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  2. Parking Sensors Without Display

    I will try and get the photos you require tomorrow, I’m just about to head out to work
  3. Parking Sensors Without Display

    Is there any chance of a snap of where the module should be mounted...I’ve ordered all the missing bits but would love to see the correct factory fit location for the module behind the trim in the boot... grateful for your help ! thanks ale
  4. 2017 fiesta panoramic roof and spare wheel

    Introduced in Sept 2017 is the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light-duty vehicles Test Procedure). This requires all new vehicles to take into account all equipment options which would influence aerodynamics, weight and rolling resistance. In this new test procedure every kilogram counts (apparently). Honda are the clever ones then. Getting in before the rest of the world is forced to follow.
  5. Dash Cam Installation

    Thats a pretty tasty camera. Usually these things should be attached to the cigarette lighter fuse. Directly from my Zetec manual:- "When you switch the ignition on, you can use the socket to power 12 volt appliances with a maximum current rating of 20 amps." I personally just use a Gopro and the usb socket to power it - means i can remove the cam and continue filming outside the car when some noob bumps yer car with their shopping trolley or you need evidence from that nasty pothole lol
  6. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    To anyone involved in this thread of even browsing I'm putting a thread up now in the sale section. Selling the illuminite H7 halogens, illuminte h15/DRLs (brand new, unused), H11 LED fogs (also brand new and unused) and LED 955 reverse lights. End of the day I think I was just expecting a different look to what I actually got from them. To someone else they may be just what their looking for so thought I'd whack the post up.
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  8. New Member - hello!

    Hi Welcome
  9. It can vary so much from branch to branch, or even salesman to salesman (or even new tech to the workshop fossil) that its not really possible to make a meaningful ranking.
  10. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    PCP is still potentially buying one, you can own the car at the end if you want to. Any finance package or badly priced car bought outright at the start can still be a rip off. You just have to weigh up the pros and cons of each
  11. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Plus on top of that you have to pay for maintenance, service repairs and tyres for a car someone else owns. Madness. You can lease one from £259 a month, so why anyone would chuck their money at a PCP is beyond me. Either buy one, or lease one. This halfway house in the middle is a rip off.
  12. New Member - hello!

    Hi all, Jus wanted to say hello. My name is Mark, I am an aerospace engineer and drive a Focus 1.8 zetec 06. Happy belated new year to you all!
  13. 2017 fiesta panoramic roof and spare wheel

    Wouldn't surprise me if it's just weight. The cars have to be type approved and meet their emissions targets. They also have to be able to take so much load, potentially a tow bar. Adding a panoramic roof and spare wheel is a lot of extra weight. Otherwise you'll end up with what Honda do, which is different MPG and CO2 ratings for models with panoramic roofs.
  14. I didn't taste it, I'm more refined than that.lol
  15. 2017 fiesta panoramic roof and spare wheel

    Wow, that is interesting. I can't think what the reason could be! Simply buy the car with the panoramic roof and then purchase a spare wheel from elsewhere (you can get them much cheaper than what Ford charge!). You will be looking for a spare with similar dimensions to this: Rim size: 14" x 5.5 Tyre size: 175/65 R14
  16. Dash Cam Installation

    Hi all, So I decided to get a dash cam for my 2008 mk5 fiesta primarily due to my drive to and from my new work location as the drive can be full of idiots in the area I drive through etc. Also so for a bit of piece of mind when the car is parked. Ive ordered the Thinkware F800 pro 2ch dash cam with a hardwire kit and had to order separately the micro piggy back wire adaptors for the hardwire kit. Now im not sure when I’ll be able to get a volt meter to test the two locations I need to connect the hardwire kit for a live and live on ignition connections. (I know I need to connect earth wire to a bolt connected to car chassis. So Was wondering if anyone can advise me which fuses to connect to? I plan to for now to install both rear and front cameras as it seems simple enough and researched into best way to do it and will be using the cig power cable to power for now
  17. Engine Oils 5w30 10w40 - Does It Really Matter?

    Does it taste like it came fresh from the Gulf of Mexico?
  18. Yep, I tasted it.lol
  19. Is this to do with the torsional rigidity of the car being weakened by the aperture in the roof.and the possibility of the body deforming if the car is jacked up on one corner. Anybody any thoughts ?
  20. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    @Yes, you can update directly. And for the NAV i will send you more details in PM.
  21. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Hi. Can I update directly from 4.32 to 3.10 ? And how can I activate Nav?
  22. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    You got the link for this? I am looking to find one for my Fiesta and was wondering about signal issues.
  23. Engine Oils 5w30 10w40 - Does It Really Matter?

    You sure thats Castrol in the bottle?
  24. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    What a great few days this has turned out to be. Not. Long story short, my heater matrix is leaking. Proper gutted. I left it off with the mech this morning so I'm hoping he can fix it with out having to take the dashboard out but I'm expecting the worse tbh. I've mentioned about the rattling front/back too. Expecting hefty costs when he rings me back.
  25. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    Might still be worth giving them a call
  26. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Numptys . It's the pressure switch they need to remove. Think you need to take it to a garage who knows what there doing.
  27. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Part ex every 2/3 years, thats what a chunk of us do. But you are right, it does require a large amount of equity to begin with for a vehicle like that.
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