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  2. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    Can people confirm that they are still getting the same problem where the drop-down don't work when you press the + or ''more details on this car'' So you only can see a small amount of details. I have had e-mail from Etis saying its all working fine.
  3. Hi my indicators on my dash have stoped working but they still work on the out side also the heated window screen does not work. I've had it in to a auto electrician he's checked the instrument cluster and the fuse bord both fine can anyone help please thanks In advance
  4. New Fiesta External Lights

    Auto lights are optional - you can turn them off and manually select lights if you want - they don't work in Fog for example.
  5. childish little bell

    Not the right way to deal with things though is it? Thing is he has gone through the correct channels if nothing gets done, nothing gets done but if it happens again the police won't have too much of a choice but to deal with it. Be a lover not a fighter
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  7. air direction control;_ylt=A2KLqIihvsNZ0FQAfzr03olQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByN2RnbHFoBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMw--?p=Focus+Air+Direction+Cable+Fitting&vid=f85ae92daa7e0ce3ba0b0acc448f0518&;_ylt=A2KLqIihvsNZ0FQAfTr03olQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=Focus+Air+Direction+Cable+Fitting&vid=8944d2be1561937def175e5c3c700138& Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. New Fiesta External Lights

    Thanks for the reply. The steering looked fairly straight when I tested the lights but I'm sure you're correct. It looks as though my rear fog lights are similar to yours. Just a plain reflector on the nearside but an identical-looking light on the offside. You make a good point about the dashboard lights coming on with the running lights giving a false impression that the rear lights are also on. The running lights are also bright enough to reflect off the car in front (if you're stopped in traffic) - also giving the impression that all your lights are on. I'm not keen on the idea of the headlights coming on when the car chooses (wipers or dark, for example). When I had to switch them manually, I sometimes held back a few seconds if I thought someone waiting to cross my path might mistake the lights coming on as an invitation to go. All new stuff to get used to, I guess :)
  9. childish little bell

    i would have gotten out and gave him a seeing too but he had his friend and up the road where three of his other friends, 5 v 1 not a good outcome for me and yes it was his fist, they were meant to go see him today but as of yet iv not heard anything, next time he will be sorry, next time i wont be as soft, i may have my torque wrench in the rear seats "as my wheel bolts have been coming loose recently so have to keep cracking them to torque" and nath i do have balls but im not a violent bloke, always have been, next time i wont be driving off maybe dive down the road give me chance to get out haha.
  10. Sync 1

    Annoys me this. I had it on my zetec witch wasn't sync and don't on my sync titanium. Was wondering if it's possible to upgrade to sync 1.1. Anyone know now we can check for updates
  11. Zetec S Rear Bumper & Skirt!?!?
  12. Sync 1

    Hi all is there anyway to get track names and artist when playing a cd and Bluetooth cause I don't? Is it a case of an update? I get them when using my iPhone plugged into the USB.
  13. Servicing.

    I've never had any recovery cover. I know I should though on a modern car.
  14. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    I know it doesnt really solve any of issues but it definetly makes me feel better that the wobble/tremor effects other people also. As you said tom, maybe we are too much of perfectionists but...if it wobbles it wobbles and I like to drive a car that doesnt. what fustrates me though is the lack of attention "most" mechanics give to a problem, if its not brakes or new clutch or something smacking them in the face the general rule is errrrrr, not sure!!! well look at it drive it and find the issue pleaaaase!
  15. 'Skipping' at 55-60mph

    I will try switching the wheels round, see if the location changes. I don't think it will be the alloy itself though, I had the same problem with the spare, which I never had any issues with before. I'm grateful for the suggestion though, and you never know, sometimes the simplest answer is the right one!
  16. Servicing.

    I've had to use recovery a few times unexpectedly, wouldn't have the balls to risk going without it now haha! Each to their own though, I do see your point.
  17. Servicing.

