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  2. Weird Situation

    Thanks for the serious replies with a tad of humour and the web link. I’ve calmed down and laid my options on the table now. Right, the homeowner did say that he’d be lying if he gave me any price because he’s not a bricklayer himself. The whole lot (including a lot more wall off photo) cost him £25,000 as it’s a special type of brick, has a tile lip under the top layer of bricks and all the mortar between the bricks have been meticulously rounded off into an outward concave. He also said the bricklayer has done good deals for him in the past so it would most likely be less than £3,000. Maybe £1,500 or so. The Manager brought me into the office and said the insurance excess won’t cover the cost of the wall so I will have to pay for it. I asked about the company insurance and he said if they do that, their premiums would rise! I wish I had the cheek to say “that’s the cost of business”, but I wasn’t in a state of mind to backchat as he could sack me there and then. He also said “If you stay here… we’ll have to do something about your wages. Take a bit out each week to cover the cost” and when I asked him what he meant about me staying with the company because I wasn’t planning to leave, he simply said “I was talking about sacking you. That would be up to me, not you”. Now, the wall isn’t the issue. The owner was okay about it to a certain extent. He was just concerned about it looking disgusting and wanting it rectified ASAP. Which is understandable. We even just chatted about each other’s lifestyles, cars, large vehicles etc until the NYR truck came to recover the lorry. We shook hands when we parted so there are no hard feeling there. My main concern is that I’m on holiday at the moment until the end of the month. My pay has been reduced this week by £50 as well without my written or verbal consent which I believe is illegal. I wouldn’t be in this situation if I hadn’t have been instructed to continue either, but I can’t really say that in defence as I backed into the guy’s wall myself. Some employees have even said that’s bad practice coming from the manager… others have had worse knocks causing a couple of grands worth of damage to other vehicles and the company vehicles and not been threatened with dismissal. I’m on full pay over my holiday, so if I see next Friday that my pay had yet again been deducted, I’ll call them when I return to the UK next Monday (I’ll still have a few days of holiday after I return) and ask what’s going on because I can’t survive long term on reduced pay. I have rent and bills to pay for a start. If they’re not playing ball, should I get legal with the company? I did have to fill out an insurance form so I assumed they were going to go through with that option, but pay was deducted nevertheless without my consent. And if I decide to hand my notice in because of the behaviour of the manager and they don’t give me my last week-in-hand pay, that’s illegal too, withholding wages? I haven’t signed anything upon employment about this so I’m pretty sure I have many legs to stand on. Are there any tactics they’d try to pull I should be aware of? Thanks again.
  3. Egr Blanking

    Hi there, He can I get access to your eye blanking guide? I'm being told I don't have permission right now. It would be great to learn from your experience. Thanks
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Is that a Mondeo or fez? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    my partners 16 plate ecoboost turbo pipes are shiny and rust free
  6. yep, subframe needs lowering down by 130mm . you will need some subframe alignment pegs when re fitting
  7. Fiesta EMLconfig throttle map

    That doesn't sound much like my problem. There's no issue with any rev-limit (well, apart from it being a diesel), whether moving or stationary. The only issue is an irritating throttle lag when moving, which disappears when stationary. The lag occurs whether the the clutch is up or down, in gear or neutral. It is there when the car is moving and gone when the car is stopped. I'm an inveterate heel n' toe-r, and every gearshift is blighted by this laborious wait.... .... for the engine to respond. However similar throttle blips when the car is stationary are almost instant without an irritating second-long pause. It's like this crapness has been deliberately engineered-in. If there's no cure I'll have to ditch it for another car. A pity, as it's quite a good car apart from the rank engine.
  8. Hello to all first time member.

    Thank you very much. It's good to finally join.
  9. Hello to all first time member.

    Hi Welcome
  10. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I’m going to check the wife’s 65 plate ecoboost tomorrow after reading this, if I can find the right place to look! I’m not very clever when it comes to under the bonnet, I have no problem with removing trim and parts though. Do you think the Mk5 Mondeo 1.5 ecoboost could suffer a similar fate? I’m not looking forward to checking given the cold, damp and (grit) salty road conditions in the Highlands Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. 2014 Focus Zetec S Stereo/display Upgrade

