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  2. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    No, your gearbox, clutch or any other part of the engine will be "absolutely safe" with any remap, hence why Ford don't have more power out of the ecoboost from the factory.
  3. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    oh, i let my secret out now. lol
  4. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    F1ET-15K866-AF is a Focus MK3.5 module that is used installed from 06-10-2014 to 17-06-2015. This part number was never used on other Ford models. From experience I know that this part number is not fully compatible with a Focus MK3. BM5T-15K866-AN is used on the Focus MK3 from 03-01-2011 onwards DV4T-15K866-AK is only used on the Focus ST and the Focus Electric. If you want a module that only supports rear parking sensors you need part number BM5T-15K866-A*. The * stands for the revision of the part. N is currently the latest available version of this part.
  5. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    yep, googled and it shows for mk2.5
  6. Phil's Build Thread

    Yet another update with my brake lights. Turns out the problem was gone mid testing last time because the boot was open and the hatch was shielding the antenna... Time to just buy decent bulbs if anyone knows of any which definitely don't cause interference I'd like to know!
  7. Very Poor on Fuel

    If your brakes are even slightly touching the discs or drums this will cause significant differences in mpg.
  8. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    What's to old. That last one?
  9. Hi Welcome
  10. Hello from Bathgate

    Thank you ☺
  11. Enabling Automatic Lights

    Aww, had my hopes up there
  12. Today
  13. Enabling Automatic Lights

    nope, that looks like the gps module for emergency assist.
  14. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Let me know how they are mate, I've been wanting to try the night eye LED'S! & Just need someone to hold on side so you don't scratch the paintwork and be sure to clean up everywhere you'll be able to see! No worries mate have fun :)
  15. Very Poor on Fuel

    Your engine will have to work harder with the bigger wheels See number 6 on the attached link
  16. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    Also this one. How do you guys know the that part numbers are compatible saves me keep asking here.
  17. Hi All, I’m a newbie from Norfolk. Just picked up my new Mk 8 Fiesta today and so far, really enjoying it!
  18. Fiesta Mk4 Boot Release

    My daughter has a 2001 Fiesta Freestyle, this has a boot release option, aswell as Electric windows, power steering and central locking, as standard with this model. I think this is the face-lift mk5 though.
  19. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    That one says it was removed from a 2012 focus?
  20. Enabling Automatic Lights

    I just popped the cover off and this is underneath. Is this not the sensor?
  21. fan speed

    fan speed inside car, just noticed this never had fan on with it being warn,only had car few month,so now when fans on 4 or 3 the speed drops then picks back up is this just norm it will drop and rise all the time
  22. 2004 Ford focus cmax LX 1.8 petrol

    Hi I own a 2004 ford focus cmax lx 1.8 petrol, current millage is 98,000 I am having some issues changing down through the gears they don't seem to want to go in without some force or a wiggle although when in motion they seem to coperate. From a standstill it struggles to go into 1st and will often now go into 3rd instead by mistake. I have just had the clutch and dual mass ect changed as well as gearbox oil although after it just seems worse. Any suggestions much appreciated thanks
  23. LED build change over.

    I did get the led upgrade and been flashed at again by an oncoming car. Maybe I could try the headlight levelling switch thinking about it! the leds work great tho they they were an expensive upgrade!
  24. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    so...mechanic drove it after fitting now 2nd set of drive shafts just to make sure that wasnt the issue, now going to check mounts just hope it gets sorted
  25. Very Poor on Fuel

    Similar to what I'm getting on my mk2.5 1.6 100ps, my last tank full using the brim to brim method was just over 37mpg, thats with a light right foot but I do get stuck in traffic on my daily commute.
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