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  2. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    I think it's all manual Fiestas that will be like that. Reverse gears having a synchromesh was never a thing up until recently. I remember stripping an old mk1 cortina 4 speed gearbox and loved seeing how the synchros engage etc. And how a slight misalignment would mean reverse was hard to get in.
  3. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    I've had four Fiestas prior to getting the Ecoboost and the gearbox had the same problem on all of them Loyd. Going back to 2006.
  4. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Turns out that for whatever reason, that alternator was ***** my MPG, now hitting 61 from 54. edit: wow, that's a new one, since when was the action of using a screwdriver a naughty word!?
  5. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    Yes, seems common fault with Fiesta Ecoboost!
  6. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    I have ordered a paint marker, so when i come to angle-torque the bolt I will mark the bolt/socket so I know how far it has turned.
  7. Fuse

    Off the top of my head fuse 109 at 20amps
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  9. Fuse

  10. Fuse

    Hi,I've lost my manual for my ford focus 2007,and I need to change my cigarette lighter fuse could someone help me as I dont no which one it is
  11. Fuel temp sensor

    Well the garage I took it to reckoned the sensors I thought it was were fuel connections..... And said the sensor was under the hp pump. They would need to remove air filter housing, scuttle and boost control solenoid to replace. Does this sound right??????
  12. help focus driving me up the wall

    You can't just 'block' OBD fault codes from coming up. You can have the DPF physically removed and mapped out so the ECU no longer see's it and won't sense a fault which maybe what the mechanic meant...but that's illegal, an MOT failure and not recommended these days. Do you know what the actual DPF fault code was? And how was it cleaned? Just a cleaner squirted through the temp sensor hole and a static regen performed? This won't clear ash if that's what the issue is. You might be low on fuel additive (Eolys fluid) if that's not been topped up recently. You should have lights or specific warning messages for battery/pas/alternator faults, the DPF faults are the ones that usually cause 'engine systems fault' message so I'd continue to look at that. Glow plugs are common for limp mode and 'engine systems fault' message. I get minor blips for 'over-voltage' on PAS and a few other modules but they don't cause any noticeable issues - though that's not to say yours is the same fault code.
  13. If you could have any car

    It wasn't banned for being too fast, the whole group B catagory was banned due to the amount of fatal accidents, one involving an RS200, speeds and the crowds were getting out of hand.
  14. Finally Got My Focus!

    Hi All, Been a Ford lover since a young age and had my fair share of Fords but have never managed to own a Focus, as have liked it since it was released. Had a few opportunities too but the right one had never come up until a couple of months ago. After a lot of hard work and a promotion at work I was finally in a position to get a new (used) car. I had been driving a 53 plate Alfa 156 which was slowly dying. Trawling Autotrade I came across what seemed the perfect Focus for me at the right price, a 12 plate Focus Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost (125) in Panther Black and after driving it fell in love with it and it is now mine. 1 week later was off on a holiday with friends to Wales, a 280 mile trip each way, I was loving the comfort of the interior and joy of the engine along with the much better mpg! Been lurking around here for the last month or so and have got some great ideas of what issues I could be facing and how I can keep an eye on things. Also got a fair few idea on some more subtle mods. Cheers, Mike
  15. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    No, two 45s or whatever will be fine, as long as it ends up in the right place.
  16. Sat Nav Problems

    My focus ecoboost(2017) has the latest ford sat nav system but as far as I am concerned it is a complete waste of money. There is no way in settings to select UNPAVED ROADS, this may be ok in London or Frankfurt but when touring Spain is positively dangerous. On one occasion it took us along 3 miles of service vehicles only then onto a steeply inclined gravel track with water running across the bottom. Some paved roads which I am assured had been around for more than 30 years were not on the maps but multiple dirt tracks were!! Anybody had similar problems Malcolm
  17. I’m pretty sure anything above 6000k is not road legal, so Jonro is right to recommend mid 5k’s they are crisp pure white and look great.
  18. Hi all, I’m really no expert, so I’m here in the hope that someone else might be. My brother has taken a couple of years to restore an Escort, which he had no intention of selling, it is his pride and joy, however, needs be and all of that. He has asked me to see if there would be any interest here in the UK, he wants it to go to a good Home. Specs are: Ford escort 1979 mk1 2 door 1800 Ford zetec engine twin Webber side draughts full dry sump oil system. Fully adjustable Leda suspension. 5 spd Toyota gearbox Locked rear diff 13” x8j wheels I’m based in London and would arrange the import etc from South Africa. Comments on expected value and any offers more than welcome. Please excuse me if I’ve posted in the wrong place, I’m a total newby. kind regards, Darryn
  19. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    Hi, is it necessary to execute the 90° turn in one continuous move? i don't have enough clearance and i'm not sure i can raise the car enough with what i've got
  20. help focus driving me up the wall

    Reading a few other posts on here, it seems the focus is sensitive to battery / alternator faults. As we’re heading towards winter, and you’ve had alternator faults show up, that’s where I’d start looking.
  21. I don’t necessarily share the same opinion when it comes to light temp. I’ve had several different HID systems with different temperature bulbs. I found that about 5300K is the closest to OEM and 8000K is well on the way to being purple. Personally I’d always stay below 6000K, anything higher is pretty blue and it loses a lot of useable light. As the driver you will see a blue tinge to road signs etc with 6000K and head on there will be a noticeable blue to the light, as a driver with 5300K (or thereabouts) it should be almost pure white. Head on will look bright white but as the Car dips up and down on the road surface it will gleam blue like an Audi etc. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Number Plates Years

    A Q plate is to recognise that the vehicle is an amalgamation of parts from other vehicles to the extent that it's original identity is not clear. A standard or personalised plate are not permitted, it must be a Q plate only. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  23. Fuel filter help

    They didn't read that before printing did they
  24. Things I Don't Like

    TV I don't think there is a reason, but I know radio have strict rules on how much music they can play and how much has to be spoken - maybe they've got to up their quota or something!
  25. Adams focus build thread

    Nice and chilled
  26. Things I Do Like

  27. How to remove wax

    actually watched a video with this today. half normal shampoo half washing up liquid. in a normal two bucket wash
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