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  2. fan speed

    fan speed inside car, just noticed this never had fan on with it being warn,only had car few month,so now when fans on 4 or 3 the speed drops then picks back up is this just norm it will drop and rise all the time
  3. 2004 Ford focus cmax LX 1.8 petrol

    Hi I own a 2004 ford focus cmax lx 1.8 petrol, current millage is 98,000 I am having some issues changing down through the gears they don't seem to want to go in without some force or a wiggle although when in motion they seem to coperate. From a standstill it struggles to go into 1st and will often now go into 3rd instead by mistake. I have just had the clutch and dual mass ect changed as well as gearbox oil although after it just seems worse. Any suggestions much appreciated thanks
  4. LED build change over.

    I did get the led upgrade and been flashed at again by an oncoming car. Maybe I could try the headlight levelling switch thinking about it! the leds work great tho they they were an expensive upgrade!
  5. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    so...mechanic drove it after fitting now 2nd set of drive shafts just to make sure that wasnt the issue, now going to check mounts just hope it gets sorted
  6. Very Poor on Fuel

    Similar to what I'm getting on my mk2.5 1.6 100ps, my last tank full using the brim to brim method was just over 37mpg, thats with a light right foot but I do get stuck in traffic on my daily commute.
  7. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    sync1 is button controlled, sync2 is touch screen.
  8. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    wilco, do you think the dv4t is the right one for him ?
  9. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    F1ET is a Focus MK3.5 module. this type of module is not fully compatible with the MK3.
  10. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    as for module i think you need dv4t-15k866-ak. but that number may supercede to f1et-
  11. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    thats the multiplugs, the brown and black.
  12. Very Poor on Fuel

    The Style should be considerably lighter as they don't come with any spec lol. Seriously though, the wheels and tyres will make a big difference, 17" alloys are a lot heavier than 16" steels, tyres will also be wider. And the tyres themselves might have very different rolling resistances. 34mpg for 100bhp made me giggle, £180 to tax iirc...honestly don't know how people can afford to run petrols!
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  14. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    I have the 2011 Titanium and it has the signal strength in the middle.
  15. first post/ build thread

    So due to weather and other problems haven't been able to get much done, another to start the week off was the gearbox on my van went on the way to work Monday so have to change that over anyway going up to castle combe for rally day to morrow should be plenty of nice examples up there and may give me some ideas.
  16. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Went onto CEUK, Bought some Ice White Dipped and Full Beam bulbs, "Accidently" added wing risers to my basket ;) and paid... Woopsieeeee We will see how they go! Hopefully I can find someone to help me put them on! If not... well.. I mean surely I could use them as pencil holders worst case scenario? ;) Thanks dude!
  17. Enabling Automatic Lights

    nope, and you wont have a rain sensor.
  18. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    I did want them but that price really put me off! Fairly easy, hardest part it positioning the actual risers, takes a little trial and error and I would get someone else to help! Good luck mate!
  19. Sub woofer

    Could I use that rca converter with the pioneer amp/sub? Is it easy to wire up?
  20. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    I have just done some googling and believe that I have this version SYNC (basic system) and SYNC with MyFord® SYNC has a centre display that shows basic information, such as caller ID, song titles, a digital clock, and temperature.
  21. Hi, I'm new to this site and not sure if I'm in the right forum. Apologies if I'm not. i just bought an 06 Ford Fusion 1.6 tdci spares or repair. The car doesn't start, and I'm looking for some advice before I have to get diagnostic equipment. the car had been jump started due to a flat battery, car was taken to a garage and switched off, wouldn't start after that. the ignition comes on, immobiliser light switches off after 3 seconds but car doesn't crank, don't even hear any clicks from relays. When turn ignition to start the dash stays lit but display goes blank. Any ideas, cheers in advance.
  22. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    Posted 1 hour ago (edited) Good Day Guys forum members and Experts. I'm Darren From South Africa. I really need some help / advise as to install a Remote Central locking KIT, I have Ford Fiesta 1.4 Duratec 2004 with key central locking. the locks on driver and passenger are damaged and have to gain access via the dam boot every day. I bought a basic central locking with remote KIT and was trying to install it today but that failed Horribly and ended up popping a few fuses on the Control box. I had the Red wire connected on a Constant 12v supply from the GEM wire and Black earth wire to the Steering Colum bolt tested the earth with a multi metre. there are 5 wires on the Harness that got to the Master Solenoid- White, Brown, Green, Blue and Black Earth. I want to use the existing solenoids already factory fitted. There are to other wires a white and a brown that were not part of the solenoid wires that get 12v when the Unlock and Lock buttons are pressed on the Remotes. I connected those to the Blue and Blue/Red wire on the GEM first plug Dark Grey. there is a thin Green/Black wire in the Grey GEM plug which is UNLOCK I connected the Blue wire and then connected the Green wire to the Orange/black wire in the Second Plug of the GEM for LOCK. The Indicators work when I press the remote lock/Unlock perfect and easy... Now I can hear the doors lock and unlock but it keeps blowing the fuse on the Control box the other White and Brown wire that goes to the Master Solenoid seems to have a 4.5v on both wires constantly I hope this kinda explains my problem a little I am not sure what to do now. the Blue and Green wire I connected for to the GEM both also get a 12v kick when I press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the Remote same as the White and Brown I connected to the indicators... Please if anyone can assist me or advise I'm lost now and not sure what to do Thanks Guys much appreciated
  23. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    How can I tell whether it's Sync 1 or 2 ? I have the Sony head unit, with a white sync button at about 10 o'clock towards the centre.
  24. Very Poor on Fuel

    I only get 34-37mpg, over a mix of rural, dual carriageways and urban journeys. Closer to 37mpg if i'm babying it, closer to 34mpg if i'm driving a bit more progressively Same 1.6 100ps engine mk2.5.
  25. Hello from Bathgate

    Welcome neighbour from just along the road in ‘Livi’. Nice car btw.
  26. Very Poor on Fuel

    After changing my 15 inch rims to 17's,miles per gallon has plummeted from a respectable 51 to a poor 40.
  27. Enabling Automatic Lights

    Any answer to this? My 2015 Zetec has the rain sensor fitted on the windscreen (at rear view mirror) and appears to be wired up. Is it just a matter of replacing the lighting control?
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