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  2. Navigation SD Card

    sony is the same display where the sd slot is. £260??? gold plated. dealers sell them for £85. if you bought from a dealler it should come with sd card
  3. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    well done finding your issue.
  4. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    On each side of the dashboard you have two cables, one controls the heater knob, one controls the position of the airflow. You have to get where the driver, passager feet are to see under the dashboard. Those cables can pop off easily.. see if they need reattached. Also remove the AC control unit and see that those cables have the top attached to the knob mechanism. I hope it's an easy fix. Good luck!
  5. PS mpg dropped from 67 to 41...
  6. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    swapped it with the piece from the other fiesta and its solved the issue. so once the stainless one arrives its problem solved.
  7. Windscreen stone chip repair

    Isetta, you were probably right. Had it done this evening... Was definitely not worth it. It looks cosmetically worse than before, but at least it will stop it from cracking further during the winter and on bad (bumpy) roads etc.
  8. Dealver vs Private

    £1000 more for a dealer is about right in most circumstances. You have no consumer protection buying it privately. They also have over heads to pay for, not just recovering the value of the car. I personally would never buy privately unless I knew the person.
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  10. Dealver vs Private

    OK, i'll keep it short, How much extra do you pay when buying from a dealer and not private? i saw a private car for sale for close to a grand less than roundabout the same spec car from a dealer, would a 5-6 year old car really cost me £1000 to repair in a year?? are dealers secretly selling us the 1 year 'free' warranty??
  11. Alternator woes?

    perhaps, I haven't a scoobie, if its still there when I pick the car up ill ask for it back and see, not heard from them yet so I'm thinking itll be tomorrow before I hear back from them. I thought perhaps if there was some short or something within the alternator it could be acting as a giant resistor. dumping 120A in to heat. which maybe ties in to the regulator, its probably a diode that maintains voltage through drawing current across it, if that diode packed in or was faulty...maybe it draw too much. If I'm honest, its been making a noise for while now, should have dealt with it before, my own daft fault really Found this video today, this is almost pitch perfect for what it sounded like today.
  12. Bought my 2nd Ford diesel (Titanium ECOnetic 1.6 Fiesta, 2014 mk 7.5) 3 months ago from a very reputable dealership. Previous diesel was 1.4TDCi climate, 2008. Have had 10 previous cars since the 80's, all petrol though. Liked the Fiesta diesel as used for frequent long trips between March & November. 27k on the clock, first 2 months had worry-free motoring with great mpg. · · BUT In mid-October, 10 days after the last long trip, the fan was running for 4 minutes after ignition off. Never did this when it was hotter weather & nearer 20C ambient temp. Rang dealership, was told it was DPF regeneration & “not to worry”. Was travelling 100 miles that night, but noticed the journey had much reduced mpg by over 22%.from frequent trips before...mpg stayed much lower until had returned, then picked up again. Rang dealership on return, no appointment available for 2 weeks...so took car back early November. · Left car for 3 hours, was told that the EGR valve had frozen open, "see how it goes". Was apprehensive coz warranty expired in 2 days... but assured the "error codes" had been deleted. Assumed the valve had been cleaned as it had been indicated via error code. · Drove another long trip (over 200 miles, mainly motorway) 3 days later. First leg fine, as normal, second leg on return showing reducing mpg again - perfect conditions & rpm over 2k most of the way. · Next morning did short journey (2.5 miles) & fan started running after ignition off. Did the same with fan overrunning for 3 days (all short journeys). Mpg plummeted. If it were DPF regeneration, I had just done a long trip the day before this started! Only reason I could think was EGR stuck open again - sending more particles through the DPF, even on a perfect regeneration trip. Rang dealership, but next appointment was in 2 days... · Mpg now over 30% down but fan had stopped running after ignition off. This time was told "fan should run after short journeys anyway" & “it uses more fuel in cold weather!!” (what doesn’t? lol) & "we never physically looked at the EGR valve, just cleared the error codes & did 5 updates on the software". Been asked to monitor all dashboard readings . As far as I could, I had already done so! Have fuel receipts & mileage details. ECU didn't even register the last regeneration date after these updates the week before. · No error codes at all now - but obviously SOMETHING IS WRONG – most likely the EGR valve? Should I get an independent report of the actual physical mechanics, & not rely just on laptop readings as the dealership do? · Since I went there a few days ago, there has been no fan overrunning at all & mpg is slowly climbing again, but still 15% down from normal. Dealership did nothing except check laptop ECU readings. Think the EGR valve may be sticky in colder weather, but I'm not a mechanic… Now waiting for next faulty cycle, in the meantime not good for my peace of mind. I have heart trouble myself & I am also primary carer for someone who relies on this transport in an emergency. I’m definitely not a mechanic but I have a brain to try & understand… very disappointed after paying full screen price for a 2014 Ford from a Ford Dealership I trusted. Ford UK take note please! (apparently this version unavailable in US). ·
  13. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    It took me a while to find the TSB but I found it online. Below some relevant information from this TSB: Service Information: Damage symptoms of the door weatherstrip (Focus 2011.25 front door shown, all other similar) NOTE: It would not be possible that these two different damage symptoms (1 & 2) are called at same time. 1: Slightly stripped off and partially removed front door weatherstrip on the door underside 2: Partially removed front door weatherstrip in the area of the door latch Service Instruction: Attach the door weatherstrip to the door frame 1: WARNING: Safety instructions of material equipment provided by the manufacturer must be observed. Prepare the repair adhesive kit. Refer to the manufacturer's directions. 2: In reference to the damage symptom, the inside vulcanised fine wire should be cut. 1: Bend the door weatherstrip to get access to the inside vulcanised fine wire. CAUTION: Do not damage the paint surface. The wire snap can audible be observed. 2: Briefly cut through the fine wire. 3: Range of separation for partially removed weatherstrips in the area of the door latch. 4: Range of separation for partially removed weatherstrips on the door underside. ◦Clean and dry the repair area. It is not required to remove any remaining traces of adhesive from the door frame. 3: NOTE: Allow the repair adhesive to dry (drying time ≥ 1 hour). Apply repair adhesive (see Parts Required) to the door weatherstrip (door underside shown, other repair areas similar). ◦Max. Ø of adhesive bead: 3 mm 4: Place the door weatherstrip on the door frame in the correct position. Secure the door weatherstrip on the door frame using tape (door underside shown, other repair areas similar). 5: NOTE: If the ambient temperature falls below 10°C, apply warm air (25°C) continuously. Press the door outer weatherstrip home for at least one minute in order to obtain complete adhesion (door underside shown, other repair areas similar). 1: Using a suitable plastic roller to press-on the weatherstrip. make sure that equal pressure is applied to the component. 2: Carefully check the correct position of the weatherstrip on the door frame. ◦Allow the repair adhesive to dry in reference to the manufacturers' directions but not less than 5 hours. ◦Remove any used tape. 6.If required, repeat steps 2 to 5 on the remaining doors.
  14. Ford fiesta mpg

