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  2. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    Standard problem on Fiesta gearboxes.
  3. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Sometimes i wish i could press an economy button. especially when motorway cruising which i do a lot of lately Jamie
  4. Haha Thanks! Well that answered that! What will you wire them too? Or will you get someone to do it for You?
  5. Preformance

    NB Styling have some nice induction kits and other upgrades for that engine. Have the same engine and would say to get the Egr blanked off so you don't get any crud building up
  6. Steering Wheel Angle Sensor

    Hi. Interesting thread this. Did you ever resolve it? My Focus (2010) does exactly the same thing - on some country bends, I hear a click and whirr as though the ESP is readying itself. I've got access to some equipment that shows me info on the CANBUS and there are no wheel speed discrepancies or indications that the ESP or ABS are active at the time of these events. My guess would be the yaw sensor (added after 2008, I believe) or steering wheel angle. I need to check the CAN info for the steering info, I think. Any techs from Ford on this forum who fancies a discussion about this ? Thanks
  7. Have you recently had a new windscreen? There's a problem with the light and wiper sensor. Either needs a new gel pad or a complete new sensor.
  8. Today
  9. Blower settings

    Easy fix? Expensive?
  10. Sudden Drop in MPG

    In this thread we all have measly 1.6s with considerably less power than your 2.0... Big part of it is mileage though, the major difference between mine and the decent MPG ones is the amount of miles they're covering each day.
  11. Blower settings

    usually the blower rheostat needs replacing
  12. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    It's because they still didn't fit a synchro to reverse on that IB5 gearbox, bit poor for such a modern car tbh. Either come to complete stop or double declutch and it should be better.
  13. Help Focus driving me crazy

    Where to start, 3 weeks ago my 1.6 diesel focus TDCI went in to limp mode... took it to the garage and codes read DPF filter, i had i chemically flushed and all was well. yesterday went into limp mode again displaying Engine systems fault, so back to the garage. the mechanic who i know is very experienced and trustworthy ran another diagnostic this time dpf, power steering, battery and alternator codes have came up, he has check these faults and they are all fine, he seems to think this could be a software problem or a wiring issue, i told him i did not want to spent hundreds on this car valuved at £1000 so he advised me to fined a mechanic who will fiddle around with the software and maybe to BLOCK the codes from coming up and sending it into limp mode. and thoughts and advice would be much appreciated steven

    Ah ok, on the Mk3 Focus, to the right of the large headlight knob there are a couple of buttons with a dash clock picture and + & - symbols. These adjust the dash brightness, they can be a bit slow though so press once then wait a second or so and it should brighten a bit after each press.

    Next to the headlight controls is a brightness adjustment for the dash lights.
  16. Blower settings

    Hey guys, hope someone can help. I went out in the car earlier and all was fine with the blowers on all settings. Came out of the shop and noticed that the blowers were not working on settings 1, 2 and 3 but 4 works fine. Could this be a fuse? Any help greatly appreciated.

    soz tom its a 13 plate focus titanium eco boost 1 litre
  18. Preformance

    Which size engine? If you've got the 1.6, you can take injectors and turbo from the 1.6 TDCi 110ps Focus... Though tbh hybrid turbo is the better way to go.

    CHEERS TOM just thought it was duller at night thanks for your prompt reply
  20. 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Reverse Gear Problems? (MK 7.5)

    Never had it jump out but it's absolute nightmare at times to get into reverse. My old mk7 was the same though. It's definitely a common problem and the cold weather starts seem to make it worse. Pop it into neutral, then into third and try again. Doesn't work? Try neutral then first then reverse. It will eventually go in, usual after I've pulled my bicep trying to force it for a minute.

    Which Ford is it? The dash lights do dim when the headlights are on so as not to blind you in the dark. There is often a dimmer roll switch on the right hand side of the wheel to adjust this but they're never as bright as daytime.
  22. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    thanks, i checked it; Haynes & Ford worshop manual say the same : 40nm + 90°. I guess that 90° turn is gonna be a the tough one..

    HI I am new to the forum, I want to know is it possible to brighten my dashboard lighting at night as it seems duller than daytime driving thanks for any replies john
  24. Preformance

    2007 mk6 fiesta tdci with the peugeot engine, what cars can i get bigger and better things like injectors and turbos and inter coolers off of for my car to make it faster and pull harder, i know i would need it remapped

    I'm also not a fan of the "Fast and the Furious" big daft wing and bodykit scraping on the road floor look...although I wouldn't mind some underbody neons, lol
  26. He said it had been done by one of the owners and he said he lost the print out. Honestly don't really care thankfully however want to check the timing belt. Clutch doesn't slip which is a good sign however hope it doesn't go for the time I have the car.
  27. Actually asked them that and they said you can. This is what I asked.
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