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  2. He said it had been done by one of the owners and he said he lost the print out. Honestly don't really care thankfully however want to check the timing belt. Clutch doesn't slip which is a good sign however hope it doesn't go for the time I have the car.
  3. Actually asked them that and they said you can. This is what I asked.
  4. Mk6 heater control mod

    I've just seen this Fiesta on eBay, and was wondering if anyone else has replaced their heater control switches like this? Think it looks great!

    Thanks mate Even before I picked the car up (it belonged to a mate's dad) I knew I wanted it clean, plain & simple
  6. Today
  7. Focus ST Line X 140

    Gave it a wash today ready for tommorow to add the paint, glass and wheel protection (garaged overnight). Also swapped the standard headlight bulbs to some Philips whitevision ones. The Standard bulbs weren't terrible but there defo are whiter in appearance so I'm happy :)
  8. Afternoon all...it's happened more often more recently, but ever since I got my ST-Line 140 in May I've sometimes had problems slotting into reverse gear...either it'll take a few attempts to select reverse or it might on rare occasion jump out...is this normal for 1.0 Fiestas or is it something I can get checked while (I think) it's still under warranty? I've tried double declutching on the times it's happened and that seems to sort the problem
  9. Sudden Drop in MPG

    jeez i wish i could get 60+ MPG im jelous lol hehehe whats your secret Jamie
  10. Turbo Whine

    One rough & simple test is to measure the battery voltage, or better, the voltage at the relay side of the glowplug fuse, while turning the ignition on with a cold engine. The voltage should drop appreciably when the plugs are energised, as the high current pulls the battery voltage down quite a bit, and there are voltage drops in the wiring and fuse. 4 plugs will draw between 30A & 60A, getting less as they warm up. You should hear the relay click as the plugs come on, and go off. If the relay is working and there is no significant voltage drop (compared to the same test with the relay removed), then that would mean the plugs are dead, or there is a wiring open circuit. On the 2.0TDCI, the plugs seem to have bare terminals at the top that could be probed for voltage, but may be hidden under the EGR & cooler, so might be very hard to get at. But measuring the voltage does not tell you about the condition of the plugs, just the wiring up to them. I seem to recall that I had a blown glowplug fuse on my 1.8TDCI soon after I bought the car, and in early Autumn it had no effect, and no error codes. Only in colder weather did starting get more difficult. In theory, the ECU can monitor the voltage to the plugs, but I am not sure if or when it does this. If you get no errors with the relay removed, then it suggests your ECU is not monitoring the plug voltage during starting either. For a pic of the possible glowplug connector location, see: http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/240683-poor-cold-start-no-glowplug-light/#entry2144879
  11. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Service completed and seat replaced well the leather not the frame so all good again. Clever guys at the dealership realised on the day that they needed a specialist upholstery firm to repair the seat not just a grease monkey so seat had to go to Manchester and took an extra day. Nothing like forward planning Sent from my iPhone
  12. Interesting little scout round the internet. So what I can make from all the info is that the tensioner style has changed - from a tensioner with two bolts, to a tensioner with a single bolt through the middle (like the one on ECP). However, the one on ECP, does not appear to have the correct part number on the belt in the picture - the one in the picture is actually for the Ford Focus mk3 (and larger engined MK2's). The teeth and width dimensions are correct though. I have reached out to Fordpartsuk for the correct Finis number belt for my car. I believe it may be 1823388. The cam bolts, and crank bolts, are available from a Ford dealer on eBay for a couple pound each so will obtain those if the kit does not come with them. I have paypal free return shipping til the end of the year so can send the unused length ones back.
  13. Just had diagnostic run on my car and its coming out with this fault,, Mechanic wants to replace the part to clear the fault, how much is this part does any1 know ??? Would a second hand one suffice as hoping to change the car just after xmas ??? Heard 1 or 2 people say this fault can be tricky so if any1 has any experience of it please advise us, car goes into limp mode at 3000 rpm so I have got to get it done pronto ??? Cheers
  14. Hi All, I am a new member to the forum. Before I start posting a new topic about my problem with my Focus, I thought I ask you people if you know where I could find the solution to my issue (if any). In August this year, I bought a second hand Ford Focus Mk2 (facelift) 09 plate Titanium Auto 2.0 petrol, 48,000 on the clock, full Ford service history and 1 owner, it was an ex-Motability vehicle. (In the picture the aesthetic modification were done by me ;-)) Since I have had the car, I feel like the engine is very “sharp” and loud. (My previous car was another Ford, but a Mondeo 2.0 Auto petrol.) Here are the issues I have: a. The car revs to over 2000rpm too quick and changes gears just under 3000rpm, very loudly! b. Sometimes, (intermittently) the accelerator will not respond straight away, then I would have to press it deeper and suddenly the car shoots off. Here is what I have done so far: · I’ve had the car fully serviced as soon as I got it. It has a timing chain; the garage told me I do not need to replace it, as it is not a belt. · I also went to Kwick Fit to check the whole exhaust system, to make sure it’s not a faulty or leaking exhaust, but they said it all looked fine to them. · I connected an OBD device with my phone to check if there is any issues with the engine or any warning codes, it all came back clear. The last thing I am told by the garage is it could be that the car was “chipped”, but it wouldn’t make sense as the last owner was an elderly gentleman, in case his kids had done it!? I am contemplating an ECU reset, disconnecting the battery for over 30 mins Also, I can’t seem to find a garage near Essex who could code/remap the car, if you know of any, please let me know. I would really appreciate your help guys! Thank you in advance.
  15. Those springs make all the difference. It's also surprising how much better a car looks with mudguards.
  16. I find the alarm goes off straight away if any door other than the drivers is opened before the key is in.
  17. Turbo Whine

    Relay and fuse checked under bonnet, I tested the Relay with a multimeter and also swapped it for the horn relay as they are the same and it worked fine. Anyone know how easy it will be to check the glow plug connector to test 12v supply getting to them? P.S not sure if i should of noticed anything but the car felt exactly the same (ROUGH) with no errors or difference even when i removed the Glow plug relay completely and started the car?
  18. Fitting DAB into MK7.5

    So I've decided to buy a DAB head unit with screen etc and that should be arriving early next week. I'm now looking into the aerial side of things and wondering what parts I actually need. After looking online I found the parts diagram below, but can only find the aerial, amplifier mounted in the boot and the metal grounding plate, but can't find any wiring stuff. I don't mind going screen mounted if anybody has managed to get that working with the factory radio.
  19. New member

    Hi Welcome
  20. New member

    New to the forum, seen a few threads and it looks interesting so thought I'd sign up. Recently traded in my Fiesta Metal Edition for an Fiesta ST-3 and absolutely loving it ! :)
  21. New member

    New to the forum, seen a few threads and it looks interesting so thought I'd sign up. Recently traded in my Fiesta Metal Edition for an Fiesta ST-3 and absolutely loving it ! :)
  22. Have ordered the wired version, cheers. WAZ - sometimes mine gives 20 seconds grace to get the key in the ignition, but more often than not the alarm will sound as soon as I open the door.
  23. Hi all.... my 08 galaxy has auto lights and wipers however, the lights used to come on when dark and off during daylight but now just stay on.... also the wipers used to automatically go faster or slower during heavy / light rain but now operate only on intermittent function or on funtions.... not as used to.... any ideas??? Cheers
  24. Number Plates Years

    Yeah this is what I saw on the website and just wondered why, I guessed something like fraud.
  25. Oh ok, I thought it fits on it too.
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