    That's another one that I don't buy into, even with a 10 year old car that I maintain myself. All the years I haven't paid for breakdown recovery cover would more than cover the cost of a call-out if it is ever needed, its called self-insurance. That getting off topic so I'll stop there. That's a good point about garages not changing filters when they think the customer won't even notice. I used to mark my oil filter before taking it (when they were the older metal canister ones) in to make sure it was changed after noticing once that it hadn't been done. That's one of the things that pushed me to do it myself, at least I know it is done, and properly. The other advantage of doing it yourself is that you get familiar with how things should be and notice when hoses work loose or things start to wear so you can react to it in time before you break down.
  18. Hey, Looking to buy a wireless dongle to use with ForScan on an Android phone. The idea is to be able to keep it in the glovebox so it's there when I need it, rather than having to be at home with the laptop to use ForScan as I do currently. Just wondered if any of the cheaper dongles work, or if it has to be the Ford specific one listed here? -
  19. New Fiesta External Lights

    many cars only have own rear fog light. law only requires one which must be in middle or towards right . my 2015 fiesta has a lens on left but no light fitting behind it - cheapskates. when you have one fog light at front coming on, is this because you have the steering turned. some modern cars have the right front fog light come on when you turn right and similar when you turn left. they reckon it helps you see round corners. i find it annoying when there is a car travelling behind me and I keep seeing their front fog lights go on and off on corners. they normally go on and off gradually , not suddenly on off in the dark i often see cars with no rear lights on. this is because many cars have front daytime running lights on which also causes the speedo to illuminate so they don't realise they have not switched the lights on (to activate tail lights). On old cars at night if you could not read the speedo it was like a remimnder to put your lights on if you forgot. I know what you mean about the tech advances. what happens one day if your lights don't work. you can't simply trace where the wires go from switch to lights. The switches all link to the computer in the dashboard and the computer decides what lights are going to work or not. Nightmare when it does not work. Not much chance of improvising or a temp fix at the roadside
  20. 'Skipping' at 55-60mph

    Possibly a buckled rim and or tyre damage ie a lump in the tyre somewhere not always easy to spot
  21. childish little bell

    Do they make Fiesta rear quarters out of tinfoil these days? Was that done by his fist? Sad reality is, nothing will get done, he might get a visit and telling off but they won't fine him as he won't have the money to pay for it anyway. Just a shame you missed the first time.
  22. Things I Do Like

    Wow Sean 450 + vat? Mine only cost 245 all in to do but like I said my car is worth spending money on coz they're rare cars and mine is one of the best titanium x sport ecoboost mondeos there is.
  23. 'Skipping' at 55-60mph

    Sorry, forgot to mention that! Yes, they did the alignment, so assuming they did it right, it didn't help. Thanks for the reply, I'll focus on those first. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I'm fairly handy, but I do know my limits!
  24. Mk2.5 ZS Brake Bulbs

    Genuine Cree are made in America and are generally quite awesome, you have to be careful of copies on ebay though.
  25. childish little bell

    Don't why you keep running to the Police for especially the first time? As you keep saying they probably won't do anything, just grow some balls and sort him yourself.
  26. Servicing.

    Pollen filter isn't that bad...particularly when you have a ramp! The techs get it down to seconds on the Focus from what I've heard. Surely the point of dealer servicing after warranty expiry is for people that can't do it themselves, either due to health/mobility or lack of time due to work and other commitments. Obviously it sounds horrendously expensive to those of that can and do do it ourselves... Also remember that Ford services give you 'free' breakdown cover for a year, so you can take the price of your separate breakdown cover away from it.
  27. focus brake caliper spring

    I've never come across the caliper spring causing the squeaking issue tbh even when it's popping out of one of the holes slightly and tbh the spring is their to reduce unwanted up n down movement of the caliper and shouldn't really affect the pads that much but it is worth reshaping the spring so it fits better although I doubt it will get rid of the unwanted squeak . As Jonathan has quite rightly said about cheap pads being noisy due to the harder compound as they tend to have less grip so allow the discs to continue rotating a lot more causing more friction and heat hence the tendency to squeak because it's struggles to grip ..
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