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  2. But my partner has recently got fiesta 1.0 125 and she only gets 48mpg on her commute.faster roads and 2 towns to get through.
  3. Oh didn't realise - is this the one ? https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ford/focus-2011/10-ecoboost-100
  4. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    If I remember correctly @iantt 1.0 EB Focus is the 100 BHP 5 speed that has been remapped, not the 125 BHP stock 6 speed. I'd be curious to see how the 100 BHP version and the 125 BHP version differ is terms of MPG when driven similarly on the same journey (not sure if there are any other physical differences between the 2 other than the gearbox).
  5. I never got close to that and from memory I think Ford claimed a combined MPG of 56.5 so you're doing really well to get 55-68MPG on the 1.0T 125. I guess the only way for anyone to know for sure is try a car over a period and see what they get. :)
  6. Yes, it matters which oil is used because the engines are ‘close tolerance’ engines so the correct viscosity of oil has to be used so that when the engine is cold the oil can easily get into the correct places.
  7. Cam belt

    by the time the cambelts due for replacement the waterpump has had 8 years hard life and will be past its best ( worn shaft bearing , cracked impeller fins ) so you might as well swop it out at the same time rather than wait for it to fail completely and wreck whatever belt its driven from. agree with isetta on the risks of using a cheaper pattern part though , get the genuine ford waterpump if i were you
  8. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    I didn't know about this - thanks very much for the information. I checked with the garage and they hadn't checked this - they basically got as far as confirming the oil pressure is low and concluded the engine is a write-off. I've asked them to check whether the valve is functioning correctly - they didn't seem to know about it (it's at an independent who apparently have a good reputation in diagnostics). I'll report back when I hear more.
  9. Fog lights

    Front and rear fog lights are not working and all the fuses are good fog light switch lights up when pressed could someone please give me a clue to what is up
  10. mine consistantly gets a minimum of 55mpg and normally 60mpg and sometimes up to 68mpg in the summer. winter affects the economy quite a bit on the 1.0 . but all these are on quiet b roads to work and back, 13 miles each way but motorway driving it does drop to the high 40's . i have been logging my consumption on fuelly app, just checked while writing this and last 10 fillups has averaged 58.2mpg
  11. 02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Have a look on ecutesting.com, I think they advertise on ebay as well.
  12. Engine Oils 5w30 10w40 - Does It Really Matter?

    If I found out he had put 10/40 in mine I'd kick off and he'd be losing his job. Sorry, but ford say 5/30 and he has no right to claim otherwise. If he wants to ruin his own car, that's his problem. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Needing advice on parts for my escort rs2000, needing suspension preferably coil overs, Ford mudflaps, and headlights was hoping for angel eyes, how to squeeze more hp from the engine too without costing an arm and leg, any advice would be appreciated
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  15. Engine Oils 5w30 10w40 - Does It Really Matter?

    Lol Frank works for a main Ford dealer lol And he is older dlol! According to other sources there will be no difference in using 10w40 as opposed to 5w30 so it looks like i lose £100. And the garage that ripped me off was a main dealer!!
  16. I never got anywhere near an average of 47-50mpg on the 1.0T Eco Boost petrol. I don't think it was just me or the car as I've read similar in reviews for what its worth, although the engine felt a bit funny, kind of unbalanced, but i was told this is due to using three cylinders. https://www.whatcar.com/ford/focus/hatchback/review/buying-owning/ "The achievable economy is good on the diesel models; the 1.5 TDCi 120 managed 58.5mpg in our real-world True MPG economy tests. Petrols aren’t so strong, though, and the 1.0-litre Ecoboost 100 managed only 38.9mpg when we tested it."
  17. GAP insurance -what is it?

  18. Pothole Damage

    "Basically he was told the only way he could claim recompense was through the small claims court". well yes and no. You can take them to court - you might win you might lose. If you claim against the council or the highways agency (depending on the status of the road with the pothole) and they pay without it going to court, that is because they reckon they will lose in court and if they reckon they will win they will refuse to pay and see if you take it to court. If they pay without going to court it is just a way of short circuiting the likely outcome to save time and money. The same way as a claim for two cars colliding. If a third party claim is paid without going to court, that is short circuiting the whole procedure based on what they reckon the court decision would be if it got that far. whenever you make a claim against someone (council, another driver, employer etc) they (or their insurers acting for them under an insurance policy) would prefer not to pay out money like a charity and will possibly resist making payment. If you present your claim in a weak manner and look like you expect to be fobbed off then you will be fobbed off. the claim needs to be presented in a serious concise assertive manner with evidence photos etc, if they are at fault and you sound like you are going to take it all the way to court you will more likely get a result. But bear in mind if your tyre was eg. three quarters worn then they are not liable for the whole cost of a brand new tyre. I am not saying they will always try to deduct an amount for how worn the tyre is as the amount might not be worth arguing over but they could.
  19. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    I had a clutch & slave cylinder done for £480 on my focus 1.6tdci two years ago if that helps...... and i think £120 sounds pretty good for a service.
  20. my initial thought from the symptons made me think it is something to do with the detection of the chip in the key, even if you had not said that yourself. do you have another key you can try? also use a key on its own with no other keys on the key ring in case anything else on the same key ring is confusing the chip detector. also check the chip detector behind the steering column plastic cover to see if in place properly and wiring on properly.
  21. Connectors off inside of headlight

    also. there are many cars of a certain age with Xenons and no self levelling, which is why the guides say, "if fitted" it must be working unless you live in NI
  22. Connectors off inside of headlight

    ah huh, now tell me, which MOT stations check for type approval of each lamp on the car?, what Chinese lamps which you can bet your bottom haven't been officially checked but maintain the E markings. I'm talking about the MOT guide lines
  23. Screen washers

    That explains it then, I'll just have to remember to keep topping it up.
  24. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    £500 would be reasonable for both. A wearing clutch would slip not make it difficult to engage gears. You would also have no drive if the clutch was completely knackered.
  25. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    Is the cost of second hand diesels dropping now that all they get is negative press? If so then that might be a good chance to pick up a bargain if the driving conditions are right and no need for access to city centres. You would need to keep an eye on the continual changes and meddling that governments do to the rules.
  26. Screen washers

    They don't have one.
  27. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Great thanks Peter. Home now and will be off line for few hours. Will report around 9pm 👍👍👍
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