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  2. New Member .

    Just got a 2016 Kuga Titanium 180 AWD . It's missing a few items . Forward sensors and rear camera . I do have Nav . So looking advice on fitting a parking camera and using Sync 2 as screen . Can this be done by novice . Many Thanks Eugene .
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  4. DE1B5F6F-3A4B-43F4-BAE3-19034CF409EE.jpeg

    Fitting mountune airbox
  5. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    Many thanks for the replies. Looks like a job on my next visit.
  6. Help

    In theory, all car electronic systems are specified to withstand reverse voltage and over-voltage. But in practice, with all the interconnections in a car, things often do get damaged. I assume you have checked the fuses in the engine bay fuse box as well as the passenger fusebox under the glove box. You will need to run diagnostics on it, probably not just a standard OBD2 tester, as this may only read codes from the ECU. Systems like the Ford IDS, or the readily available Forscan will try to make contact with all the modules in the car. Some bits must be working, just to get the systems fault light or message up. But it could be quite a hard job locating a fault. It may need a specialist.
  7. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    All I can say is have ago with VW R turbo I have 340 bhp not a hope in hell in catching that from a standing start due to its very aggressive launch control. But if I was to catch him at a higher speed I would give him a good run for his money. Main thing is doesn't really matter how fast your car goes in real terms it, Its really how much you enjoy it I just love that 5 pot grumble that my Mk2 does.The question is are modern cars really that fast and the answer is yes if you had a1ltr car say in 1980ish you would probably be quicker walking you wouldn't get 140 bhp or more from a 1ltr 3 pot engine probably a 3 pot engine would only be on a motor bike. A 2 ltr engine then would typically be about 110-120 bhp if you where lucky
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  9. If you could have any car

  10. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    This is exactly the message the dealer showed me when I ordered a couple weeks ago - they advised me it would probably be February/ March for mine to arrive but I’m not feeling to confident that will be the case if people who have ordered in June are expecting February too! Im in a bit of a strange situation with my car, am currently in negative equity on my current car which is on options, they did me a deal I was happy with but come the delivery of my new car that deal may not be so great any more seeing as id have made at least 3 more payments on the current car - Cant see it’s value falling as much as the 3 payments are!
  11. Focus ST Line X 140

    Spoke with my salesman today and I'm popping over the dealers in the morning to hopefully resolve the issue. I don't think I'll have to argue the point as the dealer has always been great to deal with. Even got a full tank of fuel when I picked the car up as a thanks for purchasing another car with them.
  12. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    It's a shame this is only compatibile with fiestas from 2012 onwards with the armrest.
  13. Headlights. Traffic L/R setting plz help

    The setting is for which side of the car you drive on and also for which side of the road. UK is right hand drive and EU continent is left hand drive. *Beaten by Damian
  14. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Yes but it looks like this!
  15. Headlights. Traffic L/R setting plz help

    It adjusts your headlights according to whether you are driving on the left hand side of the road or the right. Have you not looked in the owners book?
  16. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    My uncles Nissan Almera Tino Automatic is quicker off the line than most cars and that's about 13 years old!
  17. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I stopped buying Supermarket grade fuel years ago after a pal showed me the inside of a petrol and diesel fuel filter after a year of use. Some people may think i'm wrong but it's only what i've been told, read and seen with my own eyes. Supermarket fuel is a lesser grade. Legal yes but not filtered as much as BP, ESSO and Shell. I did have issues with my old TDCI which had a gunked up filter in the fuel tank as well as a worn diesel pump too.
  18. Instrument Cluster

  19. Brake Pads Question

    Mintex 1154's on mine.
  20. mk3 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 Mods advice request

    I've got a BlueFin and although i am impressed with the 3rd gear pull for overtaking when needed i'm not as happy as i thought i'd be. Especially as it claims to improve mpg but even when driving normally i only get 40mpg to a tank whereas i was getting 50mpg. I wanted a rear engine mount but Mountune state it's only fr the 1.6 EcoBoost and not the 1.0 EcoBoost which is a tad annoying. I still get a bit of suspension engine vibration when pulling away quickly. New Eibach springs are ordered too which i hope will aid handling as well as stance. Has anyone done any other mods to their 1.0 EcoBoost Focus?
  21. Focus Bulb Lists

