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  2. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    Reviews are better than nightbreaker unlimited ones. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    Anyone used Osram nightbreaker laser H7's ? Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  4. Your Fiesta

    My baby
  5. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    I'm giving serious consideration to getting one of these - had someone break in after my keys recently (thankfully the burglar alarm scared them off so they just nicked my wind deflectors and fled) - so would like the additional layer of security.
  6. Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    I'll see what to do with rear part. Probably ST bumper then maybe debadge.
  7. Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    Looks good although I'd debadge the tailgate to give the rear a cleaner look. The CC bumper will be a nice upgrade.
  8. Any ideas on what will be replacing it yet?
  9. Today
  10. Your Fiesta

  11. Questions On Adding Extras to a Used Focus.

    I really like privacy glass but bought a car without simply due to price this time. It can't really be retrofitted (without considerable time and cost anyway) so tint film is the next best option. Film is never perfect though, and always leaves lines around the windows where they're originally bonded in. Eventually it wrinkles or bubbles as well. You can buy pre cut tint film on eBay... For a 5dr mk3 focus it's £20 all rear windows... BUT I doubt I've got the dexterity or the patience to fit it lol. I've thought about having it done professionally but not looked into cost yet. Don't forget you'll have to declare it as a modification on your insurance if it wasn't there from the factory. Daylight running lights can be retrofitted but come as part of the xenon headlights. So expensive to buy, but quite easy to fit. However you then also need headlight levellers, washers, larger washer bottle etc... So it becomes uneconomical really. You can get aftermarket DRLs and stick them where you like, but they do tend to look a bit cheap and tacky.
  12. Coolant reservoir cap stuck

    I had cracks just like this but worse on mine. Ford replaced it under warranty (almost the 3 year mark) as it was slowly leaking coolant but a pressure test showed no problems elsewhere. It hasn't needed any coolant since the reservoir was changed.
  13. Dash Cam Installation

    Use the thinkware app for a live view to see how it looks first. It’s annoying trying to get the 3m sticky pad off to put a new one on, had enough trouble just doing it on the rear cam and small bit of 3m lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Connectors off inside of headlight

    I have been thinking about using led bulbs in my standard reflector headlights, please can anyone tell me which is best as i have tried the normal led bulbs, (the once without the heatsinks what you just plug in like a normal bulb) but they are very dim, is there any that give a bright light beem. Thanks for any help.
  15. Mk3 Dashcam Fitting

    I've only got the front camera atm so don't need much. Did you find a use for the rest of it? If not I'd buy some from you, shouldn't cost much to post.
  16. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    Hi guys spent some time on the focus and here's what I've found so far. Checked fuse F23 all good F27 blown replaced fuse. Disconnected plug from compressor jumped relay pins 3 and 5 and found battery voltage. Back probed the earth on the plug and found battery voltage So it looks like the power and earth to the compressor cluch are ok Replaced compressor plug jumped relay pins 3 and 5 and it blows F27. So I'm guessing it's a cluch problem Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Steve
  17. Tyre Management System

    ... second point would kind of confirm it ! and also the post from iannt suggesting iTPMS bodge for VAG. But one reason I was keen to know is mates 2016 insignia. He has 4 separate TPMS pressure readings on the dash all working and yet the warning light is on all the time and won't reset. owners manual says needs a reset that is remarkably like the ABS set up.... But it won't work and Vauxhall forums have lots saying the same... procedure is car locked for a min of 20 mins, key in and with handbrake on toggle to reset menu fiddle about till is beeps then drive without going below 12mph for about 20 mins.... but most owners says its over 30.... but mates won't do it over 60 mins. And my diagnostics doesn't support vauxhall after 2012 But does 2016 fords, maclarens, maybach's RR, Porche's etc.
  18. its not a 10 hr job, and your dealer should be well aware whats involved. there are clear instructions.
  19. A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Seeing the potential in that Ecoboost engine, I told my tuner to try a more aggressive map on the car. He was very nice and accommodating and he managed to push it around 217+ hp. He was extremely happy with the result as he did not expect that the car with the original map + sportkat+exhaust to be so willing for more power. So after a few attempts he got it up there. It was the most extreme tune he has ever done for this engine. The car was flying as a few people could not understand how a bland 1.5 ecoboost can fly like that. Little did they know that i had my torque curve smashing the gates of hell from 1750 rpm :). It is no wonder that Ford chose the 1.5 for the new ST. Regarding the new car, it is so docile as a daily driver but sometimes you can feel the beast wants to be set free. I drive it with care as it is in the break in period and i always make sure my oil is at 70 centigrade and above before I push a bit. Below you can see it at work waiting impatiently for me to push the pedal to 3500-4000 rpm and have the exhaust pop :D. It is a bit dirty due to snow and constant rain in my area but properly waxed for the season.
  20. Tyre Management System

    on my Merc car the sensor BT codes are unique to each car so they don't get in a pickle in traffic etc..... but are all the same code as each other, You can move wheels about and nothing gets confused. on my BM bikes each sensor is unique.... I suspect because on a bike the wheels are quite close to each other... ( although that wouldn't explain how a short car copes), of course on a bike you don't have same wheels each end unless its an old scooter. One other point could be the type of sensor.... the car wakes up because the unit on the car body told it to wake up... on the bike its has to be spun up ands then wakes up.... although a different dealer tool can allegedly wake it up... but my autel TPMS stuff can't wake up the bike ones... which is a pain as needed it awake to swap one out with a flat battery the other day... but new solution is get another bike seleotape to rear wheel and then take back to the bike that I'm coding... the bike ones stay awake for about 15 mins
  21. have a read of this topic
  22. Fiesta Red Edition Service

    Well you learn something new everyday!! Thanks for the help, will be getting it done this week!!
  23. theres a quite a few posts on the forum about water leaks on the mk3 focus. cant remember who were having the problem but post up this topic in the focus section and you should have better responce. in the meanwhile i will see if i can link to the posts already about this.
  24. Keyless entry sets off alarm

    Same happened to me the other day. I just pressed the unlock on the remote and all was well with the world again.
  25. I've had this, just not on a Ford. It's usually the rear lights that leak in. A bit of silicone did the trick. If it fills up pretty quick (like if it rains overnight) then sit inside, remove the trim around the lights and see if you find a leak whilst someone sprays water over the boot. You should find a trickle somewhere. Also had one leak around the vent pictured below, again silicone fixed that.
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