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  2. Got the link for this?
  3. Im looking to wire in a reverse camera to my fiesta and i am wondering what the best way to do this would be? Thankyou
  4. MK7 1.4 Petrol oil consumption

    Short journeys will wear the engine out quicker. It doesn't give the oil enough time to get to temperature and lubricate everything properly. You could be burning oil due to bad piston rings. Are you noticing any blue/greyish smoke out the exhaust?
  5. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    The American way of saying hand brake +1 for hill start assist. My brakes feel like they stick when I set off too soon sometimes.
  6. If you could have any car

    Any Mclaren as a daily but a Ferrari for the weekend together with a leggy blonde [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone
  7. New to site

    Hi Welcome
  8. New to site

    Hello I've just brought a mk1 ford focus 03 plate for only £250 good buy though I think after having a Vauxhall vectra 1.9 desiel Sri for the last two years awful thing
  9. Non starter

    No it is though all is dead. i am wondering whether it is to do with immobiliser circuit.
  10. DPF replacement, argh!

    was it ebay? and paid for by paypal?
  11. Focus ST Line X 140

    Only issue I've noticed with the car so far, which is a small one. Is the mats that came in the car don't fit properly, only one of the push fit location lugs will fit on each of the front mats. Going to drop the dealer an email and see if they can advice and get it sorted
  12. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    what's the emergency brake? First thing I would try is disabling Hill Start Assist if you have it enabled (through the menu on the radio)
  13. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Sounds like your handbrake is sticking either the cable or brake shoes in the drums. It's not unusual, but it is unusual in a 2017 car. Take it in to Ford for warranty action.
  14. Today
  15. If you could have any car

    It all comes down to price. The 180hp mk5 golf's are going for around 3k. I'm planning on keeping my fiesta for around 4 years until I build more no claims. I can't remember if they reduce insurance premiums when your 21 or 25. Till then it would have dropped to an affordable price. Still there's that diesel emissions coming into play in a few years where it will effect all diesel cars.
  16. Windscreen stone chip repair

    yes, in spite of what windscreen replacement companies advertise for chip repairs (usually no excess they say) some companies do have an excess. I don't think it is unreasonable to have an excess on repairs. If there is no excess it just encourages policyholders to waste the insurance companies' money on repairs when there is no point. It is rare for a chip to spread, in spite of windscreen companies suggesting your car will self destruct if you don't have that chip repaired in one microsecond of it happening. On my previous fiesta over the years I had six chips, all noticable but no bad enough for an MOT failure. None of these spread. But then one day I got a big crack (not where the chips were) and it needed replacing to satisfy the MOT. I could have had 6 chip repairs over the years, all of which would have been pointless.
  17. They're almost ready for pick up tuesday/Wednesday Mine hatch and my old mans estate... actually rather like his estate. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  18. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    No charge unless you ask for software download licences. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. Non starter

    4th non starter on here today!! When you say nothing happens, are you not even getting a click from the starter?
  20. My focus 2003 diesel Gia has failed to start. I returned home and after 10 mins tried to start the car. Everything electrically works however when I turn the ignition key to engage the starter nothing happens. Advice please.
  21. Hi all, I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta MK7 1.4L petrol with 107,000km (67,000miles) and it recently started consuming some oil. I have owned the car since new and it was always serviced every 10,000km (6,000miles) using Ford genuine parts and oil (5w30) as I buy them myself. I noticed the issue in the last service when the car was almost on the MIN mark and the plugs were brown and they were last changed 20,000km before, so they're not old. There is no visible oil leak as the engine bay is clear and no oil drops underneath the car, and its not the first time the car has spent 2 or 3 days parked in the garage in the same spot. No visible blue smoke and the car drives just like new, no hesitation under acceleration or anything and idles just fine. Coolant water is crystal clear (changed 5,000km ago and was clear as well), no visible milky stuff with the oil cap. Exhaust is clean and recently passed MOT and emissions were normal. After the last service at 100k km, for the first 5k km it didn't seem to consume any oil at all, however in the 2k after it went from MAX to almost MIN sign and I topped it up with 2L of oil. From what can I start to check what may be wrong? Opening the engine is the last thing I would want to do... Do these cars come with a PCV valve? Could it be something with the Oil Separator? I do a lot of short journeys, 10 to 20km most of the time, if this makes a difference.
  22. If you could have any car

    Watch the budget on Wednesday...I have a feeling there may be a diesel tax increase on older cars anyway... Plus, what can you get for £8k new (£2k scrappage plus your £6k)? I can get £5k for my Focus if I scrapped it at Ford...but would need £16k to get a new 1.0 EB Titanium Focus on top... And that's just a basic Titanium not the X, wouldn't have the extras mine does like tints, leathers, Xenon's etc... If we're looking at economical, powerful and not too expensive used... Try a BMW 320d efficient dynamics... 180bhp, £30 tax (currently!) and over 60mpg average...real world! I just don't trust myself with rear wheel drive though!!
  23. If you could have any car

    Sounds about right. The new tax system is going to be great for me though when I eventually get a Subaru. Tax will have gone from £520 a year to £140!
  24. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Been down most the afternoon. Anoying when you rely on it .
  25. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    All I can say is that this is my first diesel car (and I wanted the Titanium X Sport model) and after reading that the 2.0 wasn't that economical, I decided on the 2.2. Over the 4 years (nearly) of ownership, it's averaged 40mpg, which I'm happy with. My journeys are mainly on minor A and B roads, Towns/villages at either end and some major A roads. My previous car was a ST24 which averaged 28mpg, but I had a LPG kit fitted and based on the fact that the cost of LPG is cheaper than petrol, it was calculated that the car was achieving an equivalent of 35mpg (something like that). I then worked out that if I bought a diesel car then it would need to achieve at least 38mpg to make my day to day running costs as close as possible. This was when diesel was 6 pence a litre more than petrol. So that's why I'm happy with 40mpg. My friend has a 2.0 diesel (163ps) Kuga and that has only averaged 41mpg. Not quite like for like but it gives you an idea. If you have a search on google for "mondeo 2.0 tdci fuel economy" or similar, you should find some more information (plenty of chat on this on the Talkford forum). I'm not trying to put you off a 2.0 but just making you aware of what I found. There are plenty of sport models with the 2.0 engine out there, 66 nationwide on Autotrader, though there are twice as many Titanium X models.
  26. Windscreen stone chip repair

    It costs £25 excess for a chip or £75 for a new screen... So 3 chips and you might as well have a new screen instead... Having a new screen through Admiral did put my premium up the next year. It has to be declared as a claim, though it doesn't affect your NCB.
  27. If you could have any car

    Lol I hope not. Even though there's that diesel scrapage scheme I can't see everyone having around 6k to spend on a newer economical car. No point also getting a 2017 car made after April due to massive increase on their road tax. It's like the government is stopping people from driving.
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