    A quick update on this ( as I logged on again but this time with a question about a faulty EPAS rack!! ) I did manage to strike lucky and got an exact part number match on eBay for the LCD screen. It was then a 15 minuite job to fit and put the trim back together and all functions returned to normal.👍
  12. Hi Superted ( and anyone else who has had the misfortune of having to deal with this crazy problem! ) Can you give me a few pointers as to what is involved in changing over the EPAS on the mk3 Focus ? Is it a diy job. I am not shy of getting grubby and have worked on many cars over the years but need this issue fixing ASAP and am very up for saving a few £ on labour costs. I have read somewhere that the subframe needs to be dropped but would like some clarification before I decide which route to take on ours which has failed completely today!! Cheers
  13. Today
  14. Big hi to all. This is my first time being a club and forum member and am looking forward to some good discussions and learning new things. Brief insight. My interest in cars started at an early age when listing to my dad talk about his and show me pictures of his 1965 ford Mustang fastback and other American muscle he once owned many years ago. I've always had an interest in fords with my family owning various models through the years which consists of Capri's , 1990 escort xr3i , 1994 (I think) Granada 24v cosworth. We (me and my dad) currently have a 2002 ford focus st170 in panther black. A bit shabby in places with a few faults and needs a bit of renovating but got some good options on her like the full recaro leather interior , xenon headlights , smokers pack , sub-woofer in boot and a couple of other little bits all factory fitted from new. So will be looking forward to talking to fellow st owners about there experiences , tips , learning new stuff and being put on the right path when I'm going wrong and just talking to fellow ford owners in general. Are end result we want is a good condition factory standard full optioned ST170. Attached is a picture of the new ST. Make note the picture dose it more justice then real life. Thanks for reading and a big hi again Martin.
  15. i have a 2008 (old shape) mk2 focus. i have 2 keys, 1 of which is a plain key, the other has the remote central locking buttons on. as the mrs and i both have a key each, is it possible to buy another keyfob and program it myself, even if its just to work the central locking rather than the ignition? not too bothered about getting an actual key cut and programmed to drive the car, just would like to have the remote opening even if its via a seperate fob on our set of keys? been reading loads about it on google, but confused myself lol. basically can i buy any fob (even a second hand one) and program it to lock/unlock the car myself or does it need programming via computer? cheers in advance
  16. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Nissan doesn't mean Japanese anymore unfortunately now Renault have there hands on it I couldn't fault Nissan's when I worked at a Nissan garage but that was some years ago.
  17. Hi guys (and gals), Got a problem with my 2008 Ford Focus mk2.5, the outside/ambient temperature sensor isn't giving a reading and the red snowflake is permanently on the dash. I would usually just swap the sensor out for a new one (which I still may). But I know that usually when the sensor fails, it gives a stupid reading instead of just nothing. Is there a fuse for the ABT that I can check? Or anything else obvious before I swap the sensor? Thanks in advance! P.S how can I see photos in other posts? It just comes up 'photobucket p500' in the photo window?
  18. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Thank goodness for your ‘A’ grade example diagram @zagobir otherwise no one would have had a clue what you meant [emoji23] I can just imagine the wife now, running out to her car in her dressing gown and rollers! She won’t be doing that in the snow lol, it’s then you make your move. Buy a scrapper, a non starter and when you get your moment drop it into the space and leave it there, deny all knowledge and see how long it stays there before it is removed Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I’m normally ok for parking @zain611 well I am when it comes to width anyway. My blue badge normally sees to that and if there are no blue badge spaces I park in the parent and child bit as I have a young baby which at times feels like a disability [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    There is a distinct lack of morals these days (I don’t know how to say that without sounding old, which I’m not lol) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Buy Japanese, Nissan, cant fault them. My Nissan Note
  22. Weak Windscreen Washers

    If I could wouldn't I be driving a much newer car? My weak jetwash stream has been like that for what 2-3 years now, doubt it would fail an MOT. But good on you for sorting yours out!
  23. Halfords Discount Cards

    There's some thick people around 😂, you quite clearly could figure out it should've been £7.12 🤔🤔. I'm hoping my local shop will accept the trade and the forum discount now 🤞
  24. Halfords Discount Cards

    sometimes i get more discount if they are left to do calculation, in that case i keep quiet.
  25. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    +1 for pulling the fuse, sorry I don’t know which one it is though. This has worked for several members. If you don’t fancy doing that then go into the cars Bluetooth settings and delete all the previously paired devices, same on your phone and make sure your phone is ‘visible’ to all external devices. Then turn the ignition to ON but do not start the car and go through the pairing steps you have previously followed, this time though make sure your phone is in your left hand at about shoulder height while your right hand touches the wing mirror*. Your phone may have received an OTA update recently which has just changed a few things. *may not be necessary to do previous steps
  26. Coolant bottle

    Yes just researched and seems like it . Trip to local dealer it is then.
  27. Coolant bottle

    Sounds like your pressure cap has separated. It's a common problem. You should get it replaced under warranty.
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