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  2. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    Be VERY glad that they didn't snap. If it had snapped, you'd have been paying for the head to be taken off the engine to get access and forcibly remove the snapped plug.
  3. The grey bit is the movable collar.
  4. Engine bay ignition live

    Hi, I am fitting a drl relay harness on my 2008 pre facelift focus, but I cant find an ignition live in the engine bay. There is a pos and neg to the battery, and a blue wire to go to an ignition live. I am unfamiliar with piggy back fuses(apparently they have to be installed a certain way) and don't want to go through the firewall. If possible I would like to tap an existing wire. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Car is booked in at dealership on Tuesday for the seat to be replaced also 1st service being done at the same time Sent from my iPhone
  6. H11 Fog led's

    Auto bulbs direct will have all the bulbs you need and or want
  7. Today
  8. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Looks much better but I predicted by the sound of the other thread that it would be an extremely fiddly and risky job, so not sure I'll bother lol.
  9. Fiesta Ecoboost '13 floor mat wet...

    There's a couple of grommets under the dash that are known to leak. The water runs down ancable that passes through the grommet. Get under with a flashlight and you should be able to spot it. Some silicone sealant would fix it or replace the grommet.
  10. Ford recommends steering rack limiters 17" to prevent rubbing. You can change your wheel/tyre size using Forscan to ensure your speedo is accurate, but a major change in rolling circumference would affect gearing. There's always cheap OEM Ford 17" wheels on eBay and the FB groups which might mean cheaper insurance. Bear in mind that larger wheels means less tyre sidewall so a harsher though more responsive ride.
  11. Sat Nav SD card

    We have sent it to ford now thanks for the offer though. Much appreciate though Sent from my T5_Lite using Tapatalk
  12. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    I’ve had poly bushes for 4 years,passed MOT last week,no advisory’s
  13. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    He said he had a job getting them out and they were creaking....i'm just glad they didn't snap
  14. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    I know they'd make the ride harsher but didn't realise that they wore quickly. The lower arms have a blue circlip on the boot which I guess makes them 21mm? Disc is knackered, too. They appear to be the 278mm flavour.
  15. Weak Windscreen Washers

  16. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Washers seem better after a drive, but came back to find this after about an hour... The grommet for the extra capacity bit is now leaking, I said it would a few posts up even before attempting the job lol. I've tried to bodge it with the only thing I could find...some sort of all purpose glue. I doubt it'll hold but don't have any sealant to hand. While doing that, the arch liner nut style clips keep dropping off and 2 of the wheel nut caps came off this evening...the Focus is really starting to feel it's age now.
  17. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good visual mods for a fiesta st line 125 1.0l, I’m looking for body kits & stuff like that. I should also mention it’s the dark grey coulour so any help on choosing a second colour on the car to go with it would help as well, thank you
  18. Heated Screen Problems

    the relays are part of the fusebox, (non servicable)
  19. Heated Screen Problems

    so was there power to the fuses?
  20. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    Apart from the huge impact on drive comfort polyurethane suspension bushes usually wear out pretty quick.
  21. Heated Screen Problems

    That's good information ... I'm not sure where the relay is if there is one but I'm hoping its going to be an easy fix. It doesn't go in till next Friday ... I'll do a bit of googling to see if i can find out about relays . Thanks
  22. FOCUS MK3 Making Weird noise when accelerating

    Will record some movie over weekend and post it here.
  23. Had unfortunate accident with a very high kerb which has resulted in me having to replace both the front suspension wish bones and shock absorbers. I was able to get the shocks half price thankfully otherwise this would of cost me a fortune. Anyway had the work done and there is still some knocking noises coming form the front suspension area and my steering seems really vague and responselss, just wondered if any of you knowledgeable petrol heads had any ideas of what else it could be as I cant get it to the Garage until Wednesday. Car is 10 years old so I know steering and suspension is gonna be tired and seen better days.. Thanks to all for reading, and thanks even more in advance to those who post a reply.. Cheers
  24. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    Of course it isn’t working, stupid idea..
  25. Weak Windscreen Washers

    reassemble and remove the one way valve in the pipework to the washers, replace the valve with a small piece of brake pipe if you have some. try washers and see if that improves
  26. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    I just wonder if people are 'forgetting' to buy it for a couple of months and saving themselves a few quid?
  27. Few questions about my fiesta ( 2007 )

    My radio is the sony unit with the accept and decline buttons however if the very first owner didnt have it added as an optional extra they just end up being mute buttons
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