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  2. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    I just noticed that when I stop the engine, have the radio on then open the door a nice, blue, Bluetooth symbol appears next to the battery and signal display for a moment before they all go off, so it seems to me that maybe it was intended to have the Blue Bluetooth symbol was meant to be illuminated when there is a phone connected. Maybe it requires a software update to correct this.
  3. Ford Power Live comes to Snetterton on 22 October and this brand new event offers an intoxicating mix of on and off-track entertainment with a Blue Oval theme. You can save on the gate price by ordering tickets in advance by clicking here - under-13s go free - and we’ve got a special £5 off offer for Ford enthusiasts and clubs. Check out the details and book your tickets here. Action on the circuit will include a Ford Power trackday with a variety of Ford machinery on the 200 circuit - book your place here, whilst the 100 layout, surrounded by the venue’s panoramic spectator banks will be filled with exciting demonstrations from Ford-powered cars. Away from the tarmac there will be displays of Ford cars from across the eras with a special Puma 20th anniversary area, Red Dragon Monster Truck rides, a Ford-themed trade village, live music and children’s entertainment. This will include a competition to determine the identity of Britain’s most beautiful Ford with the FPL Concours award. To buy tickets for Ford Power Live, call 0843 453 9000 or click the button below
  4. Oh I see lol, glad that sorted [emoji1] what other additions are you planning on doing?
  5. I know how to turn them on and off. What I meant was, when turning my rear fogs on, what I expected to see what lights on in the bumper (similar to what happens when I turn on front fogs). But as you've said, those are reflectors so that was never going to happen. Essentially, I didn't realise that the fog lights were part of the main tail light unit Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  6. If you push the (arrowed) switch then that will turn your fogs off.... pull it out one click and that will turn on your front fogs, pull it out a second click and that will turn on your rear fogs.......
  7. Cheers! Ahh thanks, learn something new everyday! I did notice the fog lights (where your arrows are) come on when I turned the switch - although I only just noticed today as I haven't used my fogs since owning a Fiesta. Always assumed the reflectors however, were in fact fog lights as they mirror the ones in the front bumper! Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  8. headlights levelling

    yes I've got the factory fitted led's but couldn't find any info in the online manual. I have been flashed at a couple of times by oncoming cars with the auto beam on! I haven't had the car two wks yet so i'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong!
  9. Lower miles on engine than on the car

    If you change the engine, the mileage would stay the same to reflect the mileage on the body, suspension, components, interior etc, but it would no longer reflect the mileages of the engine. Even if you put a brand new engine with 0 miles on it you still can't legally change the odometer, becasue the rest of the car, gearbox, components, etc. would still have that much wear on it. Only thing you can legally do is keep the invoice for the engine from a garage or a receipt showing the mileage on the engine. You can not lawfully change the clocks to match the engine. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. headlights levelling

    If you have factory Zenon lights then no manual level adjustment is available. It is reliant on levelling sensors on the suspension. Non Zenon lights will have a manual adjustment wheel on the headlight control unit. If you have Zenons then it may be a duff sensor, fuse or relay. A faulty adjustor motor would affect only one light as it is highly unlikely for both motors to go at the same time. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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  12. ST springs on a 1.0 Ecoboost

    Hi, has anyone fitted ST OEM springs to a 1.0 Ecoboost? Seems like an economical upgrade, without lowering the car too much. Thanks.
  13. headlights levelling

    Mine is in the centre of the light selector switch. Press it in and it pops out to allow you to adjust then push in flush to store. Mine are halogen lights.
  14. headlights levelling

    Standard like lights or LEDs?
  15. As far as I'm aware the 125bhp version (and the 100) are £0 Tax rated. The 140 bhp is £20. Or has that changed since I got mine last year?
  16. FORD Focus overheating

    hi everyone, I'm new here and don't know alot about cars. in may i brought a focus mk2 1.8 tdci its on 120k thought i had a bargain until the journey home. Came across it on ebay, spoke through message and was stupid enough not to go through eBay and pay cash on collection so no chance of getting any money back obviously. took it for a spin and everything seemed fine gone through all gears gave it a bit of a thrash, looked under bonett and from what I had been told to look out for everything seemed ok. Upon the journey home I'd got not even half hour back and red light popped up on the dash and temperature was in the red section so pulled over rang the bloke he said give me five let me ring my machanic, five minutes later I rang again and... Blocked my number. Basically the engine gets really hot very fast, coolent seems to vanish but when I take the cap off it comes flooding back into the header tank. As I speed up the temp gauge goes down as I come to a stop in traffic or slow down it shoots back up and the light comes on. Iv squeezed a few of the pipes to and from the header tank everything seems to be flowing ok, everything is tight on so I assume there's no leaks as I can't see anything underneath when left stood so now I'm stuck. Can't go anywhere in the car apart from 5 minutes up the rosd. Iv had it looked at by 4 different garages and no body can get to the bottom of it? so far had a new pipe fitted because it's was loose and a new water pump and one said it was the dreaded head gasket the other 3 say no it isn't the head gasket, the garage that did my water pump eliminated her cooler by blanking it, no white stuff under cap that seems to be ok so Now I just don't know what to do and this forum seems to be pretty helpful so anyone who can shed some light on it that would be great! Thanks
  17. headlights levelling