    Sounds good to me.
  15. Alternator woes?

    That was a bit sudden! I'll add the alternator to my list of potential breakdown causing items lol... I'm not an electronics expert but I can only assume the voltage regulator failed to let the current flow the wrong way maybe? At least it's getting fixed now!
  16. Ford fiesta mpg

    Hi guys, I have a 1.25 fiesta which is 2011 and was wondering if 43 mpg for that is good if not how can I improve it?
  17. Changing windscreen wiper blades

    Whole blade needs changing on flat wipers, it's not like the old metal ones.
  18. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    It only went and happened again. Good thing I kept my bent coat hanger! Now taped a bit of Plastic over the hole!
  19. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    cheers for the heads up. ill get one ordered up today.
  20. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Why don't you consider the Galaxy note 4? Still available new and has so much that I doubt anyone can use all it can do. Battery life on my 2yr old is superb. 8hrs spotify in my truck. 1hr webbing when on break. 1hr playing pool. Lots of texting and phone calls and it lasts all day. Screen 2nd to none as is the camera. It's a proper little computer.
  21. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I have the S8+ and cannot fault it. The finger print sensor is nothing to worry about if you have it set up so you only have to look at it to unlock it. If you're due an upgrade might aswell go all out with S8+. just be careful not to drop it as with all smartphones the screens are delicate as i've found out. Awesome camera on it too...these smartphones are getting a lot similar to Entry level SLR's it's perfect
  22. Fiesta Red Edition

    Team dynamic alloys, Long life duel exit twin exhaust system from the Cat back, Eibach lowering springs 25ml, currently waiting on a J1automitice air filter and Airtech stage 1 intercooler system to be fitted. Wanting to change the rear drum to a disc converision. Any feedback welcome. Hope you enjoy.
  23. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I have the s7 edge @jace1969 and I am quite a heavy user, I tend to get about 12hours from my battery. A typical day would be; 90m of streaming Spotify via Bluetooth to my car, about 1hr using apps - fb, Twitter, bbc news, about 30m writing/reading emails, taking 10m of video and 15pics. Bluetooth, Wi-fi and location always running and about 6hrs as a personal hotspot. I also make about 30m of calls, and my phone backs up to one drive after every picture, video and email. So, like I said I’m a heavy user lol. In work I will have the phone sat on my wireless charger which, is truly one of the best features. @Lenny I’m quite into my tech and gadgets etc so if I had the choice, and I’d never had the S7 then I would go for the s8 every time. I just don’t see the point in buying ‘old’ technology when there is an updated version out there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    I'd go for an alloy one. It's a high pressure area and the alloy ones apparently have less pressure drop (and won't spilt like yours has). Mountune version is warranty friendly.
  25. for sale american drls

    They have all the wiring attached, my nephew was going to install mine and stated they would be quite easy enough to do. He was going to splice into the drls on the wiring loom.
  26. Alternator woes?

    Annnnnnnnd, its gone, Packed up the alternator from store, had some funky voltage irregularities on my gauges, bother were dancing around, ABS and power steering warnings came on when reversing in to the bay, hit the motorway and it sorted itself out, had to be very selective with the wiper button then it totally packed in on the Kingston Bridge of all places. (that's like the M25 of Scotland!) of course there's no hard shoulder over the bridge. on the approach to the bridge the ABS and traction control lights lit up, then the handbrake light started to behave like it was a xmas tree light, just as I crested the hump in the middle of the bridge the IC and everything in the car went dead, power steering gone, thankfully I was able to freewheel it over the rest of the bridge and found a wee spot that was out the way of most of the traffic, I was determined to not be "that guy" blocking half the busiest road in Scotland! AA guy on the phone was like, you need to get out the car, to which I replied, "Am I F^&%" had traffic zipping around and there was no way in hell I could get away from it. Course the hazard lights were dead for good measure. So, after all that, AA man would only take me to the nearest garage so its there, waiting to be fixed. maybe pick it up tomorrow, Had a nice work out whilst getting towed to the garage. AA chap ran some tests and it said the Alternator was drawing 120A out of the battery, not entirely sure how that would happen but he was pretty confidant about it I may have miss heard him though whatever was going on he said the battery was being discharged far quicker then what would typically happen if the alternator just stopped working.
  27. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    Part number is 1868114 and its only sold with the lower intercooler hose. €101 plus vat from ford. there are stainless steel ones available to ebay for £50 ish.
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