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  2. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    Might still be worth giving them a call
  3. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Numptys . It's the pressure switch they need to remove. Think you need to take it to a garage who knows what there doing.
  4. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Part ex every 2/3 years, thats what a chunk of us do. But you are right, it does require a large amount of equity to begin with for a vehicle like that.
  5. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Not fussed about owning the car. Would prefer to switch my car every 2/3 years without the hassle of trying to sell it. Also buying cars like this outright is rare unless you're mega rich!
  6. Modified Car Valuation?

    I did have to shorten the wheel well, only slightly so it still holds the tyres seal and pump etc. RS ST you don't have this issue as there have no rear boot spare wheel well. I've put it for 25.000. Reason for it is you cannot buy a mk2 RS awd with that power in 5 door. But you can get the mk3 RS in 5 door awd but a 2.3 4 cylinder instead of the beauty of the 5. Power output is within same region if remapped etc. The AWD is slightly different as my car has a front LSD, which does not come on a mk3 unless you get the limited version. RS mk2 also don't depreciate a lot reason for it is it looks more aggressive better sounding etc. All in all if anything was to happen it would be replaced for the focus RS mk3 or build up another which takes time. If you disagree please state how much you would price it for like for like replacement, not how much to sell it for. O an thanks to everyone who has already commented. Regards
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    They're wrong. Get Ford UK to contact Evans Halshaw Blackburn and make sure they will cover all costs before going back to EH for the replacement. I am almost certain Ford UK will realise this is a warranty issue and help your case. Report back here if they do not agree.
  8. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Its the hardest decision, I have to say. Because I may have the car for 3 years I dont want to get bored of it. Never going to go that speed its more just knowing its got that power. I think ill try and get out in a 1.8 and see if its noticeably different from the 2.0, which I doubt. And I agree, if im not turning round going "wow thats my car" then its the wrong car.
  9. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Its front wheel. The 4 wheel drive cuts it down to 5.2 seconds and the insurance is even more
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  11. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yeah unfortunate with the delays but hopefully the wait will be worthwhile. Have been in the new shape at the dealership but it wasn't the St Line, so not from and extras on it. I Have seen the new ST Line on the road (well on B&Q car park) but obviously it wasn't the X with the leather trimmed seating and other goodies.
  12. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Update from the garage - they apparently remove this valve to fit a pressure gauge for testing. The car is slowly building up to 14PSI at idle, then loses all pressure when revved. So some mechanical problem causing insufficient pressure is suspected. Sounds like it's new engine time unfortunately. Does anyone have information on compatibility of stage 5 and 6 engines? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks a lot mate. I think i have to check with the dealership to see what is already installed and we ll see from there.. :D
  14. Blowers Always Cold!

    Wow! Well I've not had the car 3 months yet and fortunately its still under warranty. Its only 3 years old! Guess i'd better see if this is covered.
  15. Blowers Always Cold!

    It's not too common and it's a very expensive job from what I've heard, seen prices up to £1000
  16. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Fitted a small carbon fibre aerial to get rid of the RC car look with the standard aerial. Only £3 off ebay and the signal is still perfect! Sorry about the awful photos it was low light:
  17. Blowers Always Cold!

    Is this a common thing? And the important question, is this an expensive fix?
  18. Blowers Always Cold!

    Sounds like heater matrix
  19. Blowers Always Cold!

    Hi all. I've got a Titanium X with climate control and regardless of the setting i have the blowers on they're always freezing cold, they've been like it for about 10 days now and it couldn't be at a worse time of year! Could the problem be something as simple as a fuse or something worse? If anyone has got any ideas please let me know.
  20. Battery

    One of the problems on the Mk5 is that the alternator only charges on acceleration and decouples on the overrun. I wonder if these fancy pulleys are to blame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Another newbie

    Hi Welcome
  22. Hellow tomsfocus can you please tell me the size of two bolts/screws dpf hold on engine...see photo

    http://s796.photobucket.com/user/Toms306_photos/media/DPF Change/IMAG4246_zpsef7a8f00.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3

  23. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Confused... is that relative to my problems? Thanks
  24. Security Glass

    Is there a way to remove the darken glass on the rear sides and rear window (is it a film) or is it a case of replacing the glass altogether?
  25. 1.5 Ecoboost modifications

    well you certainly wont be changing the intercooler.
  26. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    yep, still got normal relief valve. ive found broken springs on old cars too. the variable oil pump is belt driven, still got a pressure relief valve, but also a solenoid valve that controls the pressure depending on temp and engine speed. normal pumps can give a power loss of up to 10 percent esp at higher engine speeds. reduce the high pressure and you get better fuel economy
  27. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Have you seen the video of this system being bypassed, it’s scary takes the thief’s less than 5mins to have the car back running again, I know ghost where releasing an update to stop it, did you get the updated version? Let me know how you get on with it
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