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  2. Adams story game

    But her partner however Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  3. Sat Nav update! - Sync 2

    search ford f6 sd card on ebay, that's usually the cheapest option. :)
  4. Sat Nav update! - Sync 2

    Hi How do you update the maps etc with Sync 2? There seems to be a few links suggesting this is possible, but not found an answer yet. I have a 66 plate Ford Focus. The SD card has for the Sat Nav has a F5 sticker on it. I have loaded this into my computer and have found that the version text file states the map is dated 2013:03:15. Some 4 years out of date!! I decided to get a car with Sat Nav included as I cover a lot of miles in areas I am not familiar with. I have found that so many times the Sat Nav cannot find the address I need, so have to use Google Maps and then try to find on my Sync 2. (Very time consuming)! I have come across many new roads and motorways which simply don't exist, so it looks like I am ploughing through fields! and hence can't calculate an efficient route. At my service last week, my local Ford dealer said there are no updates. Really!! If this uses TomTom maps, there must me a way to keep up to date, surely? Any help on this, or links to update files would be a great help. Thanks
  5. Turbo Whine

    I have now done one more thing and that's replace the fuel filter which unfortunately did not make any difference with the rough running, has any one else ever had this problem and resolve it?
  6. It will be nearer 15 mins on the Mondeo. But note, as soon as you unlock the car or open the doors again it will power up, therefore either look through the windows or sit in the car when you check again.
  7. Having an issue with my wife's Fiesta which isn't big enough to warrant a trip to the garage (I don't think) but is proving to be a minor irritant. Basically when starting the car it will sometimes (probably 1 in 10 or 15 starts) automatically reset the average MPG on the trip computer. Sometimes this will also coincide with a sort of stuttering of the electrics when starting. The car then starts and runs fine so no issues there. I initially thought, and was told, that this could relate to a dodgy battery starting to go but I've had the battery and alternator checked by a garage who have confirmed and shown me the readings that show that those are working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? I've wondered if it is just a fuse but if so I've no idea which one it could be. Should I just be chalking this up as a glitch that doesn't matter or is it a symptom of something more sinister?
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  9. Boost Leak Tips?

    No worries mate, keep us all posted
  10. Boost Leak Tips?

    Thanks :) I will make that my first place to look, tried to find someone I could lend a smoke machine off but nobody has one locally, no point in buying one the amount of times it will get used. I was wondering about the silicone replacements, they seem like a better option, thanks :)
  11. Yeah I have checked the fuse diagram for my car mine says F19 - 15amp - Blue for cigarette lighter fuse. I will try again today shortly. I went to halfords for use of their multimeter and they said it's unusual for most of the fuses in the centre fuse box to still have power after 10/15 minutes after ignition goes off. Is this right? I'm going to wait a bit longer to see if power is eventually cut after a bit longer
  12. Awesome man! It's just a case of unplugging the existing blubs, then plugging in panels - then the panel have a peel off sticky back, stick it where you want and you are good to go! Took me a while to see this, have you got it all set up?
  13. Spare wheel in boot

    That answers that one then!
  14. Boost Leak Tips?

    1st point of call would be the short 90 degree pipe to the left on the engine as you look at it from the front of the car. It cracks, usually on the underside and with it being black it's not always easy to spot. I replaced mine with a silicone hose which was cheaper than a Ford replacement and will outlast the car. To find my leak I got someone to rev out the car to 3.5K rpm and hold it there whilst I went round the pipework feeling for hot air being blown out from somewhere it shouldn't. (it didn't take long, although when I removed the pipe I had to clean it before I could see a really thin crack.
  15. Blower motor.

    The same resistor is fitted in the Vauxhall Corsa, Chap on Ebay sells the small resistor fitted to the top for pence complete with two squeeze connectors. no soldering needed.
  16. Adams story game

    Doesnt like at all Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  17. Spare wheel in boot

    Oh blow, it is the same width as car tyre but on the side it says emergence only 80 k.
  18. Boost Leak Tips?

    As the title really does anyone have any fantastic tips for chasing down a boost leak no a 1.8tdci? It is not doing it all the time when under proper load it disappears but there is the tell tale whistle :) Thanks in advance.
  19. Adams story game

    The one my friend Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  20. Yellow headlight tint

    Best description of a Clubman I've ever heard! [emoji108][emoji16] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  21. Spare wheel in boot

    Just popping out with my tape.
  22. Just joined

    I have just brought an old Focus estate 2004, yesterday for £400, it looks and drives fine but bound to find some problems as time go's on. I have a question about spare wheel in Focus club hope I have put it in the right section. I have had some Fords before, just changing from my old Mercedes. Hope to keep this one for 2 or 3 years. Reg
  23. FORD Focus overheating

    I'd suggest picking up a used Haynes manual off ebay as it covers a number of jobs (some fairly simple, some not). It certainly good for giving you a starting point or guide for many relatively straightforward tasks.
  24. Spare wheel in boot

    I don't think a full side tyre/wheel fits in the boot, have you checked the width of the wheel, a space saver is a lot more narrow than a 15/16" full wheel?
  25. Spare wheel in boot

    I have just brought a Ford Focus 2004 1600cc estate and had a look at the spare wheel, the metal wheel is RED, but the car is black, it has the same size tyre and a valve, looks the same in appearance as the ones on the car. Would this be one of them save emergence tyres, I am hoping its not.
  26. Are you using the right fues location? F7 on my 2011 car (not sure if it's the same for yours)
  27. FORD Focus overheating

    Thanks for that i’ll Give it a try and give you a update? Although I’m not sure how to flush coolant do I need to drain it out somehow? Yes the car was done at a popular garage in our area never had a bad word said!
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