    What indicator bulbs would i need to replace the standard ones in the headlamp clusters etc Jamie
  22. Hi :) What is this setting all about and is mine set properly Jamie
  23. Hi Does anyone hereown a mk2.5 rs reg M5 51 MOM jamie
  24. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    Until my dog finds it [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. Help

    I need some advice please. I tried jump starting my 57 1.6 Ford focus and cross wired the leeds, realising I had done wrong with a big spark I took the cables off and went and brought a new battery. Car won't start at all ive checked my fuses and it says engine system fault. Have i broken it Cheers for any help Colin
  26. EGR/DPF problems?

    Bought my 2nd Ford diesel (Titanium ECOnetic 1.6 Fiesta, 2014 mk 7.5) 3 months ago from a very reputable dealership. Previous diesel was 1.4TDCi climate, 2008. Have had 10 previous cars since the 80's, all petrol though. Liked the Fiesta diesel as used for frequent long trips between March & November. 27k on the clock, first 2 months had worry-free motoring with great mpg. · · BUT In mid-October, 10 days after the last long trip, the fan was running for 4 minutes after ignition off. Never did this when it was hotter weather & nearer 20C ambient temp. Rang dealership, was told it was DPF regeneration & “not to worry”. Was travelling 100 miles that night, but noticed the journey had much reduced mpg by over 22%.from frequent trips before...mpg stayed much lower until had returned, then picked up again. Rang dealership on return, no appointment available for 2 weeks...so took car back early November. · Left car for 3 hours, was told that the EGR valve had frozen open, "see how it goes". Was apprehensive coz warranty expired in 2 days... but assured the "error codes" had been deleted. Assumed the valve had been cleaned as it had been indicated via error code. · Drove another long trip (over 200 miles, mainly motorway) 3 days later. First leg fine, as normal, second leg on return showing reducing mpg again - perfect conditions & rpm over 2k most of the way. · Next morning did short journey (2.5 miles) & fan started running after ignition off. Did the same with fan overrunning for 3 days (all short journeys). Mpg plummeted. If it were DPF regeneration, I had just done a long trip the day before this started! Only reason I could think was EGR stuck open again - sending more particles through the DPF, even on a perfect regeneration trip. Rang dealership, but next appointment was in 2 days... · Mpg now over 30% down but fan had stopped running after ignition off. This time was told "fan should run after short journeys anyway" & “it uses more fuel in cold weather!!” (what doesn’t? lol) & "we never physically looked at the EGR valve, just cleared the error codes & did 5 updates on the software". Been asked to monitor all dashboard readings . As far as I could, I had already done so! Have fuel receipts & mileage details. ECU didn't even register the last regeneration date after these updates the week before. Mpg down from 67 (normal) to 41 at worst (4 days ago). · No error codes at all now - but obviously SOMETHING IS WRONG – most likely the EGR valve? Should I get an independent report of the actual physical mechanics, & not rely just on laptop readings as the dealership do? · Since I went there a few days ago, there has been no fan overrunning at all & mpg is slowly climbing again, but still 15% down from normal. Dealership did nothing except check laptop ECU readings. Think the EGR valve may be sticky in colder weather, but I'm not a mechanic… Now waiting for next faulty cycle, in the meantime not good for my peace of mind. I have heart trouble myself & I am also primary carer for someone who relies on this transport in an emergency. I’m definitely not a mechanic but I have a brain to try & understand… very disappointed after paying full screen price for a 2014 Ford from a Ford Dealership I trusted. Ford UK take note please! (apparently this version unavailable in US). ·
  27. Help

    I need some advice please. I tried jump starting my 57 1.6 Ford focus and cross wired the leeds, realising I had done wrong with a big spark I took the cables off and went and brought a new battery. Car won't start at all ive checked my fuses and it says engine system fault. Have i broken it Cheers for any help Colin
  28. Dealver vs Private

    Definitely dealer. I would only buy privately if the price was so low that I could afford to forget it if something went drastically wrong.
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