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  2. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    I know low battery voltage can sometimes cause the computer systems to go wonky, but flickering headlights as a sign of low voltage is when they're set to on not off. Changing the battery might be a starting point, but there could be something else electrical going on too.
  3. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    The headlight bulb flickers not an icon for it. I saw it reflecting back off the car in front when parked.
  4. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    You might be able to get a charging only usb cable. Or you could modify a spare/cheap cable and cut the data wires. This assumes the iphone will charge over USB without a data connection.
  5. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    Possibly in your phone settings. Some allow you to set the USB port for just charging. However this only sometimes works. Did on my Motorola which runs stock Android but not on my Samsung. It's annoying on the Samsung as it starts playing my phone calls back to me!
  6. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Battery voltage is always higher straight after switching the engine off. It takes a bit of time to "settle" to it's actual state of charge. That said, re-reading your earlier post, you said the headlights flicker even set to off? Do you mean the actual bulbs or just the icon for it?
  7. Leak in my boot,

    the Mk2 does have a common boot leak but its the hinge of the tail gate itself. that allows water to come down the side and in to the boot. you really need to find the source of the leak before sealing it up inside the case. all you may end up doing is filling the panel with water and causing a leak elsewhere.
  8. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    This is one of those "is there a way?" threads, sorry! Is there a way to connect your phone to the car's USB slot (near the handbrake and aux slot) in order to charge your phone, but without it trying to connect it to the car. The reason for my asking is because the charging port on my iPhone 6 can be quite dodgy and so I always connect via bluetooth. So when it is attached via USB it continually disconnects/connects causing music and phone calls to be cut out.
  9. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Ok so drove the car home and checked the voltage this time it was 12.6, would this be because its freshly charged? If I get a battery is it an easy DIY job? do those battery memory savers work? I don't have my radio code.
  10. D13HPD ST-2

    loving the head lights fella nice touch
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  12. look forward to seeing the updates and the colour coded rear bumper
  13. Leak in my boot,

    Hello I have a mk2 , With all the bad weather we are having I have spring a leak. No surprise their but I think I have found the place it's coming in and thought I would share just in case it's of use. So the leak I have found is in a seam . The seem is on the right hand side of the boot if I look at the luggage light there's a hole and if you look through the hole there's a seam under what would be the lower screw fixing for the rear light cluster, so on my dinner today I plan on sealing it with sealant also I'm going to put sealant around both screw fixings for the rear light cluster. Hope this kind of makes sense. Regards Adam
  14. Bulb fallen inside puddle light

    Good effort.
  15. sale on

    https://www.gsfcarparts.com/ seems canny you get 57% off if you use this code jan57
  16. Fog lights

    Have you turned on the headlamps?
  17. Bulb fallen inside puddle light

    managed to eventually hook it out with some double sided tap on the end of a small allen key
  18. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    No problem in hijacking dansallis But to flesh it out a bit more with the eco button - from the manual: I've not noticed any difference pressing the Eco button as I've only just pressed it! Just completed 3 full tanks driving smoothly and economically to and from work without Eco button pushed and have averaged 50.4mpg (calculated) over those full tanks. I've now pressed the Eco button and will do another 3 full tanks on the same commute (and same grade of petrol from the same Shell station) to make a direct comparison. It did feel a bit more sluggish this morning but I've only done 35 miles so far with the Eco button pushed. Will update when I have some comparable data.
  19. wow, looks good fun and in a lovely car, i look forward to seeing more of you travels, i couldnt do it, i prefer a hotel and hot weather.
  20. Parking sensor display not working

    UPDATE. Also, the sat nav map does not display. The road names, speed signs etc all work, but no map!! Any help welcome.
  21. Dash cam advice!

    The mini Series is a prime example of a camera that might or might not be any good. also, not all Mini XXXX cameras are the same, some are official, some a clones, some batches are crap, some are not. it requires a lot of research to make that decision! I'm quite active on that forum above as well and there are lot of examples of the cameras being out of focus, dying, flaky recording, stuttering. All sorts BUT, if you get a good one, then as David said, its a great camera, I personally don't like the screen on them but the record quality (if it works) is outstanding. Id strongly recommend a capacitor based camera. There have been a couple of examples of batteries exploding in the summer heat and some of the Mini series had serious heat dissipation issues meaning they kept turning off.
  22. Hi! It might be that it is cheaper in the manufactoring process to install it on all cars to lower the logistics cost for different wiring kits, especially as the microphone is a very low cost item.
  23. 1.6 Diesel fuel filter

