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  2. If you could have any car

    believe it or not, one is a Ford and the ONLY porsche I would own
  3. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Unfortunately Ford (UK at least) haven't raised the rusting pipes as an issue - they are leaving it up to customers to discover and raise it with them where they'll assess each one on a case by case basis. More astute dealers might also pick it up (if they are aware of the TSB - mine wasn't and didn't check for it during servicing) and perhaps raise it on our behalf. Because of this reactive approach I am sure that some will discover it only once it is too late. Certainly when I got in touch with Ford they acted as if I was the only person to have ever had this issue.
  4. Hi All, I've had a look through the forum and seen some similar posts but nothing that has been definitely diagnosed, so I'd thought I'd ask all you good petrol heads for some advice... About 6 weeks ago I stopped at the garage, filled up, jumped in and went to start the car. She acted funny, dials went to max then back down, trip reset, and all I could hear were the relay clicks, no turnover at all. She started on the second attempt BUT, I drove round the corner to the shop and when I came out, exactly the same thing happened again and she wouldn't start at all. Couldn't even jump start her with regular leads. Tow truck managed to get her started with the commercial battery box type thing they have, so I took her straight round to the garage and had a new battery fitted. All good until last week when I was dropping a mate home, idled outside his house while he de-bussed, spun round and noticed that the dash lights were dimmed, headlights weren't fully powered etc. Stupidly I stopped, then she wouldn't start. However, this time she was trying to turn over maybe once or twice before dying. Luckily, mate came out and we managed to push start her and she was fine. Two nights ago, came home from work, was reversing into my space and the same happened again, dash AND headlights dimmed and electric window wouldn't rise. Kept her running this time (yep, I learn from my mistakes!), ran her round the block in only 1st and 2nd (high revs), lights and dash came back on and she was running fine. Sooo, brand new battery on her, I can only assume this is an alternator problem? Does anybody please have any idea? Don't really want to shell out for a new alternator 5 weeks before Xmas, don't think the missus would be too happy having that under the tree. Was going to get her a brand new hoover...:-) Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Driving on those slightly wet and drizzly days that just make your car filthy the day after washing it!
  6. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    My other half’s 2007 Ford ka had exact same problem, turned out to be the heater control valve, it’s located between the scuttle panel and engine bay, bit of a pain to get to but once replaced it fixed the issue, not sure if the fiesta mk6.5 has same type of valve but definitely worth checking
  7. Windscreen wiper problems

    To remove Rain-X you may need to clean your screen with Cerium Oxide, however try this first: clean the windscreen with toothpaste using a bit of elbow grease and wash off. When the screen is dry apply Auto Glym Glass polish. I am sure this will help to reduce the juddering providing the problem is not with the wiper alignment.
  8. Right hand dash display

    Actually folks I worked it out myself. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. Just turn off the traffic sign recognition and the collision assist in the driver assist menu. This leaves only the lane departure warning, which is toggled on and off from the button on the end of the indicator stalk. So much nicer actually seeing the speedo needle in full.
  9. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    The temp adjustment cable has either fallen off the knob/heater flap or broken. Will need to remove the dash fascia to have a look.
  10. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Will check my 1.0 100PS this evening. I am glad Ford have raised this as a known issue and customers are getting the service they deserve. Also, it seems that the "Ford Focus EcoBoost 1.0L Turbo Zetec Faulty Coolant Pipe Engine Head Gasket" page is led by a crazed autocrat, focused only on compensation and ridicule.
  11. Today
  12. Cant enter radio code

    Yes i know that is the way to enter the code but when i press button 1 nothing appears on the screen if i press number 2 button the right amount of times the correct code number comes up and the same with 3 and 4 its just number 1 button not entering the code number.
  13. Ford Focus Brake light probiem

