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  2. Dash Cam Installation

    From my understanding the F800 came out towards end of last year or some point a few months before at least. The F800 pro is the more recent one and I think comes with the hardwire kit as standard if your getting the dual cam kit. Plus a few extra features but not by much I think cloud features is one or might just be a general update they didn’t realease when the F800 was originally released. in terms of two wires, you only need the hard wire kit if you plan to use parking mode Etc. So that the cam has constant power as not all cars have a constant live on feed from the cig lighter. Also theres a feature when hardwired to set the min voltage to the cam to stop it draining your battery dead when car battery hits that set level. Im going away in July and will be parking in the long stay car park so it’s ideal so I won’t come back to a dead battery lol i do plan to get one of those magic pro batteries or whatever the ones that are recommended to work with this particular model. Done A lot of research lol so one wire will go to a constant live feed (wiper fuse) and the other to probably my ignition fuse for the live on/off to enable the parking feature.
  3. D13HPD ST-2

    They do look pretty special! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Dash Cam Installation

    Why does it need two feeds? Genuinely interested as I would have thought all you would need is a constant live if you plan to leave it on full time. Are you concerned about potential battery drain? It’s only a small draw I know but the potential is there, you could use one of those magic power boxes that monitor the battery voltage and behaves in a pre programmed way depending on the voltage. Strangely enough I was only just talking to my dad about the exact same camera, he was saying he has his eye on a dual channel one. Is there a new one coming out, or is this the new one? He’s hoping the older version dual Chanel might come down in price lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Ive never heard of it called a dead pedal before, learn something new every day. I tend to just hook my left foot behind my right foot if that makes sense, which I know is probably quite dangerous. Those bulbs look good, keep us updated on how long they last. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  7. Debadge - Opinions?

    Could you send a link to where you bought the pinstripe?
  8. Remap thoughts

    More complicated than that. Car makers have to balance many demands and the standard manufacturer map is actually quite a sophisticated and well considered thing. In deciding its map Ford would have balanced, among other things - how much strain its parts can take (will they get through the warranty period, particularly because parts are themselves built down to a price); the demands of customers in terms of fuel economy (excellent headline figures look good even if most of us know they are basically fiction); customer and government demands in terms of emissions (government rules on emissions levels across ranges, customers wanting lower tax); customer demands in terms of power and how it is delivered (we all want a quick car that's nice to drive); insurance groups (higher powered cars cost more to insure and this could drive away younger customers in particular; maintenance which could become more frequent (i.e. less attractive to customers) with engines in a higher state of tune. Essentially all the default map is, is Ford's opinion/judgement on the optimum settings to strike the best possible balance of a lot of things. They would have spent ages debating all of this in design groups, board meetings, and all sorts of other places!
  9. Dash Cam Installation

    As Jonro said this hardwire kit doesnt come with any piggy back adaptors, and from what I remember most of my fuses are mini/micro fuses since last year my cig fuse blew so had to replace it. I ordered from direct from the UKs thinkwire website which is a approved seller for Thinkware in the UK from what I read. Luckily my car has the fuse diagram so it will be easy to find which 2 fuses to use for the two cables (live and live/off) and then find a nice screw to attach the earth wire to. The kit does come with a cig lighter cable as standard
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  11. Halfrauds - do people in the know still actually use em? Ever since I found Andrew Watt Car Parts i havent looked back the only place cheaper is the scrappie. And the staff know their MAF from their elbow! Have Halfrauds changed then? Its been 10 years or more since I entered that orange whopper of a store lol!
  12. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Hmm, just tried it on a workbench in good light, it is a bit harder than I hoped! I had to push quite hard with pointnose pliers to get the joining wire in. Soldering it in went ok, though it might be easier to push the joining wire in while soldering, as the plastic insulation melts to allow the joining piece in. Then it was harder to push the joiner into the 2nd wire, I just stripped enough insulation to kind of wrap the loom wire round the joiner. Then when I soldered it 1st time, the joiner fell out altogether! But I tried it again (same wires), and got a tolerable joint in the end. In the end, whatever works, works! Idealy you want a bit more than just a rough butt joint of wire end to wire end. Any sort of overlap or additional wire support is a benefit. Pics are in reverse order. They always seem to do that on this site!
  13. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Nice one, keep us updated
  14. Remap thoughts

    Well these guys who you get unsolicited phone calls off from India claim they can make your computer "safe". If you were trying to get money out of someone, you're not exactly going to say it's unsafe lol. I mean they said the titanic was unsinkable due to the safety features it was supposed to have 🤔🤔. The diff and head gasket is different on the 140 and 120. Any mapping company upgrading to 140 won't be using Ford's map, but yeah it is probably marketing reasons.
  15. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Without seeing the situation, it is hard to be certain as to what is best. But in most cases I would poke the solid joining wire into the ECU connector end (B) first, and solder that in. Ideally some solder will be drawn into the joint by capillary action. Then push the wire A (with 2-3mm of insulation stripped back) over the sticking out end of the joining wire, and solder that, trying to create a joint that remelts the first joint, fusing it all into one. If the copper of the wires looks corroded or dirty, clean with very fine sandpaper, or a fine file first. It can take a bit of time and effort to tin old wires. If needed, do it in stages, allowing the ECU connector to cool down between each stage.
  16. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Cheers mate, the plates are just domed gel plates, I know I guy who hand makes them with individual gel letters. I never knew that the MK6’s didn’t have a dead pedal! Must be hard not to ride the clutch all the time.
  17. Remap thoughts

