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  2. Take it to a proper garage. Kwak Fit couldn't find their own arrisses if you gave them a mirror on a stick.
  3. Tyre Management System

    Hi - no I haven't taken the wheels off but I'm confident its an indirect system because there is the function to reset the system (which you have to do once you have corrected the low pressure warning / put new tyres or wheels on the car as instructed in the manual). This would not be relevant to a direct system. Second, and more telling, when I put my winter wheels on from my old car (the previous generation S4) the system did not not get upset I had installed wheels without sensors in them.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi folks, just picked up a mk 3 mondeo, but it didn't come with the disc for the sat nav. Any leads on where I can get one? Better yet, anyone know where I can download one and stick it on a disc myself? Cheers! Sent from my TA-1033 using Tapatalk
  6. Dash Cam Installation

    Front camera is still good. I only got the 2ch kit as the area I have to drive through has a lot of idiot drivers front and back lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Mondeo MK3 Ghia X

    Hi folks, I'm new here, just saying hello before I start bugging people with questions! Pictures of the new (to me, anyway) girl attached. Cheers! Sent from my TA-1033 using Tapatalk
  8. Show Us Your Rear...

    Thought might join in. Might remove the TDCI badge and get a new S badge as the one on the car has faded.
  9. Dash Cam Installation

    wow impressed with how you can still read the numberplate of the car behind even with its lights on. I've only gone with the front camera to reduce cost I may get a rear cam at a later date but think the front will be sufficient for now.
  10. Coolant reservoir cap stuck

    I see the spring as pinged away too. I had this one mine, I just took two screwdrivers to it and lifted it out bit by bit, it came out. I bought two replacements after seeing a few caps have done this. Not sure on cracking on mine, just dug the bit out.
  11. Black box insurance opinions?

    Thank god I don't have it in my car. On my previous car I had it installed and it was okay. Lol back then my dad said he could try removing it and putting it on his bike so it would look like I'm doing 20mph and not heavily cornering and braking 😂
  12. Black box insurance opinions?

    Yeah its usually plugged into the obd port in America but some UK insurers are doing it now. OBDII interfaces with the Ecu and I have personally seen the cheap bluetooth ELM327 damage the ecu! If you have ever played about with remapping you will know there is a certain item on ebay that allows you to crack the ecu and allows you to perform changes for all manner of illegal and immoral purposes. From the Watchdogprogram it seems they provide a lot of false info with some people featured in the program losing their insurance through no fault of their own. Who knows but I wouldnt have one fitted - a dashcam though I have no problem with!
  13. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    Afraid not mate. I ain’t a drinker or into football. Sadly I like to pride myself in being able to fix things and enjoy a bit problem solving lol. Im into lady’s of the night aswell lol
  14. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Its 10.30pm on a sunday night I've been trying to work out all day why my boot carpet was soaked and found that the water was coming in on the side of the car where the parking sensor module is mounted, therefore just been outside and pulled the grommet out and watched my car wee all over my drive!! Therefore I need to take the bumper off which looks easy, the vents unclip remove mastic up then install correct? Thank god i found this forum, its a fantastic post! I spent 10 years on Cliosport.net with my 172 and these forums get things done!!
  15. Hi all. I've created an account to post this question. From Google I found a few threads about creaky Fiestas but mine seems different in that it's not bumps that make it creak (it does do that creak in cold weather thing but this is unrelated), it's just an almost constant, very loud creak when driving. I did take it to Kwik Fit and they couldn't find anything wrong but after a trip from Liverpool to North Wales and back today it's much much worse. Maybe creak is the wrong word but best I can think of to describe the noise. It happens at high and low speeds, maybe worse at high speed in that it's more constant, but is just as loud at low speed. It's driving me completely potty. Any ideas that I can mention to Kwik Fit would be much appreciated. It's a 63 plate Style 1.6 Eco Diesel. Thank you.
  16. Things I Don't Like

    No worries mate, I didn't think you were having a go at me, seems like a simple misunderstanding. I'm not trying to be righteous either, as I admittedly wasn't exactly a saint when I first started driving. But smartened up a long time ago. Stay safe out there.
  17. Black box insurance opinions?

    Again depends who you're with. Mine was only wired to the fuel pump power so don't see how it would effect the ecu. I can't remember exactly what everything looked like now. I'll have to dig it back out again. I was thinking they would use those accelerometers to detect if the box had been turned upsidedown or something and then say you'd tampered with it.
  18. Show Us Your Rear...

    My rear found the fiesta badge in glove box lol
  19. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    Thanks mate I'll do a pcm self check in the morning that should engage the clutch on the compressor. Pressure on the low and high side is 50psi with the engine off and the same with the engine running. Does the 1.0 ecoboost definitely have a variable cluch on the compressor?? Yours sincerely Steve Evans
  20. My Ford Transit

    Van is for sale. Good running exemplar! everything is functioning. Engine pulls amazing. Van is looking great!
  21. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    No reason to be baffled - someone has been giving it too much right foot. I wouldn't be surprised if the clutch required replacement on the earlier side of typical either. Quickest I've destroyed a tyre on the road was the back tyre on my ZZR1200. I wrote it off in an afternoon! It needed a new chain, sprockets and cush drive every third tyre, so I soon got used to riding sensibly (ie, only twice as fast as any Evo or R34 I came across...)
  22. Removing inner boot lid trim? - MK5 Hatch

    Thanks. Will take a look at this as soon as I can.
  23. Snow, ice and snow socks

    I have never used snow socks or chains, and survived a number of very icy and snowy winters now with no real issue with my cars. Momentum and no sudden movements are key. For hills, build up your speed before the hill and maintain it up the hill, in a low gear. I end up going a lot of places in 2nd and 3rd gear as they are the best for not slipping wheels I've found. Have you got winter tyres on? They are designed to "shed" the snow and ice so they do not get as clogged up as normal tyres. Normal tyres end up spinning more often than not because their tread is filled with snow/ice. This sounds like what is happening with the snow socks.
  24. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    This is allegedly from F1Autocentres "Precision balance is within 1 gram as per the vehicle whilst standard balancing is within 5 grams as per the wheel. It is the same machine but the precision balance uses an add on to the existing machine to ensure the higher level of accuracy. It is recommended that all 17 inch wheels and above should all be precision balanced, due to the balancing being exaggerated on larger wheel sizes" That aside, what pi**ed me off was that they left one tire with 46psi the other with 41 when both should have been at 30.
  25. Hi all, I usually remove and reinstall the coolant reservoir cap every month to prevent it from becoming stuck. Yesterday when trying to open the cap, it appears to have separated from its lower half. I have seen a few threads about this on this forum but my case is slightly different. The photo's show the problem, in the second photo a lot of minor cracks can be seen on the reservoir itself at the base of where the cap attaches - can actually be felt. Has anyone ever had the issue of cracks on the coolant reservoir? I have read elsewhere online that the coolant reservoir can develop minor cracks over time and may burst leading to engine failure. Car is a 2015 1.0 Ecoboost with mileage of only 27200 kilometers and is meticulously maintained. Vehicle is booked with the dealer tomorrow.
  26. Dash Cam Installation

    Here’s some footage from earlier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  27. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    you can bridge the relay engine running but be aware if the pcm isnt commanding the cluch to engage, the coolant fan wont be commanded either. so only breifly bridge to visually see if the clutch engages. i assume there is sufficient refridgerant in the system?
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