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  2. HELP!! Electric Problems...2001 1.1l Fiesta

    Will check the headlights brightening tonight when it's dark. Going to check and clean all the cables/connections tomorrow, fingers crossed I come back with good news! Thanks for the advice!
  3. Engine bay ignition live

    There will be loads of ignition lives beneth the engine bay fuse tray , just need a multimeter to find one. Use a scotch lock to tap off the wire if you dont want to use a piggy back fuse carrier.
  4. 2015 mondeo start/stop problems

    years ago I had a car where the battery would drain. The alternator seemed to charge fine but the problem was in the rectifier pack built into the back of the alternator. It was letting battery power leak back slowly through the alternator when left parked. A rectifier pack is made up of diodes. A diode is like a valve and only lets power go one way and blocks it going in the opposite direction. I would tell them you want the alternator testing in such a way to see if power is leaking back through it when parked. I have no idea what their reaction will be. You could disconnect the alternator every time you park and see if it makes a difference over time but it's not a practical solution
  5. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    perhaps the term Handbrake will fizzle out as more cars have a push button parking brake. Like 'fan belt' has fizzled out and become auxillary drive belt or serpentine belt etc. Still a fan belt to my generation of people
  6. Hi, is it possible to change the rubber blades on the Fiesta or does the whole "Aero" piece need to be changed? I couldn't work out how to get the end caps off to slide in a new rubber blade.
  7. HELP!! Electric Problems...2001 1.1l Fiesta

    if running on tickover/idle and you put the lights on and heater fan and heater rear window (to create a high load on battery/alternator) do the lights go a bit brighter when you rev the engine a small amount? if not, probably alternator problem. Better to do this test with a voltmeter on the battery terminals to give a clearer picture. But I agree it could be bad connections on the cables at the battery terminals and other end of the cables and the thick cable from chassis to engine if there is one
  8. ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    The base slots in and there's 4 discreet screws to secure it. It's reasonably stable once fitted but you couldn't put your whole body weight on it. It sits higher than the ST one though, so it's at a good position (for me) when driving (I'm 6").
  9. Navigation SD Card

    In mine it goes in a slot just above the radio lcd display, hard to see unless you peer up under the sunshade type thing that goes over the top of the display. Mine is Ford radio/satnav. I don't know if Sony is the same
  10. Navigation SD Card

    Hi guys. Picked up my Fiesta on the weekend :). Its a 2014 Titanium X with all the bells and whistles. The only thing I'm missing is the Ford Navigation SD card. I'll be totally honest I cant even find where it goes in the car lol. Does anyone have one for sale or can they point me in the right direction. I went to a dealership and they quoted me £260!
  11. Hi I have a 2015 Mondeo Titanium 2.0tdi(x-pack) which has had a frustrating problem since I bought it. The start/stop system doesn't always work even though the correct temperature criteria is met and for the 2nd time since i've owned it the Heated front screen doesn't work. I know this is probably down to battery condition because every time i visit the dealer they charge the battery and everything works. On the last visit I asked why the battery was discharging and was told the charging system was fine. Its frustrating because there must be something not right but the dealer don't seem to want to investigate. The car is going in for the same fault again on monday but i'm guessing it'll be the same outcome. Has anyone else suffered the same issue? Thanks in advance Matt
  12. Sync 3 dab track info

    After looking the other day and not sorting it, then literally looking for five seconds this morning and got it to work 😂 Cheers mate
  13. Today
  14. If you could have any car

    i have three dream cars, a ford model T converted into a sleek rat/hot rod, made for British roads, would have to be full custom jobbie and id love a GTR nismo a lot of money but you get a lot of car and i would love to own a old ford pick up in top nick, not modded just a nice clean paint job and mechanically sound.
  15. Thanks, how does it fit in, does it just slot in there?
  16. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    Which ST did you get? If it's just ST1, would an ST3 stereo be any better? I'm another aftermarket stereo hater I'm afraid!
  17. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    One thing that I find annoying is that so you can still keep the ability to change the cars settings you have to keep the original screen and it ends up looking stupid.
  18. Hi, I only have a manual key (the remote key has recently been lost) and nearly every time I unlock the door the alarm will go and I have to turn the key in the ignition to disable it. Which is a pain, especially with getting a young child in the car. I took the key to my local car locksmith to get another key cut and he was only able to cut me another manual key - he was unable to reprogram the new key so the remote functions worked. I have looked on other discussions and forums and the only solution to this seems to be to get another remote key, so I’m struggling. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m not bothered if the alarm is permanently deactivated to be honest….although doubtful if anyone would share how to do this on a public forum... Many thanks in advance Dave
  19. Windscreen wiper problems

    Bosch quality seems to have dropped within the last few years, I've seen a lot of complaints with Aerotwins though I used to use them all the time without issue. I've got genuine Ford ones now, but they took ages to bed in, the edges juddered and squeaked in light rain for months, even had a new screen shortly after fitting them and was the same so can't blame it on the glass...however they've now been on over 2 years and work fine still after the initial problems... What is the useful part of the toothpaste for removing rain X? Would a cheap one work or does it need to be a certain type (whitening etc)? My Mum is having trouble with screen smears after using rain X a while back.
  20. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    My S7 has served me well too, my only gripe with it is that my battery seems to be terrible these days but I feel thats because I have charged it too much using the fast charger that came with it (as in charged it when I really didnt need to because it wasnt that low but did anyway and ive heard always fast charging doesn't do it any good) I will probably look into upgrading the S8 sometime soon, the screen is amazing.
  21. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    yeah haha there better looking ones that was just an example. there was a nice double din on google but that was £600 lol. i like my unit anyway, but was going to shnge the blue unit to another one i saw on another thread.
  22. HELP!! Electric Problems...2001 1.1l Fiesta

    Could be a bad earth or battery cable but it does sound like new alternator needed tbh...if it's the original from 2001 it's done well anyway!
  23. Autobeam have their own guides for it. Here is the one for the DRL indicator ring kit Here is the one for the Ambient ring kit (This guide is for the Ambient ring 2 but its the same process as far as im aware.)
  24. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    Third party head units ruin the look of the interior if you ask me, as you can see above in the pic Alex posted. Another option is to try and upgrade the head unit with one from a newer ford although im not too sure how much success you will have with that.
  25. If you could have any car

    believe it or not, one is a Ford and the ONLY porsche I would own
  26. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Unfortunately Ford (UK at least) haven't raised the rusting pipes as an issue - they are leaving it up to customers to discover and raise it with them where they'll assess each one on a case by case basis. More astute dealers might also pick it up (if they are aware of the TSB - mine wasn't and didn't check for it during servicing) and perhaps raise it on our behalf. Because of this reactive approach I am sure that some will discover it only once it is too late. Certainly when I got in touch with Ford they acted as if I was the only person to have ever had this issue.
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