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  2. Tyre Management System

    the law changed.... I believe circa 2012 it became mandatory for a car to have a warning for low tyre pressures. Many manu bodged on a reading from the difference in wheel speeds from ABS sensors That law was updated in 2016 ( I think) making physical individual wheel TMPS sensors mandatory. On mates Nov 2015 build Mondeo it looked like it has ordinary valve stems, and the dash display was just a tyres OK (or not) message, but after a puncture it became clear there where indeed individual BT tyre pressure sensors. For an ODD reason Ford give the tyre boys no visual clue they are fitted and so they wreck them swapping tyres or doing a repair. As ALL Blutooth TPMS sensors send out tyre temp and tyre pressure data its ridiculous FORD don't bother to allow the driver to see the individual tyre read out. You do get the full individual wheel pressure read out on the equivalent Vauxhall .... although mates insignia is throwing an alarm message for issue even thought NOTHING wrong and each tyre read out is spot on. Looks like software glitch to me
  3. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    mines not working as its cold outside, but if you want to check for 12 v with connector off, bridge relay r11 switched side pin 3 and 5 . also check fuse 27 15a ( relay switch feed) and fuse 23 5a ( relay coil feed)
  4. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    Since (at least) 2007 the focus doesn't have an AC clutch, most cars by 2005 moved to a far more efficient variable drive compressor. The drive belt is attached to a cush drive that looks a bit like the old electromechanical clutches. Variable drive compressors are linked to engine management systems... with benefits along the lines of reduced load during acceleration or large throttle application, reducing the load in colder weather, at idle etc. All AC systems should be left on at all times. Turning it off saves virtually NO petrol and doesn't improve performance (due to variable load compressors), but with it off, it wreck the compressor seals, lose gas and go wrong ,which will cost many thousands to fix vs the additional running costs of about £3 of petrol when leaving it on. You also lose the safety benefits of seeing where you are going in the rain etc. What you may be experiencing is the cold weather shutoff protection. EVERY car AC system will shut off below 3C to reduce the risk of evaporator freezing (due to wind chill). You often don't notice 1) due to variable drive compressors - you haven't heard a massive clunk on most cars since the 90's 2) in low ambient temperatures water seldom stays in the air, so windows don't often steam up with outdoor temp below 3C (although this winter has been a bit odd and it has happened a bit more than normal)
  5. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I ordered on 20th November and have been given a delivery date to me of the May 11th.
  6. OBD won’t connect

    Hi guys my FocusRS MK2 OBD won’t complete a connection engine management light has come on also my ABS & TRACTION light has come on it’s only since I have changed my clutch mind I’m having no readings from my on board computer MPG showing - - - Fuel miles until empty not budging Odometer shows reading whilst cars off when started it shows - - - Oil temp gauge not working. Any ideas would be great full Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Hmmmm, cleared code 24hrs ago, symptom still there but do you think I can get the code to show again! Ran Forscan, had no DTC other than P1000-70 on PCM which seems common/not an issue. Drove on motorway, hesitation in every gear but accelerating HARD removes the hesitation. Removed BY leads one by one and all dropped engine behaviour. Checked plug on ignition pack, 3 wires, 12v-15v whilst running (back probed) so all seems good there? Will do compression test next but really want a code!!!!!
  8. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    They've set their balancer to fine, super fine or race mode depending on machine (presuming their balancer is able) and your find some small weights (2.5g) on the inner of the wheels then as even budget machines normally balance down to 5g..
  9. Jono is correct. 2 screws on the grab handle The pull off the panel. Bit tricky lining it up again on refitting.
  10. Today
  11. If your car has voice control then it will have the microphone, the indicator stalk would have a button on the end if you have it. If you have VC then, in theory, you should just be able to change the BT/VC module that is hidden above the glovebox, then use Forscan to change the config to enable BT.
  12. Hi everyone .. 1st time posting on here and I really hope somebody can help me out here . I’ve got a 2007 mk7 transit 110 with 150k on the clock .. my problems are as follows and just want to say thanks to anyone who can help me understand what’s going on with it .. Engine on tick over is shaking back and fourth Misfiring White smoke from exhaust and if you take oil cap off it can be seen blow from there too🤔 My fault code is p02A8 ( cylinder 4 balance injector restricted ) I have brought 4 injectors from a running van and put into mine all been programmed in and still getting the same fault code.. before that I had 2 recon injectors and put them in 2&4 but no change ... my injector readings are -4.33 mg 16.42mg -7.69mg -4.40mg I’ve changed injector 2 around but the high reading will always stay on cylinder 2 Also if I unplug injector 4 the engine sound does not change at all , if I unplug injector 2 it will just die out . Ive tried to take the egr off but one of the bolts has rounded and Just can not get a grip on it , I managed to get the top 2 off and the oil started dripping out the egr 😲 I’ve replaced pvr & srv but can not do a pilot learn or pump learn as it won’t let me on my Delphi diagnostic I think this is due to the rough running of the van I’ve also replaced air mass sensor .. Does anyone think this could be a Ecu problem Really appreciate any help from anyone .. I need my van for work and just after Christmas moneys little tight .
  13. rear centre arm rest mod

