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  2. DPF replacement, argh!

    Ah, gotcha. I assumed it would have been temperature related and not liking having the additive chucked in it. Put the old one back in for now so I've got a car for the time being. Just got to wait for the ebay seller to make up some excuses as to why he was selling a euro 5 DPF as fit for 2004-2010 Focus's. Shame about not being able to retrofit, I did spent an hour or so googling around with no luck, that might have made the whole thing a bit less painful!
  3. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I would ask to test drive a both cars if possible before you make your mind up. We had a 1 litre Eco Boost Fiesta 125BHP which was fine and pulled like a train around town. But when we took a 1 litre Eco Boost Focus for a test drive it felt sluggish at the lights possible due to the Focus body weighs more than a Fiesta so we took a Focus 1.5 litre Eco Boost 150 BHP for test drive and we found it a lot better drive than the 1 litre. And we ordered a new 1.5 Eco Boost 150BHP ST Line we find it drive like a dream I am glad we choose the 1.5 litre 150BHP. We are getting around 50 mpg on a run and about 40 mpg urban the road Tax is £140 the same if registered after April 2017. So I would test drive both cars before you buy.
  4. Hi Guys, have had my 2011 Zetec S for a year and it has had the red fiesta logo LED kick plates fitted since i have had it but the lights have never lit up, out of the blue today one side has now half lit up, as i did not fit them i have no idea how to test connection, get in them to check led's etc. Anyone who has any experience of fitting these and how to troubleshoot why they do not light up would be much appreciated Thanks again Chris
  5. power loss 1.6 tdci

    Is the turbo actuator rod moving with engine start yet? If not, there must be a problem with the vacuum system somewhere, or the actuator is jammed. If possible, try direct connection of the vacuum hose (that goes from the vacuum pump or brake servo, to the solenoid) to the turbo actuator. That would test for a broken wire or electrical problem powering the solenoid, If the brakes work properly, the vacuum pump must be ok. If the vacuum hose hisses when pulled off, and does not move the turbo when connected to it, then the actuator must be jammed. Also a log using Forscan while driving might show if the turbo is working partly, or not at all.
  6. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    No worries - it is quite a lengthy thread!!
  7. Do I have a big problem

    Be aware that these fuel injectors are very delicate. After removal these fuel injectors needs to be submersed in an appropriate liquid (for examble injector testing fluid or clean diesel fuel). Unfortunately many people discovered this the hard way and had to buy 4 new fuel injectors. The washers between the fuel injectors and the cilinder head can be made of copper or aluminium. Aluminium washers may explain the silver color.
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Thank you Mathew - I'd only just found the topic so scanned through it rather (too) quickly...
  9. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    "(they cant avoid 3rd party claims)", well yes and no. If they find something they don't like, like a non-declared modification they still have to pay the third party (like you say) but they can pursue you to recover their outlay. Whether they would or not depends on whether or not they think it is worthwhile - like have you got the means to repay them - not just cash, but assets also. The insurance law is to protect innocent third parties but does not protect the policyholder against recovery of the sums paid to the third party.
  10. DO ITTTTT!! Went from Zetec 15s to ST 150 17s. Alloys were purchased from a fellow Fiesta owner for no more than £100. Spent about £160 on nearly new tyres and balancing at a local tyre fitters. Bought a couple of cans of matte black spray paint to hide some curb marks and light scratches while I decide how I actually want to finish the wheels (about £6 in all.) Nothing else has been done to the wheels since and I've been driving fine for a couple of months now (only just curbed one again this week DOH! [emoji85]) . Just take note of the drive quality and points on curbing, pot holes etc as others have said above [emoji4] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
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  12. Do I have a big problem

