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  2. Alloy Wheel Cap

    If I'd spotted this earlier you could have had mine, I swapped them for the standard ford blue ones
  3. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Yes I'll upload some pics not took many I only bought car last week so not done much to it yet... Yes they over priced they used to he someone on ere that did them n paid about 12 pound for all three
  4. Things I Do Like

    at last my partner has come her sences and bought a fiesta instead of a mini!!! took a while but i kept on at her until she gave in. 16 plate titanium 125 ecoboost. part ex her trusty 59 plate honda jazz 78k with full service history... cough cough. well in 78k it has had 1 oil filter change and 2 oil changes, set of front and rear pads, and 6 tyres (4 of which only put on not long ago) still on original spark plugs, air filter, pollen filter. lol
  5. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    Thanks again for answer ! I will post soon one clip with this annoying tremble ...
  6. Things I Do Like

    2 vauxhalls i see.
  7. Alright, so I installed AIRTEC Stage 2 induction kit. I took it out for a skoot and I noticed once I put my foot down there was a whistle coming from the passenger side... I am completely lost on why its making this weird sound and would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  8. Thank you :)
  9. i have a fiesta 1.4 53 zetec and today i noticed 2 puddles under the car, just below where the radiator is, then when i took it out for a normal drive (about 7 miles) i popped the bonnet to see smoke/steam coming from behind the engine, any ideas what this could be??? NOTE - i had the head gasket replaced 5000 miles ago
  10. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    Well, £6 for 2 litres i.e. £3 per litre in Tesco is still cheap then isn't it whether or not £12 was overpriced?
  11. Today
  12. As you said you didn't want aftermarket mapping then there's not much to say on the subject! What's the reason for not wanting aftermarket?
  13. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    He probably just wanted to sell you the other car (Ecoboost's pretty much sell themselves given their popularity; other versions may need a bit of a push).
  14. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Hmm. Bought a Fiesta for my wife 2 years ago and the salesman actually talked us out of buying an ecoboost car stating "reliability issues".
  15. Footwell LED lights

    They shouldn't glow when off.
  16. Couple of questions

    things are more of a challenge to change as they try and squueze everything into small spaces to fit it all in. would be a challenge to do yourself. all other bulbs on car can be changed quite easy its just the front fogs that are a pain. if you got a local garage just pop and ask `em and slip `em £10 for doing them maybe speakers have blown on the doors or the cones are split. but you won`t know until you take a look at `em matey
  17. Couple of questions

    Hi mate. Thanks for your reply. The vibration on mine is definitely the doors and no matter how much I try I cannot ignore it lol As for the bulbs, thank you but how crazy is it to change them! Why they make changing bulbs so difficult nowadays is beyond me lol
  18. 2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Thanks for your reply iantt I will re-gen in the morning and see if it comes down. Wow 6k and 213% that is bad. Thanks Jim
  19. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    that link was an old one. try this
  20. Couple of questions

    hi chris mine is the same radio and has the same problem, think it`s the speaker on the top of the dash that causes the vibrations the most, i just take no notice of it lol. as for the fog lights bit of a nightmare to do as you need it up on a ramp to make it easier to do as the wheel arch covers need to come off before you can get to the back of the fog lights the bulb you need is a H11. got my local garage to replace mine a few yrs ago (bulb pic below) Osram Front Fog Light Bulb (Nightbreaker Unlimited H11) is a bright white bulb around £14 a bulb
  21. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    yep, you need an elm 327 cable , preferably usb, got a link a few posts previous
  22. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    theres another topic somewhere on this forum about sat nav fitting.
  23. 2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    will probably need a few goes as its that bad, i did a transit last week that had only done 6000 miles and was 213% , it wasnt regening due to a broken wire on the intake temp sensor. it had gone into limp mode due to the high soot loading. took 2 regens to get it down.
  24. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Once I've downloaded the software what else would I need I presume a cable? Can get my hands on a cluster with the large screen from same car as mine and only has 8000 miles on mine has 33k
  25. 2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Hi all New vaporiser fitted, re-gen got to 59% then said it had failed. It smoked during the 1st 15% and was hot as **** till 35%. DPF load % before fitting new vaporiser was 207% and after re-gen it is 19%. DPF soot % before fitting new vaporiser was 197% and after re-gen it is 157%. ForScan advises doing another re-gen so I will carry that in the morning see if I can get the DPF Soot % down. Does any of the above info point to anything else or can it take a few times to burn all the soot off? Bearing in mind it probably hasn't re-genned for a good 3 months!! Thanks all Jim
  26. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

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