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  2. Number Plates Years

    A Q plate is to recognise that the vehicle is an amalgamation of parts from other vehicles to the extent that it's original identity is not clear. A standard or personalised plate are not permitted, it must be a Q plate only. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Fuel filter help

    They didn't read that before printing did they
  4. Things I Don't Like

    TV I don't think there is a reason, but I know radio have strict rules on how much music they can play and how much has to be spoken - maybe they've got to up their quota or something!
  5. Adams focus build thread

    Nice and chilled
  6. Things I Do Like

  7. How to remove wax

    actually watched a video with this today. half normal shampoo half washing up liquid. in a normal two bucket wash
  8. Yesterday
  9. Floor mats

    Here's one picture which you can kind of see the mats
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Just drove home around 5pm today and ran into three issues. One I gave way to a car coming out a side road on the left then all of a sudden the car behind them kind of overtook them to turn right and it looked like they were so close to hitting me when I was passing. Second was on a side road and moved to the left hand side to let several cars way. One of the cars gave me way and just when I was going to move off a car was coming from behind me and overtook me. This car also was reversing out their drive way on that same road and stopped to let me pass. Lastly saw the car I might get next (golf GT sport) but sadly the driver was driving like a knob. He went in the left lane which is used to go left but went straight. Was also doing about 40 - 50mph on a 30 road. He tried cutting through traffic again on a two lane road where the right lane would end up to turn right into a bus station and the left lane to go straight. Near the traffic lights there was a queue of cars to go straight (left lane) so he decided to save time by going into the right lane and cut through to go straight. When the lights went green I saw he was stuck behind a car which was indicating right whilst he was trying to indicate left 😂. Please don't drive like a knob and cut in front of people. Also be careful when driving in the dark / evenings as from today's examples show people tend to make more mistakes.
  11. Floor mats

    I have some carpet mats which I've been told were off an ST. If your worried about liquids soaking into the carpets try gtechniq smart fabric. It makes the liquid bead over the fabric. Will also try and get pics
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Sadly, this total lack of any imagination, sentiment, human emotion or basic decency seems to be the in thing. Talking over the end of films & programmes on TV, advertising some banal and irrelevant next programme, that irritates the hell out of me. Completely ruins the memory of any decent thing. They just say, "well many viewers / listeners like it!" BS
  13. Fuel filter help

    Can anyone help? I've been having some trouble figuring this one out lol @iantt tricky one to get off with a screwdriver through it Its an Isuzu fuel filter.. stupidly put oil filter first time round so any eagle eyed members will notice I've changed it lol.
  14. Well with me my dad does mechanic work as a hobby so he knows how to do stuff like this. I don't know about DRL. Could find a wire going to the lights and wire the rings to it or you can wire it to a fuse which supplies power when ignition has turned on. I don't really know about drl so don't take my opinion.
  15. Number Plates Years

    Not sure what the deal with the 'Q' reg vehicles is!
  16. help focus driving me up the wall

    Maybe a dodgy sensor or something along those lines? Just a suggestion if all is actually fine with the engine. Something could be sending false information. I'm no expert obviously, I have my own issues with my car lol.
  17. Steering Wheel Angle Sensor

    I put it down to the working range of the steering wheel angle sensor - probably just the accuracy of it. The click/whirr is a standard thing when turning and hitting a bump by the sounds of things. Never investigated it as system otherwise appears to work fine.
  18. I'm planning to build in the remote control into the car. Think it's gonna be a nice project. Have a transponder, gonna strip it and mount the print between roof and cover, as close as possible to the screen. Push button.....see pic ( between center console and floor console
  19. Blower settings

    I have noticed that the a/c only works (light comes on switch) on setting 1, 2 and 3 but goes off on setting 4. Could it be a/c related? I'm really hoping it's something quick and easy, I mean how can something work fine when you get out of the car and then not work when you get back in 10 minutes later?
  20. Hey Is the member that owns that rs here :-) If not can i leave a leaflet about membership under there wiper ? Jamie
  21. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    i think i have most on my pc somewhere, its more the inconvenience of having to update 10 years worth of forums posts. and ive been very active on a few of them
  22. Things I Don't Like

    When the radio DJ speaks over the music!!! Craig Charles totally p***ed me off today when he spoke over the guitar solo on Another Brick In The Wall
  23. help focus driving me up the wall

    Where to start, 3 weeks ago my 1.6 diesel focus TDCI went in to limp mode... took it to the garage and codes read DPF filter, i had i chemically flushed and all was well. yesterday went into limp mode again displaying Engine systems fault, so back to the garage. the mechanic who i know is very experienced and trustworthy ran another diagnostic this time dpf, power steering, battery and alternator codes have came up, he has check these faults and they are all fine, he seems to think this could be a software problem or a wiring issue, i told him i did not want to spent hundreds on this car valuved at £1000 so he advised me to fined a mechanic who will fiddle around with the software and maybe to BLOCK the codes from coming up and sending it into limp mode. and thoughts and advice would be much appreciated steven
  24. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    Standard problem on Fiesta gearboxes.
  25. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Sometimes i wish i could press an economy button. especially when motorway cruising which i do a lot of lately Jamie
  26. Haha Thanks! Well that answered that! What will you wire them too? Or will you get someone to do it for You?
  27. Preformance

    NB Styling have some nice induction kits and other upgrades for that engine. Have the same engine and would say to get the Egr blanked off so you don't get any crud building up
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