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  2. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Not going to do any performance upgrades at the moment until the blown engine faults are rectified www.tomholroydphotography.co.uk Sent from my iPhone
  3. My MK7 Fiesta

    Ah sorry lol, was shattered from work. Are Zaust too far from you
  4. Hello everyone, I have just bought these wipers brand new off ebay for my MK2 Focus, and I am a bit suspicious of them as they look a bit different to my last ones and don't have any branding on the centre section. Has anybody else bought any Bosch AeroTwin wipers lately and can confirm theirs looked the same as these please? Cheers!
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  6. Hi I'm looking at buying a MK3 estate to replace my dead MK2 and want to take the head unit from the MK2 - is it possible? The head's a double DIN Pioneer, which I want to keep as it works great with my iPod The current setup fitted is this; Would I just need a fascia adaptor or would that not work? The head unit I want to keep does bluetooth dialing, ipod control etc, hence wanting to keep it Also, is there anywhere convenient to mount a second 12v socket for running my GPS?
  7. 1.6 Diesel fuel filter

    I have msg the seller with the car's vin number and he replied saying that the above doesn't fit! He advised buying Ford part number 1882099 which is this one!! https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_diesel_fuel_filter_2011-2014_f_1882099_c_1188.htm Even more confused now lol!!
  8. 2018 Mondeo Sony upgrade.

    Sound quality with road, tyre and engine noise ruining it? No.
  9. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Thanks Trewithy. Looking on Autotrader there are lots of 1.4 autos from 2009-2011 in my price range, but none describe the type of gearbox. How would I know which have the torque converter type?
  10. 1.6 Diesel fuel filter

    Thanks all for your replies! E-bay can sometimes be risky but item number 272378868761 looks ok. I also rang the phone number and they are in the UK.
  11. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi @Bannko Thanks for the info that's really helpful . I would think that there's a lot of people who would not know to look for that when buying the Kuga. Y.
  12. hi guys and girls

    Hi Welcome
  13. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Today have been advised of a scheduled build date - 30 Jan - so should be on target for that 18 plate!
  14. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    yup , and nothing kills off an already old / weak battery faster than sustained cold weather , like were getting now :-D as a general note , i wouldnt rely entirely on the onboard volt test reading , better to check at the batt terminals with a decent multimeter. a strong batt will read around 12.5 - 12.7v & a healthy alternator should kick out at least 13.5v with engine running.
  15. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Sorry and rear camera !!
  16. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Colour red 140 ps with rear sensors and panoramic roof plus red pack part leather interior. It is a 5 door to accommodate grandkids
  17. Dash cam advice!

    Hi Dan Can you give a "Ball Park" figure for the level of discount people could expect? Thanks.
  18. Help: tyre pressure 4 trip

    On winter tyres with studs i would use little higher or even full load pressures. Specially if you start on higher temp enviroment. If it feels like rear is sliding and traction control has to work alot, then you can always stop at gas station and lower the pressures(once tyres have cooled down)
  19. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    what colour/extras did you go for?
  20. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    I'm having the same issue myself on an mk3 Fcus Titanium X 2.0 TDCi. I had a guy read fault codes on a computer this morning but none came up so going to have to take it to a garage tomorrow to get a full check done. What requirements need to be met for the car to regen if it is the DPF? I have tried ragging it down the motorway to no avail. Hoping that it could just be a faulty sensor or something simple like the fuel filter and nothing major/expensive. Thanks
  21. hi guy and girls i have had a lot of fords in my time mk 2 escort/mk 2 fiesta/capri/x3 focus,s/mk 4 fiesta/mk 5 fiesta/sierra/mk 2 mondeo so i do like my fords lol at the mo i drive a mk 4 mondeo 2007 ghia (140) and the wife(the boss) has the focus.will be looking to do some mods on the mondeo so hope i get some good ideas here
  22. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    Will be soon selling my Tit X steering wheel with cruise control buttons :) so if maybe somebody will be interested PM me.
  23. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Search this site for powershift problems. As far as I am aware early powershift boxes were prone to judder and required clutches to be changed. This problem was caused by a faulty oil seal and was rectified by ford. I have had a powershift from new in march 2015 and have not had any problems, after one or two jerky changes when new it now changes gear very smoothly, almost imperceptible at times, and is a joy to drive. However if a newer model is outside your price range look for an older 1.4 with the torque converter type gearbox.
  24. Hi there ! Well its general driving, potholes (plenty!), road bumps, the usual stuff on a daily commute on Britain's well maintained roads...There seems no particular way of making it worse or better. They checked top mounts and even replaced the drop links as a matter of course almost. That's what makes this an odd one, they put car on MOT ramp and joggled, pushed and generally did all they could and came up with nothing. They're good guys too, not a back street bodge shop. Shocks have been mentioned but I've never heard a set of shocks make this noise ! lol ..
  25. Clunky front end....Ooh Err !!

    When does the clunk happen, turning from lock to lock? Could be top mounts, over rough roads rattling all the time .could be drop links, the odd bang over a hump? Could be subframe, a bit more detail could help.
  26. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @yozz3r Forscan is of course involved in the activation process so good for you that you have already some experience with it ;) SD-cards slot is present always also for the nonNAV as NAV version. You have to only focus on the top right corner and what is written there. If the sat nav is not there then you have there text saying : "Information system" Like on this picture: If the navi is there you see "Naviagtion" (SD-Card is inserted) or "Insert nav. SD card" (SD-card is not inserted) ;)
  27. Dash Cam Installation

    On a side note thinking about getting a 128gb micro SD card since I will be going 2ch setup on Sunday. Generally I’ve read manufacturers recommend using their own branded cards, but is this necessary or could I get my own like a Sandisk 128gb class 10 micro card? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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