    ive just been given this and was thinking maybe i could mod it into the rear of my focus as i have leather recaros and the center seat is raised and no one really sits in the middle .has any one done it or thought about it ? it has drinks holder and storage come from a focus fusion.
  14. Catback exhaust ?

    Hi, i have the 1.0L, i just changed my backbox to an ST one as i didnt really want anything too loud, just a nice tone when put foot down. But obv now looking at remapping and when that's being done i will have the full exhaust system done. at the moment it's between Scorpion or Mongoose (recommended by the remap company), but i'd like resonated, so again it's nothing too too loud - not a fan of all this miltek stuff
  15. Edge bike rack

    Any one have experience/ advice how to? what to choose for caring 2 bicycles with Ford Edge. I do not look for tow bar option as my car do not have one fitted and to do it now would cost £450 plus another £400-500 for bike carrier, so perhaps might work cheaper to get cheap bikes in teh destination and than dispose them after use ;) As well cannot get roof mounted one as I have panorama roof :) yey.. So my only solution is tailgate rack... but than we do have that BIG PLASTIC SQUISHY SPOILER. As said I do look to carry 2 cycles externally! Any tips, guides, propositions...
  16. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Should be fine for what you need it for mate, just be careful not to try and force out the silicon too quickly, that's pretty much the only thing that might break the gun.
  17. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Fair enough, I'll stick to a triggered one. Didn't want to spend more than a fiver on the lot ideally though. Reckon this Poundland gun would work? http://www.poundland.co.uk/tommy-walsh-caulking-gun-9
  18. Battery Poles Reversed --> Car Dead

    I think @isetta suggestion to disconnect the wiring from the alternator is a good one, that way if it is shorting out electrically because the alternator is knackered, you're left with the rest of the system which hopefully will work (as a test). If the car is still "dead" after taking this step then it may be that other more expensive things are broken like the ECU/GEM which I suspect wouldn't make financial sense to replace. Fingers crossed it's just the alternator.
  19. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    You'll be better off using a standard type tube with a cheap mastic gun, you can usually get a good enough one for about £5 from B&Q/Screwfix etc. The squeezy bottle ones tend to be more expensive and don't give you the same level of control. Regarding what silicon to use, I've not used it personally but I'd suggest taking a look at EVO Stick gutter sealant as it's description states it design to cope with movement, extremes of temperature and can be applied to both plastics and painted metals.
  20. Hi, yeah i'm after the guide for the skirts/front lip also
  21. Hello everyone hopefully someone can help me out with this problem. My ac cluch is not engaging I'm not getting 12volts at the cluch. Can't seem to find out any information about where the ac cluch relay is. Ac button and recirculation light up. Can someone please let me know where the ac relay is and any fuses on the circuit as I haven't a fuse box diagram. Yours sincerely Steve Evans
  22. Keyless entry retrofit?