    hello, is there a switch to adjust the headlights at all as when the load in the rear changes the angle or does the car do it automatically? I can't seem to find one and my autobeam doesn't seem to be 100% thanks
  18. Anyone else fitted a dash cam in a mondeo with a hard wire kit?
  19. Some insurers give you the option to get a quote for a mod before you do it, makes it easier to decide to go through with one or not
  20. Hi So my first car was a mk4 escort and after 4 years of searching i have finally found a car just like mine was. Lets be clear, it´s a hobby car and i don´t want to keep it as original. Now my question is has anyone done an engine swap? What is the easiest fit? What ecu do you use? Can you turbocharge it? I have a serious problem. I am addicted to turbos. I´ve turbocharged almost all my cars so far. Now i don´t want to cut the body in any so it can´t be converted to original. maybe you can point out a doch engine that would easily fit the car and some links to find new forged internals. At the end i am hoping to get 180-220 bhp from the wheels. So i´m not gonna overdo this project. Do i even need forged internals or is there a ford engine that can be turbocharged and handle this small power? English is not my first language so i´m sorry if i´ve made some grammar mistakes. Thank you Raido
  21. Anyone got any recommendations for an exhaust system I could get. I don't want it TOO loud just enough to make it sound nice? And if I do invest in one would my insurance cost increase?
  22. Hi. Recently got myself a Focus 3.5 and looking at a few things I want to do. The car has the sync 2, 8" screen but did not come with sat nav, have seen the other post ref. retrofit for sat nav so will ask @Bannko if he could, pretty please, pm me the details. Other thing I want to look at is the electric Windows, they are front only which I don't mind. What does bug me is the one touch open only on the drivers side. Can open AND CLOSE be fitted? I would assume change of window switches but would it have to be activated as well? Also want to fit auto dimming rear view mirror but that's for another time. Cheers, Paul.
  23. Focus Mk2.5

    VAG... Don't knock it but I had a Skoda Octavia, even that was far superior to a Ford, bad mistake selling it to a cab company..
  24. I have recently had a replacement engine put in to my car. This engine apparently has between 80 to 90 thousands miles on it. The car is showing 121,000 from the previous engine. Is there any way of matching up the new engine to show on the display on the car ie the correct miles
  25. Titanium X Sport 240 Stalling

    Hi. Well i picked it up from the garage as they could not find a fault, low and behold on the way home... stalled. Turned around and took it straight back, where it continued to play up all the way there. Chap from the garage came out and it did everything it has been doing to me... to him. He plugged it in and had it in the garage for about an hour. Garage reckon it’s one of the fuel pumps. They feel that as the fault code is low fuel pressure, then chances are it will be the rear fuel pump which is in the fuel tank. They need to strip down the fuel tank and get the pump out for the cost of 700. Or it could be the front pump (high pressure) which will be an additional 350. They seem fairly confident it’s the low pressure one. However reading on a few forums, this problem seems quite rare but people who have had it, have gone through all the trouble of changing fuel pumps etc to great cost only to find the issues still present and it was the result of a faulty fuel pressure sensor in the engine bay. I’m going to ask if they would change that first as it appears to be a cheap part before we start shelling out £££’s! Has anyone come across this before? Any help is appreciated.
  26. Nice it’s made a huge difference tinting your ‘reflectors’ the two lights (that I have pointed to are your fog lights, the two round ones inserted in your bumpers are just reflectors [emoji4]
  27. This evening's little project - yes,@jonro2009 I wrapped the fogs and high level brake lamp! A couple of my friends caught me in the act and so obviously I stopped for a chit chat [emoji12] hence the huge variations in the sky colour. The fly eye didn't take to the front fog lights too well, not sure why, so will probably end up doing them again soon! Also, after all my hard work I realised that my rear fogs don't even come on! [emoji23] Unless there's a switch I've missed somewhere, which is highly likely! Anyway, pics... Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
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