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  2. Alternator woes?

    Cheers mate, hope so, im starting to crack up. Been one of those months!
  3. Windscreen stone chip repair

    If you are not making an insurance claim (and assuming you are not doing it to try to get it through an MOT that would otherwise fail) I am not sure if there is much point in doing it.
  4. Exhaust help Fiesta ZS MK7.5

    you would have to get a garage to weld it on i would guess shouldn't cost a bomb.
  5. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    don't the americans call the handbrake the parking brake? anyway, I knew what he must have meant
  6. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    not mine, but this is a double din unit, get the plastics and unit iff ebay not sure how much heres a good thread back to 2012 prices may be different but everything should be there to do it to yours,
  7. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Thanks for that, to be honest I'd be happy with 40mpg as a minimum (perticulatly for 200bhp). Currently we have a B6 A4 1.9tdi which does just under 45mpg, more on a run. I do quite like the fact that a tank full can last up to 3 weeks!! I think I may expand search to a Sport as I really do like having HID lamps , until you've actually driven a car with good lighting you don't realise the difference it makes. I've seen a 2.0 TIT X which I may go and see Thursday so see how it goes with that. Thanks
  8. Let me know if you need the module I have a full Dab system see below if it helps
  9. Alternator woes?

    All I'd add is my alternator packed up around the same mileage as yours (120k ish), although it was pretty sudden, one whine whilst driving then wouldn't restart. Hope you get it sorted mate!
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  11. Alternator woes?

    Hi guys, soo, been getting a whine from the offside/ alternator side of the engine , been sporadic up to now but yesterday it didn't stop. No bother starting the car, once the car is on, drives fine but yesterday the crap started to mount. Basically if I turn my lights on I can't do anything else. Voltage drops from 14-12, if I turn he wipers on they go about 2/3 of their usual speed. If I urn the electric heaters on it can drop to 12 and the lights dim/flicker wipers go even slower. If I have the lights on and reverse I lose power assisted steering voltage will sometimes stick at 12 v unless I give it a little juice and it'll go back to 14. No warning lights (other than power stearing) no issues starting at all. Windows wind down fine but up is REally slow with lights on. Turn lights off and give it a little, the wipers work fine Thoughts? With the whine I'm learning towards to alternator itself and I've actually ordered one, but is there nothing else that would cause volt drop. Battery is relatively new and as I said she cold starts fine. 14.3 across th terminals, Corrosion? But would that make a whine on the alternator, without any load applied to it other than normal running . Whine isn't a belt slipping. But beyond that I couldn't say if it was a tensioner or not. Whine directly rises and falls with RPM With the nights now very early I'm in the crapper if I can't get this sorted, if i get a cold spell I'll be up the creak! Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  12. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Yeah it would, I turned it off as it felt weird even on a small incline
  13. Hi, just put a new (well second hand) rear bumper on my fiesta, all bolted correctly, all clicked in, but it seems to be like a tiny bit out of line? and rear light on left i've noticed (which was changed) sticks out tiny bit also? Would i need new bumper brackets? i'll try upload some pics
  14. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    How was you battery like with not a lot of use,say 2 calls a day a few app reading like news/facebook then turn off at 8 on the night. Would i get 2 days,wasyour the normal s7 (not the edge). Lenny i would go for the S8 as some of the reviews on that are amazing.
  15. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Well good morning to you too! (Tons of space in front btw) Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  16. ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    The link is dead for the one I purchased. It's the same as this 272771328750 on eBay.
  17. Exhaust help Fiesta ZS MK7.5

    There are tips designed for angled exhausts. Look on eBay.
  18. There was a change in Sync module some time in 2014 that permitted this option. You can update your Sync module with one from a newer module. There's a couple of threads on how to do that on here
  19. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    If it is the hill start you just have to drive off not bother about flicking any switch it will release automatically usually quite smooth but now and then will bind but only slightly before it goes off. Yes with mine I called the AA when I couldn't get mine to go off on my mothers steep drive all I needed to do was drive away with confidence . Don't mess with the switch as that is what confuses it .ITs the same with other well known cars makes to.
  20. Ford Focus Brake light probiem

    yes you can do this and is probably your best quickest option if there is 12ish volts at the lights then there is something wrong at the clusters/bulbs if not then your fault is else ware.Is it possible that your new door has a slightly different wiring configuration maybe not but worth a look .
  21. Fiesta Red Edition Revo Tuning?

    I don't have a fiesta but a focus and it was one of the best things I did. The only thing I would say is with the small capacity engine is that by tuning it you will have a stressed racing snake instead of a normal engine. In my experience the small capacity engines (maybe not in this case) die far quicker that large capacity engines as lager are not so stressed by the mod. Might be good for some time then one wet and windy winter night pop. Bin there done it but obviously not on a modern Fiesta so I could be talking outa my bottom.
  22. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    I just got an ST. I choose it over the Polo GTI because its generally more fun to drive however, the interior and the equipment in the GTI excited me more. I knew that when I bought the ST so I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if anyone could show me some images of 3rd party headunits, perhaps like the US version which has a much better headunit. Thanks in advance.
  23. 2011. Mondeo headlight

    Moved Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  24. Heating and blower was working. It suddenly stopped working i looked at the fuse in the fuse box in the engine and find the 30 amp fuse blown for the blower i changed the fuse and it blow it straight away. I have put a new motor in a new resistor in. I changed the switch and all the dials on the bit by CD player. Because the resistor had blown a few times before. I am now stuck with what it could be it is costing to much money in replacing bits every time something blows.
  25. Windscreen wiper problems

    If you have ever used Rain-X or anything similar you will need something stronger to get it off. Talking to the customer service advisor for Bluecol Rain Repellent, he recommended White Spirit to me. It did work, but minimally.
  26. DPF replacement, argh!

    Paypal Return Shipping on Us: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns If he is a business:- Have a read: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations#cancelling-goods-and-services If he is arguing the toss, and refusing, then just refer it to eBay. You will need to pay for return shipping unless eBay send you a label, but you should receive a FULL refund of what you paid (including any shipping costs for them to send it to you if not Free delivery). Remember to try and claim back your return shipping if you do have to pay for it.
  27. Sync 3 dab track info

    It just needs turning on in the settings menu. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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