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  2. ESP Light

    Hi all, I have just got a 2013 Ford Ranger T6 and I am getting the error code P042F relating to the EGM valve on the vehicle however at the same time I also get the ESP light come up so it seems to be a joint issue. any ideas would be handy I have ordered a new EGR valve but I now need to find its location. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I am a new member to the forum. Before I start posting a new topic about my problem with my Focus, I thought I ask you people if you know where I could find the solution to my issue (if any). In August this year, I bought a second hand Ford Focus Mk2 (facelift) 09 plate Titanium Auto 2.0 petrol, 48,000 on the clock, full Ford service history and 1 owner, it was an ex-Motability vehicle. (In the picture the aesthetic modification were done by me ;-)) Since I have had the car, I feel like the engine is very “sharp” and loud. (My previous car was another Ford, but a Mondeo 2.0 Auto petrol.) Here are the issues I have: a. The car revs to over 2000rpm too quick and changes gears just under 3000rpm, very loudly! b. Sometimes, (intermittently) the accelerator will not respond straight away, then I would have to press it deeper and suddenly the car shoots off. Here is what I have done so far: · I’ve had the car fully serviced as soon as I got it. It has a timing chain; the garage told me I do not need to replace it, as it is not a belt. · I also went to Kwick Fit to check the whole exhaust system, to make sure it’s not a faulty or leaking exhaust, but they said it all looked fine to them. · I connected an OBD device with my phone to check if there is any issues with the engine or any warning codes, it all came back clear. The last thing I am told by the garage is it could be that the car was “chipped”, but it wouldn’t make sense as the last owner was an elderly gentleman, in case his kids had done it!? I am contemplating an ECU reset, disconnecting the battery for over 30 mins Also, I can’t seem to find a garage near Essex who could code/remap the car, if you know of any, please let me know. I would really appreciate your help guys! Thank you in advance.
  4. Those springs make all the difference. It's also surprising how much better a car looks with mudguards.
  5. I find the alarm goes off straight away if any door other than the drivers is opened before the key is in.
  6. Turbo Whine

    Relay and fuse checked under bonnet, I tested the Relay with a multimeter and also swapped it for the horn relay as they are the same and it worked fine. Anyone know how easy it will be to check the glow plug connector to test 12v supply getting to them? P.S not sure if i should of noticed anything but the car felt exactly the same (ROUGH) with no errors or difference even when i removed the Glow plug relay completely and started the car?
  7. Fitting DAB into MK7.5

    So I've decided to buy a DAB head unit with screen etc and that should be arriving early next week. I'm now looking into the aerial side of things and wondering what parts I actually need. After looking online I found the parts diagram below, but can only find the aerial, amplifier mounted in the boot and the metal grounding plate, but can't find any wiring stuff. I don't mind going screen mounted if anybody has managed to get that working with the factory radio.
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  9. New member

    Hi Welcome
  10. New member

    New to the forum, seen a few threads and it looks interesting so thought I'd sign up. Recently traded in my Fiesta Metal Edition for an Fiesta ST-3 and absolutely loving it ! :)
  11. New member

    New to the forum, seen a few threads and it looks interesting so thought I'd sign up. Recently traded in my Fiesta Metal Edition for an Fiesta ST-3 and absolutely loving it ! :)
  12. Have ordered the wired version, cheers. WAZ - sometimes mine gives 20 seconds grace to get the key in the ignition, but more often than not the alarm will sound as soon as I open the door.
  13. Hi all.... my 08 galaxy has auto lights and wipers however, the lights used to come on when dark and off during daylight but now just stay on.... also the wipers used to automatically go faster or slower during heavy / light rain but now operate only on intermittent function or on funtions.... not as used to.... any ideas??? Cheers
  14. Number Plates Years

    Yeah this is what I saw on the website and just wondered why, I guessed something like fraud.
  15. Oh ok, I thought it fits on it too.
  16. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    No need to put thread lock on
  17. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Dual Mass Flywheel / bad clutch springs ? is it not releasing/clamping squarely Jamie
  18. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    1.5 TDCi. Its like a metal grinding squeal!
  19. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Yep still on original cdpf. I do a fair bit of driving alright. No bother on the car though, it still runs well. I have to get the car serviced soon, nearly 7000 miles since last service.
  20. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yep, looks like April for me too (if everything goes as planned.....) Really disappointed with this ridiculous situation - at least 7 months to deliver a Ford Fiesta. Even more annoyingly, I'm using the scrappage scheme, so I am now obliged to fork out on servicing, tyres and a battery to keep my 200,000 mile Fiesta going through the winter (and pray that it doesn't break down in an expensive way in the meantime).

    The 50mm drop and Mondeo allows make a BIG difference to the look/stance of the car, very nice.
  22. Floor mats

    I've had plenty of slippery rubber mats, they used to be the OEM ones in late 90s/early 00's Peugeots. Found they wore pretty quickly where heels went and didn't remove any water from soles so shoes slipped on the pedals as well as the mats...the squeak of sole on clutch gets annoying quickly lol! Plus they went grey and looked awful...anything you put on them to bring the colour back makes them even more slippery... The velour ones are stupid expensive for Fords, but don't seem to stain or trap dirt, a quick hoover every 6 months or so and they still look fine after ~10 years. Just wish I had a full set in the Focus...for some reason I have 3 of the thin crap OE carpet ones and one nice black velour one on the drivers front! If they didn't cost more than a tank of fuel for a full new set I'd have them all round personally. Soak up water efficiently but don't stain or wear quickly in my experience.

    Early Mk2 facelift 1.6TDCi, Feb 2008 built. Titanium spec but with most of the extras of a Titanium X - they didn't make a Titanium X spec on the mk2.5 so the options had to be individually selected. On top of the usual Titanium spec (auto wipers, lights and rear view mirror, premium sound system, voice control, ambient lighting, door sill plates, multispoke alloys, etc) I also have xenon headlights, washers and levellers with LED rears, rear privacy glass & front screen heat reflective (IR) coating, powerfold mirrors with puddle lights and full leather heated seats with electronic adjustment on the drivers side. I'd been looking for one specifically with cruise and climate control as optional extras, but couldn't leave this one with the options it had, I knew I could add cruise fairly easily...and would have to live with the lack of climate, 3 years on the manual AC is still one of the worst parts of this car lol, fortunately they fit climate to all Titaniums on mk3 lol! Still basically standard but improvements since the factory are - cruise control, gel badges & plates, clear rear fog, gloss black front fog surrounds, ice white sidelight bulbs, ~140bhp remap, dashcam.
  24. Hello everyone! Recently joined this site and was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. Basically i have an 03 plate Fiesta 1.4 Zetec that has done just over 155k miles and the problem is that it is using a lot of oil, im filling it up every 300-400 miles and i dont think thats normal? Any help would be appreciated!
  25. Martin222

    Thank you.
  26. Floor mats

    I had a set of rubber mats for 3 years and had no issue with my feet slipping on them and tbh I've been considering another set as their a lot easier to keep clean then velour .
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