    Yeah, as above, much quicker to get a multimeter out than go and try another bootlid! You can bridge out the pedal switch plug to rule that out, but it's a bit awkward to get to. Otherwise, check for 12v at the bulb holders. You can also try unplugging just the top brake light, might have shorted the wiring to that when moving looms about, the other 2 lights should illuminate fine without that plugged in if that's the issue.
  14. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    It is a manual AC control unit. Thanks.
  15. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Years of American racing games on PS2 it was always the e-brake or emergency brake... Odd really as it's utterly useless in any emergency above about 20mph... But I think it's because most US cars are auto, they don't need a parking brake as they just leave the gearbox in Park. Parking brake is the 'proper' UK version, if you check the MOT brake test it'll give you readings for the service brake (footbrake) and parking brake (handbrake).
  16. Alternator woes?

    Just pop the belt off and run it briefly...can be easily done from the top, don't even need to remove the engine cover. Will show if the whine is on the aux belt or not. Only thing I would suggest is doing it straight after a drive if your battery isn't being charged well, just to make sure there's enough charge in it for 2 starts (one with the belt off then again with the belt on, obviously there won't be any charging without the belt on). The alternators have a freewheel pulley in them so they run down more slowly than the engine whereas the tensioner runs down at the same speed which should give you a better idea of which is causing the noise. Mine's whined for years so a bit of whine is probably normal...but not as badly as this 206 I bought as a fixer-upper, this was diagnosed as the alternator but I never got around to changing it before sale, it worked fine, just made an awful noise. When I open the door, that's to turn on the AC to rule out the AC pulley, not just for a nice shot of the alcantara...
  17. Engine bay ignition live

    The orange circled one is ignition live with delay when engine switched off 30 sec or more as cooling fan black circled is ignition live switches off when engine is i have fitted my drl’s on fogs lights in black and switchbacks in orange
  18. If you could have any car

    The PD170 Golfs are pretty unreliable and come with DPFs as well...better off with a 140pd model and remapping it. They still have plenty of common faults though, porous heads, EGRs and they pop more turbos than DV6s...plus if you get one with DSG that's bound to break at this age. You can get the Beemers on a 10 plate with ~100k for about £4k atm, though I know there aren't many about. I'm nearly 26 now (where's the crying emoji? ), my insurance premiums dropped for the first few years but have gone up every year since 21! I haven't had any accidents or points, now on 8yrs NCB. It's a bit of a myth that they suddenly drop at certain ages, I don't know anyone who's insurance considerably dropped at those points.
  19. Bluefin Maps

    Thanks for the replies folks. Reckon I'm going to go for it, by the sounds of it, it will make a big difference.
  20. Alternator woes?

    What you've described really does just sound like the alternator dying to be honest.
  21. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    Certainly sounds like tappet noise and, if so, would gradually disappear as the engine warms up.
  22. Hi, I've got a mk7 Fiesta and want to fit LED halo rings onto the fog surrounds. I have seen a few places I can buy them but my question is how easy are they to fit? I' hoping someone who has already done them can help me out! This is what I found... https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/drl-indicator-led-ring-kit https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/ambient-led-ring-kit Many thanks !!!
  23. This thread will help as Thai said you gotta change the module with a newer one.
  24. A warning being displayed on the dash display should generate a DTC/error code, however some codes aren't saved historically so once the error clears it's like it never happened. Really you need to be able to read the codes whilst the error is displayed, I've got a MK2 Focus and can use a modified ELM cable and free software called Forscan to view/clear codes and do a few other things. Not sure if Forscan works on a MK4 Mondeo, although a quick look online would no doubt answer that question.
  25. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Must admit I use the phone a lot so charged when in bed daily/nightly. Standard S7. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  26. Saucy sandy

    sounds like a faulty speedo console (which has a load of other stuff in it including the main microchip that controls most of the electrics). They can be dismantled and resoldered. There are companies that can recondition it for you - they take it apart and resolder parts of the circuit board where the solder has cracked / broken. Solder on circuit boards in all electronics these days has a problem with brittleness / cracking due the regulations stopping the use of lead in solder. Military / space craft etc have exemption and can still use leaded solder - because they know that any substitute is unreliable
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