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  2. Hi Everyone! Has anybody had their Fiesta Revo tuned and if so to what stage and is it worth the price?
  3. Ford Focus Brake light probiem

    Hi TomsFocus, Firstly thank you for taking the time to help When i I tried my original one it didn’t work. However I didn’t realise until after the fuse was blown. Im going to pick up my old boot from the scrapyard as we swapped it over on site and try again. Any other ideas are most appreciated. The brake pedal switch is another option. Does anyone know if you can test the circuit by say placing a voltmeter on the fuse points or something to see if a signal is being sent and try to work out where the issue might be?
  4. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Is this not the "hill start assist"? Mine does something similar whenever I've stopped in traffic. I never use the handbrake (except when I'm actually parked up), but had noticed a "drag" sometimes when setting off after an auto-stop in traffic. I suspected it was the hill start thing so switched it off in the vehicle settings menu and the drag went away. I've since switched it back on and modified my "setting off" driving style.
  5. Hi, SO I was wondering if anybody could help/link me to any information on how to fit a cosmetic exhaust tip onto my fiesta as the exhaust pipe is angled, and if anyone knows what specifically an air filter/induction kit would do and whether it would make the noise sound better/louder? Regards, Luke
  6. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Would hill start assist effect the feel of the breal pedal? Because this seems like the most logical option to me. Nothing else seems off about my car
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  8. Windscreen stone chip repair

    It's actually quite easy to fix as long as it's like less than an inch wide yourself if you can get a kit from amazon or whatever. Making sure the area is clean is key. The rest can be achieved with a bit of epoxy and air pressure.
  9. Sync 3 dab track info

    Picked up a new focus st line x on Friday, my old fiesta used to display the track names and artists when using the dab radio. In the focus however it doesn't? I know it's a newer sync system than what I had in my fiesta but thought it would still display this info? Any ideas? thanks in advance :)
  10. Mk2.5 2011 TDCI Not Starting - Any Ideas?

    I'd also lean towards the alternator as a starting point. As @TomsFocus states above, check the wiring to it as well as the connector/plus can get corroded. The SmartCharge system can push the better part of 18 volts through the battery, so if the sensor/smartcharge cable or connector isn't working properly the alternator could be frying your nice shiny new battery. Oh and I wouldn't bother taking it to a "Ford" dealer/garage, any independent worth 10 bob should be able to sort it, in part because it one of the most common cars on the road!
  11. DPF replacement, argh!

    Just open a "not as described" case on ebay and attach a scan of whatever you got from Ford stating the dpf is the wrong model. Once a return case has been approved the shipping label (through ebay) is usually free, or at least is was last week when I returned something myself!
  12. Windscreen stone chip repair

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I am going to get it sorted at Halfords tomorrow (not through insurance because the repair excess is £25!). The chip itself is just above the driver's eyeline, so a repair shouldn't obscure my view. In terms of the repair... is it likely that the heating elements in the windscreen are going to be damaged? Thanks again
  13. Where do you want it to show up? You'd need a new stereo and screen to have it factory fitted and show up on the head unit. There's those screens that mount to the rear mirror if you don't want to mess around. All depends on what end result you're after.
  14. Im looking to wire in a reverse camera to my fiesta and i am wondering what the best way to do this would be? Thankyou
  15. MK7 1.4 Petrol oil consumption

    Short journeys will wear the engine out quicker. It doesn't give the oil enough time to get to temperature and lubricate everything properly. You could be burning oil due to bad piston rings. Are you noticing any blue/greyish smoke out the exhaust?
  16. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    The American way of saying hand brake +1 for hill start assist. My brakes feel like they stick when I set off too soon sometimes.
  17. If you could have any car

    Any Mclaren as a daily but a Ferrari for the weekend together with a leggy blonde [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone
  18. New to site

    Hi Welcome
  19. New to site

    Hello I've just brought a mk1 ford focus 03 plate for only £250 good buy though I think after having a Vauxhall vectra 1.9 desiel Sri for the last two years awful thing
  20. Non starter

    No it is though all is dead. i am wondering whether it is to do with immobiliser circuit.
  21. DPF replacement, argh!

    was it ebay? and paid for by paypal?
  22. Focus ST Line X 140

    Only issue I've noticed with the car so far, which is a small one. Is the mats that came in the car don't fit properly, only one of the push fit location lugs will fit on each of the front mats. Going to drop the dealer an email and see if they can advice and get it sorted
  23. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    what's the emergency brake? First thing I would try is disabling Hill Start Assist if you have it enabled (through the menu on the radio)
  24. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Sounds like your handbrake is sticking either the cable or brake shoes in the drums. It's not unusual, but it is unusual in a 2017 car. Take it in to Ford for warranty action.
  25. If you could have any car

    It all comes down to price. The 180hp mk5 golf's are going for around 3k. I'm planning on keeping my fiesta for around 4 years until I build more no claims. I can't remember if they reduce insurance premiums when your 21 or 25. Till then it would have dropped to an affordable price. Still there's that diesel emissions coming into play in a few years where it will effect all diesel cars.
  26. Windscreen stone chip repair

    yes, in spite of what windscreen replacement companies advertise for chip repairs (usually no excess they say) some companies do have an excess. I don't think it is unreasonable to have an excess on repairs. If there is no excess it just encourages policyholders to waste the insurance companies' money on repairs when there is no point. It is rare for a chip to spread, in spite of windscreen companies suggesting your car will self destruct if you don't have that chip repaired in one microsecond of it happening. On my previous fiesta over the years I had six chips, all noticable but no bad enough for an MOT failure. None of these spread. But then one day I got a big crack (not where the chips were) and it needed replacing to satisfy the MOT. I could have had 6 chip repairs over the years, all of which would have been pointless.
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