    Hi all again sorry for lack of posting on any update (the joys of recovering from a bleed on the brain). Ok I have done a check on all injectors apart from being very yucky and could probably do with a very good clean, the resistance on all are the same. Looking at the seals at the top of the head and the fact that one of the plastic spacer washer was missing I am fairly confident the whole problem was badly fitted. I have removed all injectors but I can’t get the naughty little copper washers out to the point I’m not actually convinced they are in there. I have put a little camera down the hole, sorry not got any pictures. And I’m a little confused as I would expect to see a copper colour but it is very silver. I have cleaned up as much as I can (great fun as not much room) even put a few drops of petrol around the edge to see if this would help clean any remaining carbon between washer and block. I have tried numerous different ways and tools including my nice new slide hammer washer remover. Any tips? The reason I am starting to think They are not even in is this car has had one of those mechanics working on it at some time in its life ie lots of different nuts bolts screws etc. For example I had to use 6 different sockets then a Allen key to just undo the injectors which is not bad considering it only has 8 fixings, oh and a cable tie instead of a jubilee clip! Why more things to put good any way I sent the turbo away and all is good with that they even cleaned it. Also I have got a new turbo oil feed pipe with a pressure gauge that I will fit when I rebuild that bit. has anyone by any chance got a measurement from the top engine to the copper seal
  13. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    As discussed above, rusting of the turbo housing is entirely normal and serves as a passivation layer to prevent further corrosion. It is nothing to worry about.
  14. I drive a ford fiesta ecoboost 1l 2015. My phone (Moto g 2nd gen) has been connected for just over two years, no problems. All of a sudden my phone won't connect, I've google it and tried lots of different things, as a last resort I did a master reset and tried to add it again and it won't work. I get to the bit on the car display where it says please find sync on your phone and press it, and the display on the car shows the 6 digit pin it wants me to enter. In my phone when it searches for device it displays sync (which is black) I press on it so it greys out and underneath it says pairing and then after a little while nothing happens and the word sync on my phone goes to black again. It's so annoying, hoping someone might have had a similar issue and have been able to resolve? Thanks
  15. Radio not turning off?

    Only owned the car a week so no idea
  16. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    Do you mean 'goes away when hot'?
  17. Hello All We have Mondeo Mk2 Ghia X 2.5 and have been attempting to fix a failed Right side Electric Adjustment. We have replaced the Electric Adjuster Motor in the Headlamp, but without success. Any ideas appreciated. Andy
  18. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    Petrol forecourt ANPR isn't linked to police. It literally just reads reg plates for if you do a runner without paying. I've bought fuel a few times on the way to an MOT centre without MOT or tax...not illegal to do so but the ANPR wouldn't know that at the time... It's never been mentioned and I've never been stopped or sent fines.
  19. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Its open my eyes how these days its a complete Rip off world,gone from £900 to £550 just for a 30 mins phone call over 2 days.
  20. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    They just aint taxing them,what happened to these cameras on garages that when you get your petrol checks the Reg and if no tax or other stuff is sent to the police,i heard about this years ago but did it ever get up and running as we all need a garage for fuel.
  21. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Depends on price... The 1.5 would have to be cheaper... enough to counter the extra fuel, tax and insurance as running costs is my main reason for looking at the 1 litres. I also think the 1.5 will be harder to sell if you're aiming to sell in say 2 or 3 years. I have had exactly the same dilemma recently lol.
  22. Halfords Discount Cards

    Just what I was afraid of; it's going to be pure luck I think. No harm in trying I guess
  23. Halfords Discount Cards

    I've tried both and not been allowed in 3 different stores. Seems to be store dependant but I don't think you're meant to be able to use them together.
  24. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    It's worth a look, I've replaced 2 that were split but can't remember the symptoms or codes that showed up.
  25. DPF replacement, argh!

    Although it will bolt on ok, the PCM is programmed for the old type and it's not just a tick box to change. You'll still be chucking eolys additive into the fuel which won't do the cDPF any good. The old type needs a much hotter temp to regen and be done more frequently, the PCM will continue to do that which could damage the newer type. There may be other reasons that I've forgotten. I looked into 'upgrading' to the newer type about 3 years ago but was told it wasn't possible. The thread should still be on here somewhere.
  26. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    We had our 63-plate Ecoboost Fiesta serviced and this week. Annual service which has been done by the same Ford main dealer since we bought it, although we did not buy it from them. This one is a family-owned business with just two branches, so "small enough to care" and we've had no problems. The car has just over 22,000 miles on the clock. After coming across this thread thought I'd better check ours. The pipes themselves look clean with no signs of rust or leaks. However the housing they go into seems to be a rusty colour, but evenly spread like the one in the OP's picture, almost like it was made that way. I'll drop an email to them about it over the weekend with a link to this thread and see what they come back with.
  27. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    perfect thanks, im off on tuesday so ill give it a go and report back.
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