    Be careful with ebay, make sure its UK based (some look like its UK but the stuff is stored in china) and ideally associated with a website company you can pick up the phone to and speak to them and they have a clear returns policy. I picked up a fuel filter nice and cheap on email few years back and it turned out to be junk. it was sold as new in a Bosch Box but it reeked of diesel and it was obvious it wasn't a bosch design. I had to fight it to get my money back through paypal as they didn't accept returns Eurocarparts is always more expensive but they also always have huge discounts. normally the voucher codes SAVE30 or SAVE35. This week it seems to be MID40 anyhow, you can also use Carparts4less, same company but cheaper, you can usuaslly get discount codes for them too, SAVE15 was the last one that worked. Euro parts can be picked up at the shop, Carparts4less is posted to you.
  24. The voice recognition of my ford fiesta 2013 hatchback is not working. No response after pressing the button. But the aux, Bluetooth, cds, radio fm, is all working except the voice recognition. Please help what do i need to do. The last thing i did was after changing the fuse of cigarette outlet.
  25. I have ford fiesta 2013 and i would like to ask how to repair the coolant container because i always fill it into maximum level and after using the car its always leaking and the level is always in the below minimum. Someone please explain what to do.
  26. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    The first picture shows the 'A off' button and the 'Eco' button. The second picture shows just 'ON', but if you looked closer it would say 'Passenger Airbag'. The 'A off' button turns off the auto stop/start feature The 'Eco' button turns on "EcoMode" - improves vehicle economy while driving The illuminated 'ON' button turns the passenger airbag off/on - this should only be done when there is a baby in its car seat in the passenger seat. Sorry to hijack this thread Dal, to keep it on topic I will ask you something relevant. What kind of MPG do you get on your daily commute and have you actually noted a difference with the EcoMode?
  27. I never took a traditional gap year so have taken a hiatus from my career to travel for 2 years. I left the UK in 2016 with an odometer reading of 68,267 - I'm now just over 91,000 miles. My road-trip to-date can in effect be can be broken into 2 parts, Part 1: Predominantly exploring Europe: (August 2016-May 2017) Returning to the UK to obtain Central Asian VISAs Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; to be read > leaving England towards Scandinavia, Of particular note:- My entry into Kosovo via Serbia from the north, all roads due to the war have been deliberately destroyed bar a single road used for goods vehicles which was shelled by mortars during the war. This hasn't been fixed, needless to say my suspension had a good work out. I was in Kosovo for their annual Day of Independence [from Serbia] celebrations in February 2017. Orange line = Detour road-trips in the Fiesta; Of note: to the northern Russian city of Murmansk situated over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in October 2016 Personal best of -22, car was fine! I was cold. Red line = A single flight to Bulgaria and back into Saint Petersburg - Sep 2016 Part 2: My current road trip: Russia into Central Asia: (Sep 2017-Current) Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; leaving England straight for Saint Petersburg, Russia - Of particular note:- My entry in Annexed Crimea, [The FCO advises against all travel to this region for British nationals] was via mainland Russia and thus not though a border controlled by Ukrainian forces - as the UK.. and well most of the world don't consider Crimea part of the Russian Federation - According to UK law I've committed an international crime and face arrest. I'm very proud of this amusing feat. Without hesitation I can say I had an amazing time in Crimea, I will have fond memories of this place for a long time. Christmas 2017 I entered Chechnya and Dagestan, both of these regions the FCO point blank advises all British nationals not to travel under any circumstance, this was the 3rd region I've explored that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises point blank against all travel for British nationals... and this was the third region I've had a positive experience. My interactions with people though these two caucus regions have been nothing but warm and welcoming, very humbling. Once again people asking for car selfies, one driver aged about 60 was so amazed by my presence here, he filmed me for a good few miles! From personal experience and through talking to locals, I've released tourists here are incredibly well received, and respected. Red line = My planned main route - I write this currently in Astrakhan near the western Kazakhstan border. With a rough plan to be at Baikal for April 2017 Orange line = Planned detour route from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Baikonur, Kazakhstan - Arrival date in Baikonur 10th March, for the purpose of watching live manned Soyuz launch Expedition 55/56 to the ISS. I'll add a small gallery of images from the previous post shortly..
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