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  2. Dash Cam Installation

    Almost forgot remember and buy a (CLASS 10) SD/TF-Card anything less and you will get nasty dropout and frame jitter! Class 4 cards and other are just for stills and storage!
  3. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Hi mate nice cars mate especially RS.I have question for you. On the fiesta you have the switch with 2 buttons &1 blank. @ Off & eco. When you press @A does that off esp ? What does eco button do ? Reason i ask is i fitted piano black surrounds in my mk7 titanium tdci & this switch was with it , which i connected to plug behind it. When i press @offfor few secs airbag light illumenates in cluster. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  4. Dash Cam Installation

    I’ll take a look after work. I think I have parking mode and continuous both set as on together which might explain. The hardwire kit version doesn’t come with the cig lighter power cable unless I was going blind when I opened it this morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve wired it up ok since it does turn on like it should when I go int o access or ign mode. I noticed the firmware update the other day when I was looking on the site so will update that stuff when I get home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. My automatic wipers have developed a fault that I need help with. whilst working perfectly, they stop for no apparent reason. When they fail, the only way to get them going again is to set them to FAST. Setting them to normal speed or autowipe has no effect. After a few seconds, I can switch back to a lower setting and normal operation resumes. Today however, I could not get them to reset for several minutes. With current damp/dirty roads, the problem is becoming dangerous. Tony
  6. Dash Cam Installation

    Yeah always best to RTFM If you check the website it has a new firmware update and a rather swoopy PC application and the manual lol http://www.thinkware.com/Support/Download#1 From the manual (page 20) it looks like you have to switch off the continous impact monitor and enable park mode otherwise the camera goes to sleep after 3 mins! It also seems the rear camera is wired to the front camera for power. The product is powered on when the ACC mode is turned on or when the engine starts. Also from the manual (page 15) it looks like if you wire it up to the fusebox and dont use the proprietary power cable via the cigarette lighter socket you invalidate the warranty so if it goes wrong you are right up the Thomas Titter! Major Bummer! • Parking mode operates only when the hardwiring cable is connected. The hardwiring cable (optional) must be professionally installed to the vehicle by a trained mechanic. • To use all recording modes, you must insert a memory card into the product. • Depending on the battery charging status of the vehicle, the duration of parking mode may differ. If you want to use parking mode for an extended period, check the battery level to prevent battery depletion. Wow it doesnt use a LI-Ion from the circuit diagram it actually uses a Super-Capacitor (funny the manual refers to it as a battery lol) and its pretty well designed - Nice! So be gentle with her! She needs to be treated like a Lauren Bacall and not a Jordan. >;O)
  7. Dash Cam Installation

    Camera works fine well the front one at least. Haven’t had a chance to install rear camera. Yes it does have feature to enable parking mode which I enabled. I need to have a look at the manual a bit more lol I will post pics up tomorrow to show how I have installed the front camera / wired up etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Dash Cam Installation

    Does the camera not have a park mode setting - that means it switches a mosfet on the main circuit to allow the battery to power the camera (usually)! I would have thought that camera would definitely have all the top features. I would recommend RTFM! >;O) The best idea is to use the fuse plugin device - i thought that was what you had ordered? Never been a fan of ***** or tying wires around lol I am an Edd China fan he does the job 101% - crimps it , solders it then heatshrinks it thats the pro way! If you spend over £300 squid on a dashcam you ideally want to do the job 101% the right way - i wouldnt want to see the dashcam go up in smoke because of a dodgy wire somewhere - screwed and tied stuff quickly comes loose when you have a bump or something works loose. I know that only too well having built a few kit cars - wiring is always the biggest headache in car mechanics! Just ask any Lotus or TVR owner lol As I said above you have to watch the amps draw of these things - I notice it has a wifi chip and especially broadcom chips suck a lot of power - leaving these things on all the time is not a good idea! Thats why you are recommended to switch of wifi on smartphones laptops etc to conserve battery power. RTFM first. Always a good idea!
  9. Modified Fusion

    Hi Folks, Am I to understand that clear Headlamp/Indicator units can be fitted to a Fusion with amber front indicators?
  10. Dash Cam Installation

    At the moment I have my acc wire wired up to one of my wiper fuses and the batt wire on what my diagram says is a “IGN” fuse slot. Earth is wired/screwed to a metal part connected to the chassis behind the glove box. I’m guessing the IGN fuse slot I chose isn’t a live one as the camera doesn’t turn back on when engine is off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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  12. Engine warning light

    well, soldiers in tunnels in vietnam, or does it originally go back further in history
  13. Window Tinting

