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  2. Photo Location Game

    I got so excited seeing that blue star in the thread listings... Since you can see a shell logo under the ns wing mirror, I would say, yes it is. I hope you can stop pacing your living room, having sleepless nights and being unproductive at work now that you know that that is definitely a shell garage! See if you can follow it up with a picture of your car outside a train station!
  3. Things I Don't Like

    I think it is a bit of resistance to change - I guess I have that too but not without reason. It's the same reason I didn't want to change to Vista and it'll keep me stubbornly writing device drivers for any new computers I acquire whose chipsets won't support Win7 I have pm'd you regarding a somewhat related matter.
  4. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    With hub runout you would feel it under braking more than just motorway cruiding at 60-70mph
  5. Spam user MAALI223

    Guys, I wasn’t sure where to raise this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has received a private message. A private message landed from a member called MAALI223 asking for me to review a code scanner for cars and that it would be sent for me to review. The message said to email them at some ridiculous email address and to provide a link to the forum page. Cheers
  6. Anywhere cheaper than Mr Clutch

    I wouldn't use Mr Clutch personally to many horror stories. Try a decent independent garage. Had a quote for a clutch on my focus ford wanted £595 plus the dmf my local ford specialist would do it for £475 plus dmf so there wasn't a lot of difference.
  7. Anywhere cheaper than Mr Clutch

    Flywheel will be at least £200 + clutch kit, plus CSC, bolts etc, all the parts needed for a diesel clutch change will be a LOT more than £200
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  9. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    Ohh nice and shhhh you lmao
  10. Sync3 and Climate screen

    To be honest The main buttons for the heated seats are much more conviemiemt so are all I ever use.
  11. New guy

  12. H11 bulbs

    Yes the Osrams. I have Cool blue intense in my car and they are good. Note Halfords LED for off road use only
  13. New guy

    Thank you.
  14. Lift kit and spacers

    I bought my ProComp suspension lift kit from 4wheelonline.
  15. cambelt change due

    Pm sent 😉
  16. cambelt change due

    I remember when the SMT (Vauxhall garage) at Haymarket in Edinburgh used to have a small room, the mechanics used to have cans of beer sitting in cold water in the sink. I always remember even some of ‘Edinburgh’s finest’ visiting for a wee swally!
  17. H11 bulbs

    Osrams. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  18. Tyres?? Which ones.

    Yes i looked at them and they aint bad prices if you compare to them round here,they have them on there list but its already booked in now lol. I cant say i have had a lot of problems with the Bridgestone as they was on the car from new what i have been told so these are just the newer one and seems good reviews only drops on the fuel side but i have them on now and the miles i do is stupid miles.
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  20. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    Hi Micro, Cheers I'll head over and check it out. I did notice that at the time and Eonon 'seemed' to have the least issues. To be fair, with general scouting even at this stage they still seem to be fairly decent taking my issue out of it. I finally received the software update today... and it did nothing lol. It's actually worse with hardly no sound coming from any other speakers bar the front left. At least before I could hear a faint whisper. I've requested a replacement, and additionally requested they send the replacement before I send the faulty unit back to them. As I don't fancy driving around with an empty hole. I'm pretty sure they'll refuse the latter. I know how most of these Chinese companies can be. Will keep you updated all the same. Cheers
  21. It seems odd maybe the remap haveing that effect with poorly maf? white smoke is fuel burning too cool. but its driving spot on with no smoke with a new mass air flow sensor dpf is fine sensor reading are in spec for a clean filter and it would smoke after a minute of quiet driving when cold . Every time that old maf got pluged in bang smokeing again. apparently dpf only trys to regen when its at opperating temp and cooling fans kick in dureing a regen but never has. I will see how it goes for a few weeks and report back may just be a coincidence as it was intermitent then all the time but touch wood its sorted. If not i just gonna chuck it to the nearest diesel specialist. Cars are getting too complicated!
  22. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Worth Googling the registration in case Google picked up the page in May and may either have a cached copy or URL you could feed into One lesson learnt though - ALWAYS print out car adverts as they effectively form one part of a contract you are both signing up to.
  23. cambelt change due

    My place of work used to have pubs onsite! As you say, those were the days eh.
  24. Help please with Fiesta semi auto odd ABS issue?

    Thanks Mathew. I was thinking the same thing, but hey, it's worth trying!
  25. The PCM drives the ac relay coil. This then goes via C90 (the big connector in the Engine Fuse Box or FJB) to the solenoid. The pressure sensors / switches are connected to the PCM. The wiring diagram is on this site (Mk2 & Mk2a are very similar except for PJB fuse numbers!):
  26. Hi all. I have Ford IDS and am happy to carry out diagnostics for other members. I live in Cirencester, so if you live in my neck of the woods I would be happy to hook it up to your Ford. There's no charge for my help, but I will expect a Latte with 2 sugars when you get here! Phil.
  27. Help please with Fiesta semi auto odd ABS issue?

    Don't get your hopes up though - thinking about it if there's one sure way of triggering a module communication error it's removing said module! Worth a try though.
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