    The 1.6 tdci engine does range in power for example with the focus you can get it with 110hp but I'm sure that has different injectors and turbo. The 1 litre ecoboost on the fiestas comes with either 120 or 140 horsepower. It's probably done like that for marketing. On their FAQ they did say it's safe.
  18. battery drain problem

    It can be very hard to separate battery problems from battery drain. As the temperature drops, the terminal voltage of any car battery will drop, and its internal resistance (ability to supply current) will get worse. This happens even with a brand new battery, the cranking current (CCA) is specified at a low temperature for that reason. But as a battery ages, or a fault develops in it, these effects will get much more noticeable. Add in the extra glowplug current (60A quite possibly), and more effort needed to turn over a cold engine, then a cold morning start really stresses the battery. Doing a voltage test on the battery before starting would separate the extra effort of a cold start, but would not separate drain from the effects of temperature on the battery. You would probably have to leave the battery disconnected overnight to do that, which is a nuisance as everything, including ECU adaptions, gets reset. Unless you could leave the car connected to a charger, with the battery disconnected. Then there would be no drain on the battery, just the temperature effect. A voltage test would be: Volts immediately after unlocking, nothing else switched on. This should be over 12v (ideally 12.4 to 12.6v, but the unlocking will knock it down a bit). Then ign & headlights on for about 15 sec, and re-measure the voltage. If below about 11.5v, it is probably a bad or discharged battery, but voltage tests will not separate the two. A good proprietary battery tester (expensive) might separate the two effects, but even that is not certain.
  19. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    I like the pressed out number plates. Also can see the mats you bought. Wish the mk6 fiestas had a dead pedal. I try not to rest my foot on the clutch.
  20. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    Sorry to hear this Luke and like others have said I believe that Ford should pay up as they are obviously aware of the problem. Out of interest which engine have you got in your Focus? I am guessing it’s an Ecoboost but is it the 1.0 ,1.5 or 1.6. I had a very close shave last year with our 1.6 Ecoboost In that I was standing by the front of the car after Just parking up and getting our bits together before we headed off for a walk when I heard a pop /whoosh sound. I unlocked the car popped the bonnet and found that the degas hose had separated where the plastic meets the rubber section. I did a temporary repair and got the car back home then fitted the upgraded replacement degas hose myself a couple of days later when I could get one from Ford! Has been fine ever since but kinda makes you wonder whether it will happen again.
  21. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Aluminium dead pedal fitted and also rear number plate LEDs while I was at it! Only iPhone pics, sorry:
  22. Focus ST - GPS How to found it ?

    Do an HPI check. https://totalcarcheck.co.uk
  23. Super Ian thanks i was sweating for a bit lol
  24. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Peter, sorry but could you simplify this for me as I'm having a blond moment. At present I have 1 wire "A" (it's 2 really but 1 for this example! "B" is the pin at ECU connector with minimal (really minimal) copper exposed. Are you saying to push the solid wire into B, solder, then take A and solder it to the solid wire poking up from B?
  25. Rear Oxygen Sensor

    I took delivery of my new to me 2014 mk 3.5 1.0T focus (125) at the end of December. A week ago the engine management warning light came on saying and the garage says it needs a new post cat oxygen sensor. The car drives absolutely no differently to how it did before, and over the last couple of tankfuls on my commute its return a healthy 45 mpg. So far so good. I have a wee bit of a doubt though, I've heard this engine described as 'lively, rev happy' and so on - but I'm not sure I would agree with that. Bury the throttle and it gets round the rev counter but feels like you are eeking it out. It does seem to get a second wind at about 5k rpm. Obviously there is a known fault at the moment, but I always thought that rear oxygen sensors didn't really affect performance as such and were there only to monitor the health of the cat. So wouldn't expect it to really affect anything. Its not limited to any revs (limp mode) as far as I can tell. Are you supposed to hear a whistle or hiss - indications that it does actually have a turbo? I can't hear anything. Like I say, it was like this before the light came on - and we'll see soon enough if a new o2 sensor helps. But wondering if there is something else amiss as well.
  26. Degas hose Ford focus problem

    Another degas hose!! 😨😨😨 If the info is correct on my recent thread, Ford changed the hose design in 2013. Therefore they knew there was a problem in 2013. My question is simple.....why has it taken over 4 years to send that recall letter? From what I have read, your original hose lasted well!
  27. 2 torx screws and give drum a tap. Off it comes
  28. I havent had much of a chance to do any mechanics to this new car but i would like to check the brake pads and shoes. Pads is easy. But are the rear shoes still a pain in the bum to check? In my previous Ford it wasnt a case of just removing the Hub cover you actually had to unscrew a centre nut that could only be removed 3 times before it needed replaced or to remove the entire assembly from behind the halfshaft to avoid doing this - either way it was a pain in the bum - Is this still the case or have Ford learned from past mistakes?
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