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  2. Krisdadude online about 1 hour ago · #1 Steering Wheel Wobble (NOT WHEELS) I have had my 2010 focus 1.8 zetec s 3 door for 4 months. Since Day one the steering wheel has a wobble from 60mph+ most notible from 60-70 and when accelerating. It seems identical to a wheel balance issue but is not. FYI: I have had the tyres balanced 20 times didnt help. New wheels and tyres both balanced numerous times, swapped front to backs vice versa. Still wobbling. New drive shafts left and right. Since the new drive shafts the vibration has increased slightly and i seem to have more vibration on acceleration up to 60mph then steering wheel wobble, it also can be intermittent, not sure whether it is caused by road up or downhill. Dont know but I could be feeling accelerator vibration also but could be just clutching at straws. All but one mechanic I speak to doesnt have any ideas, spoken to approx 12 different mechanics, the one who had ideas just named a big list to go through. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Induction kit

    Noise is good cheers 😊
  4. DIY Tracking (String Method)

    Just to update this, the alignment was done properly this evening on a Hunter machine. Both front toes were out of tolerance. Tracking was last done 2.5 years/20k miles ago so I can't say whether it was just the new arms that put it out or not. I was surprised the rears were still fine though, very slightly off perfect but still well in tolerance, expected worse as I've knocked the NS rear on kerbs of tight town corners a few times lol! Also, don't waste the time and effort on the string method.
  5. Things I Do Like

    lol nice one
  6. Things I Do Like

    Aww. That poor skip.
  7. Sat nav connections

    I have the 9 speaker set up pfl with Sony head unit.
  8. Sat nav connections

    The white Fakra connector on the ACM is used for the 2nd (FM) antenna. The 2nd antenna is integrated in the rear window (hatchback) or left rear side window (estate). The 2nd antenna is an amplified antenna which is only present on Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions that ar equipped with the High Level audio system (and all systems that are based on the High Level audio system). The Low Level audio system only has 1 antenna.
  9. Sat nav connections

  10. Sat nav connections

    That's brilliant mate cheers. Now I've just got work out how to use focccus and how to save my currant car settings and how to change the screen size.
  11. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    I’ve put the Tesco stuff in mine I bought 3 and used 2 so a spare 2 litre for topping up if needs be , happy days
  12. Sat nav connections

    The GPS antenna is conected to the Blue Fakra connector of the FCDIM. The Black Fakra connector of the antenna which is currently connected to the ACM needs to be disconnected and connected to the Black Fakra connector of the FCDIM. A short cable with a Pink Fakra connector at one side and a black Fakra connector at the other side connects th Pink Fakra connector of the FCDIM with the Black Fakra connector of the ACM.
  13. Induction kit

    probably wont make any difference at all, or if it does, it will be so small you wont notice, however, my induction modifications are less about power and more about noise, and if that's your goal then happy days! :)
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  15. Sat nav connections

    Thanks for the link but it's not in English so can't read it.
  16. Sat nav connections

    So the Fakra gps plugs into the blue plug the Fakra cable goes from the pink plug on the fcdim to the black plug on the acm? Is this right?
  17. brakes

    just wanted to bring this up again , the noise was manageable up until last week when I went to Devon from Nottingham, did 500 motorway miles and 300 around town (very hilly) started getting a really loud squeal when braking lightly, it's quietness down alot since being back home but the noise seems to get worse when the brakes get hot ( no squealing until I've drove around 3 miles stopping and starting) any ideas what could be the problem? pads still look new from looking through the wheels, discs are fine, I've been cleaning the discs by spraying brake cleaner on the every 2/3 days (approx 60miles) I've been told to get the brakes stripped, cleaned and greased again but I know they were done when I had the brakes changed around 3k miles ago, and the squeaking started about 800 miles after having them changed. exact same problem now with 2 new sets on discs and pads. really pulling my hair out, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Car Door Checks

    i think if you oiled it you would find it moved too easily from the intermediate position
  19. Fiesta Roof Paint Damage HELP!!

    Hello, We have a two tone Ford Fiesta 2016, it's the white car with black roof. It has suddenly started with patches of blistering and bubbling and now peeling away. The whole area of the roof looks slightly raised. It hasn't had any bird poo on it, and has been looked at by ford who have said it was caused by an exterior source. Therefore no help to us! We have no idea what could have caused it or if anyone else has had this problem. Can anyone advise? Devastated as we got the car New last year Thanks
  20. Newbie

    Welcome x
  21. coolant leaking, smoke coming from under the bonnet???

    An array of things it could be. You need to see where it is coming from. eg. any hose connection, water pump, thermostat cover. engine block core plug (do they still have them like in the old days)

    My little ford fiesta 1.25 zetec just got last week so not fully finished yet x
  23. Alloy Wheel Cap

    If I'd spotted this earlier you could have had mine, I swapped them for the standard ford blue ones
  24. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Yes I'll upload some pics not took many I only bought car last week so not done much to it yet... Yes they over priced they used to he someone on ere that did them n paid about 12 pound for all three
  25. Things I Do Like

    at last my partner has come her sences and bought a fiesta instead of a mini!!! took a while but i kept on at her until she gave in. 16 plate titanium 125 ecoboost. part ex her trusty 59 plate honda jazz 78k with full service history... cough cough. well in 78k it has had 1 oil filter change and 2 oil changes, set of front and rear pads, and 6 tyres (4 of which only put on not long ago) still on original spark plugs, air filter, pollen filter. lol
  26. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    Thanks again for answer ! I will post soon one clip with this annoying tremble ...
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