    Thanks for all the advices. It was just a thought , I had it on my Fiesta and, it was very practical. Anyway, from your description, that's got to be a very expensive and potentially unsafe idea.
  23. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    I've just bought a Mk3 after looking round a few... Every single one I looked at had a wet boot...do any of them NOT leak as standard!? Anyway, I've pulled the bumper off this morning and, as expected, found both rear 'holes' full of water...and ice as it's freezing lol... Have left it to 'dry' (it's snowing and 1c so that'll go well...) and will finish the job on Tuesday weather permitting. Will need to get some sealant tomorrow though and wondered which to get? Needs to be as cheap as possible but I want to know it'll work. I also don't have a trigger thing so has anyone tried the squeezy bottle style ones?
  24. Snow, ice and snow socks

    I`ve just been out having a play.... The road, a fairly steep hill TBH, has some snow on it, an inch ? It wasn`t that cold, only about zero. The Focus would not go up it. I`ve heard all these theories that you should just creep up not slipping the tyres, but, actually, I`ve found the most successful technique seems to be, if the car starts skidding, to waggle the steering wheel. But whatever technique I used it wouldn`t go up. I then put the snow socks on ("Fix and Go") and it went up with only a little bit of slipping. However, I then backed down again to try a hill start. It started going up but with difficulty, eventually it wouldn`t move at all. When I got out the passenger side sock had come off on the inside and ripped itself against the suspension. I had to cut it off.... The socks were the right size, they were TIGHT and took some getting on, particularly with cold hands..... I was NOT putting loads of revs on either, though when the car started slipping I put a few on to try and clear the snow, which seemed to be working till the sock caught itself on the suspension.... It may be good advice NOT to waggle the steering with snow socks on your tyres, I admit when the car started slipping instinct made me try that, and it did work, but not for long. Basically I`m not sure I`ll bother with any more snow socks. They do work, to an extent, but I`m concerned, to put it mildly that two are now U/S in only two days, and they take a bit of getting on, and, by definition, when it`s COLD and wet ! The first, on the wife`s Yaris are the same type, but branded "Fit & Go".
  25. Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    Hi, my fiesta was registered jan 15 (64 plate) - I've only had the car myself a year, properly driving it since may. I've had some jerky/shudders, but nothing maor & wasn't sure if it was just myself (new driver) letting off & wrong time when auto box was selecting? unsure. but is there anyway i can ask ford to check if my has the TCM? or latest gearbox software sorted? recently took it to main dealer for major service - they ended up doing a 2nd year service only, did not stamp book & on paperwork wrote my mileage down wrong saying it had done 10,000 more than it had. car is currently over 17,000. so after some phone calls other week ref this, they decided to sort spark plugs,, rectify all paperwork correctly/stamp book and some kind of allignment? they hadnt done as i wasnt worried about brake pads as they were being changed in a month or two myself to sport ones. Also air flter was not fussed about as it has an aftermarket one. so, reckon i ring ford customer service tomorrow? as i mean warranty expires end of month. but also i have a cone air filter on it (forge motorsport) & ST backbox on. this would not affect warranty / issues to gearbox would it? ( i have mountune cooler/boost/turbo hoses)
  26. Things I Don't Like

    Sometimes you can't always assume someone drives like a knob because they feel like it (or are mentally deranged) but like you said could of been a medical emergency. A lot of us just assumes when someone driving fast, weeving through traffic, and overtaking is some boy racer.
  27. MPG

    Over 12000 miles, 9 Months. Mixed styles and conditions. Heavy foot, for a reason chosen sport, not necessary the reason was speed but still. 210HP , panoramic roof big rims etc.. 36MPG - 42MPG depends on condition. If treating my baby with TLC and drive like pensioner range can hit 500miles. If hitting Autobahn.. sorry 300 miles range is max.
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