil pressure due to the spring in the valve breaking. what Iantt refers to may be the modern day replacement for the old fashioned oil pressure relief valve with a spring in it. (when the pressure was very high it pushed against the spring to open another oil way which allowed some oil to go back to the sump and not right round the engine)
  20. It wasn’t the sales guy I had a problem with it was the service manager. To say I nearly squared up to him a couple of times in the show room and him wanting to phone the police is just the start of it lol. £7500 of cash gone and the bodged my motor. Wasn’t leaving until it was getting sorted! And by the way, he did finally break and do it. Sent my mum in to collect my £50 fuel compensation too as he had forgotten about that. He told her I intimated him whatever it takes, I’ll do it! I've still got the same car 7 years on, it’s been a cracking motor after the initial hiccups caused by the dealer.
  21. Really I bought mine from the EK branch - to be honest I find all car salesmen to be out and out slimers! From what I have read I always thought EH were the better of the salesrooms but after talking to a few people after buying my FF it seems not! At least it wasnt AC they truly are awful and MM in Thornliebank were so rude and dishonest and tried to con my old mum made me mad as hell I nearly bopped the arrogant Asian fudd who was unbelievably rude - i even got an apology after i posted a review on a certain website and he apparently is going to be disciplined - should have been fired! Why Steff did you bop the salesman? lol
  22. You’ve still to explain where the missing power steering fluid has gone lol
  23. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    and don't ever rest your foot on the clutch whilst driving as that can bring the bearing into contact with the pressure plate and wear the bearing, even if not enough pressure on it to disengage the clutch at all
  24. Without shadow of a doubt Evans Halshaw! Probably safe to say I would not be welcome back to the Glasgow branch lol.
  25. Just interested in gathering some thoughts from all you experienced mechanics and amateurs I do all my own car mechanics so very rarely take my cars to get them fixed but I recently bought a nearly new car and would be interested to see how you guys rate the various dealers. 1. Arnold Clark 2. Macklin Motors 3. Evans Halshaw 4. ??? In order of krudd to non-krudd!
  26. Ford Fiesta 2014 1.25 Zetec SD14 - Any Advice

    Evans Halshaw - I thought they were ok but now i hear different and now i am worried lol Both front tyres need changed and its only done 7700 miles they are not cheapos either Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 - 195/55/R15 Tyres Arnold Clarke is surely the worst though!
  27. Some drivers are so unaware!

    No, Home Office forces. Considered BTP, but didn't fancy being out at 3 am 30 miles from the nearest backup with nothing more than a foot long piece of softwood to protect me (my joining years predated the modern pegs).
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