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  2. TSW Hockenheim R

    Hiya, I have some TSW Hockenheim R alloys, 4 stud wheels (No wheel nuts)Tyre size 225/45/ZR16. They were originally fitted on a 99 Ford Mondeo. They have been sat in a loft for 10 years so tyres obviously need replacing but the alloys are in very good condition. Would anyone be interested or know anyone who would be interested in them? I have no use for them Thanks
  3. Enabling Automatic Lights

    If I worked in a Ford factory I'd put little stickers in the place of missing components saying things like 'Sorry mate - should've paid the extra when you specced it.. ;-)'
  4. Very Poor on Fuel

    Could it be a weight difference between a mk2 and a mk2 facelift? (I’ve got a facelift titanium and get around 36-38mpg on a 7mile to and from work drive rising to around 39mpg doing 70 on the motorway from West Lothian to Wales)
  5. Tyres?? Which ones.

    If you liked the PC5 you'll probably like the PC6 even more and they are only a couple of quid more if you shop around. Maybe there is something more suitable for you but you don't say what you want.
  6. Tyres?? Which ones.

    Well going off my last M.O.T its done 2100 miles in 12 months,i think they just looked at the last m.o.t i gave them. My car don't do a lot of miles at all and only got 27k now,lots have changed in the last 12 to 18 months.
  7. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    I've been doing a bit of experimenting myself with seeing if there any alternative warning messages that could be triggered. In particular, I figured that if an overheat situation can be simulated then that ought to trigger a very alarming overheat warning on the centre console screen that even my wife would be sufficiently coerced into doing something about (immediately, not just casually mentioning it over dinner that evening!). So, I measured the response curve of the engine coolant temperature sensor and calculated what resistance would result in overheated temperatures being detected. Such a resistance could then be created by shunting in another resistor in parallel with the ECT sensor when the coolant bottle is detected as empty. A 1K ohm parallel resistance with the 2.8K ohm ECT value (at 90c) is equivalent to a simulated 115c (125c at 110c real) but having tried this it resulted in nothing more than the coolant gauge going to max and a rather subtle overheat warning symbol (the classic 'thermometer in the sea' type) on the instrument panel and nothing on the in-dash screen. Using Forscan I could see that my calculated temperature was spot on, and also that the appropriate DTCs were being triggered. So I then tried 680 ohms to represent more towards 150c and still nothing more. The anti-climax lowered my enthusiasm and so I didn't try for any higher. On a more positive note the fake overheat scenario does result in the cooling fan being set to max and thus in the case of coolant loss you would at least have that bonus whilst you tried to pull over but I can't imagine it saving the day, and the visual warning isn't anywhere near as in-your-face (like the low brake fluid message) to warrant this approach in my view. All in all a rather disappointing result. I am wondering if perhaps there isn't anything more warning wise for overheat temperatures, at least on those engines like mine that pre-date the introduction of a cylinder head temperature sensor which quite possibly does result in something more substantial. It could well be that I didn't go high enough with my fake temperatures but I would expect (hope) that 150c ought to be high enough! Also, whilst the engine was running I wasn't actually driving so perhaps the response might've been different if I had been moving along but I doubt it.
  8. Things I Do Like

    Yeah but it lasts for weeks in our house. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that the fruit and veg will be eaten within a week but the ice cream, fizzy drinks and pizzas will be there come next shopping trip!
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  10. Tyres?? Which ones.

    do they know your driving style to be able to say around 2 k left?
  11. ESP + Traction control

    I believe you can, I’m my fiesta zetec s it’s down near the gear stick, near the air conditioning, I held it down for a matter of seconds and it was turned off :) hope this helps
  12. Things I Do Like

    Blimey someone likes their bottles of pop and juice. No wonder your fridge is full lol
  13. Tyres?? Which ones.

    Just past an M.O.T but was told the 2 front Tyres (205/40/17-84w) have around 2k of miles left but which ones to go for,got to say i always use to have Continental conti premium contact 5. I want a good all round Tyre and not a budget one being on the front and as low road noise as i can,they will last me for years as don't do a lot of miles a year like 3k or less so can go for a good make even if a bit more money,i think i have Bridgestone potenza on or do i just go for another 2 of these to match all 4 up again.
  14. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko Would it be possible for you to send me the details on how to upgrade snyc 2 , Many thanks Andrew
  15. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    My system cost under £12 and was simple to fit and works perfect.
  16. H15 Bulb won’t come out

    Sorted it. For whatever reason, i needed to push the needles further than the white limiter, a bit of pushing and bending, and it freed it up.
  17. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Couldn't agree more.
  18. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    a bucket and a bit of pipe linked to an egg timer as a warning buzzer. ford price £130. :-D
  19. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    Will do Dan, I tried to get a quote some time ago but i never got an email giving me my quote unfortunately! Next year when my insurance is up with Aviva ill send you a pm and see what you can do for me!
  20. fan speed

    not that I have noticed tom
  21. Very Poor on Fuel

    Does the focus using lots of fuel smell rich? I'd be wanting to look at fuel trims aswell, just to check they're not massively out of whack. Also check for physical fuel leaks from the tank, and fuel lines to the engine.
  22. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    i've used my local halfords autocentre several times and have been completely satisfied with the customer service and workmanship , and as their website states , they are able to perform services to the exact manufacturers spec. so im not the least surprised some rental & leasing company's have swerved ford altogether and got better deals or better service from other independent vehicle repair businesses. well if they can do that so easily , why has the dealership discussed in this thread not bothered to provide service history after 4 months and threat of legal action ?? the mind boggles really. my only conclusion is that there is no history to provide, it doesnt exist or never happened , and the car was sold under false pretenses , and now theyre stalling as they are about to get caught out..
  23. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Appreciate all of your help guys, thanks for all your reassurance. I'll update fitting and any further issues that I encounter once it arrives (probably next Thursday/Friday)
  24. fan speed

    Ah, do you have the fan direction aimed at the windscreen? That'll trigger the AC if so.
  25. fan speed

    air con light not on but every time I turn heater on the green light comes on so got to turn that off like I said heater blower was allways on 2 so I never noticed till I turned it upto 3 or 4
  26. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    either will fit, its easy enough to fit, 10mm nuts on clamps. 2 10mm nuts on bracket. a side cover to unclip and remove.
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