    Aye, but I'd like to gain some experience on doing it myself, you have to start somewhere I guess. I'm not serious enough that I want a career in tinting, but I'd like to get sort of decent at it.
  14. well, if the alternator smoked the alternator is likely to be no good, but if you disconnect alternator wires and still the electrics are mostly dead then there is likely much more serious things wrong. I could easily see it having damaged the ECU and / or the GEM. But it sounds like you could spend money on replacing parts and still find it has damaged more and it could easily become a bottomless money pit
  15. Hello all! We will be doing a trip in a couple of weeks/3, from Copenhagen to Lillehammer (Norway), we will drive around 1700km (1056 miles more or less), half to go, half to come back. I have been thinking what could factor our trip, and of course tyre pressure comes in mind right away. I could stick to the book and give the pressure it says but I would like to ask, from your possible experience and given the next conditions: Air temperatures will always be somewhere between -10 and 2 Celsius degrees. We will be facing string winds here and there.. maybe not, it´s the north :) Two adults and a half (luggage being that half haha). The car is a Fiesta mk7 2010 1.25, it has winter tyres on. We will most likely not ride over snow, norges are quite rich! Should be stick to the recommended tyre pressure for 2 passengers? A bit more? Thank you!
  16. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Thanks Peter. Will attempt later I hope
  17. Dash Cam Installation

    If you want park mode to work for more than a few mins then you need to wire it into a permanently live fuse or connection point (unless it has a li-ion battery for that purpose - hence why i recommended the aux fuse)!. It depends whether you just want the thing on when you are at the local shops in the car park for a few hours or whether you want it on all the time when its at home if you live in a dodgy area! I just presumed you wanted it when you are out and about! Something i wouldnt do personally just in case and I am a qualified electronics engineer. The cheap dashcams can suck your battery dry when they go wrong, I've even seen one go up in flames - they have LI-ION batteries inside and they are non removeable on the cheapos. Luckily you bought a decent one so you should be ok Most quality ones have a decent high capacity LI-ION which should last for hours so wiring to a permanently live connection isnt necessary or recommended unless you want it as a 24hr spycam! You have to be careful how you wire up things that were not in the original cars design spec - the electronics are now a bit more complex than they used to be when I had a Ford Escort MKII lol I have seen cheap Chinese obd bluetooth tools completely wipe out ecu's and subwoofer boxes and amps halve a 12v battery lifespan and more. Some "independant" garages even wire stuff up to the battery without even a fuse or relay to do what you want - complete nuts! https://dashboardcamerareviews.com/battery-discharge-prevention/
  18. Help!

    i don't know quite what it looks like. when I had a Ford Escort and the cable broke I used a piece of bicycle brake cable (cheap from somewhere like wilko) and some wiring connectors to repair it. connectors of this type
  19. Bulb fallen inside puddle light

    Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  20. My MK7 Fiesta

    Front Visor Graphic added today with a carbon fibre effect, thanks to Graphic Mafia. (Will get a photo at night to show the carbon effect properly)
  21. Bulb fallen inside puddle light

    Remove the mirror cover. Inside the top of the mirror casing are 2 tabs hooked into semi-circular lugs. Push a pair of small screwdrivers into the lugs and lever down carefully then the covers will hinge forward until the seating lugs at the bottom can unhook. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  22. Exhaust specifications needed.

    Good luck in finding that info mate lol.
  23. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Thats a better translation than Google did. :)
  24. Its on me profile 2014 zetec. Should be good then just waiting for the snow drift to clear. If our garage had no cars in it I could do it in style in the warmth and comfort of a garage with an inspection pit and fully carpetted lol Madness!
  25. Window Tinting

    I haven't got the skills, can't even put a screen protector on my phone without bubbles.lol
  26. Havent bought a tool in about 20 years - my old dads 4 car garage has just about every tool under the sun from mig welders to engine hoists he even dug his own inspection pit and built his own car lift from old bits he found in the local cowp, there is even an old converted vacuum cleaner he used as a car spray - we didnt have much money in the 60's so he built everything himself , even built his first garage at his dads house - he was some man. Working on cars now isnt as much fun its really just a necessity for me now. Still havent had the heart to clear the garage out its still got his Jensen Interceptor, Opel Manta B SR, Lotus Excel Eclat and E Type Jag (Canary Yellow lol) sitting rusting its a real shame! The garage is even fully carpetted believe it or not and double glazed with his own central heating system installed. Everything in it is self built including all the tool racks , cupboard and workbenches - I have to work on my cars outside on the driveway lol All the old names for tools as well - they dinny ken me when I talk about mole grips and cummels lol
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