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  2. Yeah I thought that too! Thanks haha I won' be touching the battery...
  3. Cool I'll message them too... also I looked a few days ago and the indicator rings were £30 So don't know if it' been going on a little while or if there trying to pull a fast one? 🤔
  4. Ok so basically ive recently done a friends cambelt on a fiesta 2009 1.25. its all good or so i hope as i work on one brand fords are not my area. I brought the lockings tools ect. And followed a sort print out of steps by steps from a mates garage. But i watched a vid after and its thrown me off so need some reassuance. So anyway i stripped it down locking cams and crank. Removed tensioner and changed water pump. Now i slackeden off cam sprockets very slighlty. Replaced the new coolant pump, when i fitted the new tensioner which had a little cut out in the engine for to sit correct. it had pin in pre tensioned so i torqued it to 20nm then fitted belt still leaving cams sprocket loose. I pulled pin which then tensioned belt i counter held cam and tightened cams sprockets. Fitted all parts starts and runs fine. But later on ive seen a vid of a guy changing one that doesn't loosen cam sprockes and semi tightens tensioner pulls tensioner pin then retightened? Have i tensioned this belt wrong ??? Now on loads of vw the tensioner has to be put in a location then tightened but fords are different or are they ? Anyone know thanks
  5. How to remove wax

    I'm want to remove the wax on my car, as in polish. How can I do this to back to the paint. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Newbie from Scotland

    Alloys will completely change the look of the car. Wind deflectors are popular on Fords too, goes with the tints. Reverse sensors will be a bit of a job to fit, should be easy to program in yourself though afterwards (if you decide to retrofit rather than an aftermarket kit)
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Well its been a month since I treated the rust on the pipes in my engine so still early days but all looks good so far. This is the paint I used: http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/specialist-decorative-paints/halfords-vht-paint-silver-grey
  8. I have a really annoying constant vibration/rattle noise which is coming from around the rear speakers or trim which covers the speakers. No idea if this can be fixed as it’s driving me mad...
  9. Iceberg blue [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. Newbie from Scotland

    Hi Welcome
  11. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 (100PS) Timing Belt

    Unless you have the flywheel locking tool, there is no real way to hold the crankshaft 100% solid. As i said earlier, for a first timer I would seriously recommend the flywheel locking tool for piece of mind. Ultimately a £25 tool that can be sold is better than £££'s worth of damage that will still leave you with the same problem lol. With the correct timing and locking tools, these engines are nothing to be scared of. It actually irritates me more to remove and refit the cam cover lol. Stick to the procedure in the book, don't make any steps up yourself and use the correct kit, best advice i could give to be honest.
  12. lights coming on then going off and on again

    not sure the number but it had 2 pins h7 i think and i do have auto lights
  13. Floor mats

    Not that I've noticed
  14. Tool boxes

    Yeah quality wise you won't get better for the money - speaking on my experience of the black industrial range anyway. That said they have lost some of the quality they had 10 years ago, although they have come down in price to reflect that I guess. this is what I have now. It's rammed but as always you end up with stacks of tools in boxes/kits that will never fit in a toolbox lol
  15. Oh cool! Thanks for the temperature info, that's really helpful. I'll definitely have a look when I get home and if there are Black Friday deals then even better! I'll let you know what I order [emoji5] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  16. Floor mats

    Just because I thought they are meant for like vans and the like, industrial use. I've been told that you slip on them when they're wet and they accumulate water, is this true?
  17. Today
  18. Glovebox socket

    It makes a handy wire path for any accessories to be hidden away. Just as long as your garage doesn't like removing your glove box to get to the air filter
  19. lights coming on then going off and on again

    What kind of bulb did you put in? Do you have auto lights?
  20. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Does it occur when pushing down on the pedal or upon taking up the clutch after changing gear. has it had its first brake fluid change. was it fine before that ? Jamie
  21. But if the timing is actually wrong, the cams will carry on turning at an incorrect timing to the crank, so i can imagine a few more valves might come a cropper. You can get a whole 1.6 car (08) for £900. Not that the engine is going to be broken at any point... I only get about 5 days off, so some very busy days off if it were to go pearshaped!
  22. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko Many thanks. I now have functioning Sat nav in my 2015 Focus.
  23. Floor mats

    Why would mats designed for a fiesta look out of place in a fiesta? i have them in my ST during the winter
  24. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    If you ever need some old Photobucket pictures retrieving off the Forum give us a shout.
  25. Engine bay ignition live

    Very helpful thanks for the reply, I went for the piggy back option under the dash on the rear wiper fuse. Thanks again
  26. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    It only seems to be once the car is warm that it happens but its been serviced recently and there isn't any reported oil leak, and i've not been through any big puddles.
  27. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    For being unable to recreate a noise or rattle or anything that might mean they have to pay out on the warranty ;) On a serious note. has the car been through water or perhaps an oil leak from the box or crankshaft oil seal ? Jamie
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